keep calm and blame


They’re on top of the U.A. building. Izuku’s never known any fighting to take place on the roof, but now that it has, he’s six times more cautious. Recovery girl might not be able to heal him if he’s not breathing.

Todoroki’s on the opposite side, and Kacchan’s in between both of them. knowing he’s okay gives him some sort of reassurance. He’s not sure if this feeling is as strong for Bakugou, but it’s definitely there for Todoroki.

He has to make a mental note to not think about things like this in the middle of a fight. Fighting and figuring out weaknesses is enough stress in his mind during battle, he doesn’t need to think about his feelings as well.

He’s taken down six villains, so far, five without breaking anything.

What? The last villain was hard.

His guard’s down because his finger’s broken, and he wants to stop fighting with a wound open like that, and he thinks there’s no villains coming at the moment. But, he was wrong.

The second he looks up he’s kicked right in the stomach, and trips over the ledge of the roof.

The second he thinks he’s falling, he feels a hand around his wrists, and is met with angry red eyes.

Midoriya pulls on Bakugou’s hand, and he hears the ice crackling above him, assuming that means Todoroki took out every villain on the roof.

“Bakugou, pull him up.” Izuku knows exactly what the blonde boy is contemplating. Something along the lines of; ‘If I let him drop he won’t be in my way anymore.’

He closes his eyes when Katsuki’s grip starts to falter. He can hear Todoroki yelling for him to pull Izuku up, but he doesn’t think he’s going to.

He sees his mom, the day that she only apologised when he needed encouragement, remembers how tight he hugged her when All Might had said those words for her. He sees the first day Bakugou wouldn’t leave him alone, and the bullying he suffered through just to get where he is now. It’s not exactly a good place, but prior to this he had friends. A life. People who loved him. He was happy.

Revelling in these thoughts, for a moment he lets his entire body relax, and in a second, he’s on the ground in Todoroki’s arms.

So Bakugou did have a sense of right and wrong.

Shouto’s checking to see if he’s okay, but he can’t respond. He’s just seen his entire life flash before his eyes, all because he let it fall into the hands of someone who was constantly wishy washy, and had despised him all his life. How stupid can one person be?

“Izuku, listen to me!” Todoroki tries. He sees the shock in Midoriya’s eyes and it makes him resent Katsuki. He pushed him to the point where he couldn’t speak. That’s not allowed.

“C'mon, we’re done here. You’re gonna be okay.” Todoroki opens the door to the stairs, and once it’s closed, he locks it. No one messes with Izuku.

“So, you almost let him fall. Almost four stories off the side of the building?” Kaminari and Kirishima had been interrogating Bakugou all morning. They only heard what happened from Midoriya himself, as he walked out of the nurses office with his fingers in a splint, and Todoroki walking protectively beside him.

“I hesitated. So what.” Kirishima shook his head. This wasn’t the Bakugou he knew, the one that would seek him out and pull him into one of the big chairs in the library, just so he could be near him while he read.

“What the hell, Katsuki?” Kaminari had walked away now, sensing the tension between the two. “Did you even think about what would’ve happened if you had let him fall?”

“Why do you think I didn’t?” Bakugou snapped, groaning and letting his eyes soften when they met kirishima’s.

“I honestly don’t know what to think.” The fire behind Kirishima’s tone was brighter and angrier than Bakugou would ever dare to try with him.


“What was that? Can’t hear you over the sound of stupidity.”

Midoriya doesn’t come to class that day.

But Todoroki does, and he looks about ready to kill everyone in the room. Katsuki knows that’s his fault.

The entire class is silent the whole lesson, and Aizawa decides not to do anything too physical with class 1-A, knowing that they’re probably all shaken from having three of their friends fight for all of them when they were under attack.

He also wonders where Midoriya is. Recovery girl only notified him of his broken finger.

“Does anyone know where Midoriya is?”

