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BTS Reactions - You’re at your ‘Mother To be’ photoshoot

You smile brightly at the camera, resting your hand on your belly as the camera man gets to work. You and your husband has just announced your pregnancy, and magazines had been clamouring to book you for a ‘Mother To Be’ photoshoot. You spend about 10 minutes at a time in front of the camera before a break is called, and you’re about 5 minutes into your time when your husband catches your eye.

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Seth and Shells

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Request where Seth imprints on you and so he starts to go by the little hangout spot you always go to pick shells just to watch you? The wolf pack finally see you in person and tease him relentlessly where you actually overhear them and they turn to see your reaction ?! Fluff mostly !!Love your writing by the way !!!

So I genuinely had to youtube Seth Clearwater scenes on Youtube because all I could remember from the books was that he was the most genuine guy but other than that I couldn’t remember any speech patterns or anything.


Bella may have been one of your closest friends but god she could be stupid. Since she’d moved to Forks you’d been close to the brunette and stuck by her during her turbulent relationship with Edward and his family.

Her warped version of rewarding you involved telling you all about the Cullen’s and her friend Jacob and all his friends. You thought that she was bat shit crazy. The Cullen’s were weird but they weren’t people eaters, well you were fairly sure that they weren’t until while hanging out with them at the Cullen’s house when Emmett and you were play fighting and he pushed you a little too hard causing you to fall and cut your knee open.

You’d never been so unhappy to be wrong.

Carlisle patched you while Edward tried to explain that Bella had been telling the truth about them but it was hard to hear him over your panic attack. It took you a while to calm down but when you did Emmett popped his head into the doorway and apologised while keeping his distance. Behind him you heard the door slam.
“Y/N we called a friend of ours Seth to take you home. I was going to ring Jake but he … he won’t come up to this house.” Bella told you softly.
“We thought you might be more comfortable than with any of us at the moment.” Edward added.
“Seth as in Jakes friend, the wolves?!” You panicked and you could see the Cullen’s faces as they gave Bella an accusing look – could she keep no secret to herself?

“Y/N Seth will get you there safely, he’s a lovely young man. I can come with you both if it would make you more comfortable?” Carlisle offered and you agreed with a shy nod there was something about the blonde vampire that let you know that you could trust him.

“Bella? I’m here, where’s your friend?” A playful voice called before Emmett moved from the doorway and was replaced by one of the Quileute boys, he gave Edward and Bella an honest grin before focusing his attention on you.

That’s when you realised that someone, somewhere must hate you because here’s a ridiculously attractive boy positively staring at you and you must have looked a mess. Your knee and jeans were covered in blood and bandages, your hair must be sticking out from the fall. Your eyes burned from the tears brought on by your panic attack and you just wished that he would stop staring at you. To your embarrassment he didn’t.
“What don’t wolves have any manners?” The words rolled off of your tongue and dropped heavily into the atmosphere that had appeared with Seth.
“S-sorry!” Seth stumbled and looked away, his cheeks burning until his head snapped back to face you, “H-how’d you know about that?”
You, Carlisle and Edward all glanced over at Bella, “That’s a long story.”


Saturday morning was the perfect day for shell searching, it was still quiet out before most of the teenagers in the area finally got out of bed and made their way down to the beach. You usually came down to collect shells with your older sister but she was heavily pregnant so recently you’d been left completely alone to bring the lovely treasures back to cheer her up. Swollen feet and morning sickness had really taken their toll on her.

Since you’d met Seth a few weeks ago he’d come to help you a few times. As he approached down the beach you folded your arms and gave him a mock angry face.
He raised his hand in defence, “Sorry I’m late.”
“Wolf things?” You asked, you’d not touched upon the sensitive issue of him not being fully human. All he told you was that there’d been massive backlash against Bella for her telling someone outside of the pack about the packs secret. He promised he’d managed to calm them down and that they weren’t mad at you but he had refused to tell you how and instead started to distract you with bad jokes.
“Hey wolves have a lot of business to get done too.” Seth grinned at you. You pouted and refused to look at him.
“Oh I see, someone need cheering up.” Seth grinned again and started to walk towards you. You recognised the evil glint in his eyes and ran away laughing as he chased you trying to tickle you. He always outran you, the perks of being a wolf. But Wolf or not, there were mad levels of attraction there.
It was safe to say you never found very many shells when Seth came to ‘help’ you.

But when you were on your own, focused and humming in our own world as you made your way across the beach, that’s when you found the most and to Seth when you looked the most peaceful. Of course he’d never tell you that he came to watch you like this but without him there you were just so relaxed. He know that you tried hard to be at ease around him and he appreciated how hard you tried but he knew that it would take a while for you to be alright about the wolf thing.
Sam said he was lucky to imprint on someone who was taking it so well, Kim had freaked on Jared.

Even if he wasn’t willing to tell you about his little voyeur habit he couldn’t keep it a secret from his idiot friends who lived in his head and that’s why instead of being peaceful watching you, he was surrounded by his pack mates.
“She’s hot.” Paul offered helpfully as they watched you wondering up the sand.
“Paul that he’s imprint dude, she is though Seth well done.” Embry grinned and nudged his shoulder.
“And she already knows about us thanks to that airhead Bella.” Leah added and gave her little brother an approving look.

“Why don’t you introduce us?” Quil asked and started to wave in your direction as Seth tried to hold his arms down.
“Hey Y/N!” Paul hollered and behind him Jared, Quil and Jake all cheered and waved. Your head snapped up when your heard your name being shouted to see a gang of guys shouting and waving at you with Seth looking embarrassed and trying to hide behind who you assumed was his sister.

Well they certainly lived up to their names by acting like a pack of wolves.
You couldn’t help but smile as they shouted louder and got more animated the closer that you got to them until you stopped in front of them.
“I’m Quil, amazing to meet you.” He caught your hand and kissed it before introducing all of the boys.
“Sethy here has told us so much about you.” Jake grinned at you.
“In fact it’s all he ever talks about.” Embry added.
“Oh really because he never talks about you guys.” You countered with a small smile of your own as Seth came to stand by you.

“Only because he’s worried you prefer us babe.” Paul smirked.
“Or maybe you’re just not that interesting babe.” You answered and the boys laughed loudly.
“Oh I like her.” Leah grinned.
“So is this a private party or can we help you?” Embry asked and you nodded and the boys pushed past you quickly to race each other to find the most shells.

