keep being awesome dude

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You're a top bloke, we need more people like you. Keep being awesome my dude.

Ahh! I’ve never been called a top bloke before!! Thank you so much!! I shall do my best!!

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I just wanted to say thank you for making Undertale. I instantly fell in love with the characters, each and every one of them. This game truly inspired me to do art again and all the characters words really filled me with hope and determination when I felt I was at my lowest. Thank you for being such an awesome dude and keep up the good work! Bork!

I’m happy to have inspired you!

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Hi! I just wanted to say that everything that anon said about you earlier (the negative stuff) is tOtally untrue! You're sexy and yeS you're thicc, and your nose is GORGEOUS. The audacity to talk shit while under the "anonymous" label. Smh. You're beautiful! And I love your blog. AND I LOVE YOU!! YOURE SUPER COOL AND REAL. LIKE YOURE REAL. And honestly your butt is gorgeous. Idk who tf could've possibly thought otherwise. Like they need a mind check or something. Ily sm dude keep being awesome❤️

thank you!! 💖💖 but it’s ok body shaming doesn’t get to me, if ya going out of your way to hurt someone based on nothing but their looks, you’re just a sad bitter person and i honestly hope that person feels content in themselves one day, ily2

daily reminder that nb people/trans boys/demiboys/people that prefer he/him pronouns are JUST as valid if they like feminine things! or don’t bind! if a person wearing a skirt says they’re a boy just…. don’t question it. also a reminder that if you are a trans boy/nb/etc. but still like feminine things, that’s okay! your identity is not any less valid. you are a super cool dude keep being awesome

14 million and this is what I make lmao
If only that YouTube subscriber purge didn’t slow him down :(
But congratulations dude! Keep on being awesome!
///I’m not over him dabbing oops

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