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Liam Dunbar x Reader x Theo Raeken

Warnings: Mature content, slight sexual content.

A/N: Anon wanted a threesome, but I suck at writing those, so I re-wrote the idea and made it into something that I felt comfortable writing about. heh.


It’s been a rough week for Theo and Liam, it wasn’t often two betas would get into their heat at the same time. Scott and Stiles had been forced to keep them both away from you and the other girls of the pack on daily basis

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I’m starting to think I’ve lived longer than the gods originally intended. I am a child inside of a woman’s body. It’s not a very womanly body, either. Awkward angles and angry edges. Uncomfortable to hug. More uncomfortable to love. Voted most likely to be overlooked. Sometimes I want to cry out, but would you even hear me? I wish I was a heavy sleeper, if only to keep my coffin from floating away every night. Dead girl walking or dead girl talking or dead girl rotting in the river. Kindred spirits we all are. Expired fruit. Past due. I don’t want to be bloated and waterlogged when they find me. If I cry out, will you even hear me? I’m afraid you may just sleep right through it.


AMAZING short story by a 13 year old girl.

In this film, a young girl is interested in “boys” things, and everyone keeps pushing her away from it.

The thing is, in this video: “girls things” are masculine, and “boys things” are feminine.

From the description: “Ever since the beginning of time, things have been exactly the same. Boys wear pink, girls wear blue. Boys wear dresses, and girls can’t…”

Very much worth the 6 minutes.

Being Tony’s daughter would include.

A/N: So I was gonna make this into a story but I have another request that’s just like that I will make into the story!.
-Tony asking you to help with his robots.

-You calling them robots, but he corrects you and say’s they’re his assistants.

-You and him arguing over what to eat for dinner.

-Him trying to keep you away from the male avengers.

-”I’m not a little girl anymore!.”

-”You’re all I have left.”


- Him getting you fancy dresses made.

- Taking trips to Paris.

- Mood swings

-You threatening to put him in a home.

- Him calling you Kid, or some funny nickname.

- You calling him grumpy pants

- “You were hatched.”

-”So you had sex with a chicken?”

-Walking out of the house and paparazzi everywhere.

-Being good at science and stuff.

Requested: Anon ( Can you do what it would be like being Tony Starks daughter.)

Winx Club Headcanons: Timmy

•loves building and inventing different types of robots

-will wake up early just to build

-sometimes won’t even go to sleep so he can keep building

•likes reading about science and math from other planets

•always has random facts and will most definitely say them during the night when people are trying to sleep

•unironically loves the minions

•goes to the library with Helia

•throws nails and screws at Sky

•most of his robot creations are helpful but sometimes not

-made a robot that just screams whenever someone says “egg”

-convinced (paid) Brandon to keep saying egg whenever Riven was in the room

•watches horror movies with Riven and Helia

-cries after watching horror movies with Riven and Helia

•forces Nex to play video games with him

-Nex actually loves those times but refuses to tell Timmy

•Cried when he saw Helia’s new haircut

•plays Wii Sports and calls it exercise

•collects comic books and figurines from every planet they go to

•always on trend with Earth memes

•likes pancakes and sometimes (always) forces Helia to make them at three (3) in the morning

•on Earth he skinned a Furby and reprogrammed it to be a weapon

-only he knows what it does

-everyone is afraid of it

•survives on pizza rolls and energy drinks

•once mixed coffee, redbull, and monster, drank it all then stayed in the bathroom for three days

FP Jones | Teasing has consequences.

Count of words: 1238

Warnings: huge age gap (tho reader is leagal), smut, cursing a bit


Hope you like it… ok bye ♥ I’ll go drown in holy water now




anonymous asked:

Plus size reader x fp Jones fluffy smut if you have the time? (Reader over 18) thank you c:

People thought it was curious how a twenty five year-old-girl could fall in love with a man on his forties. Really, it was not something the girl could explain either. It was just this feeling he gave her, this safety she craved for, this love that she seeked. He gave that to her with no questions asked, not many words, just actions. The man was quite confused himself. He didn’t know how he got so lucky. It was strange how the girl would take care of him when he needed it the most, despite his protests, despite all his effort to scare her away in hopes she’d stop before she got hurt, but she didn’t mind. She would help him clean the trailer, help him get back on the right track, for the sake of his beloved son. He found comfort in her and he gave it back as well. It was really a realationship where both were just mending wounds, and even though for most people it doesn’t quite work, the two made it look easy.

