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The Signs Hold a Crying Baby


Taurus: Keep your tears inside your eyes where they belong, you pathetic excuse for life

Gemini: Continues the one sided conversation, “so I said to Tom, I said Tomas, that’s MY fucking sandwich- wait, is it okay to cuss in front of a -what am I saying, you don’t understand words yet- anyway I said to him…”

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Headcanon (ish, sort of? Kind of how I’m dealing with what’s coming?)

Aaron can’t breathe. He’s actually struggling to get air into his lungs, they’re burning. Even the fresh air isn’t helping. Then he feels two hands on his face, keeping him anchored, real and with him, gentle hands, familiar touch. “Breathe for me.” Oh. Robert. Of course. “Deep breath in, slow out, come on.” His words are soothing, gentle and not panicked. The calmness helps, the closeness helps, most of all Robert standing this close to him helps. He gets a little air, the gasping slowing. “That’s it,” Robert says, still shockingly calm. “Breathe in and out.” His words are simple, but doing it challenges Aaron. Eventually, Aaron’s calm.

“You can let me go now,” he tells Robert. He drops his hands and Aaron instantly misses the warmth of his palms. They’ve not touched, not really in such a long time.

“Was the party too much?” Robert asked.

“Kind of,” Aaron admits. “Didn’t like seeing Rebecca there much.”

Robert’s guilt is warring with his conscience. He has to be honest, he can’t lie to him for an extended period of time. “Look, I’ve got to tell you something,” he starts.

“No,” Aaron says. “I don’t want to hear it, whatever *it* is. Just… it’s over?”

“Of course,” Robert says. He’s a good liar, but Aaron so badly wants to believe him that he allows himself to.

“Then we draw a line,” Aaron says. “Move on from it.”

“Can we do that?” Robert asks in disbelief.

“I want to forget the last month ever happened,” Aaron says sincerely. “I want my life with you, if you still want that.”

There’s a hint of a question there, and Robert hates himself for putting it there. This doubt, this fear, it won’t go away in one conversation. But Robert knows his life is far better with Aaron in it, even when it’s messy and awkward.

“Nothing I want more.”

So, yesterday, there was a guy getting on the same bus as us, and he smelled like alcohol, but he was super fucking creepy.

First off, he walks in front of me and puts his hand down for Duma to sniff while I am still trying to keep her relaxed in a really over-stimulating situation and I am already exhausted from the bus trip.

Second, he starts asking invasive questions and it puts me over to the edge because I’m too scared of what would happen if I didn’t answer or explain.

He asks if I am blind or deaf, and I say, no. He asks what she does then, I say she’s a psychiatric service dog, she helps keep me calm and such in situations, I say trying to be vague as possible. I was already feeling extremely anxious because of this, I couldn’t move and I was starting to shake and disassociate. That’s when my boyfriend steps in and says something for me, and puts his hand on me trying to comfort me. The guy looked offended.

He had also asked if she was allowed on the bus, after already riding one bus with her. Of course she’s allowed on the bus, she’s my fucking service animal.

On the other hand though, there was one guy there who was impressed by her and I was practicing some tricks and stuff while we waited for the next bus and when we were getting on the bus and the guy was talking to me, he seemed to try to make Duma look like a smart well-trained dog to the guy by saying “By the end of two years she’ll know how to make a cheese cake!”

Which I appreciated.

The Signs Hold a Crying Baby


Taurus: Keep your tears inside your eyes where they belong, you pathetic excuse for life

Gemini: Continues the one sided conversation, “so I said to Tom, I said Tomas, that’s MY fucking sandwich- wait, is it okay to cuss in front of a -what am I saying, you don’t understand words yet- anyway I said to him…”

Cancer: *is the Crying Baby* 

Leo: Worry not, I will calm you with my talent for, uh, singing, “rock-a-bye baby in the -” baby: *screams louder* leo: okay well, fuck you too

Virgo: Gross pls tell me this thing didn’t poop OH MY GOD IT POOPED GET IT OFF GET IT OFF

Libra: Smiles and patiently calms the child, artfully hiding their discomfort and disgust, thinking “why the fuck do people keep making these things I hate them I hate them I fucking hate them ughh”

Scorpio: *glares* shut the fuck

Sagittarius: Tbh if you were my kid, I’d probably “forget” you in a shopping cart at the grocery store… shit, where is your mother? Don’t tell me she-  HEY LADY, YEAH YOU, COME GET YOUR KID

Capricorn: Calmly sets the child down and walks away forever

Aquarius: According to some scientific studies, crying indicates that in later life, the infant will adapt qualities of…

Pisces: Me too, kid. Me too.  By the way, it only gets worse from here…

okay sorry to interrupt my usual content stream but can we take a moment here and talk about tom skilling

hes the weatherman for my local news channel and i just love him so much

here he is telling us about hazardous weather advisories. thanks tom skilling

and HERE is a photo of him chasing away dangerous storms to keep us safe. a true guardian. i trust him.