“So that went well.” Seth smiled at you and you nodded in agreement before leaning up to kiss his cheek. You could felt the heat from his blush as you moved away from him and he slipped and arm around your shoulders as you both sauntered down to join the guys and try to get Quil out of Jared’s headlock.


The guys managed half an hour of being well behaving until Paul had a great idea. As you were all running around throwing a Frisbee to each other when he phrased mid run and leapt to catch the Frisbee in his fangs.

It like the first time you’d met Seth when time seemed to stop. Seth was in front of you in an instant, the rest of the pack where all watching you both. Well apart from Leah, she looked like she might rip Paul apart without needing to phase.
It wasn’t as scary as you thought. Sure your heart was going a mile a minute but still, this massive wolf who looked almost smug as he threw the Frisbee up and caught it again was like a brother to Seth.
It took a while and some strength on your part as you took Seth’s hand in yours and squeezed it reassuringly before pointing at Paul accusingly, “Surely that’s cheating!”

Mum’s the Word - Shelby!reader

Request: Hi could you do an imagine where you’re tommys daughter from a previous relationship and you’re about the same age as Finn(16/17) when he decides to marry grace and you hate her and give her a hard time?? Love your writing Xxx

Mum’s the Word - Shelby!reader

“You look lovely.”  

You glanced up from the cigarette you were smoking to stare at Grace. She was all dressed in her purple wedding gown, moments away from walking down the aisle with your father. You stubbed out the cigarette, watching the ashes mark up the stone garden wall you were sitting on. When she realized you weren’t going to answer her she walked back to her family.  

Grace wasn’t grasping at straws with you. The first time she’d been in Small Heath you’d been enamored with her. You thought she was beautiful and smart and you hung on every word she said. Your dad, who had endured the war only to come home to a dead wife and a motherless eleven year old, was unprepared for more heartache. When he met Grace he was closed off but you watched her slowly work some sort of magic and restore him to the same person he was before he left. Then she abandoned both of you and, while he seemed ready to forgive her, you were not.  

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EXO’s Reaction ( O2 )

Link to masterlist  ⇒ Masterlist

EXO’s reaction to an arranged marriage with someone they cheated on. (CEO AU)

Description: EXO cheated on you once, leading to a break-up. Now an arranged marriage is happening, and things are falling apart.

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Paring- Derek x Reader ( relationship) Peter x Reader ( one sided)

Word Count- 1.049

Request (Anon)- Can you please do a peter hale one shot where your dereks gf but his anchor

A/N- I’m going to set this in S5 but Derek didn’t leave and Peter didn’t try to kill Scott so he didn’t go to Eichen house and woo, I’m being productive and writing when I should be doing my piles of homework, Enjoy!

Peter Hale wasn’t much to you, he was really just someone who hung around sometimes, your boyfriends uncle. But you were so much more to him, you were his anchor.

“Derek’s not home” you said when you heard the loft door being pulled open. You sat on the couch, your back leaning against the arm rest and your legs out infront of you with your face in a book, a bestiary to be specific. “I can wait” the voice you recognised as Peter replied, taking a seat on the other end of the couch, slightly squished against the arm rest to avoid touching your feet. He was scared that, even such a small touch as that, would leave him craving more, leave him wanted you to be his even more.

“Mind me asking where he is” Peter asked after a few moments of silence, watching as your turned over a page and flickered your gaze to him for no more than a second. “At the school, Scott needed him for something” you mumbled in response. Peter sighed at the slight tension left in the air, he knew his heart was going a mile a minuet and he could hear your was calm and at ease.

“You looking for something” he asked, standing up and walking to stand behind you. “Trying to help find what Parrish is” you replied, still not looking at him, until you turned the page once again and your eyes widened. “Hellhound… My brothers a hellhound” you murmured, shooting up and darting over to the table, almost throwing the book down. “What do you know about hellhounds” you asked, raising your head to look at Peter, who was stood with his eyebrows raised in confusion.

“They’re harbingers of death, they light themselves on fire, they have some kind of connection with banshee’s” he said while shrugging his shoulders. “They have some kind of connection with Banshee’s..” you pondered, thinking back to the fact Lydia is in Eichen house. “I need to go, I’ll see you around” you rushed, tugging on your shoes and one speeding past him.

He stared at the spot you had been standing in for several minuets after you left, admiring how cute you looked when you were focused. Though you were reeking of Derek’s scent as you were wearing his shirt.

Peter was quick to follow you however, knowing there were three creepy doctors experimenting on people was enough for him to catch up with you and walk beside you.

You burst into the station and practically screamed for Parrish, who quickly ran out with Derek on his heals. “You’re a hellhound” you said simply as the four of you all sat in Sheriff Stilinski’s office. “A harbinger of death, you can help us get Lydia out” you rushed, feeling Derek’s hands go to your shoulders. “Baby you need to calm down” he said softly, Peter hand forming in knuckle to keep himself calm as his nephew held you tightly.

Anyone could see that Derek and you were deeply in love and that you would do anything for each other. Peter was thankful when Parrish cleared his throat, causing the pair of you two separate.

Despite the fact you had promised Derek you would stay home and safe while they rescued Lydia, you knew that wasn’t a option and you wanted to help. Derek knew you would try that too so he sent Peter to keep you home and you had come up with an idea.

“You want tea, Coffee, Hot chocolate” you offered as you made your own hot chocolate. “Coffee please” he replied, turning back to his book, which meant he wouldn’t see your secret ingredient, just for him. You handed him the cup and you were hoping it was only a matter of time before he would be out cold from the wolvesbane you’d put in it.

When you heard Peter’s cup drop and saw his head fall to the side as he fell into a deep slumber, you took off. You had your stun gun inside your hunters jacket, a few smoke bombs and knock out gas bombs in your other large pocket and a real gun in your belt just incase.

You felt a tiny bit bad for drugging Peter but it had to be done, you had to help.

And you were damn lucky you did because If you hadn’t, well Theo would have slit Lydia’s neck and Liam would have been destroyed by a giant guard. Stiles told you to go back and try to help Liam, Derek and Scott get by the mountain ash barrier.

“Y/n I told you to stay at home” Derek sighed when he saw you, “How did you get past Peter” Liam gaped from behind Derek, staring at you with wide eyes. “I may or may not have knocked him out with wolvesbane” you said hesitantly, a smile pulling at your lips when you heard Derek let out a breath of laugher. He kissed you softly. “Okay, we need to go through tunnels, so boys, pull that drain up and we’re going down the ladders” you ordered, watching at the werewolves pulled up the drain and let Derek go down first.

