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I Can’t Replace Her

Usually the bright sunlight woke you up when you slept in late, but today it was the cries of a baby. The body next to you didn’t move, and once the wails didn’t stop, you rolled over and walked down the hallway sheepishly.

You saw Charlie standing in his crib, crying hysterically, his arms reaching up towards you when you entered.You smiled as you walked over, taking him and putting him on your hip. You shushed him, smoothing down his hair as you bounced around. Slowly his cries subsided as a maid appeared in the doorway, shocked to see you there.

“Uh…Miss. Y/N, you don’t have to-” she began worriedly.

“It’s ok Mary, really.” You say as Charlie leans his head against you, his eyes getting heavy now that’s he calmed down.

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7.“Did you just touch my butt?”

Dean Winchester x Reader


“CHARLIE?”, you’re voice echoes through the bunker, and the red haired woman looks up from the book that lays on the table in front of her.

“Yeah?”,she asks and watches how you enter the room, always looking behind you as if something-or someone is chasing you:“You’re okay?”

“Do I LOOK like I am okay?”,you say through gritted teeth, trying the best to keep your voice low.

Charlie raises her eyebrows:“Y/N calm dow-”,she stands up and takes a step up at you, but before she can finish her sentence your grab her by her shoulders:“Where are Sam and Dean?”


“The brothers!”

Charlie looks up at you with a confused look:“They went into the the next city why?”,you let her go and run your hand over your face:“Y/N whats going on? Please tell me -”

You sigh and nod:“I touched it.. Charlie.”,you sit down at the table and your hands covers your face in shame:“I touched it.”

“You- You touched what?”

A few hours before:

You rubbed your eyes and made your way to the kitchen, and since the brothers were on a hunt your best friend Charlie stayed over.
But when you woke up, she wasn’t on the couch anymore:“Maybe she’s making breakfast.”,you thought and yawned.

So when you finally reached the kitchen of the bunker, you only saw the ass of another person.
And because this person was bend over at the fridge, you weren’t able to see the face of the owner.

“Nice ass!”, you simply said and a few seconds later a loud noise followed.
You thought that this ass belonged to Charlie, but you were wrong.

Because in the moment the person turned around you realized that the beautiful ass belonged to the one and only Dean Winchester.


“Wait a second, Y/N touched your butt?”, Sam says and looks at his older brother who is focused on the street:“ This must be a ‘dream come true’ moment for you!”

Dean who gives his brother a sassy look sigh’s:“Oh shut up Sam!”, He looks back at the street:“ Call it a ’ moment that’s ruined by Dean Winchester’.”

The younger Winchester raises his eyebrows:“ Why? What did you say?”

A few hours ago:

Dean who looked at her with a confused look, raised his eyebrows and watched how her hand disappeared behind her back:“Did you just touch my butt?”

“Ähm… I-I-I…”

“I was just looking for some pie-”, he interrupted her and pointed back at the fridge:“And if I knew that you were coming I would have waited-”

The awkward smile from Y/N’s face faded away and she simply nodded her head.


“That’s what he said?”, Charlie says softly and sees how tears are starting to form in your Y/E/C eyes.
Then she opens her arms and pulls you into a hug:“He’s a asshole..I would be glad if someone like you would slap my butt..”

You slightly chuckle at her comment:“Thank you, Charlie..”

“But what now?”,you finally ask and take a step back:“You know about my feelings for Dean, and now I’m back at zero…Charlie..I ruined everything!”

Charlie who’s just standing there, has a huge smile on her lips and it seems like she’s focused on something behind you.
And without turning around you know what’s - or who- is behind you.

“Dean is right behind me, isn’t he?”,you ask and turn around, and you Y/E/C eyes are meeting his green eyes:“Listen Dean, I am so sorry-”

“No,Y/N-”,he interrupts you and holds his hands up:“Listen, I am sorry right…what happened this morning-.”

You give him a confused look:“Wait a second- you apologize because i touched your butt?”,you cross your arms over your chest:“ That doesn’t make any sense Winchester.”

He chuckles and goes a step up to you:“No I am sorry that I never said anything like ‘thank you’.”

“What do you mean?”

“Y/N Y/L/N, would you like to go out with me?”,he gives you a smile:“So you can touch my butt whenever you want without any 'sorry’s’!”