If it wasn’t quiet before it is now. Every pencil has stopped moving, and all eyes are darting back and forth to Katsuki and Shouto.

“Bakugou almost dropped him off the side of the building. He’s resting,” Todoroki’s voice is just as cold-maybe even colder- than his ice when he speaks. But the kids are mostly alarmed when the chair he’s sitting in begins to melt.

“Hey, it’s not my fault he didn’t see it coming!” Katsuki’s standing now, and Todoroki is sitting, still writing down what Aizawa’s told him to.

“But it is your fault that he didn’t have enough goddamn faith in you to pull him up.” The class doesn’t know what’s scarier; how angry Bakugou is, or how calm Todoroki is.

“So, what?! Why does everyone keep blaming me?!” Katsuki’s moving to hit Shouto, but he misses, partially because Todoroki moves to the front of the class.

“May I be excused?” His tone is still cold and continuous, and it’s a relief when he leaves, just because no one wants to be that close to a fight between the two.

“Yes. Please go relax.” Todoroki sprints across campus to his dorm, where he knows Midoriya is, or should be.

He’s not surprised when he opens the door and Izuku’s asleep. He didn’t sleep last night, there were a few times when he’d wake up and Izuku’s reading, or scrolling through his phone. But, it’s worrying. Bakugou was actually out of his mind.

Which is why Todoroki’s going to kick his ass after school.

Preference "How they react to you dying"

(Jesus…idk why y'all want so much sadness and angst but finally here it is as requested by so many of you XD Hope it’s okay! Poor our faves being sad :( PS. Yes Merle is a ride or die kinda guy…and the next preference will be much more uplifting than this. Gifs not mine/found them on google/credits to the original owner.)

Negan-After witnessing you being killed, he’d be filled with anger and sadness. He’d go in between sorrow and just pure craziness. He’d scream it out and while holding you and wouldn’t have a clear mind. He’d go after the person that killed you no matter what and get back at them with Lucille in hand just smashed them to pieces, all while laughing and smiling asking if they liked the pain he was causing. However, despite time would pass, he’d still keep his sorrow for you and try his best to hide it.

Daryl-After looking for you for so long, he’d stumble to find you as a walker. He wouldn’t want to believe it and instantly tears would come to his eyes. He’d start sobbing and back away as you’d make your way towards him. He’d push you away as much as he couldn’t, truly not wanting to believe this was happening. However, he’d end up having no choice but to kill you before you get to him yet the feeling of killing you would only break his heart even more. No matter how long it has been, he’d keep you in mind and the longer he’d think about you, the more in pain he’d be.

Rick-After he’d see you getting brutally murdered by being lucilled by Negan, he’d just be in shock. He’d feel weak for not being able to protect you and just overwhelmed by the amount of blood. He’d choke on his sobs and would start to remember all the good memories as Negan’s taking him away for a drive. His thoughts would linger around your death and he’d get angrier at the man who killed you and at himself. As time would pass, he would only have the thought of getting revenge and that would be the only way to put his mind at peace.

Merle-After seeing you getting shot by The Governor, he’d get angry and start to blame himself for all of this. He’d want to scream and just charge at your killer with a fully loaded gun and try to hurt him as much while unfortunately missing him. They’d both fight and fight but with his mind still on you and all the good memories, he’d start to tear up and slowly get weaker. He’d end up losing and just try to get him to end his life as well, telling him he’d never beg for his mercy.

Glenn-After he’d witness you being bitten by some walkers as you were protecting him, he’d break down in tears. He wouldn’t be able to process what had just happen and hiding himself from any danger, he’d let all his sorrow and tears out. He would blame himself for all of this and just cry it all out. Once calm, he’d make his way back home and as he’d announce it to the others, he’d tear up all again. He’d have a talk about it and just tell them about how he could’ve saved you or how he should’ve been faster to help you. He’d never get over it and would only pretend to have moved on after a long while.