Once again the two were visiting the Whyte Wyrm. FP insisted that she didn’t tag along, mostly because her slightly revealing clothing was enough to send a man over his edge. It was a tight black mini dress, enhancing her beautiful curves, her thick thighs making their appearence, driving FP crazy, as his jacket wrapped around her shoulders wasn’t so sure to keep the inappropriate looks away from the girl. A pair of black high heels completed the look, making her height match with his, as the two walked into the bar.

It wasn’t unusual for the girl to recieve hungry looks, but this time; this time it was different. FP could see all the desperate Serpents aching to surround his girl, but the protective arm around her, palm resting or her ass and his jacket around her indicated that no one should mess with her. And if they did, consequenses would be rated deadly. The girl couldn’t help but chuckle at how the man beside her seemed to be so jealous, not wanting anyone to even breath close to her. She made a mental note to show him that no one could have her but him.

The night had reached it’s peak, people were having fun in the South Side bar, but FP wasn’t enjoying it as much. Soflty he pulled the girl away from the Whyte Wyrm, leading her into his car and driving to the trailer, they now shared, quickly. The man’s face was quite tense, his jaw clenched, while all he wanted to do was wipe that teasing smirk off of the girls face. “Is everything ok, darling?” She questioned suggestively. She only earned a growl from him and she giggled. “Come on baby, what’s wrong?” She asked, her palm dangerously close his already hard member as she bit her lip. “Don’t bite that lip!” He ordered, the action turning him on even more. “Why are you doing this to me? We haven’t had sex in a while, and you think you can tease me like that without any consequences?” He growled, his free hand now dangerously close to her core. “Well, I was kinda hoping for that.” She confessed, moaning slightly and the closeness of his big palm. “So, you put this on for me?” He suggested, a smirk tugging at his lips. The two hurriedly jumped out of the truck and into the house before she even had time to answer. After he opened the door to the trailer, FP, slammed the girl’s back on it, kissing her neck forcefully. “You know I did,” she replied to his previous question, already out of breath. “Then, watch me rip it off of you,” he mumbled on her neck, doing as promised and ripping the dress away from her body.

The moment FP saw her half naked body his breath hitched. Somehow her heels and his clothes had found their way somewhere on the floor, none of the two paying attention to that. For a moment he stared at her body, not moving, not doing anything, just admiring the beauty. The girl felt uncomfortable, trying with everything she could to hide her body. “What are you doing?” The man questioned after the girl tried to hide the piece of art in front of him. She didn’t reply, simply looking away, but FP knew what the problem was. He chuckled slightly, removing her hands from her squishy stomach, smiling at her afterwards. He kissed her jaw and moved down to her neck, her collar bone followed and then her breasts. Skillfully, FP removed the undergarment, allowing them to be free, before attacking them both, leaving purple marks while doing so. “You. Are. Beautiful.” he breathed between kisses as the girl moaned under his touch. “I love your body and I’ll show you just how much, tonight.” He informed the girl, kissing down her stomach. His hands roamed her curvy body, memorising every part of it. His delicate fingers traveled down to her clothed core, removing the fabric between them with a swift move. One of his fingers found it’s way inside of her, pumping in and out, the pleasure enough to send the girl over the edge. Her moans were loud, the sound encouraging FP to pump a seconf finger in as well, doubling the pleasure. The girl was sure as hell enjoying it, moaning loudly, making a mental note to tell FP to this more often. “Why are you moaning so loud? Haven’t you been fingered before?” The man asked suggestively, keeping up with his actions. “No,” she managed to get out before moaning once again. “Then allow me to keep enlightening you,” the man said bringing his head btween her parted legs. He begun sucking and blowing on her clit, his mouth working perfectly with his fingers as the pleasure was now unbearable. “Come on, baby girl. Scream my name. Let everyone know who makes you feel so good,” the man said, never stoping his actions. The girl did as told, screaming his name while riding off her high.

FP delicated inserted his two fingers in his mouth, tasting the girls juices,  and then cleaning her juices from her core with his masterly tongue. From there he begun trailing kisses over her body, until he reached her lips, kissing her passionately and allowing her to taste herself. Without stopping the kiss, FP, discarded his boxers, his member finally making it’s appearence. Still keeping up with the kiss, he took a condom out of his drawer, covering his hard lentgh after ripping it open with his teeth. With a quick move his was inside of her, thrusting in and out. Her legs were wrapped around her waist but he moved them a little higher, giving him a different angle in which he hit her g-spot with every thrust. It didn’t take long for the girl to reach her second orgasm, since she was still sensitive from the extreme fingering that occured previously. The man was quick to follow, her facial expression sending him over his own high. Carefully, he got out of her, removing the condom and throwing it in the trash can next to the bed. He simply pulled the girl close to her body, kissing her temple and letting her fall asleep. “I love you,” he whispered in her ear earning a simple smile from the now sleeping girl.

