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hiiii, here are a bunch of fics I’ve enjoyed and loved reading throughout the month of february. I recommend that you read these great fics in march, if you haven’t already. there are SO many good and unique AUs this round, so please check them out!!

(all fics with a star are my favorites and if there are two stars then it was a favorite favorite)

1. Saved Tonight (30k)**

Harry is the world’s most persistent seduction-baker, a questionable dog-sitter, and Louis’s biggest fan. Louis hasn’t written in years, is trying to pass loneliness off as cynicism, and absolutely hates his fans. It’s probably destiny.

2. Too Real to Fake It (82k)*

With seven years of blissful marriage behind them and four wonderfully unique kids to brag about, Harry and Louis seem to finally have life all figured out and under control. How much more real could it get?

Very real it turns out, when Harry reluctantly leaves home for a 5 day business trip leaving Louis to manage their rambunctious, hyperactive household. Do they really have it all under control or are they just faking it?

Featuring all the usual suspects, inside jokes, embarrassing moments and of course, Harry and Louis’ wild antics + the addition of their four equally wild and outrageous kids.

3. When You Look Like That (16k)*

“You… you still have the dress form I got you for your eighteenth birthday? You’ve kept it for ten years, Harry?” Louis’ eyes flick around Harry’s studio. It’s big and modern, with floor to ceiling windows that help flood the room in bright sunlight, just like the lobby. However, he can’t stop staring at the faded, but present, heart surrounding the “H + L” written delicately in Louis’ handwriting in the center of the mannequin.

Louis is a songwriter who is nominated for a Grammy and he needs a suit. Fast. He seeks out help from a very popular, very mysterious designer who just so happens to be his ex-boyfriend.

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a little drawing exercise: my SWtOR dudes+character design+favourite companions+limited linewidth/palette! 

(and minus my smuggler because it turns out the point i stop having a fun relaxing time is ‘Wookies’… sorry Bowdaar!)

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okay so since the carmilla fandom is basically dead / going into hibernation until the movie i figured i’d make a fic rec post just for fun (and then go drown myself in riverdale), going from my favourites to decent ones:

white blank page - angsty college sports au and the dopest thing ever

exposure - slow burn and internal suffering and emotions it is gorgeous, college au again but carmilla does photography

i’ll keep you safe if you keep me wild - bounty hunter carmilla moves to the country and an adorable love story 

pens - one shot (which is unusual bc i normally hate them) but its a subway strangers kinda thing

chasing ghosts - post military laura comes back to hometown, spoiler carmilla has a daughter shit gets real fluffy tbh but there’s also some angst

clockwork - i honestly don’t remember this one that well but apparently i liked it so heres a flower shop au 

pandemic - weird infection dystopian thriller au thing but holy shit the plot twist in this one is wild, also i cried at the end soooooo (happy tears i think)

this distant image of our tiny world - space au in a mars colony, hear me out, holy shit the setting is so well described and you can imagine this all so well its beautiful

the minister’s daughter - lgbt christian community, it’s acc quite sweet

absolution - short hollence-hollstein cheat fic, it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure

your mom called, you left your game at home - softball rivals and mucho angst turned hate sex??? turned dating (I’m spotting a trend here)

music to my ears - high school band and orchestra au don’t judge it’s cute alright

the road to home - road trip au with a v slow romance but hey ho its a good one

where your treasure is, there will your heart be also - fluffy but mostly plot based hogwarts au yet i ended up enjoying it v much so give it a go

the triwizard tournament - another sappy and soft but more hollstein centric hogwarts au why not

on our last leg - olympic running au, a v v v long one shot i believe

this just can’t be summer love - pretty writing, hawaii romance one shot

four walls - like a fucking action novel holy shit y’all

strangers - incomplete fwb story but damn i wish there was more

(of all persisting stars) - their first time from both povs 

the mirror between us - an okay one shot but i loved the twist

[also not with haste, back to back, god knows it’s not what we would choose to do, she smelled like lilacs, no space among the clouds, maybe the spark between us can light my cigarette, touched by stars, just stay with me, meet me halfway to your heart, gossip column, the sun dont set if we keep heading west]

okay I’m done (for now) (or maybe not wow this takes a long time)

Fic Prompts: Star Wars Wednesday

Three weeks after Bespin, and Darth Vader is looking for Luke. And also trying to keep Xizor’s bounty hunters away. He didn’t expect to return to his ship and find the boy going through his files with Piett unconscious on the floor!

