keep being awesome dude

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You're a top bloke, we need more people like you. Keep being awesome my dude.

Ahh! I’ve never been called a top bloke before!! Thank you so much!! I shall do my best!!

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I just wanted to say thank you for making Undertale. I instantly fell in love with the characters, each and every one of them. This game truly inspired me to do art again and all the characters words really filled me with hope and determination when I felt I was at my lowest. Thank you for being such an awesome dude and keep up the good work! Bork!

I’m happy to have inspired you!

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tbh I see you as an idol. I'm a trans dude, eight months on T and sometimes I get impatient but seeing you post makes me feel a lot better, and that eventually I'll be able to look completely how I'd like. (especially the facial hair aaaa I love your facial hair aND SEPtum piercing ug h I would get one if my nose didn't bleed chronically.) Keep being awesome my dude <3

This was me 8 months on T! (I looked way different)

Like lmao 

Feb 2016 to May 2017

My 1 to 2 years on T has been SUCH growth. Thank god. A lot more of my changes came 12-24 months! It’s wild! You still got lots of growin <3

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Thank you for posting that about the intense asks--I posted about a year ago about suicidal ideation and I think you answered it and it meant a lot at the time, but hooly cow that is a lot to put on one person's shoulders, especially if you don't know if they're getting help in their lives. That is incredibly kind to check up on them and encourage them to seek help. Keep on being awesome, dude!

Thank you for this message :’) And thanks for understanding. I’m not very awesome aha but it’s nice you think so, luv. Stay rad my dear <3 and have a smol birb~


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Your art, your comics, your animation. Everything you did was art. Not to mention some crossover or two. You just did a simple did that people still keep doing for generations and you get a lot of people notice you. You keep growing like a plant who grows into something bigger. You're an inspiration to us all. So that I will say it again. I love your art. So much that I love what you doing. Keep being awesome, dude! :D

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Thank you so much… <3

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Yooo the Valentino farm episodes are amazing! I love how you capture the eerie atmosphere of the farm (which reminds me a lot of the first part of resident evil 4) but yeah keep on being awesome dude :)

Thank you! I’m glad you’re enjoying them! It’s been a lot of fun building these locations in Audition - it’s also given me some great ideas for future projects.

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i just gotta say that i love your laugh, seriously its so contagious. just keep being you, cuz you are freaking awesome! you are the best dude

Aw thanks homie, love this

Give me a psychological horror game based on Septiceye Sam????? Give me a game where you play as jack and go looking for a way to save Signe from a demon-possessed Sam while Sam actively tries to murder you for leaving them alone to be used as nothing but a mascot???? Give me complex moral decisions and emotional trauma??????? GIVE ME MORE SAM??????

Anyway this is mainly a thing for @therealjacksepticeye

Thanks for being Jack and just,,,,,,being a real great dude in general!! Keep being the awesome Irishman that u are

EDIT: click on image for full res

“Not really a question but, anyways. Dude, I notice that you’ve been down lately and I just wanted to say, whoever made you feel this, fuck them.

Your artwork isn’t stale, not in the slightest. And it’s actually pretty inspiring to me, someone who’s also an artist. When I see your art, it’s something I’m always happy to see. And I mean that. Also, please don’t hate your body (Yes, I’m aware that can be hard). As believe it or not, you’re in pretty great shape, I’m actually kinda jealous.

Just keep being your awesome self dude, an know you’re loved, as a person, even if that is hard to believe.”

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Dang dude just,,,,, thank u so much for being so chill n good???? Like this blog honestly IS a safehaven for this ship cuz Ive been in this fandom for some time and just..... Y I K E S,,,,, like, I just looked for some innocent lil drabble fics on ao3 and ran into like??? Nonconsensual shit and the like???? Just, it blows my mind that people think that content is okay and stuff??? I am so sorry you have to deal with so much crap, especially fetishization. But keep being awesome, dude <3 <3 <3 <3

thank you so much and you are very welcome!!! ♥♥♥

I’m so happy I can help people feel safe and ship their otp without fear…

I’ll make a list with safe and good sonadow fics sometime this summer when i have more time to read without the nagging fear of school lurking behind the next weekend

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I just read through your whole legacy and I wanted to tell you how much I love your style and your storytelling! Keep being awesome! <3

o wow!! dude i congratulate you honestly i can’t believe you got through all that old stuff & managed to stick with it!!! thank you so much for giving the crappy stuff i post the time of day, it really means so much to me.

i appreciate you so much!! 💕

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TBH the wg stuff personally makes me kind of uncomfortable, but I love the salt so much I can't quit you so I just scroll - plus you're really great about tagging things and it putting it under cuts for the most point, so I really don't know what that other anon was on about. Keeping being your awesome self dude

i’m not gonna lie anon your phrasing just made me think

thank you i’m glad you enjoy my content!!

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OOOO ARE WE COMPLEMENTING THE INSANELY COOL CONNOR? 'Cause if we are, you are an amazing artist and a huge inspiration! When I get notified of your art, it always brightens my day! OH AND YOUR CHARACTERS! I love them so much! I'm already part of your protection squad for them! :D THEY ARE JUST SO COOL TO LOOK AT! Keep being you, dude! Because you are awesome!

alex omg!!! this is so good and sweet omg thank you so much :”)))))

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positivity for 3 of your tumblr crushes!

  1. @eudximonia : your portrayal of castiel is so wonderful, and I love having you on my dash !!! i am a big castiel fan, he is my sweet son. keep being awesome !!!
  2. @painedpower : we’ve known each other for awhile my dude, and I love your meg! it makes me happy that there are people other than me who love meg enough to roleplay as her. keep being amazing!
  3. @lolitalecki : hunter !!! we’ve known each other for what?? twelve years?? i’ve loved dancing by your side all this time, and I also love hearing you taLK BOUT SUPERNATURAL. IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY TO TALK WITH IT ABOUT YOU. I’M GOING TO MISS YOU SO MUCH AT DANCE!! hopefully one day we will make it to 100 on our streak!! don’t break it again!! love you so much, and keep being flawless and amazing!!