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What are your ships in miraculous ladybug? Who's your favorite character(s)? 🐞🐱🦊🐢🐝🦋(also why is there no peacock emoji?)

I mean, besides the love square, I ship Alya x Nino, Juleka x Rose, Ivan x Mylene, and Kim x Max. If I shipped Chloe with anyone it’d probably be Sabrina tbh (keep her away from my tomato child)

My favorite character is Nathaniel.

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Prior to the beginning of the new season I had a love-hate relationship with Gabriel’s character. His parenting could be described as cold and distant. Of course it wasn’t healthy for Adrien, but there was still room for discourse on the subject. Let me just say, in light of the new season, my opinion has drastically changed.

Akumatizing himself was a very calculated move to hide his identity–but what bothers me are the lengths he went to do so.

His angry response to the missing book was expected. But what bothers me most is the anger wasn’t because one of his possessions were stolen, or because valuable information was lost. The anger towards Adrien, the over-reacting, the destruction of things were stunts to solidify his cover. It’s evident as he emotionlessly ransacks his office.

“So then if you had a copy of the book, why did you go through all that trouble?”
“I did what I had to do to keep my secret.”
(Nathalie Sancoeur and Gabriel Agreste, S2E1)

He made his son feel horrible for taking the book to cover his ass–to have a motive for his akumatization. He made Adrien feel bad for losing it despite having a scanned copy. He put his own agenda first, and did so by using his son and his emotions. Manipulating a child into thinking something is their fault, when it clearly isn’t, is classic emotional abuse. Keeping a child away from others, and threatening to take away their personal freedom, is classic emotional abuse. That kind of behavior messes with the psyche of a child. They become more reliant on you. They become paranoid of somehow angering or upsetting you by accident. 

Gabriel Agreste is a bastard. A cold, manipulative, calculating asshat. He overreacted and toyed with Adrien for a personal agenda. He controls his son through the fear of upsetting him. He threatened to keep Adrien at home and away from others on numerous occasions. The whole “has Adrien’s best interests at heart, but goes about it badly” argument is weak. He’s not a stupid man. He knows Adrien doesn’t like isolation. He knows Adrien is willing to bend over backwards to please him. He knows he isn’t the only who lost loved one. Instead of acting like an adult, by supporting his emotionally vulnerable son, he does the exact opposite.

Gabriel Agreste is willing to exploit others for personal gain and his son is no exception. He is a shitty parent and will have to go a long way to redeem himself.


I’ve become skeptical of the fact that Izuku was originally quirkless. I think if anything, his quirk is something that applies to One For All or that it isn’t as obvious as some of the quirks we’ve seen so far. I’ll go into my reasons as to why I don’t think Izuku is quirkiness.

If the theories for the doctor being a villain is true, then it’s likely that the doctor visit scene was all a lie too.

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Silently Running

The reader is kicked out of the bunker by Dean but before she leaves she drops a bombshell on her now ex-boyfriend then disappears making his heart ache more at the costly mistake he had made.

Dean Winchester and Reader, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Jody Mills

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Warnings: Heartbreak, angst, fluff 

Silently Running Mike and the Mechanics

              “Dean please? Please don’t do this??” He sighed and rubbed his forehead. “You can’t be that stupid y/n! We’re done! I don’t want you here anymore!” I nodded and gave him a hard glare. “That’s fine Dean, but once I’ve packed and out that door don’t ever come find me!” I went down the hall and packed my bags. I came back out and set the bags by the stairway “You always promised me that you would never hurt me but this! This so much worse” I walked up the stairs and looked down one last time. “By the way Dean, I’m pregnant” After that I walked out of the door ignoring his screams.

              I was heartbroken and angry but I had a child to think of and I’ll be damned if Dean would take that happiness away from me. I decided to go north, Jody always offered a spare room if I needed it and that’s what I’m going to do. Just as I expected she was happy to have me but asked why I was up here, apparently Dean had called her in a panic and told her my secret. “Jody I’m pregnant and I will not raise my child in that. He told me to get the hell out of his bed, his bunker and his life.” She just held me as I cried, understanding what I was feeling.

