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“there’s a thing called roommates,”

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genre: fluff with a lil smut

word count: 4.5k

warnings: badboy!tae? fuckboy!tae? idk if you need to be warned, but here’s the warning

a/n: war of hormone taehyung was a blessing. 

Kim Taehyung was an ass. A total, complete ass. But you needed a boyfriend, someone to keep your mom off your back when she visited later that afternoon. Every year she comes to visit and sees that you’re single and lonely and you feel her pity every time.

Certainly you could do better than him, but in less than an hour? No, your skills aren’t that good.

Besides, he owed you a favor. A bet a while back led to you blowing him the backseat of your car, and you got him to cum twice. He decided to dedicate himself to paying you back, even if it wasn’t with pleasing you because it was the best head he’d ever received in his life.

Approaching the black sports car he drove so recklessly that you’re surprised he hasn’t died from a car crash, you knocked on the window. He rolled it down, and a barrage of smoke hit you in the face. Scrunching up your nose in disgust, you look into the driver’s seat to see him there with a lit cigarette hanging from his lips.

“What can I do for you gorgeous? Finally decided it was time for me to find out what’s under those skirts you always wear?” He smirked, “Bet there’s nothing there, your ass looks too good.”

Ah, Kim Taehyung. What a breath of fresh air from all of the subtle, less demeaning compliments. Heavy sarcasm here.

“As much as it hurts me to say this, I need you to do me a favor.”

He nods, “Finally ready to let me pay you back?” he reached over, opening the door for you. You stepped in, adjusting your skirt as you got comfortable.

“Okay, so this may be a little bizarre, and may also be way too much to ask and that’s okay if you don’t want to because honestly I’d be very peculiar of anyone–”

“Babe,” he interrupted, “I don’t care what it is, I’ll do it.” you glanced over at him, the cigarette that was previously hanging from his mouth being tossed out of the window.

“Can you pretend to be my boyfriend and live with me for the next week and a half?” you asked quickly, avoiding eye contact as you did.

“What? Why do you need me to do that?”

“Because my mom is coming to visit and she’s really adamant of me having someone and not living in that giant apartment on my own and I just don’t want to feel the shame and pity,”

Taehyung raised an eyebrow, “There’s a thing called roommates.”

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Avengers Preference: How You Kiss

A/N: Another preference! This time, I think I got everyone. If I somehow missed your favorite, just ask and I will write one up for them :)

Request: Can i have a preference? How the avengers kiss you. Maybe could you add pietro and bucky as well?

Warnings: fluff :)

Thor: Thor likes to kiss you with lots of grandeur, walking up to you, capturing your face in both of his hands as he presses his lips to yours, running his thumbs along your cheekbones and proclaiming his love for you in that deep, booming voice of his. It always makes you roll your eyes and smile, because you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Wanda/Scarlet Witch: You and Wanda communicate a lot through her powers (she reads your mind and speaks directly into your thoughts, most of the time), so when she actually takes the time to stop and physically kiss you, it means a lot. It’s usually a very soft, sweet press of her lips on your way to sleep, or right before one of you leaves for a mission.

Pietro/Quicksilver: Pietro’s kisses are quick (of course) and often. He kisses your cheek as he dashes by you, always way too impatient to walk at a normal pace, and every now and then he will appear out of nowhere to literally sweep you off your feet and kiss you passionately before setting you back down and dashing off again, leaving you a tiny bit frazzled as you stare after him.

Bucky/Winter Soldier: You and Bucky are almost always connected in some way, because you keep him calm and connected to reality. Whenever he begins to feel himself fading, he grabs you and presses his lips to yours for however long it takes, no matter what you were doing at that moment. It irritates Tony, but Steve doesn’t mind, because he loves seeing Bucky happy.

Steve/Captain America: For someone who is such a gentleman, Steve is very heavy-handed with PDA. He kisses you whenever he gets the urge to, no matter who you’re in front of. Often, the two of you forget that there are people around, which leads to a lot of cleared throats and comments about the sex drives of senior citizens.

Natasha/Black Widow: Nat doesn’t like to kiss you much in public, because she doesn’t want someone to find out about your relationship and use you against her. So when same-sex marriage becomes legalized, you weren’t expecting for her to sweep you into her arms and kiss you right there, on the streets in front of everyone. After that point, she becomes a little more relaxed, kissing you quickly as you part ways in the streets every morning.

Clint/Hawkeye: Clint isn’t really one for kissing all the time. He likes to save it for special moments, like when he asks you to marry him. The two of you don’t kiss often, but when you do, it leaves you breathless for some time after.

Tony/Iron Man: Despite Tony’s reputation as a playboy, he’s a sucker for cuddles and sleepy kisses. He lives for those moments right before you fall asleep, with his arms wrapped around you and your eyes drifting shut, and he loves kissing you softly as you fall asleep, making sure you know how much he loves you.

Bruce/Hulk: Bruce is surprisingly clingy, constantly pressing soft kisses into your hair, your forehead, your cheek, your neck. When he does kiss your lips, he does so gently, holding you as if you may break if he loses control even for a split second.

He Seems Nice (Mycroft X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Mycroft X Fem!Reader, Lestrade X Sister!Reader

Universe: Sherlock

Warnings: Sexual feelings and attraction

Request: Hi :-) mycroft feeling sexually attracted to lestrade’s sister please ?

Originally posted by imaginemycroftholmes

Your brother was late yet again. You long expected this. He was a detective for the Scotland Yard after all, so it was no surprise that he might be running late.

