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Jamie Benn #6

Requested by Anon:  Would you please write a story where Jamie Benn is reminiscing about how he met his wife as he drives her to the hospital to have their first child. He was trying to keep his wife calm reminding her how fitting it was that it’s snowing since they met when he rescued her after she lost control of her car and got stuck in a small ditch in a rare Dallas snowstorm.

*I’M BACK!!!! Thank you so much for this. I hope you like this one, I love love Jamie!! <3 Also what do you think of that facial hair, eh? Enjoy!! :)*

Word count: 897

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Jamie had that wistful look on his face that he only gets when he’s remembering a particularly special memory. You’ve seen that look when he talks about the first time he skated in front of his mom, the first time he played an NHL game with his brother, the day he proposed, things like that – and he has it now. You are one for reminiscing and stuff but this not the right place and time to look back on the last ten years or whatever because in between ice chips and contractions, you can’t stop this baby from popping out of you in a few hours.

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You’re Cute When You Laugh

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Hey guys! This was a fanfiction that I was writing while I was working. I have been wanting to type it out when I got the chance, so yeah…I got the chance! XD Anyway, I really hope you guys like this one, and without further rambling from me, please enjoy! <3

Atsushi seriously had no idea what started it, but now…he wanted it to end at all costs. Slipping into the Agency’s office, Atsushi shut the door hard, and glanced around. The room was completely empty of the workers, but that didn’t help the weretiger’s situation. Hearing footsteps starting to come towards his location, the teen held his breath, and quickly hid himself under his desk, pressing his hand to his mouth to avoid making any sounds. Hearing the door open, and then close, Atsushi watched with wide eyes as tan shoes came into his vision. Wait…those weren’t Dazai’s shoes.

                       “K-Kunikida-san…is that you?” the weretiger whimpered, and when his chair was pushed aside, and the older blond’s face came into view, Atsushi let out a sigh of relief. Seeing his confused expression, the teen gave him a shaky, obviously nervous smile, knowing he should at least explain himself. “U-um…HELP! I’m being chased by Dazai! And I don’t know where he is, or why he’s doing it!”

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Can you imagine being best friends with a size shifter and watching them grow for the first time?

Just craning your neck up to keep eye contact as they swell and grow, towering over you at an alarming rate and constantly speaking in hushed tones, saying reassuring words to keep you calm as they keep on growing.
You’d watch as fingers that once fitted between yours became longer than you were, how the eyes you’d looked into a million times before became big enough to look like great pools..

Soon they’d be gigantic, leaning over you so you’re engulfed in their shadow and every breath they take feels like a gentle breeze, maybe you’d be frightened but they’d be there to calm you down- reminding you they’re just your friend.

Perhaps once you’d both got used to them being so huge they’d reach for you, fingers running gently over you and curling behind you so you find yourself leaning into their hand.
Their hand would tip, you’d slide into their palm and find yourself sitting breathlessly in your now giant friends hand- staring up at their familiar face as they carefully pick you up with a friendly smile….

Jealous, aren’t we? (Charles Xavier x reader)

Request: hello love can you write an imagine with professor charles xavier x student reader? One day someone asks reader out and professor get jealous about it because he is in love with the reader? pleasee love you and you are great! <3

Here we go with this request! Thank you for it btw it was just a plenty of fun to write ^^ Sorry it got kinda long, but I still hope you will all enjoy it :)

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You have always been quite open with your feelings. Your personality was bright and pretty bubbly and that is why you have always been surrounded with friends. However, there was this one person that made you awkward and helpless and that person was your very own professor, Charles Xavier. It took you some time to realise that you were hopelessly in love with him but when you found out you had promised not to be so obvious about it. Of course, you failed to keep the promise miserably, daydreaming in his class and stuttering whenever he asked you about anything. Well done, (Y/N), well done.

It was just another day where you were trying to focus and make any notes from what professor X was saying about genetics. You blinked a few times when you saw a piece of paper landing on your notebook. You looked around confused just to see one of your close friends, Mike, grinning at you. You smiled back pretty sure that the note would be about yet another party to celebrate the coming weekend.

‘Ay, you!

What do you think about going for a walk tonight? I just found a fantastic place near the pond in the park nearby the mansion and I would love to show it to you.

Xxx Mike’

Say… what? Is he asking you out? However hard you tried to keep calm, you started to have a fit of hysterical giggles. The situation was pretty surrealistic. Mike was a really good friend and quite a handsome one, but… Your heart belonged to somebody else already.

-          (Y/N)?

You jumped in your seat when you realised professor was addressing you and the entire class was looking at you.