              She got me settled and asked if I was hungry, I had to really think about it but in the end, I really wasn’t hungry. I decided to settle in for the night curled up in an old flannel of Dean’s. I missed him so much but he wanted me gone so I was gone. I fell asleep that night crying over the inconvenient situation I was in because the man I loved didn’t love me. I could hear fighting coming from the kitchen and as I started to wake up I knew those voices and I couldn’t be here. I quietly packed and snuck out of the window going to my vehicle and speeding off to see the boys running after me.

              I drove until I could no longer keep my eyes open properly, stopping at a motel for the night. Once I got settled I turned on my phone and saw multiple texts, voice mails and missed calls from Jody, Sam and Dean. I called Jody hoping I could convince her to keep the boys away from me and my child. “Jesus y/n, what the hell were you thinking?” I could feel the tears in my eyes softly falling down my cheek. “I won’t be there with them Jody, Dean told me what he wanted. He only cares about the baby anyway I wasn’t important enough to keep” I heard her sigh “Honey you know that’s not the case, now please come back” “I’m sorry Jody” I turned my phone off after that.

Jody POV

              After she hung up I was heartbroken, for her and for Dean. “Jody please tell me she’s coming back?” I placed my hand on his back and rubbed soothing circles. “I’m sorry kiddo, she’s not coming back” “What were you thinking Dean?” “I wasn’t thinking I was about to stop her but then she said she was pregnant and I tried to stop her but it was too late” I shook my head. “Do you think she’ll ever come back?” “I don’t know sweetie”

              I sent Dean to bed, seeing him so tired and sad hurt me more than anything. As soon as I knew he was asleep I walked back out to Sam to see him in the same shape as his brother. “What’s going on Sam?” He shook his head then ran his hands through his hair. “I don’t know what to do, I feel so lost. Y/n is the glue that holds us together and knowing she’s out there alone pregnant scares me.” “I know kiddo we’ll find her ok? And hopefully talk some sense into her” After that I sent him to bed too knowing he needed to rest.

Five Months Later

Reader POV

              I was exhausted but I had to keep myself moving, if I stayed in a place for too long the brothers would find me and that couldn’t happen. I found an abandoned house which wasn’t in the best shape but I didn’t have a choice. Well I did have a choice but that was taken away from me and I couldn’t go back. Cas would visit from time to time checking on the baby and even told me it was a girl. He tried very hard to get me to go back but he also understood my anger towards Dean.

              I knew I shouldn’t have stayed as long as I had, I got my car packed and went to get breakfast. This little one was like her dad in that respect, she was very active when it came to breakfast foods and burgers. I found a booth in the back so that I could be hidden. “Hi, I’m Susie what I can for you today?” “Pancakes with a side of bacon please? With a coke” “Sure thing honey” She grabbed my menu and put my order in, I knew caffeine wasn’t the best thing but it settled my queasy stomach.

              The time I was there, they weren’t busy but that was ok it gave me time to decide my next move. She served me my order and the little peanut started kicking and moving, I just smiled and rubbed the spot where she had just kicked. I ate in silence and enjoyed hearing the rain hit the roof, relaxing me more. I heard the bell above the door go off and saw the two men I was running from but they hadn’t seen me yet which was fine by me. Thank Chuck I was in a dark enough corner but as they sat in the booth in front of me I wondered if they had seen me.

              “I promise Dean, we’ll find her” “Thanks Sammy but she’s not going to be found, she’s using the skills we taught her. I just keep thinking that if I hadn’t opened my mouth that day she would be home with me planning the birth of our child not out there where every demon or monster could get her.” They put in their order as I was finishing my meal and I had no idea how to get away without being seen but thank goodness for hoodies. I grabbed the check and walked past them but Deans hand grabbed my wrist stopping me. “We knew you were there sweetheart”

              “Let me go Dean, this was your choice not mine” I truly hoped he could see the anger and sadness that had filled my eyes. “I’m so sorry baby please? I know I screwed up but please come back? I need you there and I want us to be a family.” I pulled my arm away and shook my head. “You don’t get a second chance Dean, just leave me be” I only got a few steps and realized that I couldn’t do this anymore. The running and hiding was wearing thin on me, I wanted my life back, my family back. I stood there trying to make up my mind. Feeling the tears fill my eyes, I didn’t want to be alone anymore but Dean broke my heart.