in conclusion: honestly i dont care what anyone says. there is friendship in that man’s eyes. i love you tom skilling

  • as much as i love shiro, matt teasing him is one of my favourite things because it results in something like this….

shiro: hey matt, we’re together for this assignm-

matt: *frantically shushes him* takashi!! keep your voice down, there are children here oh my god

shiro: *whispering* “what?? but i was just saying-


everyone else in their class: “shiro what the hell this is a learning establishment, we cannot have you making noise and distracting us from our work!!?!”

shiro: i hate you all

everyone: “SHHHHH”

  • or something like THIS….

shiro: matt, when do you wanna work on the-

matt: what?

shiro: i said, when do you want to-

matt: *cups hand over ear* what??


matt: WHAT?!? i can’t understand what you’re saying, speak up


matt: …..

everyone: …..

matt: geez, i heard you, there’s no need to shout

shiro: LOOK HERE you piece of shit-

Regarding the spoilers i just saw: i don’t think “lets end this” refers to the relationship. I think it refers to Victor being Yuri’s coach. They’ve been foreshadowing for a while that Yuri wanted to compete in the GPF and win with Victor as his rival, not his coach. Maybe Yuri doesn’t want to keep Victor apart from skating. Maybe he doesn’t do well in the GPF and doesn’t want to waste Victor’s time by coaching him (we know how Yuri is).

What i’m trying to say is calm down. I don’t think they would break up like a day after getting engaged. And i always believed that Victor and Yuri would compete against each other at some point.

Let’s have faith people.

Loving someone with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)


1) Tell them what’s real. Have them tell you what’s real. Whether it’s the color of their shirt or how much they are needed.

2) Be there. Just be there. For them, or with them. Sometimes the most calming thing can be laying in bed (or on the floor!) with them in silence. Just having another person with them.

3) The little things means everything. The actual idea that you have taken a second to not tell us, but show us will be something we hold onto. (Personal note: someone very special to me sent me a flower gram at school in February for Valentine’s Day, I still have it.)

4) Reassure them constantly that you love them. Keep them in the loop of your life, even if it’s just a text saying you love them or what you’re up to today.

5) They will think you’re angry with them for no obvious reason to you, and then you’ll get annoyed that they think that. Don’t. Our minds have a way of making us think any and everyone hates us.

6) They will push you away. They’re scared. It is nothing against you. Typically, it means they’re scared of how close you’re getting. This is a great time for hugs (with consent!)

7) They will love you. They feel so deeply and sometimes it’s so, so hard but they will never ever want to be without you.

Banishing Incubi/Succubi

Originally posted by godsnotlooking

Incubi/Succubi are demons that feed off your life force and sometimes, if not the majority of the time, will force themselves upon you, sexually assaulting you in your sleep. If one is harassing you here is a way to get rid of it. 

What You’ll Need

  • Salt
  • Black Candle
  • Rosemary, Juniper, Garlic, and/or Agrimony
  • Your Wards
  • No fear

What To Do

  • Make a circle of salt around yourself.
  • Light the candle and keep calm, keep your ward up.
  • Hold the herb by your chest and say “I command you to leave me alone. I am not interested in your games. With all my power I banish you.” as many times as needed and be strong, be commanding, raise your voice so they know that you aren’t playing their games. Make yourself imposing to them and do not show fear.
  • Burn the herbs safely while still in your circle to cleanse your space and drive them out.
  • Blow out the candle and sprinkle the salt and herbs at every entrance to your space, windows, doorways, all that.

Some more Funny AU’s

  • “Almost all the good seats are taken at this movie but luckily there just happens to be one in the middle the unlucky part is that it’s right next to you and I really hate you but I also really want that seat and your smug face says you know it too.”
  • “We’re in debate class and a calm talk about tax quickly turned into a full out screaming match about what’s on the school lunch menu today.”
  • “We’re rivals, but not just rivals, we’re rivals with benefits. So while I may want to put hot sauce on all your food I hate the other teams captain way more and am willing to teach you how to beat them, though it might just cost you.”
  • “I’m squeamish about heights and during a pool party you keep trying to put me on your shoulders so we can play chicken except I keep kicking you in the face instead of the opposing team.”
  • “You accidentally snap me a pic of you in the shower which is fine, cause accidents happen, except now I can’t look at you because I keep wondering if it’s a shower or a grower.”
  • “We go to the same laundry mat and I’m switching clothes from the washer to the drier when you ask if this is mine and when I turn around you’re holding my secret skimpy lace underwear with the boy on the butt that no one is supposed to know about.”
  • “We’re next door neighbors who have never met and one day I’m singing in the shower when I hear you through the walls ask me to go an octave higher before joining me and I guess we’re harmonizing to part of your world, at least you have a nice voice.”
  • “I’m just finishing using the dorm showers when you come in with your latest partner and start having shower sex in the stall next to me and this really awkward and I’m to embarrassed to leave. Finally when you and your partner do finish and they leave I try to sneak out as fast as I can. Only you’ve come out at the same time and this is even more embarrassing cause now you know I’ve been there listening the entire time.”

