keep calling the doctor on his bullshit please

John Watson is a shit doctor. I love him to bits but he just is. He can’t even remember the recovery position! You know, that position you help an unconscious patient in to prevent them from choking on their own tongue?

Like, Kate? And Janine? AND SHERLOCK?! I know putting Sherlock in a recovery position would have destroyed the whole forwards/backwards things going on (and that is the biggest bullshit I’ve ever heard on this show and that’s saying something. Remember how Anderson said that any pressure or impact could dislodge the bullet (nonsense, but okay, we’ll go with that) and what does Sherlock do? Crash his back against the floor as he falls, like… properly crashes… anyway!)

John, sweetheart, honey, there is a thing called Google. Use it if you want to keep up this doctoring thing.

@ewebie please tell me this is not just me who’s bothered by this?