You had already ordered a drink and waited patiently for your brother to show for your weekly meeting. You had crossed your legs, sipping peacefully on your drink. “Excuse me miss?” A man’s voice asked. Looking up you saw a man in a nice suit looking down at you with a smile. “Is it alright if I sit with you for a while?” He asked politely. You smiled, and nodded. He took a seat opposite you, before offering his hand to shake. “I’m Mycroft, may I ask your name?” He asked you as you shook his hand.

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The Signs as Boyfriends
  • Aries: The boyfriend who is constantly seeking adventure. Will keep you on your feet. He is enthusiastic about your passions and will support you in your endeavors. He is unbelievably committed and will go to the ends of the Earth for someone he loves. The type you want to go hiking and cliff-diving with. He loves telling stupid jokes just so he can hear you laugh.
  • Taurus: The boyfriend who'd rather by nuzzled up beside you in bed than out on the town. His one concern is your comfort he'll constantly check up on you to see if you're doing well. If conflict ensues, he will be the first to apologize. Not stubborn in the slightest. Although he loves to nurture, he loves feeling nurtured more.
  • Gemini: The boyfriend who's up for anything. Sometimes it feels like he never shuts up, but what he says is so interesting you never really mind. Full of childlike-wonder, but is actually unbelievably smart both about the world and in education. He's the type to take you on impulse dates. He hates being cooped up inside, and will find any excuse to take you out.
  • Cancer: The boyfriend who makes you feel warm. He's the type to leave notes in your lunch box or on the bathroom mirror for you to wake up to. He's constantly thinking of you, and will miss you the second you walk away. He relates love songs to you the second he hears them. Tends to shut down at any sign of conflict.
  • Leo: The boyfriend who gives you their jacket at the first sign of chill. He is constantly looking out for you. Can be a bit domineering at times. He loves giving you gifts, no matter how small they might be. Not one to negotiate at first, but will eventually give in if he knows it makes you happy.
  • Virgo: The boyfriend who is really your best friend in disguise. He takes a while to open up, but once he does, the love is indescribable. He is very shy and too himself, however he can also be very goofy when he finds appropriate. He can be a bit fussy when it comes to him coming out of his shell, but always ends up enjoying himself at the end.
  • Libra: The boyfriend who feels more like an old friend. You felt comfortable with them from the get go. They seem to be distant sometimes, but reconciliation comes easily. He is very stubborn, and will only apologize after a good bit of debacle.
  • Scorpio: The boyfriend who'll get you roses just cause. He likes to make a spectacle out of your relationship and is very public about how he feels towards you. He'll keep the relationship passionate and exciting. You'll never want to leave his side.
  • Sagittarius: The boyfriend who'll be your therapist. He loves listening to you speak, and will give you advice about anything under the sun. He'd do anything to make you smile after a long day. He's a talker. He could gab for hours about everything. Can be a bit independent at times.
  • Capricorn: will break up with u and flirt with girls on social media and leave you crying every day for a month and a half but while u were dating it was cool tho
  • Aquarius: The boyfriend who'll make your mom proud. Is the biggest gentleman ever. Stands out from the crowd in an admirable way. The kind of boy you'd want your kid to bring home to you one day. He is very charming and witty, and will never keep secrets from you. He values your opinion more than anything, and will go to you before anyone else when in need of a favor.
  • Pisces: The boyfriend who keeps you grounded. He is very very calming to be around, and he'd much rather cuddle than party. He is passionate and driven in whatever he puts his heart to. He is very optimistic about the world, but he is also very shy. It might take him a while to open up to you completely, but when he does, you know he's fallen for you completely.
Angel - Writer!AU ft. Jongin

Word count - 1727
Summary - Being the assistant of the writer Do Kyungsoo is rather.. interesting.

Chapters: (1) / (2) / (3) / (4) / (5) / (6) / (7) / (8) / (9) / (10)

The sun was shining on the white marble tiles, only trees giving it slight protection. If you didn’t know better you’d think you were staying at the royal palace or something; corintic tall pillars surrounding the whole place and with paintings gracing the walls inside you could see only if you pass the big tall doors, “Mr. Do,” you called him.

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Domestic Wolf


Request- Could you do a one shot where peter has a really, nice, normal human girlfriend and she cooks dinner for him and Derek at Derek’s apartment. And Derek is really surprised by his uncles actions. Sorry this is random :/ you don’t have too but it’s like 4 minutes till 5 am and I thought this would be so cute <3 thank you x


