keep calm and catch a fire

“Calm down,” Marco says as he watches over an annoying demon. Honestly, watching over Star and Tom isn’t an easy job. He should just add ‘babysitters of people from other dimensions’ in his college application or resume in the near future if this keeps up.

“Calm down?! How am I gonna ‘calm down’ as you say?!” Tom says, everything near him catching on fire, “Maybe you should calm dow-Bwah!”

Marco sprays water all over Tom’s face.

“You need to learn how to chill,” Marco tells him, stopping spraying water all over Tom’s face. “It makes you harder to kiss to be honest.”

“Wha-wha…?” Tom flusters, making everything near him catching on fire for an entirely different reason.

“Yeah, you heard me!” Marco grins, already turning to head back to the house, “Come in when you’ve cooled off!”

Marco doesn’t even reach half of the way when he feels the warmth of the fire reach him.

Reminder that the Ghostbusters basically wouldn’t exist without Patty.

She is the one who brings the car. She comes up with the uniforms. Also, they only have their logo because she brings them into the subway. She’s the one who has all the knowledge of the city and its history and where anything is and how it works.

She’s the only practical one. (She’s also the only one who doesn’t get fired during the movie.) She’s the one who makes it possible for them to catch their first ghost, because she walks really slow to keep it calm when it fuCKING LANDS ON HER.

And then she gets in there and shoots and traps it too.

(Credit to @rivergst for coming up with most of these examples.)