I have dealt with the crisis in my heart
Turning the crumpled paper restlessly.
I see no smoothness on its mottled face,
The creases are intrusive to my eyes.

Calmness was a memory in my mind
That my quiet room painted and hung up for me
I am jealous of it, desiring to be such stillness
Not even my tired hands could disarray the air

And the thing in my heart devours me
With a mouth full of thunder and rain
I hear nothing but the rumble of thoughts
Rising up and sticking at my throat.

I have tasted what I cannot say
I find peace in my subtle strength
To keep order of the tempest in my bones.
I have made my home in storms.

—  Beauty of Virgo written by @satsune
Not alone - Kol Mikaelson Oneshot

Requested by anon.

Word Count - 756

You had just sat down on your couch with a cup of tea for another long day spent rushed off your feet before your boyfriend, Kol Mikaelson came storming into your home.

‘I bloody hate the lot of them. i wish those daggers hadn’t gone missing or i’d dagger the lot of them, and as for Niklaus, well i’d just kill him!’ Kol was shouting the house down as he paced himself up and down your living room, his arms waving frantically as he spoke. You on the other hand, remained calm. You knew exactly what was happening, Kol was annoyed at his siblings. You had seen this all to many times before and knew in order for Kol to calm himself, you too would have to remain calm.

'What’s happened now Kol?’ You asked him, making a particular effort to keep your voice level.

'You say that like i’m being unreasonable Y/N,like everything is okay, like my siblings give a damn about me!’ With this Kol took one of the glasses of your liquor stand and threw it at the wall, full force, making you stand back from him a little in surprise of his violent outburst.

'Hey!’ You shout to Kol, reminding that he is in your house and has no right to act in the way he is doing, not towards you. 'Look I don’t know what your sibling have done this time, but seeing as its so earth shattering why don’t you sit down and talk to me, rather than flying off the handle as per usual!’ As you ended your sentence Kol was reminded that you were the one who stood by him and lashing out at you would not change anything other than losing your support, this realisation calmed him down somewhat.

'I’m sorry, Y/N, I really am, its just in my siblings never ending battle to end our mother they seem to forget that she is in complete control of my fate and before they kill her she’d happily remove me from this body and i’d go right back to the other side. But as per usual there’s only room for three in their little club, Niklaus, Elijah and Rebekah. No vacancies, thing is, they wouldn’t even mourn me. They didn’t the first time, why would they now.

realising just how hurt Kol was by the way his family tended to exclude him you poured two large glasses of bourbon and sat down with Kol on your couch, facing into him and squeezing his had to reassure him that someone was looking out for him.

After a short silence, you finally spoke, 'Look, Kol, I know it can seem like your family don’t love you and wouldn’t care if you died, but believe me no matter what your differences with them, they swore a vow, Always and Forever, and that promise extends to you just as much as it does for Rebekah, Klaus and Elijah. You are loved Kol. And FYI you were mourned when you died, i had to watch Klaus kill his way through the mystic grill, console Rebekah on a daily basis through floods of tears, and even Elijah opened up to him about how he loses everyone he loves, and he’s a tough guy to crack.’ You smiled sweetly at Kol as you held his face in your hands and looked him in the eyes, making sure he listened to every word that left your mouth.

'Maybe your right, maybe they do care. How is it that you always know exactly the right thing to say darling?’ Kol murmured to you, barely audible slightly embarrassed at his recent outburst and the fact you clearly had him wrapped around your little finger.

'What can I say, its a talent. Or maybe I know what to say because all of those things I said also apply to me. I love you so much and when you died I mourned you right along with your siblings, my world was broken, but your back and not me not your siblings intend to see you go anywhere anytime soon.’ You smiled at Kol as he kissed your forehead.

'Oh and by the way, If you ever need reminding how much you are loved, I think I could give it a pretty good go.’ You teased as you sat yourself in Kols lap and began to kiss him passionately.

Kol laughed at your advances as he gave into you, reminding himself how lucky he was to have you.

Is he mine?

Pairing : Past!JaredxReader
Word count : 1,229
Author :Mel
A/N : @bigdaddymongoose wanted more. I couldn’t say no.

Part 2 of ‘My son, Bringer of Storms.’

You stood there silently, and he waited. He waited for an answer that could change his life. You were staring somewhere between his eyes and the floor, this was a conversation you had been afraid to have for years. It was what had kept you from coming back for so long. “I should get dressed.”