Liam went next, then you and then Scott, who pulled over the drain, knowing there was an exit through the morgue from the basement.

By the time you got back to the loft it was just after midnight, Derek had dropped you off but was going to the animal clinic with the pack, seeing as you were getting tired, you made the decision to go home.

Peter was pacing up and down the loft when you pulled the heavy door open. “Now before you maul me to death, I had to help them” you exclaimed as he turned to face you.

“You had me worried sick y/n” he yelled, you couldn’t deny he did look like he had actually been worrying. “I don’t see why you would care” you shot back, causing him to turn and look at you.

“Why do I care? You want to know why? Because your my anchor”

Ten Things I Hate About You Part 1

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Jared Padalecki x Reader


Warnings: Angst and threatening of a character.

Summary: You were a young child star and you had always learned to keep your distance away from your male co-stars when you were younger, but when your casted onto Supernatural as an unknown character in the beginning to the boys and you try to keep yourself away from Jared and Jensen who are trying to make sense of you when you start working on the show with them, and they begin to wonder if they done something wrong to render the cold treatment. Soon they realize that there is something that had rendered the cold treatment and they are more than willing to get to the bottom of the problem.

A/N: Welcome to the first chapter of Ten Things I Hate About You. This is going to be a series… and I have no idea of how long it is going to be just yet, because it depends on how long it is going to actually take me to write it and see where it is going to go really. But I’m going to see how far this series goes. Also this will have some wife positivity… But Genevieve will be best friends with Jared since they split up. So there will be quite a bit of wife positivity as the story goes. I don’t want to leave such amazing people out of this story.  So I hope that you guys enjoy this first chapter.

You had been in the world of acting for a while, and nothing would ever prepare you for the world of Supernatural. You were a 26 year old actress and had some well known roles before you had gotten a call to join in on Supernatural. Your manager that you had since you started in the acting world was onboard with the whole idea of you trying something new and the Supernatural television show seemed to be her idea of a good fit for you after everything that you had been through the past year. Now all you had to do was prove it to yourself that you could still handle the roles.

Crowley stood before you in one of the motel sets. He looked at your back since you hadn’t been facing him. “I need you to come in Gwen.” His voice sounding very demanding of you.

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Welcome back!! I'm so happy to see you return c: May I pretty please request Ozpin, Glynda and Qrow with an affectionate s/o surprising them with gifts and little flower crowns? Thank you so much!

It feels good to be back. :D


-he likes your little surprises that you bring him cause it lets him take a few minutes off from his admittedly stressful job.

-that and he has no problem wearing the little flower crown whenever he leaves his office so he can show off your work.

-when asked by the students he will simply answer that his s/o made it for him.


-when you give her a flower crown she will put it on her head and will then forget that it is there and so she will wear it all day.

-she looks forward to your little gifts that you bring her cause she gets to see you whenever you do.

-will gladly put any little gifts you give her on her desk so everyone can see.


-qrow likes to keep the little nick knacks you give him on his person as a way to remember you when he is out on a job.

-his missions can get really stressful sometimes and when they do he has a tendency to fiddle with the little gifts you give him in an attempt to calm himself down.

-he makes sure to bring you a souvenir every so often when he comes home. 


OK. This has been a work in progress for a long ass time. I almost just decided not to post it because I did some research and I think that a lot of people did kind of the same theme I’m going for here. I hope you guys like it, I hope it’s well written, I hope I can continue this series. 

Summary: Unnamed OC has been dating Adam Cole for 6 months. AU takes place around the time that the BC have been plotting to fire Adam but haven’t told (Y/N) yet. Marty shows up, flirting ensues, Adam gets possesive and jealous. But Adam is also so distant and secretive with some texts, emails, and phone calls he’s been getting as of late. (Part two to come if this goes over well?)
Warnings: Cursing. Jealous Adam. Possessive Sexy time. Wondering what Adam Cole is up to.
Word Count:2906

Tag friends:
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Step Bro... Fuck Buddy... or Love?

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Genre: Smut ( NSFW )

Members: JungKook & Reader

Word Count : 1946

JungKook is still in my room and we are nakedCrap !

JungKook is asleep so I slightly touch him to wake him up, whispering.


He turns to side but doesn’t wake up so I touch him again.


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Match My Pain

Requested by @ryleeroseb4 -Dating Theo and being Dereks sister? Like he follows you one night as youre sneaking out to meet Theo ??