anonymous asked:

How do you feel about Jug lying to Betty about his assault? Personally I'm not that bothered by it but it seems like people are losing their minds over it. I honestly feel like there was really nothing Betty could do if she knew and it would only add to her existing stress re: him being on the Southside. He wants to spare her that pain, and that I can understand. Besides, I think he's finally starting to understand just how dangerous his life is, and wants to protect her from it.

i mean, i agree with you, in that he believed he was doing it to keep her from worrying and especially where he thought there was nothing to be done about it anyway. 

but—that doesn’t really exist in a vacuum, right? 


because getting jumped was a significant moment, one that changed his entire perspective and raised the stakes. the fear in his voice when he murmured he was taking toni’s warnings seriously, deciding the devils he did know were better than the devil’s he didn’t—

because he wasn’t just lying to keep her safe; he’s also lying about the fact that he’s afraid. 

@jugandbettsdetectiveagency was talking about wondering why jug has been extra flirty this season thus far and this kind of fits into it—boy’s just fucking scared. 

thought you liked me reckless, he jokes—because obviously betty doesn’t, considering not much later she voices heavy concerns about the motorcycle and especially him without a helmet. 

she does not, in fact, like him reckless. 


and he knows this. 

but he’s been doing what he always does—deflecting with humor and sarcasm. he’s in love, too, so he’s more comfortable in it, and it comes off as smug flirtation, but the truth is, he’s in over his head and he’s aware of it. and he doesn’t want to make it real by talking about it. 

because this is who he is. he didn’t want to tell anyone he was deliberately homeless for who knows how many months, remember? especially not betty. he’s a kid who was forced to grow up really fast and is used to handling things by himself, wanting to make himself invisible, not being a burden. 

so this isn’t new behavior, and particularly one that he’s never fully addressed. and again, the fact that he’s got a lot of this aggressive trauma coupled with the fact that he wants to keep the girl he loves far, far away from an increasingly ugly world—

as in, insularly, this lie wouldn’t be a big deal. white lies have their place. but as part of a larger, mutable, darkening picture….i think it was significant. and i don’t mean to sound so ominous, because again, i think the end goal of the arc is to bring them closer, but also make them stronger as individuals. get that good growth. so. should be a fun/emotional ride. 


Virgins know to keep away from girls and quietly stroke, alone in their rooms, while watching girls they’ll never talk to. We don’t comment on the videos because we know the girls wouldn’t want to chat with us. Just like the videos and stroke and deny yourself any orgasms.

Finally ➳ Dean Ambrose

Fandom: WWE

Pairing(s): Dean Ambrose x Reader

Prompt/Summary:  With Nikki and John getting engaged, you begin feeling a little jealous that all your friends are beginning to settle down and start their own families, while you and Dean have been together almost 12 years and marriage hasn’t ever been mentioned between the two of you.

Word Count: 2,251

A/N:  So I definitely got carried if you guys can’t tell from the word count, but I actually like this one. Let me know what you guys think, and if you have any requests, send them in ^_^


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“Ooh I think that’s Nikki and Brie,” I told Nattie, Eva, and Trin as the doorbell rang. I hopped out of the pool, wrapped a towel around myself before making my way to the front door, “Babes!”

“Hey booo,” Nikki replied, smiling as I motioned them in.

“Hey Y/N,” Brie smiled, giving me a hug after Nikki.

“Come on, the girls are already outback,” I closed the front door and began my way outback with the girls, “look who’s finally here.”

Nikki and Brie greeted the other girls, before stripping down to their swimsuits, and joining the rest of us girls in the shallow end of the pool.

“Damnn Brie, look at you,” I whistled teasingly as Brie laughed and fake swatted at us. We all got drinks and sat on the steps of my pool, easily making conversation. Being on different brands, or having different lives, us girls didn’t get together a lot anymore.

“Nikki, I want a close up of this ring. I haven’t had a chance to see it,” I pouted, walking over to the recently engaged woman, who willingly held out her hand. I sat my drink down, and grabbed her hand, looking at the 5 carat engagement ring, “Wow, it’s so gorgeous. I’m so happy for you, love.”

“Thank you, doll,” She replied, smiling and giving me a short hug, “It’s just so crazy honestly. I’m still in shock over it.”

“It’s so crazy like we’re all at that point in our lives where we’re all finally settling down with our men,” Eva said, and everyone nodded in agreement, well except me. It honestly made me kinda jealous that all the girls were getting serious, or were ready to start a family while the marriage topic hasn’t even came up between Dean and I.