Carl-After he’d see you dying in from the flu in the prison, he wouldn’t want to believe it. With tears in his eyes, he’d try to wake you up and just call your name. He’d start to cry and just tell you all the things you promised to do after you’s get well and all the things you could’ve done together. He’d feel his heart just break and even worst when he’d have to stab you to prevent you from turning. No matter how long it has been, he’d still remember you and would tell what had happen whenever someone would ask about his past.

The Governor-After he’d see you getting killed by some gun shot at the prison, he’d only see red. He’d go hold you tightly and cry his eye out and order his people to just kill everyone in sight. He’d get back at anyone trying to get at him and just go crazy on them all while screaming about how cruel they are to kill such an innocent person. He’d cuss them out and just show his true anger. Once close enough to the person that killed you, he’d inflict them as much pain as he could before killing them.

Abraham-After he’d witness you being shot by one of the Saviors, his only instinct would be to strike back at them. He’d be overwhelmed with anger and wouldn’t hold back on anything. He’d shoot at them until his gun was empty and simply punch them as hard as he could before having the need to stop. He’d just feel angry at himself and destroy anything in his vicinity to let it all out. Once alone he’d break into tears and would just sit by a wall waiting for it to be less painful.

Eugene-After he’d see you being killed by Negan with Lucille in his head, he’d instantly tear up and just close his eyes. He’d want it to be a terrible nightmare and hope that once he’d open them, you’d be all fine and your happy self again. However, with Negan’s laughter and everyone screaming, he’d realize it was far from being his imagination and just cry his eyes out. He’d never get over it and just blame himself for it for being so weak.

Ron-After he’d see you being bitten by the walkers as you walked in hand with him and the others, he’d be in shock. He’d feel his eyes watery and would put the blame on Carl as he was holding onto you as well. He’d truly want to hurt him for what had just happened to you so he’d pull his gun out and just glare angrily at him. However, before he could pull the trigger on purpose he’d feel Michonne’s sword and slowly his life going away but at least he’ll feel somewhat at ease as he’d see you soon.

Jesus-After he’d hear the news of you dying at the hands of Negan, he’d start to feel his heart ache and just wouldn’t want to believe it. The more the details the more his eyes would get watery. He’d shake his head in denial and just try to process what was being said. He’d tell them to stop and just walk away from them to take a breath. He’d leave for a while and roam along the roads, reminiscing your time together only to make him even more sad. Once he’d feel better, he’d feel ready to go back to the others and come up with a plan to avenge you.

Dwight-After he’d witness you being killed off by Negan, he’d being filled with anger and sorrow. He’d try his best to keep his tears and as he’d see your body, he’d realize he couldn’t stay by Negan’s side anymore. He’d bottle up his pain but tear up each time he’d think about you. He’d act indifferent as much as he could when you were mention but one day would just burst out in anger. He’d end up pulling his gun at Negan and just start to blame him and make him feel like a horrible person for what he did before shooting and he himself being subdued by the others.

Morgan-After he’d witness you being killed by one of the Wolves, he’d only see red and would completely forget about the whole “everyone’s life is precious”. He’d get back at them violently and finally pull out a gun on someone. He’d empty the clip on them and just try his best to maintain his calm but he wouldn’t be able to. He’d only come to a stop once the others would hold him and as the Wolves would leave. As he’d remember everything about you, he’d tear up and just blame himself for not being able to help you at the right time.

Shane-After he’d find you inside the barn as a walker, he’d shake his head in disbelief and just fall on his knees. He wouldn’t want to believe it’s you and just cry and scream out his pain. He’d let you get closer and closer until he’d have no choice but to realize it was truly you. He’d feel as if it was his fault that you were here and apologize to you for everything before shooting you in the head. He’d never really get over your death and just be more and more depressed at the thought of what it could’ve been if you were still alive.