It was no secret that us, the members of the Hale family, have something dark in all of us. We have all been through our fair share of pain in our lives. Some of us wallow in it, hide the real us because we think of nothing other than the pain itself. Some of us use that pain to put pain on others, make them feel the same pain that we have all felt, with killing them, or killing the people most dear to them, leaving them all alone on the earth. Then there is me, who found someone to match the amount of pain and darkness I had. I found the darkness to my dark parts. Now love may all seem like pink bubbles and Valentine’s Day but it can be dark and twisted as well. Theo and I feel in with one another because we were both in pain, our feelings for one another only grew as soon as we knew that we had both suffered through pain and tragedy. According to Derek, we are toxic together. I don’t think of it as that, Theo helps me through my pain because he knows exactly how it feels and I do the same. So yeah, Theo’s darkness is stronger than mine but so what? My security in myself is stronger than his, but that doesn’t matter either, what matters is that we are together and we help each other more than anyone knows or can see. Tonight, was just like any other night, sneaking out of my bedroom window as the sun went down to see Theo. It didn’t take me long to get there but I always took an extra few minutes to try and make sure no one was following me. As I got to Theo’s house, I thought I heard someone behind me, snapping my head around to face whoever it was, I was soon met by no one. Sometimes paranoia can get the best of me, I guess.
“Hey beautiful.” Theo said as he jumped down from his window to meet me on the ground. I just smiled and jogged over to him.
“Hey there, handsome.” I said as I wrapped my arms loosely around his neck and kissing him softly. Nothing too deep or passionate seeing as we were right outside his house. Even though Theo really didn’t care what his parents had to say about him or us, we were still respectful while we were on their property.
“So where to tonight? Movies? Dinner? We could just go for a walk.” He said, lacing his hand in mine and swinging it between as we began to walk back the way I just came from.
“You mean you don’t have to sneak away tonight? Leaving me alone to wonder what the hell you are doing?” I asked, hoping he wasn’t joking. Theo occasionally had to leave our dates early, leaving right in the middle of them sometimes. I know Theo wouldn’t cheat on me, and he assured me that him not telling me what he was doing would keep me safe but, I still cant help to be curious about it.
“I’m all yours tonight, baby.” He said, with a small smirk on his face making me squeal like a little school girl and kiss him again, this time a little more passionately, making Theo’s hands unlock from mine and go to my waist. It was nice, it was fantastic until I heard someone behind us.
“You guys are gross.” I heard causing me to jump at the familiarity of the voice. Only to see my brother standing there, arms crossed as if he was my mother and I had snuck out, okay that part was true.
“Did you follow me?” I asked causing Derek to chuckle and nod.
“I know you have been sneaking out. I have known for months, I just thought tonight would be a good night to bust you.” He said causing me to growl lowly, Theo immediately grabbing onto my arm, holding onto me lightly so I wouldn’t go after Derek. As much as Theo was big, bad and scary, he didn’t want to see me hurt and if I was to go after Derek there would be no winner, just two badly beaten up werewolves.
“I think it’s time to come home with me, (Y/N).” Derek said, causing me to laugh and take a step back towards Theo.
“I think it’s time you butt out of my life, Derek.” I said, holding Theo’s hand and beginning to walk past Derek, only to be stopped by Derek grabbing onto my upper arm. Now it was Theo’s turn to growl.
“Let go of her.” He said causing me to rip my arm from Derek’s hand and place it on Theo’s chest, trying my best to keep both us of calm.
“I just don’t want you getting hurt.” Derek said as Theo and I began to walk away from him. He knew it was a pointless conversation, truth be told, I don’t even know why he tries to keep me away from Theo anymore.
“As soon as I am anymore hurt than I already am, I’ll give you a shout.” I yelled to Derek who was now feet behind us. I wasn’t going to let Derek ruin our night, so yeah, he doesn’t really approve of us, but once Derek finds someone to match his crazy, someone to match his pain he will understand and until that day comes, I will just enjoy the fact that I already found that someone for me.

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who never thinks they’re good enough for the other? With Dick please😭

A/N: i know this says sad otp meme but goddamn dick grayson deserves the world, this messed me up


Who gets overwhelmed by small acts of kindness?

Neither of you gets overwhelmed per say, but the both of you are really appreciative that the other took time out of their busy schedule to do that. Even the little things go a long way, so occasionally when you find a bouquet of roses on the kitchen counter or when he finds a little Nightwing trinket on his side of the bed—you are both thankful for the other making their day a bit better.

Who flinches at sudden movements?

Dick does. Constantly, he’s super protective of you and knows that being a hero and all, he has made some terrible enemies that would do anything to hurt him. You were the one thing that he couldn’t possibly live without, the thought of someone possibly hurting you was enough to send him into a constant frenzy. Weapons littered the apartment and he was constantly on edge, which was why sometimes you needed to rub his shoulders and tell him to relax.

Who is most confused as to why their s/o is still with them?

Both of you, but mostly Dick. He doesn’t possibly understand your reason for staying, his line of work isn’t exactly the most reliable, which leaves a lot of sleepless nights for you and the constant state of worry that he always leaves you in. Sometimes his worries will get the best of him and he would begin distancing himself from you. This always leads to him confessing a bit sheepishly, while you press a kiss to his temple.

Who has to constantly check if their s/o still loves them?

Both of you, but you don’t straightforwardly ask, however the underlying question is always there. Especially when he gets into one of this moods. During that time, it’s hard to know exactly what he’s thinking or feeling for that matter, leaving you helpless and confused. It would always place some sort of doubt in your head, the fear that he was perhaps with someone else. This conflict is resolved a few days later, the small things reuniting the two of you. Kisses on the cheek, hugs from behind the back, forehead kisses—by that time, both of you already know the answer to the unspoken question.

Who says the other would be better off with someone else?

Dick has only said that once or twice to you, but he’s constantly thinking about it. Anyone involved in his inner circle was in danger, there was no denying that fact, and not many people had penetrated those fortified walls; you were the only exception. During a heated argument he had told you this, with quivering eyes and a shaky breath. From there, you embraced him, pretending not to feel the teardrops that soaked into the back of your shirt. He knew in his heart that moment that you would never leave him, but his head liked to think otherwise.

Who gets surprised when they are given gifts?

Both of you! Most of the gifts the two of you like to give are unexpected, besides Christmas or birthday gifts. The ones that are terribly wrapped come from him, but most of the time his gifts are the most sweetest and heartwarming ones.

Who is most likely to break down on the other and how does their s/o attempt to calm them down?

Both of you are, but mainly Dick. It is dreadfully difficult to try and keep a city safe, and at times he has to make some hard decisions. Most of the time, he comes home a bit later than usual—gashes, blood and bruises litter his body. He doesn’t need to wake you up, the sound of the window softly closing was enough to cause you to stir. No words needed to be said as you drearily slipped out of the bed. Fetching the first aid kit, you nimbly and efficiently clean his wounds. The two of you sitting comfortable silence, yet as soon as you ask the question that is on your mind; he breaks his stoic facade, letting you in on everything that he’s done wrong. You would would envelop him in a hug, as you whispered sweet nothings and words of comfort into his ear.

Who is the most self conscious in public?

You are! While he’s had some low-moments in his life as his alter ego; as the billionaire Bruce Wayne’s son, he was the epitome of confidence. In all honesty, you felt unworthy to be standing next to him, let alone be his significant other. There were so many people that you thought he could be with, those who so much better than yourself. As soon as the realization hits him, Dick will make sure that your self doubt and fears vanishes. He makes it a point to show how much he adores you, showing you off as much as possible. In his eyes, you were perfect and irreplaceable, there was no one that he would rather be with.

Who is more likely to apologize a million times for a tiny mistake?

Neither of you! Dick is way too stubborn to apologize and too dense to even know that he has done something wrong. Most of the time if either of you make a mistake, you apologize once and the matter is handled.

Who admits they’re scared only when they think their s/o is asleep and how does the other react?