              I had to make a hard decision, and I did, I walked away. Dean needed to realize that consequences happen to bad decisions. I paid for my meal and walked out to my car, getting soaked from the hard rain, putting my forehead on the roof I let it out. I turned and slid down with the car, sobs leaving chest getting soaked as I let all of that sadness and anger I had carried so long. I saw two pairs of legs come into my sight but I didn’t have the energy to care. Sam squatted down in front of me and pushed the hood off my head, and realized I wasn’t in good shape.

              I looked up to Dean to see he was just as broken as I was, but he had no right. “I told you! I told you when I walk out that door to not find me! You made the decision so you deal with the consequences” He just pulled me into his arms and held me as I slapped his chest and tried to get away from him. He held me as I screamed and hit him, held me as my legs buckled underneath me cradling me in his arms as screamed cried into flannel. “You bastard! I hate you!” sobbing into his shirt he just held me through everything.

              “I know I have a lot to make up for, I’m sorry! I will never be sorrier about hurting you like that and breaking my promise to never hurt you, but please come back? I need you back we need you back” I sighed and slightly nodded my head. I didn’t want to go back but I wasn’t going to put my child in that situation any more even if I hated Dean.

Dean POV

              I felt her breathing even out, and knew she had fallen asleep. She was exhausted, and it was my fault she was in this condition. Sam put her belongings in the trunk while I put her in the back seat with a pillow and blanket I had brought from home so she would be comfortable when I got her back. This was the first time I actually got a good look at her and I was heartbroken at her state. She was pale with dark circles under her eyes, her hair was dull and oily and she was on the thinner side.

              We got on the road going home, so I could take care her and show her how much I loved her. “Just ask Sam” “What happened exactly?” I let out a sigh. “She was acting weird, like she was hiding something and of course I thought the worse thing possible. I was a real asshole to her and I will do everything in my power to get her back.” He patted me on the shoulder and put his headphones on falling asleep in the seat.

              It was still a few hours before we would reach home, so I decided to get a motel room for the night. “Sammy? You wanna get us two rooms for the night?” “I can do that” As he got out of the car I turned to see if y/n was awake. She had her eyes open watching me, then gave me a small smile. “Are you hungry? We just passed a diner a block away” “Yeah that sounds good.”  Sam got in and handed us our key and realized our rooms were right behind us. I shut off baby and got out, I helped y/n out and grabbed our bags from the trunk.

              We got settled into our room and she went to get a shower while I went to the diner for dinner. She told me what sounded good and I hoped it would be the start of something new.

Reader POV

              Taking a hot shower felt better than I could ever imagine, but I didn’t have any clean clothes so I stole dean’s undershirt and sweatpants until I could do some laundry. I got into bed and turned on the television to find an old western marathon and smiled. It was something that had gotten Dean and I together, westerns and action movies. I could feel her moving around and kicking, I started to sing ‘Stairway to Heaven’ by Led Zeppelin and she calmed down enough to make me smile.

              I heard the door open and saw Dean with Sam in tow, two bags full of Styrofoam containers. Dean just looked at me and gave me a small smile then going back to unpacking the bags handing out everyone’s orders. I tried to get up but had some issues with my five month belly it was harder to move when I needed to. He walked over food in hand, for me and for him. “Don’t worry about trying to get up ok? Anything you need you ask ok?” I gave him a lop-sided smile and nodded.

              I dug into the food and was extremely happy, well momma and baby. I finished the food and laid back against the headboard feeling better than I had in a long time but I was unsure about the future. Dean broke me, broke my heart and my spirit. How was I supposed to forgive him? He only came after me so he didn’t feel guilty. I watched both boys and saw they were in the shape I was in, maybe worse. I was so confused, I was so confused. I could feel a headache coming on so I got under the covers and snuggled into bed.

              I grabbed a pillow from under my head and put it against my stomach. I had read enough baby books to know it was better for the baby. I wanted to snuggle with Dean, I wanted to feel him holding me making me feel safe. My head was in a war with itself, throwing out pros and cons of going back with him. I could feel the tears building again as my body shook with silent sobs making me feel more broken and angrier at the situation.