As I walked around the kitchen and dining room, finishing putting the finishing touches on everything, I heard the elevator getting closer to the apartment and I smiled. I knew that it would be Peter and Derek. I’ve been living in the apartment for just over month now, but Peter and I have been together for well over a year. Derek is usually never home and when he is, he stays in his room so he has no idea what his uncle and I are like around the apartment, that is, not until tonight. Everyone thinks Peter is evil, I mean sure he has done some bad things, but he had reasons for doing those things, even if they were twisted.  
“(Y/N)! We are home!” Peter yelled, breaking my thoughts, causing me to smile and walk towards the front door. When I turned the corner, I was face to face with Peter who had an arm out for me to walk into, which of course I did. He kissed my temple, his arm resting on my lower back.
“How are you my sweet?” He whispered causing my smile to grow wider and look up at him.
“I’m, fine, just fine.” I responded, causing him to nod and the both of us looked over at Derek. Believe it or not, I was more nervous about tonight than Peter did. Derek and Peter only have each other, and Cora, while I have Cora’s approval, I’m beyond desperate for Derek’s.
“Hi, dinner smells great.” Derek said with a small, almost fake looking smile. I felt Peter’s hand on my back, go up and down slightly, reassuring me that everything would go well tonight. I just took a deep breath and gave Derek a small smile.
“Thank you, it’s ready so we can eat whenever you like.” I said as Peter led us into the dining room, his hand never leaving my back. Once we reached the dining room, Peter led me over to my normal seat, pulled the chair out and pushed it back in as I sat down, earning a scoff from Derek.
“I didn’t know my uncle was such a gentleman.” He said sitting down, without even a second thought. Peter just shot him a look, and sat down across from me while Derek was next to him. I began serving the food, hoping that the comments and looks were just from hunger. As the night went on, it only got worse, Peter was being a complete saint, holding my hand, trying his best to keep me calm when I knew he wanted to yell at Derek for being rude. I didn’t think Derek meant to be rude, I just think he was taken back by how sweet and kind Peter was being. Derek wasn’t rude to me, not once but the comments he was making about Peter and I were more than enough to get Peter frustrated. Now it was my turn to keep him calm.
“I’m going to go get dessert, try not to kill each other.” I said getting up from the table and heading back into the kitchen to get the chocolate cream pie that I had made for tonight. As I was about to walk back into the dining room, I heard Derek and Peter talking, so I stopped, and listened for a second.
“What are you doing?” Derek asked his uncle with arms crossed, he didn’t seem all that happy nor convinced that Peter and I could love each other.
“What do you mean Derek? I’m having dinner with my girlfriend and my nephew. What are you doing?” He asked causing me to chuckle quietly at his straight forward answer. I knew that Peter was different when he was around me but was is so unbelievable that maybe Peter had some good in him? I could hear Derek sigh and then Peter get up from his seat.
“Listen, your comments have nothing but rude and disrespectful. I love her and she is kind and sweet and yes Derek, human. I know what I use to say about love, I know I use to think it was beneath me, but she changed the way I think about those things. I plan on loving her for the rest of my life or the rest of hers, I want to stay with her until my demons catch up with me or until she gets sick of me. This is different and you being like this, is just plain horrible. I know I may be asking a lot but can you accept her, can you just accept the fact that I’m different with her?” He asked, nearly making me drop the pie. I knew Peter and I were in it for the long haul but just hearing him say that made me weak at the knees. It was silent for a minute, you could hear a pin drop and I’m pretty sure that they could hear my heart racing.
“Yes. I like her, I have liked her since the first day I met her. I just never thought I would see you like this. It just took me by surprise that is all. I’m sorry.” Derek said causing me to smile softly and walk back into the dining room, pie in hand, and tears brimming my eyes.
“Who wants pie?” I asked, causing both men to nod. The rest of the night was great, we all cracked a few jokes and I know that I heard Derek laugh which is a miracle in its self. Around midnight Derek said he had to go, which was no surprise to Peter and I. We walked Derek to the door, closing it behind him and not speaking a world until we heard the elevator going back down.
“Thank you.” I whispered causing Peter to look at me and smiled. I knew that he had heard my heartbeat when I was in the kitchen. He knew what I was thanking him for, he knew that I knew that we were it for each other, that there was no going back at this point and I’m completely okay with that. So what if I’m human and he is a werewolf? We love each other and after tonight, I think that could be the key to everything.

Jisoo as your Boyfriend

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Request: Can I request Joshua as your bf? If it hasn’t been done yet?

A/N: It has not! I hope you enjoy and sorry for the long wait~ p.s. i know i change the layout of this so much but deal with it

- okay ofc you guys know he is the most gentlemanly gentleman that ever was

- yet you somehow manage to make him even more like that????

- literally everyone notices how much more polite and calm he is when you’re around

- so seventeen tries to keep you around as much as possible

- only the cheesiest of pda

- hand/forehead/cheek kisses, backhugs, linking pinkies when you walk

- the whole 9-yards

- singing you to sleep

- singing to you all the time tbh

- being best friends with the hyung line and vernon

- speaking in English all the time

- him helping you with your fluency in Korean

- conversations where you both unknowingly switch between English and Korean and everyone around you is just like ‘????????’

- he probably leaves cute little sticky notes on your mirror so you have something to smile about when you wake up and get ready

- cuddling

- cuddling turning into a tickle fight because your hair keeps tickling his neck and he thinks you’re doing it on purpose

- oml so much baked goods for you

- he didn’t even bake that much before he met you but he decided to start because why not?

- if you think you’re not getting a guitar serenade with a special song written just for you with the rest of vocal unit harmonizing then you’re wrong

totally haven’t dreamt about that before nope

- probably adopting a puppy together

- “this is our child. i’m so happy we’re starting a family together y/n.”

- traveling to America with him to meet his parents

- but only when he’s 10000000% sure you’re the one

- when he has to go on tour he calls you every night and sings to you

- does not give a single shit if he has to do it in public because of time differences

- he gon’ do it because you’re his baby

- oml pet names

- sooooooo many pet names

- sleepovers with vocal unit because why not

- clingy and possessive jisoo when you get too touchy with someone else

- not really the guy to express or say that he’s jealous, he just gets unnaturally clingy even for him

- “just remember, you’re mine.”

- most definitely showering together

- totally uses the lame “let’s save water it’s good for the environment” line

- 9/10 time it ends in other things

- you saw it coming though

- did i mention lowkey possessive jisoo?