You are, which is such a rare thing considering the time he slips into bed with you. But, on those rare occasions when he is snuggled in bed with you, it’s hard for those fears not to rise to the surface. You whisper of your fears if he dies out there, coming home to you in a body bag. You knew he was strong, one of the strongest people that you knew—but he was not invincible and one day he will fall. Immediately you would feel his body turn around, cradling your frame within his own, as he attempts to console you. He doesn’t fall asleep that night until he hears your steady breathing, vowing to keep you safe till your last breath.

Who never thinks they’re good enough for the other?

You both do! Dick is Nightwing, the hot vigilante that protects the city as well as the adoptive son of the billionaire Bruce Wayne—it wasn’t easy measuring up to his accomplishes. You, on the other hand, were just an ordinary citizens—by no means worthy enough to receive his affections. However, he believed that you were too innocent and pure to end up with someone like him. He was nothing but trouble, not worthy of someone so considerate and kind like yourself.

Who takes a bullet for the other?

Dick would not hesitate to take a bullet for you. You were his everything and he was definitely willing to place his life on the line to save yours.

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HELLO! Pretty Please can you do BTS reacting to you being abused as a child and having scars from it? I ask this because I was abused when I was younger and I'm curious as to how you think individual members would react.

I’ll kick some ass if necessary. No one deserves to be abused, not even a sweet person like you. I’m sorry for the late post. School got in the way.

BTS Reaction: You’ve Been Abused As A Child And Have Scars From It


He sat there in silence after you had just told him something you’ve kept for a long time. You didn’t want to tell him, but you’ve been dating him for some time and he was curious about a certain scar on your leg. You weren’t sure as to how he was going to react, but you were surprised when he suddenly wrapped his arms around you and hugged you so tightly. He would tell you that he was going to love you ten times more for each scar that covered your body, and for each day you had spent afraid of getting hit.

“I’m going to make you the biggest dinner you have ever seen, Y/N. Do you want fish, pork, pasta? Anything you want, and I will make it.”

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He would be pissed beyond belief. Who the hell had the nerve to hit you–let alone touch you? He had always wondered why you were shy around him when wearing simple clothing’s that were a bit revealing, but when he asked you and you had told him the truth, all hell broke loose. He was ready to murder whomever had hurt you. You had to compromise with him in order to calm him down, and when he finally calmed down, you ended up on the bed in his arms. His hold on you was tight and securing.

“I won’t let anyone hurt you ever again, okay, Y/N?”

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You had never seen him so quiet and still. You had never seen him mad period. Just minutes ago he was nothing but smiles and laughter, but the second he asked about the little scar on your neck, his bright and happy self had disappeared. You wanted your bright boyfriend back, so to get him to look at you, you had to place yourself on his lap and force his arms around your waist. His thumbs began to caress your thigh as he placed a kiss on your neck.

“I love you so much, Y/N.”

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Rap Monster

He would listen quietly as you told him about your past and the abuse you went through. He never said anything, and he always kept his eyes right on you. When you were getting a bit emotional, he would take your hands in his and kiss them before kissing each scar that made its way up to your lips.

“You are so beautiful, Y/N. Never forget how beautiful you are.”

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You knew he was mad by the way his grip on your hands were so tight. You could tell he was struggling to keep a calm on the outside, but he was furious on the inside. You stopped walking, which caused him to stop, too, and you looked up at him. His eyes were dark, and his teeth were clenched, but the second he saw your desperate look to get him to come back to you, Jimin would instantly go back to you. He smiled your favorite smile and kissed your deeply.

“Let’s go home, Y/N. It’s cold outside, and I want to make sure you know how much I love you and all your scars.”

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If there was one thing you knew you hated the most in the world, it was a sad Taehyung. You tried your best to cheer him up. You acted cute, you started dancing to random songs, but nothing seemed to have worked. He looked up at you and asked if you were okay. Were you still hurting? You shook your head. You were completely happy and it was all because of him. Your scars were nothing but a distant memory because he always made you forget.

“I’ll make sure you’re always happy. For the rest of your life, Y/N.”

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He stared at you with such a confused look. Why are people so cruel in this world? How could someone hurt someone so young and leave scars? He may be young, but Jungkook would not hesitate to hurt someone if they ever hurt you. You were too precious to him. No one would ever hurt you. Not even him. He gave you a light kiss, running his hands over some of your scars.

“I’ll be your night and shining armor, Y/N. Count on me.”

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How do you think the batfam would react to their s/o being kidnapped


- He tries to stay calm. He’ll be no help to you if he panics or acts rashly. 

- He reigns in his emotions and calmly crafts a plan that will have you back as soon as possible. 

- As soon as your alone back in his arms he’ll break his calm demeanor and fret over you as he tells you how fucking terrified he really was and how he’ll never let anything happen to you ever again. 


- He’s pissed.

- Pissed at himself, pissed at the world, pissed at whoever took you. 

- He’ll charge in to save you guns blazing, sweep you into his arms and take you far, far away from there. Expect a vacation away from the country and rough, desperate sex in your very near future. 



- He blames himself for you being taken. He feels like he could have done something to prevent you from being taken. 

- He’ll work tirelessly and endlessly until he finds you. He won’t eat or sleep until you are safe back in his arms.


- Damian is more livid than he ever has been in his life. 

- How dare someone even think about laying a finger on you. He was going save you and then he was going to make whoever’s responsible pay.

- When he saves you the first thing he does is makes sure that you’re alright and then he turns to your kidnappers and reigns hell down upon them. 


- Bruce always worried about the time when his life as Batman would come back to cause you harm. 

- He wants revenge, he wants them to understand that you are off limits in the most painful way possible. But he remains calm. He needs to be if he’s going to save you while still keeping to his morals. 

- When he finds your kidnappers he’s a little more violent than is probably necessary but in the end he saves you and brings you back home. 

Baby Adie Series: Not so quiet night.

NY City people please read the authors note.

“Babe,” Harry’s voice is stressed as I feel the bed dip with his weight.

Adie had woken up screaming about half an hour ago. Harry had told me to stay where I was and he was the one that had gone to get her. I hadn’t gotten back to sleep because even through the walls I could hear her screams. She was still screaming, but right next to me.

When I push myself up from the bed I see Harry knelt on the mattress next to me with Adie in his arms. She has her face pressed against his chest.

“Do you want me to take her?” I ask stretching out my arms out but drop them when he shakes his head lightly.

“She’s really hot.” His voice is so worried I nearly aww at how concerned and worked up he’s getting over it, but I’m too worried by his words myself. “I think she’s running a fever.”