He looked at you with disbelief. That was what you had to say? “Y/N-” He tried keeping his voice calm.

“Just.. let me get dressed, Jared. Please? And maybe a drink. Or ten.”

You turned and started for your room. “Just answer me! Is he mine!?” His voice was raised, and you turned quickly.

“Please..” You begged him, and motioned to River, who stirred at the sound of a raised voice. “We’ll go-”

“We’ll talk right here. Now.”

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kadda252  asked:

For the prompt thing, pretty please 10 or 29 or both in one 🙏🏻🙏🏻

This is kind of the opposite of what I wrote yesterday. So here be fluff and nothing but fluff. It’s a sequel to this (sappy) prompt. But you can read it on its own as well. Thank you for the prompt! 

10. “I can never unsee that.” + 29. “Y-you love me?”

When Mulder finds himself in the car en route to Mrs. Scully’s house, he is not sure when it happened.

Or how.

But here he is, in the passenger seat, forced to listen to classical music that’s supposed to be calming. That’s what Scully told him 20 minutes ago, anyway. She’s quiet, tapping along on the steering wheel while Mulder keeps trying to come up with something clever to say. Or really anything. He has questions, plenty of them, but he doesn’t ask any of them. Why am I here, Scully? He would like to know. Why do I have to see your brother twice in one day? Mulder grows agitated just thinking about it.

Why did you kiss me earlier, Scully? That’s the one he really wants to know about.

In good old Mulder and Scully fashion, they haven’t talked about it. The kiss. It’s been hours and Scully hasn’t mentioned it once. If he didn’t know better, he’d think it never happened. Just a figment of his vast imagination. He’s imagined kissing Scully a million times over the years. But no; it definitely happened. Her hands were on his thighs, he can almost feel them still, and her lips grazed his oh so softly. Oh yeah. It happened.

“You’re awfully quiet.” Scully says in between songs. As if the music should not be interrupted.

“I thought you wanted me to shut up.”

“That was… earlier.” Mulder thinks he sees her blush.

“Yeah well, I didn’t know when you wanted me to stop.” Mulder cracks open a sunflower seed, realizing how hungry he is. With her kissing him and then convincing him to go with her to her mother’s made him forget everything else. Like having lunch.

“About the time I – never mind.” The kiss, he thinks, suppressing a smile. She certainly shut him up with that.

“You mean the… you know.” Here he is complaining that Scully doesn’t mention their foray into new, more intimate territory and he finds himself shying away as well.  

“It wasn’t fun, Mulder.” Oh.

“I’m sorry, Scully, I didn't… you started it. I just – then why did you ask me to come with you to your mother’s? If I’m no fun.” Mulder sounds bitter; he tries not to, but what can he do? He’s been wanting to kiss Scully for ages and when they finally do, she hates it.

“That’s why,” she tells him, her voice even, her eyes on the road, “You made fun of me. You know I thought you had something important to tell me and you let me believe it, Mulder.” Oh, again. She wasn’t talking about the kiss at all.

“Scully, I’m sorry. Your brother unnerves me,” he sees her nod in agreement, “He said all these things and then when you finally showed up at the office I felt like… I just wanted you to know there was something to come back to. As stupid as it was.”

“An espresso machine in accounting.”

“I realize it wasn’t my brightest moment, Scully, but I had to say something.”

“But do you realize that I hurried through lunch with my brother because I thought something important was going on?”

“I’m sorry, Scully. What else can I say?”

“Next time your exciting news turn out to be about kitchen appliances, tell me right away and don’t make it a secret.”

“In my defense,” Scully shoots him a look and Mulder ignores it, “I never said it was exciting. I didn’t keep it a secret either. So that’s why I’m here? As punishment?”

“Partly,” she admits.


“And what?”

“What’s the other reason?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” Scully chuckles and Mulder adds it to his long, long list of things they, apparently, don’t talk about.


Mulder doesn’t know what he expected, but it’s not this. This is not, as Scully assured him earlier, a small family gathering. This is dozens of people running around Mrs. Scully’s house.

“Oh Dana, you made it!” A woman, who is almost as tall as Mulder, hugs Scully tightly.

“Mom made me promise.” She replies with a soft smile. If only she would smile like this more often.

“And who is this nice young man, Dana?”

“This is Fox Mulder. My partner,” she startles, “my friend,” Scully turns to him, searching for the right word, “my work…” She trails off with a confused hand gesture.

“Oh Fox,” the large woman shakes his hand heartily, a huge grin on her face, “Maggie told us so much about you. She didn’t say you were coming today!”

“Ah yes, I cleared my schedule for this,” Mulder puts on what he hopes is a charming smile, and judging from the woman’s face it works well enough, and sighs, “I wanted to be here.”