“I’d say there was a reasonable explanation for this,” Luke said nervously by way of greeting, “But we’d both know it was a lie.”

why kakuzu's death is complete bullshit || from my wattpad account

No introduction to this one, I’m jumping right in. 

Kakuzu’s death was bullshit. 

Here’s why:

When Kakuzu and Hidan are first introduced, they take out the full-fledged form of the Two Tailed Beast. Nii Yugito was a skilled woman who had been training her Bijuu for almost her entire life. The fact that Kakuzu and Hidan could capture her, despite her having full control over her Beast, was an obvious indication that this combo was to be introduced as incredibly powerful. 

Then, we see the aftermath of them fighting against Chiriku and his monks. The entire temple is destroyed, and but one man who was at the fight scene survived. Keeping in mind Chiriku’s bounty, and the fact that he used the Gift of Sages, this is the second indication of Hidan and Kakuzu’s power. 

Their third shown fight is where Kakuzu’s character is given some more light. 

Since Shikamaru is touted as some sort of mf genius, it’s logical to assume that, as he was with Hidan, he was dead on about Kakuzu’s personality. 

His commentary on Kakuzu provides the idea that Kakuzu is calm, collected and efficient, and Kakuzu reveals this side himself when he mocks Kotetsu and Izumo’s wasted movement.

This is also where we see that Kakuzu, similar to Sasori, is on the impatient side. He makes several comments about Hidan taking too long, and quickly grows frustrated waiting for Team Asuma to shut up.

Personality traits aside, Kakuzu’s physical prowess is explored a little bit here as well. He is shown to have raw speed that is great enough it shocks those who see it, and strength equal to or greater than Senju Tsunade’s. 

Now we bring this into the final fight against Kakashi and Team Whatever. 

Right off the bat, logic is completely disregarded. 

Kakuzu delivers a kick to Kakashi that is so powerful its shock wave alone takes down trees. Even in anime, the logic stretch here is unbelievable. 

The kick also reveals that Kakuzu’s speed was not a one-time thing. He managed to get up, move in front of Hidan, and deal a kick without anyone noticing that his body was missing. 

The Konoha nin should not have lived as long as they did if we assume all information given about Kakuzu is accurate. Since Shikamaru is supposed to be 100%, we can assume this to be true. 

Furthermore, Kakuzu has no blood. Chidori is an explosive, bloody jutsu, which we see when it’s used on Haku and Rin. 

If Kakuzu had blood, there would have been blood on Kakashi, and we would have heard Kakuzu coughing up the stuff. 

We don’t, because HE HAS NO MTHFCKN BLOOD! He’s made out of tentacles- and those tentacles don’t have blood, as shown by the lack of bleeding when Kotetsu or Izumi (I can never tell them apart), slices at them during his attack.

Then there’s Earth Grudge and Fear.

Databook 1 states that EarthGrudgeFear has no blind spots, making Kakuzu’s jutsu better than the Byakugan in that regard. 

And even if Kakuzu was in a situation where he was about to lose, the man is not a fool. 

Kakuzu is 91. He has an estimated 70 or so years of fighting experience with the strongest of the strong- he fought Hashirama without his hearts, and retreated to battle his village elders.

Both times, even once he had the immortality jutsu, he retreated when things got rough. 

Kakuzu has a sense of self-preservation. He’s too overpowered to have died the way he did, or really to have died at all. 

Something we can rely on

I was having Mara feels, which developed into Luke/Mara feels, so… have this? I guess?

There are days, Mara thinks, when she almost misses serving under the Emperor.