- because pretty much every time he gets jealous it ends with him inside you reminding you that he’s the only one who can make you feel like he does

- everyone thinks he’s such a vanilla boy who’s gonna wait till marriage because he’s a Christian

- but oml are they so fucking wrong

- even you can’t believe some of the things that come out of his mouth

- hickeys

- be vocal for him

- “lemme hear those moans, love.”

- “that’s right, let them know who’s making you feel so good y/n.”

- okay moviNG ON

- breakfast in bed so much

- especially if he noticed you’ve been neglecting yourself from studying/work/etc.

- please play with his hair

- he fucking loves it

- he’ll lay his head in your lap just so you can play with it

- doesn’t give a fuck about jihoon complaining about your pda

- constant reminders of how loved you really are

- i really see him loving zoo dates????

- like just walking around holding hands and looking at animals

- comparing each other to random animals because that’s just how your relationship is

- gosh he’s just so fluffy and in love with you i can’t

- i need to stop

- 1002937908247982174131% boyfriend material

- 11/10 would recommend

-Admin Yeonie

anonymous asked:

gf wore a summer yukata for the first time and it suddenly went loose infront of the boys/before they leave the house, how would kuroo, tanaka, aki (tsuki bro), chikara and ushijima react? lol


Kuroo would stare, unintentionally, unaware that he was gawking at his s/o. Embarassed, he’d clear his throat awkwardly like the cute dork we all know him to be, and look away immediately, glancing at the plain floor. There would be a pause, the sound of hesitation ringing in his ears. His s/o would fix their yukata but one shoulder’s sleeve would still be a bit off, the cloth rumpled, and he’d smooth it out with his hand, as if by instinct. His s/o would look up at him, noticing the rosy blush that flooded his cheeks. 

Of course, he’d play the suave, cool guy and pretend to brush it off, when in fact, the image of his s/o’s bare neck, shoulders and back would be imprinted permanently in his mind; He wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about it, using that image to get himself off that same night. 


Oh, no. 

This little incident would activate Tanaka’s inner demons, he’d clutch onto himself, wrapping his own arms around him to restrain himself because he knows he’ll get slapped again if he even thought about trying anything rash again. Which he did. The moment repeated itself in his head, over and over again.

He might even develop a yukata fetish. 

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Akiteru would be super dramatic about it, as if just glancing at his s/o would be equivalent to violating her. He’d be a stuttering mess, blabbering apologetically how he should’ve bought her a smaller sized yukata, unecessarily blaming himself. His s/o would shut him up, placing a finger to his lips, making him swallow, Adam’s apple visibly dropping down. 


All gentleman-like, he’d look away properly, calm, hiding his nervousness gracefully, even though the pitter-patter of his heart drummed against his chest. He’d offer help, murmuring quiet compliments about how glowy and smooth their skin looked. 

*insert awkward pause* 

After realizing how dirty what he said might’ve sounded, he’d choke on his own breath, fake-coughing it off to break the silence. 


Ushijima is very slow when it comes to this. He wouldn’t have the slightest idea what to do, or say, so he’d keep quiet, the only expression of surprise visible on his face was in his eyes, which only widened a bit. His s/o would quickly pull up the yukata over their shoulders, blushing furiously. Only then, would he blush as well, covering his mouth with his hand, taking in the unexpected sight. While his s/o shamefully holds up her yukata, he’d take out the pin holding up some of her hair and fix the yukata for her, bodies much too close. He’d appear very focused on fixing her clothes, when, actually, he was only just focused on trying not to appear nervous in front of her, keeping his calm and collected, dependable figure in tact.

How to Break Zen - Extended

So in a recent post, I said that all one needs to do to fry the mind of our favorite albino actor is dress up in Sandy’s greaser getup from “Grease” and reenact “You’re the One That I Want.” Can you imagine how it would play out if you did that to him?

(Warning: Naughty/could be mildly NSFW but nothing too serious.)

- He’d gone for a ride on his motorcycle again. Perfect timing to spring that surprise on him.
- Nicknames like “cutie” or “princess” are nice, but you want something spicier.
- You guys had watched “Grease” a few nights ago, and he’s been humming the songs ever since. It’s like his past and his present came together in a musical.
- “I can think of one lady who’d look so much better in that leather getup, jagi.” *wink*
- You were SO caught off-guard by that open flirtation coming from your princely beau. He saw your flustered blush, chuckled, snuggled closer, and turned back to the movie.
- And now? Payback time. Oh, two can play this game.
- You change into some sexy leather clothes a la Sandra Dee with some colorful heels, then you sprawl like a model on his couch.
- The door clicks.
- “Honey, I’m ho–”
- Those beautiful eyes have never bugged out like that before.
- A tiny voice is going, “We match!” (He hasn’t taken off his black riding clothes yet.)
- But then he realizes your top bares your shoulders, dips veeerrry low, and just CLINGS to your upper body.
- “B-b-babe?” he chokes.
- Poor honey can’t form coherent words.
- He’s trying to calm himself.
- Gentleman. Gentleman. Gentle–
- You stand up and saunter over and he’s never been so dizzy in his life.
- He actually grabs a countertop to keep from falling…or tries.
- His hand landed on a magazine with him on the cover.
- Welp crap now he’s on the floor.
- And you’re standing over him CRAP
- You settle one heeled foot on his shoulder like Sandy did to Danny.
- Is his heart even beating?
- You smirk down at him and sing, “If you feel a weird affection / you’re too shy to convey / meditate in my direction…”
- You run your hands down your hips and this boy actually gasps.
- “Feel your way.”
- Poor boy actually yelps and throws himself backward just like Danny. SO DRAMATIC.
- But once he recovers, he gets up.
- Too late for any warnings about the beast.
- He’s ON you.
- And he’s not letting you up for many, many hours.
- Best believe he came up with a few spicier nicknames after that. ;)

Our First Date

A/N: It’s hard for me to do one where Theo sweet and not evil. I like his cynical side. That’s what makes him, Theo.