“That’s so lovely, Fox. I’m Dana’s aunt, Millicent.” She’s still holding his hand, he realizes. “Now, go say hello to everyone else. I hope I’ll see you around, Fox.” Aunt Millicent winks at him and Mulder blushes. When she’s out of sight, Scully sighs audibly.

“So I’m your work, huh?” Mulder bumps her shoulder playfully.

“Oh shut up, Mulder. You know what I meant.” Scully doesn’t look at him, instead she seems to look for someone else among all these small and not so small heads. There’s a whirlwind of noises and voices surrounding them.

“Do I?” Scully glances up at him, brows furrowed. Her mouth opens to say something when a loud, distinctively male voice chimes:

“Is that Dana?” In a quick movement, Scully grabs Mulder’s coat sleeve and drags him with her right into a room he’s never seen before. It’s dark, it’s small and for the moment, surprisingly quiet. It could be a coat closet, he thinks, as a soft fabric brushes against him.  

“Scully what-” She puts her finger on his lips to quiet him. Not as effective as her earlier mode of shutting him up, but it works. He’s not going to complain that she’s touching him. Her finger is warm, it’s soft, and he just can’t help himself; he kisses it. Scully’s eyes open wide, but she doesn’t take her finger away, and so he kisses it again.

“Oh for fuck’s sake, Mulder.” Her angry whisper shocks him, but even if he knew what to say, he couldn’t. Scully’s lips find his again and this time he makes sure she’s not cutting their kiss short. His arms tighten around her and hold her close. She moans into his open mouth as one of his hands wanders up her spine.

“Why would they – Dana! And Fox!” The door opens and their mouths separate with a loud smack. Their arms still around each other they stare into the faces of Scully’s mother, her brother and man Mulder doesn’t know. Oh well.

“I can never unsee that.” Bill Scully mumbles shaking his head in disbelief.

“Why are you hiding in here?” Maggie Scully, a laugh in her voice, opens the door wider so they can step out. Mulder tries to secretly wipe at his mouth, but the nameless guy watches him intently. As does Bill.

“Bill wanted to introduce you to his Navy friend.” Now it’s Mulder who eyes the other man warily. This is the guy Bill Scully told him about earlier in his office. On his turf. This, he figures, is neutral ground. Not to mention that he just kissed Scully for the second time in one day. That should count for something.

“This is Frank,” the blond stranger waves awkwardly, uncertain if he should shake Scully’s hand, “My friend I told you about earlier.” Bill finishes, his eyes full engaged in a glaring match with his sister. For once Mulder is glad to not be at the receiving end of that death stare.

“And what did I tell you?” Her voice sounds like pure ice.

“I’m just asking you to meet him. You don’t have to marry him.” Bill glances at Mulder, who briefly considers hiding behind Scully or even her mother.

“I’m not interested,” she tells him, “Sorry, Frank.” The man blushes furiously.

“It’s because of him, isn’t it? I mean what you just did…”

“Bill.” His mother’s voice warns him.

“That’s none of your business.”

“He has nothing to offer you, Dana!”

“Bill, leave your sister and Fox alone. Now come on, all of you. We’ve got a house full of people. Behave yourselves.” Mulder watches as Scully raises her eyebrow as if challenging her brother and of course, he bites.

“What is it about him, Dana? He doesn’t love you.”

“Hey,” it’s the last straw and Mulder can no longer keep quiet, “I do love your sister. I love her more than I could ever put into words.”

“Y-you love me?” Out of the corner of his eye Mulder sees Mrs. Scully lead her son and the ominous Frank away. Not that Mulder still cares. His eyes are on Scully, and hers are on him. Right now, in a house full of people, they’re the only two that matter.

“Scully, I am not drunk,” he begins, his voice slightly wavering, “I am not drugged either. I am just me and I am in full capacity of my sanity,” Scully’s eyebrow rises, “as much as is left of it anyway. So let me tell you that yes, I love you. I am in love with you.”

“That’s really nice,” Scully tells him and it’s only now that he notices how close they are once again; like magnets drawn to each, he figures, “Because you know what?”


“I love you, too.”

No more words are needed and so he kisses her again and again and again.

anonymous asked:

Sherlock x reader. The reader is just as smart as Sherlock, but is a selective mute. She'll only talk people she trusts. Like, Sherlock, John, Mrs Hudson, Greg and Molly. When she's called a freak by Anderson it makes Sherlocks blood boil

So be it!

Name: Do Not Open Your Mouth Again.

“The freaks are here,” you hear Anderson tell Greg, as you, Sherlock, and John walk upstairs to see the crime scene. You roll your eyes, but say nothing, hearing how Sherlock squeezes his teeth.

“Sherlock, Y/N, John!” Greg greets you, as you walk in the room and look at the dead body. “We’re totally stuck.”