Milton-After he’d witness you being murdered by the Governor, he’d initially be in shock and wouldn’t be too sure of what to do. Slowly he’d grow to be angry and just bottle it up before thinking of doing anything rash. He’d tear up at the thought of seeing your lifeless body and one day wouldn’t be able to keep his calm around The Governor. He’d blame him for it and just try to kill him while at it, only to end up getting hurt himself.

Aaron-After he’d witness you being killed by Negan on the road, he’d be horrified by the scene and instantly he’d break down in tears. He’d raise his voice along with the others for him to stop. He’d then clench his jaw to keep from yelling his pain out and just sob. He’d put the blame on himself for getting you here. As he’d get back home, he’d accept the situation but he’d only be reminded of you everywhere he’d go and start to feel his heart ache . Once the others would comfort him, he’d finally feel ready to get back at Negan for what he did.

Gabriel-After seeing you getting killed by Negan so unexpectedly in front of everyone, he’d just be in shock and horrified by the whole scene. He wouldn’t want to believe, he’d ever do that out of nowhere all while smiling and making fun of you. He’d freeze in place and wouldn’t know what to do. Once he’d leave, he’d finally approach closer to you and just tear up to see your lifeless body. His feeling of wanting Negan to die would only grow even more and he’d just want the right moment to come faster. He’d never be over you truly but he’d try his best to believe that you were at peace wherever you are.

The Wolf-After he’d witness you being bitten by walkers, he’d just get angry and try to get them off of you. He’d put all his strength into killing them brutally and just let his anger out. He’d finally get to you and feel his eyes get watery at the idea of him having to kill you in the end. He’d do so quickly and just scream out his pain to see you this way. He’d try to move on but would always look back at your body before walking away completely.

Noah-After seeing you being killed off by Dawn during the exchange, he’d just break down in tears and drop to the ground. He’d feel his heart and stomach ache and couldn’t believe what he had just witnessed. Despite, Rick killing Dawn afterwards, he’d still feel unsatisfied and would just blame himself for it. He wouldn’t be able to completely move on from it and always cry whenever he’d think about you and how you could’ve been alive with everyone.

Simon-After he’d witness you dying by someone firing at you, he’d get all kinds of rage and just go straight at them. He’d cause them as much pain physically as he was feeling emotionally. He’d get himself all bloodied and wouldn’t be able to stop until everyone else would step in. He’d just feel angry at the person and himself for everything. He wouldn’t be able to accept what had happen and slowly he cheery mood would change to a more brooding one.

Ezekiel-After he had witness you being killed by some of the Saviors, his eyes would get teary and his tone would become harsher. He’d wait for them to leave and just let his sorrow out. He’d blame himself for it and hold you tightly while trying to wake you up. He’d pick you up to bring you back home and slowly he’d feel more and more angry. He’d understand what they were capable of and wouldn’t be able to keep his mind off of getting revenge. He’d set out to find some allies and go after The Saviors.

Benjamin-After he’d see you getting bitten by a walker, he’d be in shocked. He’d try to help you by killing them off but it wouldn’t matter in the end as you were gone. He wouldn’t be able to accept it and just tear up as he’d see you rising up. He wouldn’t be able to kill you and would have the others do it for him. He’d try his best to move on but he’d never be completely over it.

Caesar-After he’d see you being killed during the shooting in Woodbury, he’d just freeze in shock. He wouldn’t be too sure if it was really happening until he’d get closer. He’d hold you and tell you that everything will be alright only to feel your life slowly go away. He’d be in disbelief and try to wake you up awake and wouldn’t even bother with whatever was happening. He’d start to tear up and it only got worst when you started to turn and he had to kill you.

Heath-After he’d hear of the news of you dying at the hands of Negan, he’d be in disbelief. He wouldn’t want to believe it and just deny it. He’d ask them to explain and the more he’d listen the more pissed he’d get. However, the thought of them outnumbering you all, he’d feel like losing hope. He’d just feel angry at himself for not being able to protect you and try his best to help the others get back at the Saviors.