“Well everyone except for me,” I chuckled dryly, the girls sending me looks as I did.

I have been dating Dean Ambrose for almost 12 years now. We met when we were both in the independent circuit, during his Mox days. Our first official meeting was through his old trainer, someone who had also trained me. That’s when our friendship bloomed, which turned into a little more than friendship.

When our relationship became public, a lot of people thought that our relationship wouldn’t even make it past the six month mark. Yet here we are, almost 12 years later, still together, and in WWE now. Although the relationship hasn’t been the easiest, it’s been worth it. Distance and injuries were the main reason for the problems between us. Then there was Dean, who was called up to NXT before me, and worked his way onto the main roster. I was very proud of him for it, but our schedules were really hectic that we barely seen each other than.

Eventually I made a big enough name for myself on the Indies, and was offered a contract for NXT. I was there for about a year and a half, before they moved me up to the main roster after becoming the longest NXT Women’s Champion, and most undefeated women there.

“Has he ever mentioned marriage to you?” questioned Brie.

“No,” I replied, sulking a bit, “I mean when I was still in the Indies, we did talk about how he really didn’t want to get married, but we haven’t talked about it since. I’ve kinda given up hope on it.”

“You sound like me before John proposed,” Nikki joked, earning a chuckle from all the girls who agreed, “but maybe he’s planning on asking you?”

“Nah, he’s not good at keeping secrets so I’d know if he was. I really don’t think about it anymore,” I shook my head, pursing my lips a bit.

That was a lie - I thought about it a lot more than I’d like to admit. A lot of my friends have been getting engaged, or starting their own families, and they’ve only been dating for a few years, nothing like the 12 years Dean and I have. I know that being married, and having kids isn’t as glamorous as it looks on TV, but it’s what I’ve always wanted. A husband, kids, a house of my own, and a couple animals running around. Right now, I only have the own house and a couple animals running around.

“I’m sure he’ll propose, just have some hope,” Nattie said, and I shrugged smiling.

“I have a man who loves me, I’m grateful enough for that,” I replied, honestly.

“Y/N, John and me are proof miracles happen. Don’t give up,” Nikki told me, giving me a side hug.

“I’m not holding my breath,” I chuckled, “I’m gonna go grab another drink, anyone else want one?”

Once the girls replied, I jumped from the steps and made my way inside.

// 3rd POV //

“Someone needs to talk to Dean,” Eva said once Y/N went inside to grab drinks.

“They need to talk fast then, because Y/N and Dean deserve to get married. After all the bullshit they’ve been through, they’ve gotten past it, and not many people do, especially in this line of work,” Brie added.

“I’ll talk to him,” Nikki said, with a nod of her head and look in her eyes, just as Y/N walked back, arms full with the drinks.

“Dean!” Nikki called out to the lunatic who was hanging with Seth and Roman before their match, who turned to look at the 5’6 woman.


“We need to talk,” She huffed, crossing her arms.



“Did something happen? Is she okay?” Dean slightly panicked.

“She’s fine,” Nikki said, trying to reassure the man.

“What is there to talk about then?” He trailed off, very confused.

“Do you ever plan on marrying Y/N?” Nikki asked, crossing her arms as she got straight to the point, shocking Dean.

“Wha-what?” He coughed, choking on his own saliva, as Roman and Seth shook with laughter, “Of course I do, why ya asking?”

“Well, it’s been almost 12 years so,” She replied back, staring him dead in the eyes, “so forgive me if it’s hard to believe.”

“I get that,” He replied, “it’s not that I don’t want too, I do.”

“Then why haven’t you man? You two have been together for almost 12 years man, no one stays together that long and still in love as they were back then,” Roman spoke up, Seth and Nikki quickly agreeing.

“I want it to be perfect,” Dean replied, “After everything we’ve been through, she deserves the absolute best. I’ve looked at some rings, but I can never find the right one for her.”

“Hm okay well I’ll help you. We will make it perfect for her,” Nikki smiled, “Tomorrow morning, we will go ring shopping. I’ll make sure Brie, Nattie and Trin keep Y/N busy tomorrow. You know, we might just have you propose tomorrow too.”

“Uh tomorrow?” Dean asked, eyes wide.

“Yes tomorrow,” Nikki rolled her eyes, “Dean, you guys have been together for almost 12 years already. It’s time to get your ass in gear, and propose.”