Key word being almost, of course. It’s not like she’s forgotten the manipulations, or the torture, or all those chains that she’d only seen once she was free of them. And who could forget Vader’s wrath, or the innocents that were murdered for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

But some days, she does sort of miss the calm of it. Maybe calm is the wrong word for it. But she does sometimes miss the clear hierarchy of the court, and not having to question orders.

Mostly, honestly, because she’s pretty darned sure that she’d never have ended up in this situation if she was still the Emperor’s hand.

“Why did we have to go for drinks on this force forsaken rock again?” She asks no one in particular, blocking two blaster shots in quick succession while shooting blindly over the greasy table she’s taken refugee under.

“It did seem like a good idea at the time.” Skywalker says to her left, sounding infuriatingly calm and controlled even as a part of the roof breaks of and lands not three feet away from them.

Mara rolls her eyes. It’s going to be that kind of day, she just knows it.

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So I’ve been thinking...

I’ve been reading a flip ton some Guardians of the Galaxy fics lately and a joke I’ve seen pop up a few times is lil, fresh off Earth Peter asking Yondu if he’s his dad because, ya know, Meredith didn’t exactly try to keep it a secret that Peter’s dad’s an alien. Thing is though, what if Yondu had said yes?

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Ya Allah, I am weak and only You can give me strength.
I ask that You give me the strength to do good and be good. Give me the strength I need to please my parents and in doing so, please You.
I am weak and I feel broken. Please give me the strength to be a better me, the strength I need to work to become the best me I can be. I beg for Your Mercy for all the times I was weak and went against what You decreed. Please grant me Mercy for mistreating anyone, especially my parents. Forgive me for the things I have done wrong, knowingly or unknowingly.
I beg You to please give me the strength I need to increase my iman (faith) and the strength I need to continue along the Straight Path. Ya Allah, I am weak and I know I can fall away at any moment, so I beg You to please keep me under Your Guidance.
Never let me stray. Keep my heart firm in Your Remembrance and Praise.
Ya Allah, I am guilty of losing myself in the past, please give me the strength to find myself following the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and his companions and wives.
Let me be amongst those You love.
Forgive me and guide me and keep me under Your bounty. And I beg you to please let Your blessings shower me, and all of the Muslims.
—  A personal prayer meant for all of us
Are you what they say you are? WIP

Based on this

“I have a bounty for you.”

“Such a high price for a man. Am I allowed to ask why the high amount?”

“He… slaughtered my servants and I caught him in the act. He ran away after that and I have no idea where he is.”

“So you’re paying me to go find him?”

“Aren’t you the most successful bounty hunter this side of the seven kingdoms?”

“Stroking my ego?”

“Do this for me and you get to keep his bounty. All of his bounty.”

“…. You have a deal.”

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For the lovely @stickytablet, who’s recovering from a horrible sickness. I wanted to lift her spirits a little and wrote this based on her request for more Boba Fett and reader. Hope it’s okay; it’s what came out of my fingertips!

“Alright, tall, dark and dangerous, what’s got you in a mood?” You spun absently in the captain’s chair as Boba Fett entered the cabin, immediately sensing the dark mood radiating off of the Mandalorian. You could see it in his body language and the tense way he held himself. You had gotten much better at reading Brooding Bounty Hunter in the time you had been stuck with him.

He didn’t immediately answer you, instead dropping into the other captain’s chair and punching controls furiously on the dashboard with enough force to nearly break them. The ship hummed to life beneath you, tearing away from the docking port on the planet. You waited, fiddling absently with a loose string on the clothes you had gotten from a shop some time ago.

“Someone’s looking for us.”

“Someone’s always looking for us. It’s the perks of the lifestyle you live.” You reminded him, but a growing sense of worry started to bloom in your gut. Boba’s life was always in danger of people who wanted to hunt him down, but he never worried about it. If he worried, then you definitely should be. “Why are you freaking out?”

“I am not freaking out.” There was an undertone of annoyance running through those words.

“You’re freaking out for you. C’mon, don’t make me play twenty questions.”

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