Spencer-After he’d learn of you dying at the hands of Negan, he’d start to feel angry and in pain. He’d blame Rick for what had happened and wouldn’t be able to ever forgive him. He’d tear up and feel his heart ache at the thought of you suffering and just drink his sorrows away. He’d never get over your death but he’d start to come up with his own plan to take over.

Richard-After he’d witness you being killed by some of the visiting Saviors, he’d get overwhelmingly sad and angry. He’d go at them and get into a heavy fistfight until everyone would be bloodied. He wouldn’t care if he died as well as this point and would keep at it until he feel to tired to fight back. He’d never get over it and would try to get anyone’s help to avenge you.

Nicholas-After he’d witness you dying for his sake, he’d feel terrible and get just be in shock. He’d think to himself that he was suppose to be the one protecting you and just feel useless for not being able to do so. He’d cry and it would only get worst when he’d have to kill you as you started to turn. Later on, wouldn’t be able to keep his mind off of you no matter what and would start to be even more closed off.

Michonne-After she’d witness you being killed by The Governor at the prison, she’d be in disbelief. However, slowly she’d feel herself getting angrier and would have to get back at him. She’d make her way towards him and torture him before stabbing him. She’d cry to see your lifeless body and would reluctantly kill you after you turned. It would only make her cry even more, she’d push you away before bringing herself to stab you. Although, she had avenged you, she’d never truly feel satisfied by it.

Maggie-After she’d witness you dying at the hands of Negan, she’d start to sob and would have a hard time catching her breath. She was more than devastated to see you go that way and wouldn’t be able to stop crying. She’d look away and back at you trying to process what had just happened. However, despite not wanting to believe it she knew it was true and would just want to avenge you. She’d want to be strong and doing her best to hold her tears, she’d get up and tell everyone to get ready for what’s to come.

Andrea-After she’d see your lifeless body drop to the ground during the shooting in Woodbury, she wouldn’t believe it. She’d quickly make her way towards you and in tears would try to wake you up. She’d start sobbing and just get angry at herself for not being able to keep you safe. She’d try her best to move on but whenever you would be mentioned, she’d feel her eyes get watery.

Jessie-After she’d see you getting killed by the Wolves, she’d start to sob but feel rage as well. She’d attack your killer and get her anger out as much as she could. As she’d see your body starting to turn, she wouldn’t be able to do it until you’d get too close to her. She’d cry to doing so and just cry her eyes out. She wouldn’t be able to move on and would start to blame herself for it.

Beth-After she had witness Dawn killing you, she’d act tough and hold in her tears. She’d warn and threaten her for what she had done and do her best to convey her anger to her. However, as she’d be left alone, she’d start to cry and wouldn’t be able to stop until she’d fall asleep. She’d always have you in mind and think out plans to get revenge for you and would believe it would make her feel at ease once she’d go through with it.

Sasha-After she’d find out that you had been bitten and that you were slowly turning, she’d tear up and keep you company until you’d fall asleep. She’d try her best to keep your mind off of it and reminisce with you all the good memories you had together and make you laugh and smile one last time. As you’d close your eyes, she’d break down and wouldn’t be able to kill you. She’d keep a piece of your clothing on her and always remember you.

Rosita-After she had seen you being killed by Negan, she’d tear up and just scream her pain and sorrow out. The more it went on the more she’d get quiet and would sob to herself. She’d be filled with anger and wouldn’t be able to keep her mind off of getting revenge for you. She’d just want to see Negan die and would do anything to find a way to be able to do so even if it risks her life. No matter how long it’s been she’d think of you everyday and would only be at peace once Negan has passed.

Enid-After she’d hear of your death by the hands of Negan, she’d be in disbelief and wouldn’t know how to react to it. She’d feel tears coming to her eyes and would just hold in to anything that reminded her of you. She’d try to hide it from the others but as they’d talk about you, it would only worsen. She’d wait for everyone to get ready and would feel the same as them.