The next morning Dean got up earlier than normal, leaving you a note that he went to hang with Roman and Seth, but instead he met up with Nikki, going to the local mall. While Brie, Trin, and Nattie took you out for another girls day, making sure to keep you away from the mall.

“I have no idea which one to get,” Dean let out a sigh, rubbing his eyes after twenty minutes of ring shopping, “How am I supposed to know which one is the right one for her?”

“Dean, you could give her a ring pop and she’d still love it,” Nikki laughed, nudging Dean who chuckled under his breath, “Ooh what about that one?”

Nikki pointed to a medium size oval cut diamond, on a rose gold brand with diamonds halfway around the brand.

“That’s the one,” Dean said, smiling.

“Let’s go buy the ring then,” Nikki squealed in  excitement as they flagged down a employee, “Now text her and tell her you are taking her out tonight, then bam you propose. For now, let’s plan tonight though.”

// Back to 1st POV //

Hey Darlin’, hope you’re enjoying your girls day, sorry I couldn’t hang with you. I’ll make it up to you by cooking you dinner tonight. Come home around 8 x

“That’s surprising,” I murmured, after getting Deans text.

“What is surprising?” asked Trin.

“Dean is cooking dinner for me tonight. He hates cooking,” I laughed, not noticing the excited looks Brie, Trin and Nattie sent each other.

“Well I think we should get you a new outfit for tonight then,” Brie announced, with an excited smile.

“I think we should too,” I smiled, before we finished our lunch.

The rest of the day we spent shopping, it felt weird without Nikki being as she’s my best friend, but she wasn’t feeling so good so she stayed home. I eventually found an army green dress with a slit, with matching heels. It wasn’t fancy, but it wasn’t all causal. Since I couldn’t exactly go home, I went over to Trins’ house so the girls could do my makeup and so i could get around.

“Thank you girls,” I told them once we were done.

“Have fun tonight babygirl,” Trin smiled, waving with Brie and Nattie as I walked out to my car and headed to my house.

// Skip Car Ride //

“Wow,” was the first thing that came out of Dean’s mouth after he opened our front door, “Darlin’ you look gorgeous.”

“You don’t look so bad yourself,” I teased, even though it was true. Dean was wearing his usual jeans, but he paired them with a nice black dress shirt. Dean held out his hand, and I slipped mine into his, stepping into our house as he closed the door. He, then, led me out to the backyard, where fairy lights were set up with a few candles on the table, as soft music played in the background.

“Wow, it’s so beautiful,” I breathed out in awe, “Dean, what is all this for?”

“I realized that in the 12 years we’ve been together, I haven’t really done anything romantic for you, and you really deserve this,” Dean shrugged his shoulders, and I wrapped my arms around his waist.

“Well, thank you so much baby, I love it,” I placed a kiss on his lower jaw. I took a closer look at the table, and noticed my favorite food.

“And I have your favorite dessert in the fridge inside,” He added, after noticing me staring at the table.

“My favorite dessert is right in front of me though,” I pouted, looking up at him, and he grinned.

“You’ll get this dessert later darlin’,” I let out a little laugh at his reply, before we went to eat dinner.

The dinner went by flawlessly, and so did the dessert. The conversation flowed greatly, us just making jokes, or relieving memories. It was just a great time, being on the main roster of WWE, we didn’t get a lot of down time together anymore.

“Ooh I love this song,” I said, just as my favorite song by P!nk came on. Dean stood up, offered his hand which I gladly took, and stood up with him, “You are full of surprises tonight, aren’t you?”

“You deserve tonight,” He replied, as we began slow dancing, “I really love you, Y/N.”

“I love you too, Dean,” I smiled up at the love of my life.

“No like I’m so fucking in love with you, Y/N. I’m not good at this romantic shit, so bare with me,” He joked, making me let out a laugh, “You are the love of my life. You’ve stuck with me through a lot of shit that most wouldn’t. And I, uh, can’t thank you enough for sticking with me. I should’ve done this a long time ago, but I wanted it to be perfect for you.”

After Dean said that, he let me go and got down on one knee. I gasped, covering my mouth as I felt tears weld up.

“Y/N, will you make me the happiest man alive, and be my wife?” He asked, and I nodded my head as tears began to fall.

“Of course I will,” I replied, sniffling as Dean slipped the ring on. Once it was on, I grabbed his head and brought his lips to mine, “I love you so much.”

“I love you so much more,” He murmured against my lips as I wrapped my arms around his neck.

“Now I think someone promised me some certain dessert?” I teased, pulling back, as a smirk spread across his face.

“Anything for my bride-to-be,” Dean smirked, and the next thing I was over his shoulder, squealing as he slapped my ass.