Request: can you do a one shot of Theo? But like a sweet Theo. Maybe it’s y/n first date or anniversary or something.

We laid holding each other after a night of romance.

“Happy Three Year Anniversary, babe.” Theo said with his usual smirk.

“Three years.” I recalled. “Remember our first date?” He chuckled sleepily and his eyes fluttered shut. I watched his chest rise and fall, thinking about our beginning.

“Oh my god, we still have an hour and a half left of work.” I groaned as I started bagging up the last of the popcorn.

“Positive thoughts, Y/N. We’ve talked about this.” My co-worker Alisha said. She was wiping down the sticky soda machines.

“Guys! Guys! Oh my god do you know who’s in theater 13?” Megan, another co-worker, came rushing towards us with the broom and dust pan in her hands. She placed them down and hoped over the counter. I could tell this was going to be good. Megan was the gossiping type, but I never minded. It helped the time pass by at our stupid movie theater job. Megan and Alisha weren’t necessarily my best friends, but I saw them the most because we worked and went to school together. Alisha and I looked at each other and laughed.

“Who?” We asked almost in unison.

“Theo Freaking Raekon!” She exclaimed. This was big! Theo was this new kid in school. I’d heard rumor he lived in Beacon Hills a long time ago, but he moved away. Whenever I saw him at school I stared and I wouldn’t even care if he saw me. He was absolutely gorgeous! He had a chiseled jawline, plump lips, beautiful blue eyes(or maybe they were green), and that body.

“Holy shit! I didn’t even see him come in!” I said in a hushed tone.

“I didn’t either. But he’s sitting with Tracy and Cory from Chem.” She informed.

“I thought they died.” Alisha questioned. I nudged her.

“That’s not nice. Obviously they didn’t if they’re sitting a movie with them.”

“They’re movies almost over, so maybe we can gawk at him when he leaves.” Megan said hopefully. We nodded at each other and kept busy. A few minutes later all the late night movies were ending and the entrances were filling with people. We watched the people leave but never saw the trio walk by. Disappointed, we finished cleaning up for the night. I walked over to the doors to lock them when I heard someone shouting from behind me.

“Hold on, you got some stragglers.” It was Megan’s voice and when I turned Theo and his group were feet away from me. I smiled awkwardly and held the door open for them. Tracy, walked past me without even a thank you. I thought I heard her hiss too. Corey nodded, which was better. When Theo walked past, I inhaled silently. Breathing in the sent of his cologne. I’d never been this close to him before. I held on to the door for support, like my legs were going to give out any moment. He looked up lazily and gave me a thank you smile. He was almost past me when he did a double take.

“Hey,” he smiled again. “You’re Y/N? From Pre-Cal right?”

He caught me off guard and I fumbled over my words. “R-right. Hey there.”

Hey there?

Really? One of the hottest guys I ever since standing in front of me and the best I could come up with was hey there. I thought I’d die of embarrassment.

“Hey, you wouldn’t happen to have the homework on you? I forgot to write the page numbers down.” He said coolly.

“Uh yeah, I can- well you can come with me- and I’ll write it down.” I was so nervous. We walked back into the theatre together.

“Oh what about your friends?” I reminded him.

“I think they heard me say I was coming in.” I nodded but I didn’t remember them being close enough to hear us. We walked to the side door near the concession stand that led to the employee quarters. I led the way in and Theo followed. I found my bag with ease and pulled out the homework. I found an extra pen and paper to right down the problems and page number too.

“You don’t have to write it down for me?” He laughed.

“Oh, well I already started.”

d“Is this you’re life? School and work?” He asked.

“Pretty much.” I was almost finished.

“So, what do you do when your not working?”

“Netflix?” I chuckled. He chuckled too. “Well maybe we can hang out sometime.” I thought maybe he was saying this because I was writing the homework down for him. I sighed deeply but just nodded in response.

“Well, I mean if you’re not too busy…” He trailed off. I felt bad, maybe he was just being nice or perhaps he was genuine. Either way I thought I’d humor him.

“No! Of course, we can definitely hang out.” I wrote the last numbers down and handed it to him with a smile.

“Okay, cool. So I’ll pick you up tomorrow night.” He said reading over the paper.

“W-what?” I stuttered.

“Oh, I’m going to need your number too.” He pulled out his phone and clicked it a few time before handing it to me. It was on the new contact screen, I entered in my information and handed it back to him.

“Where something nice.” He winked and walked out of the room. My legs were really going to give out now. Was I ? Did he? Alisha and Megan rushed into the employee breakroom. They were both gushing with questions. I couldn’t make out one specifically, and I knew the look on my face wasn’t giving anything away.

“Y/N!” Megan said shaking me firmly. “What happened?” They both looked at me with wide eyes, like little children waiting for candy.

“He asked me out on a date.” I said finally.

The restaurant he’d chosen was quite fancy. The waiters addressed them by sir and ma'am, and spoke very articulately. Theo was a a perfect gentleman, which intimated me. He was so cool and calm. I was so nervous you could probably smell it on me.

“Why are you so nervous?” He asked taking a slip his water. Like he’d read my thoughts.

“I don’t know. We’ve never really talked before and now we’re on a date. It’s kind of crazy.”

“Well I see you all the time at school, reading your books and keeping to yourself.” He responded.