Lifting my own hand up I run it over her forehead, her skin is boiling. He shifts her in his arms, as I give her a more detailed once over. Harry’s hand massage’s over her back as he tries to soothe her pained cries. Jumping off the bed I run to the nursery telling Harry to stay where he is.

When I get back to the bedroom Harry had already pulled Adie’s arm from her onesie and she isn’t’ to happy when I stick the thermomotor under her armpit. As I wait for it to beep I try to take calming breathes. I knew eventually she could get sick but I was worried on what I could do for her.

“Should we take her to the hospital?” Harry asks when the results are higher than normal. He drops his head down to press a small kiss to the top of her head where a small amount of dark curls are beginning to appear.

It was in the middle of the night so there wasn’t anyone that we could particularly call to ask for their opinion. Adie had calmed a little with Harry’s gentle swaying.

“She needs a feed.” I start and take Adie as he passes her over to me. “Just let her calm down for a little while then we’ll decide.”

Harry’s eyes have deep bags under them and he lets out a deep sigh of exhaustion as he sits back down on the bed next to me. I expected that Harry would have feed her with the pumped milk I had in the fridge but she didn’t want to take that.

“Harry, get some sleep.” I say to him after twenty minutes and I had finally gotten Adie to calm down enough to latch on.

Harry had watched with a pained worry as I tried to get her to feed. With having her feed and her body pressed against mine I could feel the heat she was radiating more but the skin to skin contact is calming her down.

All Harry does for my request is give me a look. He chuckles lightly when I give him a similar look back. He wraps himself around me, burying his face into my side. With one arm holding Adie I slip my arm around his neck so I can run my fingers through his untamed hair.

He was like this when I was sick. Even when I was highly contagious all he wanted to do was do everything for me and just get all cuddly. I knew he did it because he was worried about me and his way with coping with it was to just have me close.

With Adie he was different. He was all cuddly and attached to her but there was a deep set worry. I can see from where I am that his eyes are still on his daughter. He’s holding her hand in his and his thumb runs over her fingers in a way that soothes him more than it soothes her.

Though I wasn’t a hundred percent sure about that the words I was about to say to him I need to say it to give both me and Harry some hope. “If it’s just a fever, she’ll be cranky but it’ll break.”

“Can we take her to the hospital anyway or ring her doctor?” His voice cracks and when I twist my head to look at him I see tears in his eyes that have watered slightly.

I don’t even have time to tell him to do it before he has his phone pressed against his ear. Not even twenty minutes later we’re getting in the car and arguing over the top of more of Adie’s pained screams. Harry had said we were going to meet Adie’s doctor as soon as possible which involved interrupting Adie’s feed.

I had tried to sit in the back with her and feed her a bottle but she just wasn’t taking it. She was taking my fingers however to help her cries. Harry kept apologising to me and I accepted it, we were both tired and stressed and just wanted to know our baby girl was safe.

Arriving at the ER was a lot less of a hassle than what I thought it would have been. It seemed being a member of One Direction and having a screaming three month old in your arms got you a quick pass into a room.

An older nurse comes into to cheek Adie’s vitals. At first I sat on the bed with Adie but she was wiggling in my hold her cries growing louder as the nurse tried to take some blood.

“Adie,” I try to soothe next to her ear, my voice beginning to waver with the onset of tears. “Stop, please baby girl.” I knew she wouldn’t understand the words but my voice or Harry’s could relax her easily.

“Sweetheart,” Harry steps up beside me, his hand taking mine. “Let me take her.”

It isn’t a question because he doesn’t allow me to reply before he lifts Adie out of my arms and lies back against the bed that has been lifted up, dropping his legs over mine. The nurse who had taken a step back to observe us smiles as she looks at Adie who is quietly sobbing against her dad’s chest as he quietly shushes her.

Once the nurse is finished Adie’s normal doctor enters the room. “Hey sweetie, you don’t seem happy. You’ve got a temperature too.”

Pulling out her stethoscope she presses it against Adie’s back since she was lying in just her nappy. As she performs the other checks all I can do is massage Harry’s legs over the grey sweatpants that he used for his pyjamas when it had got cold.

Harry squeezes my upper arm when he sees me looking at him. Even though it had been a difficult past few hours I was glad to know that no matter how much stress we went through he could keep calm and take control if heaven forbid it happen again.

“Aww, sweetheart,” The doctor exclaims causing both our heads to turn to look at her. “It’s just an ear infection I can’t see anything else but it would be hurting her. We’ll just mix an antibiotic into her milk and observe her to see how she reacts to it first before you can take her home.”

Harry breathes out but nods his head and passes the bottle that Adie wouldn’t drink earlier to her. When the doctor comes back with it shaking it in her hands to mix the antibiotic in with it, Harry takes it from her despite me offering to feed her.

When Adie starts sucking gratefully at the teat of the bottle both Harry and I let out a grateful sigh. He leans forward to press another kiss to the top of her head, he runs his fingers through her small curls letting her wrap her fingers around his that are holding the bottle. When Adie’s taken in half of the bottles content, she starts to fall asleep in Harry’s arm’s finally having quietened down.

“She’s going to be ok sweetheart.” Harry reassures me.

“You were more worried than me.” I shot back at him as I squeeze his leg.

Carefully Harry sits up and kisses me slowly. His kiss is sensual and I can feel all the emotions that he’s felt over the past few hours channelled in it. Our kiss is interrupted my small fist randomly jutting out to hit Harry’s jaw.

Already I could see that she was better.


Ok so on the last Imagine I posted I left an authors note that relates to this but I turn 19 at the end of august and 18 is a song that means a lot to me so I’m thinking of flying half way across the world to go to the show in Detroit on Liam’s birthday. But now I’m asking my readers who live in NY city for advice because I want to spend some time there and since no one is going with me who I will do by myself and where the best and cheapest place to stay is.  

Have A Nice Life

“Ssh baby it’s gonna be okay” I cooed my son,Bryan back to sleep. Justin was downstairs in the home studio,while I was upstairs trying to get some task done. For the past two days I haven’t gotten any sleep whatsoever because of Bryan’s constant crying and Ive been getting texts and calls from Bryan’s birth father,Daniel.

A year ago,after Daniel found out I was pregnant he left me,all alone and pregnant. Not long after till I found out he went to go screw around with my “best friend” and she ended up getting an STD. So jokes on her. After I meet Justin my whole entire life changed,he took Bryan in as his own and raised him with me as if he was his blood.

