keep calm & spiral out

Okay so here's all my Fanders Personality headcanons

Anxiety is both high social anxiety and other anxious worries and thoughts that keep us alive.
Pranks is an embodiment of Thomas’ luck and the oldest of all of them. Like he was there at the birth.
He often takes holidays - kinda like to think of luck as a) the gambling type b) in many ways like discworld luck, like trying to push and pull with others/the world’s luck. Also because he is not often summoned.
As it stands The Main 4 came up not long between each other. Morality and Anxiety appeared when as an infant Thomas clawed his brother’s face and he despite not really knowing why knew it was bad cos he felt bad for his brother crying and worried he had hurt him. Logic popped up as soon as Thomas could think of a cognotive sentence and Prince followed the first time 1 going on 2 year old Thomas managed to fully watch a Disney film.
Despite heavy banter of “still don’t like you” no one (much less Anxiety) is told they are useless or bad (at least in my fics). Unwelcome at the time, yes. Never useless, bad,unwelcome always or unneeded.
Missy is an enigma unto all of them. What they represent only Pranks knew and he would not tell.
Each of the main 4 are similar in their ways as said in fic. All are friends and when a group activity goes on Anxiety is treated like a snarky Eeyoree - loved regardless and never expected to have a good time but part of them always anyway.
Prince and Anxiety pick apart Disney films for bad lessons or loop holes on a semi-regular basis.
Logic gets lessons on how to say ‘I love you.’.
Logic and Anxiety tend to take turns in the whole 'make sure Thomas doesn’t die when he crosses the street, etc.’ thing.
Morality loves so abashedly. Also holds karaoke nights.
Seasonal Anxiety tends to put him in the mood when he was with Lily.
Anxiety is only serious when he’s worried. His smile is nearly always smirky unless he is actually scared.
Anxiety tends to warn Thomas if he knows it will cause an attack. Unfortunately this rarely helps cause stopping a thought was as easy as stopping a moving train.
Panic attacks and Anxiety attacks obviously not attacks from Anxiety but Anxiety’s mental seizure. Though visible on Thomas it is like a mix of panic attack and epileptic fit on Anxiety.
Pranks is the only one who can manipulate the world around Thomas (if only a smidge). Anxiety is the only one who can physically take control of Thomas only to save him, like possessed. Morality is the only one who can make Thomas visualise. Princey is the only one who can make Thomas burst out into song or run into something he is passionate about. Logic is the only one who can keep and contain thoughts from spiralling out of control and best at keeping Thomas calm.
(Then I pick and mix alot of others)