“You…you noticed me?” I gaped.

“Notice? I can’t stop staring at you half the time.” I blushed. We finished our dinner and Theo ordered us desert. Chocolate lava cake! My favorite. As I finished the last bite(told you it was my favorite), Theo leaned forward and squeezed my hand.

“So, ready to go home?” Truthfully, I wasn’t. Theo was such great company, and we hadn’t really gotten to talk much on account of us eating.

“Are you?” He smirked and shook his head. “There’s a park across the street, wanna take a walk?”

I smiled and nodded brightly. The park was beautiful. There had been an event the night before where they strung lights through the trees and some of the shrubbery. They had left them, and they illuminated the place. It was a small square park, with a fountain in the middle. Theo and I walked the small lot for what felt like a hundred times. He told me about his family and being back in Beacon Hills. I caught him up the latest scandals since he’d been away, which was really just Penny Jones getting caught drinking with Cooper Tyler behind the police station.

“Behind the police station?” He repeated as we came upon the fountain again.

“I know,I don’t know what they were thinking.” I laughed, we stopped sit at the fountains ledge.

“You have a beautiful smile, you know?” I felt my cheeks flush and he scooted closer to me, tucking my hair behind my ear. Before retracting his hand he caressed my cheek. I looked into his eyes, they looked blue in the dim lighting, and they peered into mine. Curiosity loomed in the air, his lips inviting hers in. I leaned in, his lips meeting mine half way. I can still remember the feeling of them. Soft but firm. I looked up at my sleeping boyfriend, so peaceful and innocent, and kissed his lips softly. They were just as they’d been that night.

Arsenal vs. Flash (Part 3/3)

Summary: Barry and Roy are man-posing for you.

Word Count: 1540

Warnings: some descriptions of violence and injuries

Part 1 (x)

Part 2 (x)

Alt. Ending (x)

Gender-neutral Reader!

Check my bio for the request status. Rules and fandoms I do and don’t do!


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Coffee Shop Comfort

Pairing: Lafayette x Reader

Words: 1118

Warnings: Emotional breakdown, death mention


One of the ways that you should never get out of bed is by throwing yourself on the floor. Which is exactly what Lafayette did and how he knew it would not be a good day today. His back hurt now, and he was running late for work that morning. Great.

He knew that there was only going to be one good thing about today. The time of day when he got off of work and was able to go to his favorite coffee shop. It was calm and quiet and the best part was that not a lot of people knew about it, which meant that nobody from work could disturb him here.

The coffee shop had everything. Coffee, of course, tea, smoothies, and all sorts of delicious treats. Another great thing about this coffee shop was that it had an international theme. He could get his favorite drinks from home without having to go back to France or making it himself.

He walked into the shop and took a deep breath. It smelled like home. He walked up and placed his usual order, then planted himself at a table with his book. Soft music was playing in the background, mixed with the sound of people typing away on their laptops. It was relaxings.

When his drink was put down next to him he lifted it up to is mouth, inhaling the sweet scent before taking a nice long sip. The gentle sound of the bell rang, indicating that there was someone at the door.

He looked up from his book, seeing just who he knew that he would see walk up to the counter.


You had been at the shop every afternoon, ever since he had been coming here a few months ago. You came in everyday, ordered the same fruit smoothie and cake, then proceeded to go sit in the back of the room all by yourself.

You had caught his eye a while back. You were the only one besides him that had any consistency in coming here. But everyday was the same and you always seemed so sad and alone.

He decide that he wanted to try and strike up a conversation with you, after he noticed that you looked sadder than usual. He could have sworn that he saw a tear drip down your face.

He went up to the counter and asked for the dessert that you would get everyday. He took in back to his seat and dug in, almost moaning at the very taste of it.

He quickly finished the entire thing before gathering up the courage to go speak to you.

You looked up as he approached you, your eyes glassed over with unshed tears, and a confused look on your face. Why would he want to talk to you?

“Okay I’m very sorry to bother you but I always see you come in after me, and then order the same thing and sit at the same booth and you always look so sad. I know this may seem creepy that I’ve noticed all of this but I was wondering, are you okay?”

He watched your eyes widen, causing a few tears to fall and sniffles to be heard.

“Oh no I am so sorry! I did not mean to make you upset!” he stammered out trying to calm you down,

You waved a hand at him and tried your tears with a fresh napkin.

“You didn’t do anything wrong sir. It’s just been a hard couple months lately, and you are the only person that has actually noticed that I’m struggling to keep my head above the water,” you told him, smiling ruefully. Lafayette took a seat at the table.

“I am Lafayette. And you are?”


“Lovely name for a beautiful person. Now I know that we have just met, but would you like to tell me what is going on? I promise on my honor as a gentleman that I will not tell a single soul,” He promised you.

You hesitated for a moment before looking into his eyes. The deep warmth and concern made you want to cry again, and there was something else that made you trust this man completely.

“Well the story starts a while ago with my dad. He was a single parent, my mother dying soon after I was born. Everyday after school he would bring me here and get me whatever I wanted. It was our tradition. When I went off to college we would always meet up at least once a week, but otherwise I was too busy and he had to come by himself. I hated know that he was sitting here alone and I could do nothing about it.”

Tears started spilling from your eyes again. Lafayette moved closer to you, using a napkin to wipe away your tears. He started rubbing your back as you continued on with your story.