I sat on the bed,trying to find a venue for my sisters wedding,when there was three loud bangs on the door. I looked over to see Bryan asleep,it was almost midnight-so who the hell was that.

I went outside shutting the bedroom door behind me and walking down the creme colored staircase. There was another knock-So I grabbed the baseball bat near the coat room and swung the door open. “Jesus,you planning on swinging that thing?” He asked,taking in my image. “Daniel? What the hell are you doing here?” I questioned.

“I’m here to take my son”

“You’re not laying one finger on my baby you asshole” I hissed,trying to close the door but his foot beat me to it.

“Excuse me?”

“I’m not letting you take my baby away from here so you can bring him to your shitty slut shack” My grip on the door tight “All you do is smoke,drink and stick your dick in anything that has a vagina”

“That isn’t true” he yelled.

“You’re outta your goddamn mind if you think I’m letting you leave with him”

“Give me fucking baby!” He yelled banging his fist on the door frame.

“No! Just go home” I screamed,hoping that he would get it in his head that I didn’t want him here. “Justin and I are taking care of him”

“He’s not going to do anything,Bryan isn’t even his son”

Seconds later Justin walked out of the studio and continued to walk towards the front door “What’s the problem?” He asked looking between the both of us.

“I want my son and I want him now”

“You can’t have him” I argued.

I don’t care if he was his dad,he wasn’t taking my baby away from me. “Daniel,it’s passed midnight and your drunk,just go home and come back tomorrow morning” Justin said calmly. I tried to keep myself calm but all I wanted to do was swing the bat on Daniel to cause him pain like he did to me.

“I don’t have to fucking listen to you” He spoke,narrowing his eyes “Move”

“This is my house pal and if you think you’re going to disrespect me,you got a whole different ball game coming your way” Justin said grabbing hold of the door “Go home”

“And if I don’t?”

“I’ll tell the cops you’re harassing my family”

“That’s not your fucking baby-he’s mine!”

“He was your’s but you left” I croaked wiping the visible tear away from my eye. “Have a nice life” Justin spoke slamming the door shut.


“I know he isn’t my son by blood” Justin cooed “But he’s mine by heart”.

Blurbs requested through message

74. “I want the old you back.” (Gilinsky)

Gilinsky came, as usual, an hour later than we said. We planned to have a dinner, but he stood me up.

I wanted to leave, but I saw him coming in already. “About time.” I said, pissed off.

“I’m sorry, babe.” He said while getting his phone out and doing God knows what.

“Are you serious?” He looked up at me with innocent eyes. “You came here like a second ago and you’re already on that thing?”

“It’s work.”

“It’s always work.” I murmured.

“Don’t believe me?”

“I believe you.” I answered dryly.

I ordered food and kept quiet the entire time, since Jack was too busy texting his friends about whatever.

“Hey, babe.” I looked up at him, “what’s up?”

Instead of getting angry, I simply said, “I miss the Jack Gilinsky I fell in love with. Not this ignorant asshole. I want the old you back. But for now, I’m fucking done.” And with that, I left.

75. “Do you even realize how much stuff like this hurts me?” (Johnson)

“Again?” I whispered to myself as I read my timeline.

“y/n is such a hoe ngl”

“Why is baby J even with such a bitch ????? I’M AVAILABLE”

“And I thought Madison was the problem…..”

I sighed and closed my laptop. I went from an average college girl, to one of the most hated girls in this social media world. Just because I happened to have a crush on someone as Jack Johnson.

“y/n? Baby?” Jack yelled through my apartment as I stared out of the stupid window. Everything is stupid.

Without me realizing it tears were collecting in my eyes, ready to drop any moment. “y/n.” Jack said as he saw me.

When he saw me he wrapped his arms around me, not helping the tears. “What did I do wrong?” Is all I could ask.

“Nothing, baby.” He rubbed random motions on my back. “It’s okay, none of it is true. It’s just a phase the fans are going through.”

“Is it?” I harshly swallowed, “Do you even realize how much stuff like this hurts me?”

“I love you, baby. Please just ignore the comments, they’re not worth it. They know nothing and I’ll make it stop.” He kissed the top of my head.

“Please stop crying, you know I hate it when I see you like this.”

60. “Are you watching porn?” (Luh)

“I’m home!” I yelled through our shared apartment.

I didn’t hear any noise so I didn’t think he’d be home yet, “Fuck…” I heard softly.

My heart started beating. He couldn’t… He wouldn’t… Right? “Derek?”

I barged in our bedroom, seeing something I would never even think of seeing.

Him jerking off to porn.

Just kidding I would totally imagine that. And then laughing to it.

And I laughed to it. “y/n! The fuck!” He quickly paused the porn and pulling a blankete over his boner.

“Chill babe, nothing I haven’t seen before.”

“Wanna see it again?” He playfully smirked, but also meaning it for a part.

“I’m on my period.”

“That’s my fetish.” I took off my hat and threw it on Derek. “Just kidding,” I smiled while shaking my head. “a blow job would be fine too.”

69. “Ever tried it while being tied down?” (Luh)

a/n: For fuck’s sake this was so awkward to write, hope it turned out alright.

Derek always had his kinky moments. And I’m not gonna lie, I was so fucking feeling it tonight.

“You were teasing me today, weren’t you?” He challenged.

“Was I?” I played dumb. Of course I was.

He licked his lips. Put those lips on my pussy, bye. “You know what you’re fucking with right now?” He clenched his jaw. God please save me.

I nodded, “Of course I know that.”

Derek reached for the night stand next to the bed and grabbed rope. Since when did he have that shit there? “I’m going to make you cum so, so fucking hard right here, right now.” And I swear, I nearly came.

He wasn’t done with talking yet, “But have you ever tried it while being tied down?”

86. “Don’t cry. Just don’t fucking cry.” (Maloley)

“Where the fuck are you worrying about?” He yelled in the same tone as me.

“About your health! I find you smoking when I wake up, when I come home from work, when I go to sleep. This ain’t healthy, Maloley!”

“Look at you, you’re a workaholic who I see for like two hours a day. Do you find it strange that I keep smoking? Have you ever thought about the fact that smoking helps me calm down?

Have you ever thought about that I feel lonely, so I smoke?” He felt lonely.

I licked my lips, not knowing what to say. “Never thought about that, have you?”