“I do wonder why you keep bringing two of them,” Anderson comments. “One freak is enough, but you always take the second one as well…”

“What did you say?” Sherlock turns around, looking at Anderson with his face deadly calm. Anderson shuts up, but Sherlock looks too full of rage, as he approaches the man and grabs his collar.

“Sherlock!” you call him, but the Holmes is not really listening, as he keeps shaking the poor idiot.

“Anderson, you know how much I know about you. Your cheating. Your incredible stupidity. And guess what?” Sherlock smiles with a terrifyingly happy smile. “So will your wife. If you. Open. Your. Mouth. One. More. Time. To say anything. Anything. About her,” Anderson starts nodding. “Are we clear?”

“Sherlock,” you reach out for him and grabs his hand, making him let Anderson go. “Sherlock, it’s ok.”

“It is not,” groans Sherlock, and you feel Greg’s stare on your back.

“Sherlock, let it go! It’s an Anderson. It is not the first time he is being an idiot, is it?” Sherlock grins and lets go of the man, then turns to you. “I am glad that you are trying to defend me, but… Come on, he is an idiot.”

“It’s… It’s very strange,” Sherlock notices, as he looks around, as if he is dizzy. “Very strange.”

“Sherlock?” John tries to get his attention, but the detective keeps staring at you. “Guys?”

“The way I was trying to defend you…” Sherlock starts talking incredibly slowly, as if measuring each and every word. Then his eyes open widely, as he is looking at you, not blinking, not even breathing, until you take his hand.

“Sherlock? You’re scaring us,” instead of answering, Sherlock turns around and runs away. You look at Greg and John, as you all sigh. “I guess…”

“He knows it,” nods John. “He finally figured it out.”

“That he is in love?” Greg grins. “It felt good to know something he didn’t know though, didn’t it?”

“Yes, it did. But now we have to deal with Sherlock who just figured that he is in love,” you murmur, rubbing your forehead. “Do you know how annoying that will be?”

“Oh yes. But you will be the one suffering the most,” Greg and John grin, and you giggle, realizing that they are going to have the fun of a lifetime. Looking at you two trying to figure it out.

REQUEST: “Could I request a fic thing in which credence loses control of his obscurus and hurts the reader and then hecomforts her after Please thank you"

Warnings: Descriptions of distress

Word Count: 1,288

A/N: Hey, I hope that this is okay. I’m feeling Not So Great, but I am also trying to get through as many requests as I can before classes start.

It was your fault, really. You should have thought things through before, but you were notoriously impulsive. And Newt had warned you about that too, saying it would get you hurt, but you were also notoriously unaware.

Newt had been helping to teach Credence how to remain calm and in control so as to keep his obscurus in check, and, being his assistant, you were there taking notes for him, taking down what seemed to work or not, what helped or didn’t, that kind of thing. But you and Credence had grown relatively close over the last few months, as you both occupied Newt’s case most of the time, and vicinity (and determination on your part) brought you together. This comfort and closeness, however, is why you didn’t think and went to celebrate with Credence after Newt had set off a loud noise (from a distance) and had managed to keep himself from becoming frightened or feeling threatened enough to lose control. He remained standing still, fists clenched at his sides and eyes squinted shut but with no black smoke escaping him, and you had leaped toward him and hollered in victory.

What you had been dumb about was that the victory took a lot of focus for Credence—all of his energy was nearly spent on not exploding, quite literally, at the sound, so your celebration was short lived. It wasn’t quite a full explosion, to be fair, but it was enough. Credence’s eyes snapped open and toward you, shocking white taking over their usual warm brown, and black tendrils curled quickly from his back and shot toward you with a vengeance. You barely had time to swallow your fear before it was too late.

It didn’t really…hurt so much as it shocked. And it really only lasted a second, maybe five. One tendril had slapped your waist quickly, drawing a thin line of blood, but that’s all it had felt like—a slap. And just as quickly as it had come, the obscurus retreated quickly into Credence, whose eyes had returned to a very shocked and upset warm brown. You hadn’t really reacted yet, just touched a tentative hand to the rip in your clothes and against the cut, hissing as you did so.

You were still mostly just curiously looking down at where your fingers touched the cut when Newt shouted he was going for healing potions and Credence all but ran to your side. Tears were quickly filling his eyes, and you could see him fighting them back. You smiled softly at him, trying to show him you were okay—and really you were. You thought. It didn’t hurt too badly apart from a tingly stinging, so you were sure it was fine. Probably. “I-I’m so s-sorry, I d-didn’t e-e-expect you to come over and I-I was shocked, and—O-Oh, a-and l-look what I’ve d-done to you.”