“It got better for awhile after I graduated. I got a job so we were able to come here everyday after we both got off. Then he got sick. He wasn’t in the hospital all the time, and he still tried to come here on his own. I couldn’t always come with him because I was working extra to pay for all his medical bills. I couldn’t lose him. He was the only family I had left. But then one day, while he was here, he collapsed and they sent him to the hospital. By the time that I got there, it was almost too late. I was able to say my final goodbyes, but then he was gone. We only had a few more hours together.”

You were almost full on sobbing now, trying to keep it under control so that you did not disturb the other customers.

“Is that why you always come here? So that you can feel close to him?” Lafayette asked you, wrapping you up in his arms.


“I may not completely understand, but I can empathize with you. I always come here because they have foods that remind me of my homeland, France. Right now it’s my only connection, so it’s nice to have comfort food.” Lafayette told you, trying to distract you some from your tears.

“That’s really nice actually,” you told him, managing to give him a small smile.

“It is.”

His phone started ringing, a call from Alexander. He sighed.

“I’m afraid that I have to go Y/N. But I will see you tomorrow,” he told you, standing up.

“Lafayette?” you asked hesitantly.


“Will you sit with me tomorrow? I really enjoyed your company.”

“I couldn’t think of anything better.”

Nightmare Repellant [ Gladion x Moon ]

Morning loves! Gotcha with a new fic!

This mini series needed some angst so here you gooooo!

takes place directly after Northern Lights

One thing you guys should know about me is that I take pride in having a dirty mind, in which case I kind of had to add some suggestiveness in here, don’t worry it’s not that bad but ye of the innocent heart beware !

“T-there’s some sort of mistake!”

Lillie shakes her head through Rotom’s screen and smiles mischievously, “nope. One room, one bed. That’s it, or at least it’s all I could afford.”

Moon’s face is completely red and she’s thankful to Arceus that Gladion offered to take a shower first so she could talk to her friend alone in peace. It’s already late into the night and after a friendly take out dinner at the Pokémon Center, him and Moon decided they would head back to their hotel, only to discover that the one booked for them had only one room and one bed and any other two bed rooms were booked for the week.

“I don’t see what’s so bad about it.” Lillie shrugs, “it’s the perfect opportunity to get up close and intimate with him.”

Somehow, her face is even redder.

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anonymous asked:

I saw a similar scenario somewhere with awakening, but could you guys possibly do some of the guy's (particularly Marx, Leon, Ryoma, Takumi) reactions to F!Kamui falling in love with someone else before they can confess their love to her?

I will be writing these as headcanons.

  • Marx: He becomes extremely reserved towards Kamui and conflicted when she tries to speak with him. He spends more time training to try and forget about how he feels. Even though hurting the other guy crosses his mind at times, Marx just goes through more arduous training to forget this as well.
  • Leon: He uses his cunning to make it harder for Kamui and her lover to spend time together or even see each other, even though he understands that she is free to love whoever she wants.
  • Ryoma: He goes into long meditation sessions to avoid the desire to inflict damage on anyone. he also tells himself that it was probably for the better because having such feelings for her was wrong to begin with.
  • Takumi: He becomes extremely hostile towards the person Kamui fell for and even Kamui at times. However he will avoid them most times in order to avoid drama.
  • Hinata: He wants to fight the person Kamui fell for and wonders why she didn’t fall for him instead. He thinks that she would better off with him and not her actual love interest.
  • Joker: He becomes extremely hostile towards everyone else, more than usual, and keeps to himself in order to avoid questions. He performs any errand for kamui but will do it as quickly as he can so he doesn’t have to see her for very long.
  • Zero: He has very dark and graphics thoughts about inflicting pain on Kamui’s love interest. He feels extremely jealous because he lost the only person he didn’t want to upset.
  • Odin: He keeps to himself in order to avoid questions about the matter but will constantly write bad poetry about not being loved. He randomly and subconsciously delivers lines from said poetry during his conversations.
  • Suzukaze: He becomes quieter than usual and avoids Kamui completely. After thinking a lot about how she fell for someone else, he finds a way to blame himself for that too, thinking that if he was a better person, she would have fallen for him instead. He remains friendly towards everyone else, and has a conversation about protecting kamui with her actual love interest.
  • Saizou: He decides to tell Kamui how he feels anyway and has a serious talk with Kamui’s love interest about keeping her safe. He also threatens to take her away at the first chance.
  • Lazward: He lies to himself by saying that he never really had any serious feelings for her, and that he will find a prettier girl one day.
  • Cyrus: He becomes extremely hard broken and filled with regret about not telling kamui his feelings. This hits him very hard because he’s always had feelings for her.
  • Flannel: He becomes notably serious and quiet as a result of this and wanders off on his own to deal with his feelings. He may or may not destroy things.
  • Nishiki: He becomes very heartbroken over this, and may even choose to not talk to Kamui for a bit while he gets over his feelings. He tries to remain calm, but sometimes has to isolate himself so no one can see him upset.
  • Harold: He blames the bad timing on his “good” luck.
  • Tsubaki: He remains calm and collected in front of everyone else in order to keep his perfect reputation. He acts as a gentleman by offering Kamui his help and support when needed, and telling her love interest that there is no bad blood between them. Secretly however, Tsubaki will actually get angry enough to cry.
  • Tsukuyomi: He takes this extremely personal and starts to act more mature and overwork himself while training.
  • Benoit: He says nothing about the matter but when alone he cries about it because he is a softie.
  • Asyura: He gets a bitter feeling about losing a chance to be with Kamui, but he doesn’t feel too bad about it considering how they met.

I believe that is every 1st gen male that could logically have feelings for Kamui, if there is anyone missing please message us :) I didn’t include Mikoto’s subordinate or Gunther for obvious reasons.