Tara-After she’d hear the news of you dying on the road by the hands of Negan, she’d just be shock and in disbelief. She’d feel empty and wouldn’t know what to do or say. She’d stay by your room and try to remember you, only to make her tear up. She’d try her best to move on for the while before getting ready to avenge you and get back at Negan.

Carol-After she’d see you being killed by one of the Wolves, she’d get angry and walk over to them to kill them. She’d do it brutally and for once would want to make them suffer. After everything, she’d tear up and blame herself for not being able to protect you and try to keep her mind off of  it by smoking a cigarette.

The Girl by City and Colour

This is part of a drabble a day for seven days challenge, where you out your playlist on shuffle and write a drabble inspired by each song. @japril12 encouraged me to do this because she believes in me more than I do lol Sorry, if I don’t stick to schedule. :D 

I wish I could do better by you

Cause that’s what you deserve

You sacrifice so much of your life

In order for this to work

“Janine, who approved this?” He asks, trying to keep his voice calm. It’s not her fault. She’s not the one to blame, so he’s not going to yell at her. But, he’s this close to yelling at somebody and he needs to know who it is.

“I’m sorry, Dr.Avery. But, Dr.Harper Avery thought it would be best if it was you who gave the key note at the conference, since you’re set to take over soon, anyway.” She say, sounding a little nervous.

“Don’t remind me,” He groans, “There’s no way I’m getting out of this, am I?”

She smiles regretfully, and shakes her head. She’s a good assistant, loyal, smart and has never once tried to make a move on him. He appreciates all that. So, he keeps to his promise and doesn’t take his anger out on her.

“Thank you. Tell John we’ll be taking off tomorrow morning to Tokyo.” He asks her, and she jots it down on her tablet before heading off.

He falls back on his chair, and runs a finger across his brow. It’s something April always does when he’s frustrated, smooth his brow. She always offers a kiss after that and he misses that now. He has to call her. He has to let her know. He’s already wearing too thin on the whole business trips allowance. He’s been gone for a almost a week now, and it looks like he’ll have to extend that trip to about a week and a half.  He’s not particularly looking forward to this conversation.

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Things I've learned from this fandom
  • Feanor hates cupcakes
  • Cthulmo
  • Keep calm and blame Tulkas
  • Eru’s A+ parenting
  • Sauron is Melkor’s wife
  • Turin Turambawkward
  • This fandom’s population is 100% Noldor because all the thousands of ships they build sink into the ruthless sea
  • After Melkor’s death Sauron was so upset that he had sexual affairs with 98% of Middle-Earth population, including Eonwe
  • When HBO releases the Silmarillion series (with PJ as a director), all the characters will be played by Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cucumberbatch, including Asian!Maeglin. The Angband theme song will be Let It Go
  • It’s Fёanor, Cthulmo Fhtagn, Tulukhastāz, Ilúvatar the All-Daddy, Mairon, Belekorôz, Túrin, Ñoldor, Eönwё and Lёt It Gô, actually
  • You don’t have to be a metalhead to listen to Blind Guardian; being a Tolkien fan will do
  • HOME is expensive
  • Every character is important
  • Every character’s name means something inappropriate in one or several of the existing languages
  • That’s why they are important, actually
  • Space elves
  • Vanyar are bloodthirsty
  • Feanor’s sons love knitted sweaters and kinslayings
  • Silmarillion friendly reminders are not very friendly
  • Lay’s of Beleriand contain too much salt, would not recommend
fault lines of the heart

a/n: wut are dis?? not smut?? ummmmmmmmm, not exactly one-sided but kind of is??????? sugapark lol sorry i tried ;u; at least it’s kind of angsty?????


yoongi’s thoughts may still be thick and muddled by drowsiness, but he has a very clear idea of who might be knocking on his front door at three in the goddamn morning. he rolls over under his sheets, hoping that if he ignores it, it might go away. out of sight, out of mind.

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