In his panic, Credence hadn’t really been worried about having his hands on you, so he had lifted your shirt just slightly to get a look at the cut and—Maybe it had felt like a slap and maybe only a thin line of blood had resulted, but there was a glowing silvery web extending from that line. You gasped slightly, paying keen attention to Credence’s thumb rubbing the damage done and feeling him crying more than seeing it. “Oh, Credence, it’s kind of pretty,” you said listlessly. Everything was just kind of starting to feel far away, and you couldn’t help but just kind of absently admire what a beautiful picture it would make, Credence’s scarred, pale hand brushing across a silver webbing scar around the thin red cut on a hip—your hip.

Credence did not miss the kind of absent focus in your eyes, how you kept shifting in and out of the moment you occupied. He worriedly fretted around you, not sure what to do or how to help—he had never really been shown how to comfort or help himself, let alone other people. But it was you, so he had to try. And Newt would be back soon, hopefully, though Credence couldn’t fight the sinking feeling that there would be nothing to take the scar away, since dark magic had caused it. He shook the ugly thought from his head as he grasped your arm and pulled you to sit on the ground.

You gazed up at him, still kind of thrown after seeing your hip and unable to ground yourself, and watched him move to squat gently in front of you. You followed his movements loosely while he observed you like a hawk. Credence’s hands hovered above your forearms hesitantly before resting there, squeezing gently, hoping that touch would help bring you back down, since that is what had helped him the few times he had been allowed such contact, and it seemingly worked slightly, your eyes focusing just a bit on his hands on your arms. “I feel weird, Credence,” you felt yourself say more than you really consciously spoke.

Credence’s eyebrows drew together in concern, trying to think of how to get you back to him so you could make more sense and help him figure out what was best for you. “I-I’m so—so sorry, Y/N. I-Is it the c—is it the cut?”

You looked loosely up from his hands to his face, not really focusing. “No, I don’t think so. Just my head.” Your voice felt so far away…

It clicked for Credence then, that tell-tale faraway look and inability to focus combined with the events—you were panicking. He gained some confidence, knowing what to do now. “Y/N, everything is okay. It was a cut. I’m so sorry that it happened, but it is over. I will never hurt you again. I’m so sorry, Y/N.” He had to push away his own remorse and tears in favor of grounding you. He kept talking. “Everything is over, Y/N. You’re okay.”

The repetitive words and the scratchy rasp of his voice brought you down slightly, enough that you could look directly into Credence’s eyes, and if his voice hadn’t grounded you completely, his eyes certainly did, the depth and concern in the brown of them. You snapped back, gasping a little as you realized exactly what had happened with clarity. “O-Oh. Oh. I’m so sorry, Credence. I didn’t mean to space out on you like that, or to startle you before; I just—I guess I just lost it for a minute.”

Credence didn’t think before crushing into you, winding his arms under yours and drawing you neatly against him, exhaling a sharp, nervous breath as your arms moved to wrap around his shoulders securely. “I’m s-so sorry, Y/N. I should be p-protecting you, not h-hurting you. I’m so s-sorry, Y/N, I—”

You squeezed him tightly to calm him down some. “It’s okay, Credence! Honestly, I should have known better than to startle you like I did, so it’s mostly my bad. And it really doesn’t hurt. I think it just shocked me, is all. We’re okay.”

The last sentence did him in because losing you was what he was most worried about. Credence squeezed you so tightly you thought you’d break, but you definitely didn’t tell him that. “I-I promise to never h-hurt you again. I’ll p-protect you from now on. I promise.”

His voice was a breathless whisper spoken with determination into your neck as he nosed you there. You said the words that meant most to him: “Of course, Credence. I trust you. I believe you.”

You sat there on the ground, hugging tightly, neither letting go until Newt coughed sheepishly, extending the healing potions when the two of you sprang apart.


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Things I noticed from my many viewings of FBAWTFT:

- In the customs scene at the beginning, Newt pats his pocket and smooths it down…the pocket that Pickett the bowtruckle usually sits in. Perhaps he was doing that to keep him calm or to keep him from coming up?

- “Hot dog again?” “Don’t read my mind.” “Not a very wholesome meal” (YES I’m an idiot it took me this long to notice)

- When Jacob says to Queenie “could you not read my mind…don’t get me wrong I love it” (or whatever it was), Tina looks up at him with the tiniest hint of a pissed off glare - like over protective sister, “what did you just say, don’t upset my lil sis” kind of thing.

- When Graves is questioning Newt, there are moments that he looks at Tina, as if talking to her: like he says Newt endangered a student’s life “with a beast” and he glances at Tina. It’s as if he’s trying to turn her against Newt (and failing of course)

- We see the Goldstein family in the death potion and learn that Tina has her father’s dark hair and Queenie has their mother’s blonde curls. (Random but I thought that was cool)

- Tina smiles when she sees the Occamy; right after the shot of Dougal feeding it a sweet, there’s a shot of her smiling like “oh wow”, totally amazed and awed.

- This one is obvious but still: Newt and Tina both crying at Queenie and Jacob’s goodbye/kiss.