-          Care to share what is so hilarious about genetics? I would love to hear it and laugh myself – Xavier was tapping his finger on the desk.

-          I… I am… Erm… Sorry – you managed to say. – This won’t happen again, professor.

-          I do truly hope so.

You lowered your head just to escape this judging look that professor had. You stayed silent till the end of the lecture, totally forgetting to write back to Mike. So when Xavier told you that you can go to your next class, Mike went up straight to you.

-          Sorry, (Y/N), I got you in trouble back there.

-          Nah, it’s alright. I was just being totally silly – you smiled softly, trying not to get flustered too much.

-          So? What is your answer? I would really, really love to take you out for this walk. I am sure you will like it considering your soft spot for natural beauty – Mike looked at you with puppy eyes. – We could talk, get to know each other better…

-          Yeah, Mike, the thing is… - you started but got interrupted.

-          (Y/N)?

You turned your head to the professor, who didn’t certainly look too pleased. You gulped knowing this time you won’t get away with not paying attention in class.

-          May I talk to you in my office? – Xavier furrowed his brows and looked at your friend. – Mike, I believe you haven’t still handed in the essay on Vietnam war. I expect it on my desk by tomorrow’s morning.

-          Yes, sir – we said together quietly.

Mike excused himself at once, looking at you with guilt and leaving you with an angry professor. Xavier motioned you into his office. You entered it and sat down, staring at your hands. You were alone with him. In a closed room. Your heart was beating so fast you got pretty anxious it would explode in a moment. You felt as your cheeks were reddening with each and every second. Xavier was in front of you, studying you carefully.

-          So? – he finally asked. – What was your answer?

-          Excuse me? – you looked at him utterly confused.

-          I asked you what your answer had been.

-          A-and… what was the question? I am sorry, professor, I think I don’t really follow your thought.

Xavier pursed his lips, looking completely annoyed. His eyes were x-raying you with such a fiery passion you prayed to God you could disappear.

-          Are you or are you not going out with Mike? – professor suddenly blurted out.

You opened your eyes widely unable to answer. What on earth is happening right now? Xavier ran a hand through his hair, sighing with irritation. He looked tormented by whatever was going on in his head.

-          Why…? Why are you asking about such a thing? – you whispered.

-          Please, just answer, (Y/N) – his eyes were pleading. – I just can’t… I won’t bear…

-          No, professor, I am not going out with Mike. How could I? My heart belongs to somebody else – you shrugged not caring anymore what Xavier would be thinking of you.

-          To somebody else, huh? – he said under his breath. – May I ask to whom?

-          Why don’t you see it for yourself?

You pointed to your head. Professor was about to say something, but you stopped him with a hand and gave him a nod to read your mind. You saw how he was fighting with himself. You knew he had promised not to look into somebody else’s thoughts, but you gave him your permission. With a slightly worried expression, Xavier put his fingers to his temple. You felt a strange feeling and you knew that he is in your head. You closed your eyes and tried to remember countless situations that made you fall for him. Him comforting you during the training, him smiling at you when he sees you enter the class, even him saying stupid good morning… And then you saw something different. You saw yourself. You smiling to yourself, you laughing whole-heartedly with your friends, you making silly faces… And in that moment you knew. They were his thoughts. His feelings that he was telling you about. You felt a huge lump in your throat when you opened your eyes again.

-          Professor…

-          Please, call me Charles, (Y/N) – he smiled weakly. – I know I shouldn’t feel what I feel towards you, but I cannot help it. I cannot suppress those feelings.

-          Then don’t – you said quietly. – You saw my mind, you know how I feel.

-          You are my student, love. It’s not that easy – Charles let out a frustrated growl.

-          I will finish the school this year, it’s not that far in the future. Till then I suggest secret dating! – you chirped happily.

In that moment, you jumped out of your seat and you ran to his side. You sat on his lap and looked straight to his face, grinning like an idiot. Charles let out a soft laugh and tapped your nose making you blush. His eyes were getting more and more serious and then suddenly he pulled you close to himself. You felt his hot breath and lips on your neck, which made you shiver all over.

-          I truly, madly, deeply love you, (Y/N). How could I ever say no to you? – Charles whispered to your ear.

-          Then it’s settled, secret dating that is! I love you to the moon and back, pro… I mean Charles – you smirked watching his cheeks going pink. – Ah… I still have one question though.

-          Yes? What is it?

-          Back in the class… Were you jealous when Mike had asked me out?

-          How could you ask about this one particular thing! – he growled. -…. Of course I was bloody jealous!