keep breathing

You need to eat
You need to drink water
You need to move
You need to sleep
You need to breathe
Please, I’m begging you
You need to keep breathing
Take care of yourself, friend, you’ve got this.

Keep Breathing
Ingrid Michaelson

My life’s theme song as of the moment.

I have always loved this song. :“

The storm is coming but I don’t mind. People are dying, I close my blinds. All that I know is I’m breathing now. I want to change the world, instead I sleep. I want to believe in more than you and me. But all that I know is I’m breathing. All I can do is keep breathing. All we can do is keep breathing now. All we can do is keep breathing. All we can do is keep breathing now.


Stiles knew the importance of the Nemeton – of course he did; he was born and raised in Beacon Hills. It was like the pumpkin in Halloweentown; if the tree died, so did the town’s magic. If the tree got corrupted so did the town’s magic.( And the town really liked its magic. Sure, it looked like a normal, tiny California town in case of humans but Stiles regularly got shots of Charm thrown into his lattes on his way to pick up some pickled spider eyes at the drugstore.)

But the Nemeton was in the preserve and Stiles didn’t go into the preserve; not since Derek died.

But every year the town has to perform a ritual to keep the magic clean, and Stiles has to attend, even if he’d rather have all four wisdom teeth pulled without anesthetic. 

So he gets drunk, really drunk, so drunk that he’s not sure if he’s hallucinating the sudden appearance of his dead boyfriend.

(He’s not.)

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