- That ending scene at the docks: Tina actually lets a tear go. It’s a single tear - up until that point she holds it in. I think it’s when Newt says “would you mind if I gave you your copy in person?” that a tear falls down her face - a happy tear, like “yes I would love that, I’m so happy he’ll come back”. (Kudos to Katherine on her acting in that scene OMG)

anonymous asked:

Hi!! I just found your blog and I love it❤️ I was wondering if i could get a BTS reaction to their gf coming home late one night with cuts and bruises but it turns out that she loves street fighting and is really good at it? Thanks!

Namjoon: To say he was alarmed when you walked through the door with bruises and cuts littering your body would be an understatement. He was downright panicking, though he tried to keep his voice steady and calm as he asked you what you’d been up to. When you told him you loved streetfighting and it was a hobby of yours, his eyes got wide and his mouth parted slightly.

“You are officially the coolest person Y/N.”

He wouldn’t stop you from fighting, but he would learn how to best tend your wounds. He may even come watch you…

Originally posted by joonjuly

Jin: He would immediately begin asking you questions. What happened? Why did it happen? Why didn’t you call him? Are you okay? You tried your best to answer him, finally pulling him in for a gentle kiss to get him to shut up. When you told him you liked streetfighting and that you were really okay, that you never let it go too far, he relaxed slightly, pulling you for a gentle hug.

“My Y/N’s a badass.”

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Suga: He sat up from his spot on the couch when he saw you walk through the door with bruises scattered across your face and cuts lining your knuckles. His first question was “What the actual hell Y/N?” 

Even after you explained that you loved streetfighting and were really good at it, he was worried you’d get severely injured. He knew you could take care of yourself though, so in the end he grudgingly agreed to come watch you fight some time. 

“You better kick the other guy’s ass…”

Originally posted by nnochu

J-Hope: He was incredibly worried when he saw the bruises and cuts on all visible patches of skin. His first thought was that you’d been mugged but then he remembered seeing your bag hanging on the chair. If Y/N wasn’t mugged… then what happened? He thought.

When you explained to him that you were a streetfighter, it didn’t put him at ease in any way. Now that he knew this wasn’t a one time event, he was incredibly worried you’d get severely hurt. You had to convince him that you’d done this before the the worst you’d suffered was a broken finger and a bloody nose before he warmed up to the idea.

“Yeah… yeah… you’re the best fighter! I’d hate to be the other guy.”

Originally posted by yngissi

Taehyung: Initially, he would mad at himself for not walking you back to your place all those times due to schedules. What he thought was that you were jumped and that you could have been jumped all those times he’d let you walk home alone. When you told him that you were someone who enjoyed streetfighting, his guilt eased and he gave you his big smile in return. In his eyes, you were even more fearless and self sufficient than before you’d told him…

“That’s so cool! I’m making you kill all the spiders from now on Y/N.”

And he means it…

Originally posted by taedamn

Jimin: When he sees the black eye you’re currently sporting, he’s shocked. He could tell you’d tried to conceal it, but the dark purple color was still very visible. You simply gave him a weak smile, inviting him in and telling him how you’d gotten the black eye but that, other than a few other cuts and bruises, you were fine. He didn’t seem convinced until you told him that it hadn’t been your first time fighting. 

“So that means… you’re like that one kid from The Karate Kid? That’s so cool!”

Originally posted by bwipsul

Jungkook: The most supportive one tbh… At first, he would be alarmed, thinking you had been jumped. After you told him that you were a streetfighter, however, his eyes would brighten and his mouth would fall open in childlike shock. 

Honestly, he’d beg you to teach him a few moves and he’d secretly watch you streetfight, getting super into it and betting money that you’d win. Most of the time, he made a profit from those bets.

“I can’t believe you do this. This is the coolest thing in the world!”

Originally posted by hohbi

+ Admin Hannah

If you’re questioning your identity but are afraid to talk about it due to tumblr a la discourse, then I would like you to know that it’s not cowardly or bad to keep anything to yourself until it calms down. It can be nasty out there, and taking care of yourself, and your view of your identity, it important.

You - your identity, identities, what they involve - are good no matter what the discoursers say. You are good.

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Hey hey~~~!! what do you think about these people that keep saying that Touka is "useless" or a "side character" & "with no importance"?? honestly it pisses me of, but i try to remain calm and let them be.. but sometimes i really want to say some good words to them but im not good with it.. 😔 What would you say if someone said that to you? (i love seeing your posts! but if you aren't comfortable with answering this, its okay if you ignore this ask!!! love you & your blog 😚❤️)

Hey Anon! Ah, well  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ mischaracterization and bias towards a character are a real pain to deal with when it comes to fandoms, but honestly? 





doesn’t need


to defend her

‘cause she’s 

strong enough

on her own

as the main girl of TG.

Have a nice weekend Anon and thank you very much for the nice words!! ^_^