On the morning of February 1, Sandy and I were just barely awake out in the Graceland annex when the intercom buzzed. It was Elvis.
“Hey, don’t get yourself all excited, but meet me in the kitchen. Priscilla’s ready to go to the hospital.”
I got there as fast as I could, meeting the father-to-be and Charlie Hodge. Grandma and a lot of the staff were up as well, and were buzzing about from room to room in excited anticipation. I felt nervous, and Charlie looked nervous. Everybody looked nervous except for Elvis. As excitement built around him, he looked as cool and as calm as could be. So damn cool and calm that I knew he’d never been more nervous in his life—his response to this kind of anxiety was to slow himself down and act as if there was absolutely nothing in the world to worry about. Slowly, almost casually, Elvis went over the plans once more. Then we heard the yell.
“Elvis—HURRY UP!!!”
Priscilla was out in the front drive, trying to get herself into the car. I saw Elvis go a little pale—there was no way to slow-talk through this. He and Charlie Hodge and I snapped into action and got Priscilla comfortable in the backseat. Elvis sat with her, holding her hand and trying to keep her calm. I got behind the wheel and Charlie jumped in to ride shotgun. I got us quickly and safely to the right entrance of Methodist Hospital, just as we had planned.
“It’s the wrong hospital,” said Charlie.
I didn’t know what he was talking about and ignored him. I was about to spring out of the car and get help for the mother-to-be when I heard Elvis’ voice from the backseat.
“It’s the wrong hospital, Jerry. I forgot to tell you—we switched it over to Baptist.”
“Oh no,” said Priscilla quietly, in a strained low voice. “Hurry.”
After all those careful plans for birth-day transportation, I hadn’t been told of the change in destination: Baptist Hospital rather than Methodist Hospital. Luckily the two weren’t far apart, although I did break a hell of a sweat trying to get over to Baptist before the backseat of the Lincoln became the delivery room.
Priscilla was whisked away by nurses, and Elvis, Charlie and I were led to a special waiting room that the hospital had set aside for Elvis. We weren’t there long before we were joined by Vernon and then Joe Esposito, who’d flown in from L.A. for the occasion. Throughout the day, were were joined by a few more of the boys. At first, Elvis was still keeping things calm, keeping himself cool and collected. But the more he got status reports from the doctors, the more he started to give in to the emotions of the day. You could see in his eyes how excited he was, and by the middle of the afternoon, when the rest of us were trying to stay as comfortable as we could in our chairs, Elvis couldn’t keep still. He paced and bounced around the little room, hot-wired with nervous energy.
At 5:00 P.M., he got the word—he was the father of a beautiful and healthy daughter, whom he and Priscilla named Lisa Marie. Elvis left us to spend time with mother and child, but a while later he came back grinning and led us to the hospital’s nursery window so that he could proudly point out his baby to us. Priscilla and Lisa Marie were going to stay over at the hospital, and by the time Elvis was ready to go home that first day, word had gotten out about the birth and a huge corps of press had gathered around the hospital. So another special transportation plan was put into effect: Elvis, Joe, Charlie, and I slid down laundry chutes into the hospital basement, and then rode home in an anonymous-looking panel truck that Elvis thought would be right for the purpose of an undetected getaway.
I drove Elvis, Priscilla, and Lisa Marie home from the hospital a couple of days later, where we were greeted by Vernon, Grandma, and the Beaulieus. In the house, I had the chance to watch Elvis hold his tiny daughter. I got the feeling that whatever he’d been searching for in his spiritual explorations, he had finally found a piece of right there in his arms. Whatever emptiness he’d been feeling inside him was suddenly filled up by his own small family. Standing beside his beautiful wife, holding his baby, he looked like a proud husband and a natural-born dad. At some point, down there in that little kitchen, Elvis caught me looking at the baby and decided he’d share some of that happiness.
“Here,” he said, holding out little Lisa Marie, “You want to hold her?”
I think I said no, but it was too late—he’d already put the handoff into motion. Lisa was the first infant I’d ever held, and I stood there awkwardly cradling this little creature, hoping like hell I didn’t drop her or damage her in any other way. My heart was pounding like a jackhammer, and though I tried to smile, I couldn’t wait for the moment to be over (I’m much more comfortable around Lisa these days). I handed this incredible little package back to Elvis, who scooped her into his arms and stood there beaming down at her. He looked about as contented as a man could be.

Jerry Schilling, Me And A Guy Named Elvis

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I realize Riley says "I'm Okay" a lot like she's trynna make her self believe that. Just like Lucas did when he said "I still like him" when he was trynna convince his self he likes Charlie or to keep calm when Charlie was around

Yeah they both do have the habit of lying to themselves.