SEVENTEEN’s reaction to sleeping on the same bed: Vocal Unit

Hip Hop Unit | Performance Unit

JEONGHAN - He would be the type to keep you calm and ensure your comfort. He would be quite calm and would casually lie down beside you. Once you fall asleep next to him, Jeonghan would heave out a sigh of relief, because he was really nervous beside you, but seeing you comfortably sleeping warms up his heart. He would tuck you in and hug you all night long.

JOSHUA - Being the gentleman that he is, of course he would insist he should sleep on the floor. But you quickly insisted the both of you share the bed since there is enough space for both. He would give some distance to you once the both of you lie down, but eventually you will find yourselves naturally falling back into each other’s arms once you wake up the next morning.

WOOZI - Would stammer all the time he talks to you. He doesn’t do well with expressing his feeling but he still wants to keep his composure even when he’s fumbling with his words. Jihoon would strongly oppose to sleeping beside you, but seeing your reaction made him feel guilty. He would be so stiff and he would awkwardly lie down beside you, but he would warmly pull you in so you can rest on his chest.

DK - Seokmin would also be the one who would fix your bed to your comfort and just leave the room without saying a word because he’s too nervous to even make a decent conversation with you. When you tell him that it was fine sleeping beside each other, he would be very talkative but eventually, he would sleep comfortably beside you, with your fingers intertwined with each other.

SEUNGKWAN -  Out of sheer nervousness, Seungkwan would be the one who would start teasing you and telling you that you should keep your hormones to yourself. He would be easily persuaded to sleep beside you but he will still be a bit fidgety since you’re a few inches away from him. In the end, you wrapped an arm around his torso and hugged him all night long.

This is complete word vomit tbh

There was just something about Draco Malfoy that makes Harry want to snog him. Not even want but need. Draco is one of those blokes that all the girls secretly (or not so secretly) want to date but would never introduce him to their parents, so they date guys like Archie Taylor or Tommy Jones and bring them home instead. While  Harry Potter is quite the catch, he’s popular, on the school football team, good looking and charming in that shy blushy way. Draco Malfoy is the complete opposite, well he is good looking but the similarities stop there. While Harry is a parents wet dream, Draco is a rude, hot, punky bastard who smokes behind the science block, spends his time at school listening to music and glaring at everyone and harry is certain he’s never seen him smile or laugh.

He is undeniably, a massive prat, and Harry has been pining over him since the start of the year  when he came back after the holidays with a good haircut.

Harry’s not sure if it’s the oversized band hoodies draco wears over his uniform, or his thin wrists covered in rubber bracelets or his blonde hair that flops onto his forehead that makes him crazy but he’s certain the main thing that makes him want to snog the life out of Draco freaking Malfoy is his eyes. Those stupid grey eyes that can look cold, uninterested in anything you have to say and mischievous all at once.

That or his arse.

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Man. The journey has been amazing so far. Tough. very fun. Very warm. They have made us laugh and cry. They have made us hope.

Minjun has taught me what passion looks like. He is so kind and funny and despite all that happens, he is humble and sweet. He has overcome a lot of obstacles without stopping. And he will not stop. I know. And he is too kind really. My panda. *foreverhug*

Nichkhun has taught us what openness of heart is. He belongs to a culture quite different from Korea, yet he gave his best where others would’ve given up. I remember how he came first in the Korean folk singing practice in “Hot Blood”. He’s kind. A gentleman. Considerate. Always gives his best. Admits his mistakes. Tries to make them right.

Taecyeon has taught us that life isn’t meant to be too complicated. He is funny and calm. Humble, GENIUS straightforward, doesn’t lie and just a darling with big ears. And a 6 feet plus supply of lifelong aegyo and trolling. He has taught us what service is. *gianthug*

Wooyoung has taught us that doubting ourself shouldn’t stop us from trying our best. He doubts himself excruciatingly a LOT. Loses his sleep because of anxiety. But he doesn’t stop. He keeps improving himself. And he teaches loyalty. How you stand by your people when all else falls apart. How you don’t stop believing in them.

Junho taught us what originality is. He is unique in his views and opinions but not being rude. He is a thorough gentleman, so kind and so cute. He has taught us what patience is. That hardwork and passion really pays off in the end. He began as the less popular member in 2PM and is now the one who is the busiest among them all.

Chansung has taught us that there is more to life than what is on the surface. That there is deeper meaning to things in life. That it’s worth investing yourself in things that make you grow whether it be books, photography or dance. That depth has beauty. That it’s important to try wearing someone else’s shoes to connect with them. That there are important causes.

2PM has taught us that you don’t stop. You don’t stop believing. You don’t stop trying. You don’t stop giving it your best. You don’t lose your roots, but you should also grow.

3000 days with 2PM. I am glad these days have been. I am looking for 30,000 days with them.❤💖💚💙💛💜

Somewhere Before

Title: Somewhere Before

Pairing: Reader x Cas

Author’s Note: Ever felt you know someone you’ve never seen in your life before? Could it be that said stranger is your soulmate? Or perhaps someone you knew from a past life? There’s only one way to find out… (how’s that for an intro, huh?)

As always, your comments are welcome :)

Originally posted by supernaturaldaily

Your name: submit What is this?

You were being watched.

The familiar prickling sensation of someone’s eyes on you had settled on your neck and stomach for the past thirty minutes or so. If it weren’t for the ethics essay you had due for the following day, you would have left the library the moment you saw the blue-eyed man gazing at you.

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