I clenched my jaw, “’Cause all you think about is you and your job. It’s never been about me. I’m apparently just some accessory you use whenever you’re, once in the two years, not working.”

God, how I hated whenever people yelled at me. “So maybe working ‘calms’ you down, but think about it. Weed is my medicine when you aren’t here. You’re supposed to be my ‘relaxing’ source, 

but not anymore since you’re never here anymore. And you fucking know what, marihuana has been a perfect replacement.”

Stupid tears, don’t you dare spill on me now.

“Shit.” I heard him say.

“Baby… I- I…”

“Don’t apologize.” I said while shaking my head and looking away from him. I’ve never cried in front of him before. “You’re right. I’m so, so sorry.”

“No… Don’t cry. Please don’t fucking cry.”

“I love you, Skate. I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you. And I- I’m sorry for judging you and I…”

“It’s okay, shh.” He hugged me and I quickly swallowed the salty tears. Gross.

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Hi! My birthday's on Saturday so I was wondering if you could write a drabble for each boy and Candy where they're dating and the boys do something really thoughtful or sweet for her because it's her birthday? Thanks!

Hello dear! I wanted to get to this one today because tomorrow is Saturday. Happy (slightly early) Birthday!! I hope it goes well and I hope you enjoy the drabbles! Just a note- the song in Lysander’s drabble is I’ll Fight by Daughtry.


Nathaniel glanced back toward Candy briefly to make sure that she was still with him. A trip to the bookstore seemed appropriate for an outgoing, but as he saw the stack of books in her arms grow, he almost regretted is decision. Her face was barely visible under the pile of books in her arms, but he could see the grin on her face as she still carefully continued to add more books. Most of them, he noted, were mystery books that happened to be on sale. He smiled faintly,

“Candy? Do you need any help?”

“That would be much appreciated,” Candy squeaked, “I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up.”

Nathaniel took a few of the books of her stack and held them in his arms. She gave him a thankful look before she added one book to her pile. Nathaniel looked at all the books curiously and counted about thirty of them.

“Are all of these books necessary? You don’t plan on spending all of your money, do you?”

A bit of concern laced his voice. He understood the love of reading, but he understood the need of saving as well. Candy gave him a sheepish look as she blushed,

“Actually, I do. I saved a lot of money for this trip for the past few weeks and it’s money well spent.”

Unable to come up with a good argument, Nathaniel was left a bit speechless as she started to lead them to the check out. His plan was to buy her something here for her birthday. But it looks like she bought the whole store, Nathaniel thought with dry amusement. As they set all the books on the counter, the cashier raised an eyebrow,

“…Is that all?”

Their voice had underlining of sarcasm that was ignored by Nathaniel and went unnoticed by Candy as she gave a cheerful smile.

“Yes, thank you!”

The cashier shook their head as if they couldn’t possibly understand why someone would want so many books. As the price for the books went higher and higher on the little screen, Nathaniel glanced to his own books before glancing toward Candy. He hesitated only for a second before he placed the books that he was going to buy for himself on a nearby shelf before returning to the counter. He looked between the growing price and Candy a bit nervously as he debated about his next action. Candy didn’t seem too concerned about the price, but as it reached over thirty dollars, she frowned.

“Your total is 47.50,” the cashier stated with a bit of disbelief.

As Candy reached for her wallet, Nathaniel stepped forward with a smile,

“Don’t worry Candy, I got this.”

He reached into his wallet and paid the needed amount. He was a bit disappointed as he realized he was left with just under ten dollars, but seeing the twinkling joy in Candy’s eyes instantly cheered him up.

“Really, Nathaniel? Are you sure?”

“Of course,” Nathaniel grinned, “Consider it your birthday present!”

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Jesus x Daryl 36 pllllllllllllleeeeeaaase

36. “Everything was fine, until you showed up.”


Daryl slid out of bed, his body sluggish as he left the warm sheets and even warmer body behind. Throwing on his clothes quickly, he stepped into his boots and quietly crept to the door.

“You really thought you could cut and run on me again?”

The voice, low and heavy with sleep, made Daryl sigh deeply, his eyes closing as he bowed his head in defeat. “I don’t know what ya think this is,” he started carefully, turning his head to gaze at the other man, hair tousled and eyes half lidded. “But it ain’t a big deal. See ya ‘round, Paul.”

Later on that day he was out on a run with Rick – and that would have been fine if he hadn’t also invited Jesus, the very same guy that Daryl was avoiding like the damn plague. 

The run was going fine until they encountered a group of walkers, it wouldn’t have been a problem, had Daryl not been distracted by watching out for Jesus. He was so busy making sure the guy didn’t get killed that he didn’t notice the threat until hands gripped his arm and pushed him over, teeth almost coming into contact with his skin. He flipped over in time to pin the walker down and stab it through the temple. That was far too damn close.

Jesus was quick to offer his hand to Daryl, a frown of worry etched into his features. “You okay?”

Daryl snarled and slapped his hand away before heading back to Alexandria.

He sat on the porch, frowning deeply at the horizon as though it had somehow done him wrong. But he knew exactly who his anger was actually aimed at. That thought drove him directly to Jesus, who was staying with Maggie and Glenn. He slammed his fist on the door, waiting a moment before storming in and asking a bewildered Glenn where the lodger was. Glenn pointed up the stairs with a frown, but he knew better than to ask any questions when Daryl was like this, instead he just headed back to the living room to sit with Maggie.

The door almost flew off its hinges as Daryl threw it open, making Jesus turn from the window in surprise. “What the hell is wrong with you? I’m fine with you using me for sex, but I’m a little confused by your damn mood swings,” Jesus’s words were strong, though his tone was still eerily calming.

“Everything was fine, until you showed up,” Daryl yelled, pointing his finger accusingly at Jesus. “I was good, I did what I had to do to survive and that was it. I looked out for my family – that was it. Now you’re here.”

Jesus shrugged, shaking his head in bewilderment. “What are you talking about? I haven’t done anything,” he replied, trying to keep his tone calming, though a flare of anger shone through.

“Ya made me care,” Daryl all but whispered.


“Ya made me wanna live. Ya made me care ‘bout whether or not I come home. Cause I wanna come home to you.”

Jesus didn’t reply, instead his featured softened as he strode forward, closing the space between them to crash their lips together, trying to pour every ounce of his feeling for the other man into that kiss.