              I watched Sam bid us goodnight and left, leaving Dean and I alone. He walked over and laid down next to me and saw the red puffy eyes. “God I’m so sorry!” His voice wavered. “I was so stupid to think that of you! Please? Just please come back? It’s not home without you there.” I could see the fear in his green eyes, the fear of me not wanting to go back. “Why Dean? Why? I need to know before we figure things out.” “You were acting so strange and I thought the worst.” “I would never Dean! Ever!” He nodded quickly and pulled me closer to him.

           “I know baby, I should have known that! Just please come back? I can’t sleep another night alone in our bed. I need you so much and I’m sorry it took me this long to realize that I’m nothing without you. You hold all of us together and without you, things are falling apart.” I started breathing heavily feeling the tears fill my eyes once again. He just held me, letting me get everything out.

              “If I come back with you, you’re gonna have a lot of ass kissing to do!” “Anything baby! I promise!” Then I smiled and nodded. “I’m coming home then.” He held me tightly and cried as he held me. It was then that I knew I was making the right decision. I love Dean and I knew sooner or later I would go home. He put a hand on my small bump and right then she decided to kick and his eyes widened at the amazing feeling.

              When we went back to the bunker both boys were smiling and happy. So now, we wait until baby Winchester makes her entrance to the world. While Dean and Sam went to get groceries and things we needed while I unpacked and put everything away. I went into the kitchen and put the tea kettle on the stove, hot chocolate sounded so good right now and I knew that was my peanut craving it and I just smiled. I heard the bunker door open and knew my boys were home, I walked out to see them carrying multiple brown bags filled to the top.

              “What did you guys get?” They didn’t say anything they just pulled out various snacks, vitamins and books. “We wanted to make sure we were prepared.” “I’m sure you guys want to know what we’re having” “Actually I want to show you something.” He pulled me with him and I had a feeling Castiel had told him already. He opened the door and I gasped, there was a purple room with everything a little girl would ever need. “Dean…” “Oh my god Dean this is beautiful.”

              I heard the tea kettle going off and Dean just smiled then kissing me. He put his forehead to mine then feeling something weird on my finger, only to see an engagement ring resting on my finger. “Please tell me you’ll be my wife? So I can spend the rest of my life making up for my stupidity and love you with every part of my being.” “Yes Dean, yes I will marry you!”

              After that things were smooth sailing and the next four months flew by planning the arrival of your daughter. The closer it had gotten to my due date the boys called other hunters to take the more serious cases and I was happy they had come to that conclusion all on their own. I had gotten to the point of not wanting to be pregnant anymore. I loved my pregnancy but I just wanted my little girl in my arms.  It was two in the morning when I had gotten up for the hundredth time to pee but this time is when my water broke and I was ecstatic.

              “Dean! It’s time!” He shot out of bed falling on the floor and I just giggled at him until a contraction had hit then it wasn’t funny anymore. There was rushing and panic but I was able to reign that in and get to the hospital. It was six hours of contractions when we heard the cries or our little girl. They placed her on my chest and I just cooed looked at her seeing her bright green eyes and blonde hair. “I’m so proud of you y/n, you were amazing!”

              They cleaned her up and brought her back over to me in a pink bundle and place her back in my arms. She was beautiful and both of us never knew how amazing this little girl was and would be. “Welcome to the world Lily Rae” Dean got into the bed next to me pulling me to his side and kissing the side of my head. “Thank you so much y/n! You’ll never know how much I love you and Lily!” We stayed that way for a while, just watching her snuggled in bed together.

(Ever so slight Spoilers)

Okay, but my favorite headcanon right about now is little Peter just, somehow casually slipping into the Ravager’s life.

One moment everything goes downhill and straight to hell – suddenly they are not gonna sell the little Terran because Yondu decided he would be useful (only a handful of people know that’s not the real reason why Yondu will do everything to keep the child away from Ego). Suddenly they are not going to get paid a few thousand units, but have to feed and take care of the brat. It’s chaos, it’s very close to mutiny, and even those loyal to Yondu are a bit confused, because even though they don’t want to deliver the kid to his death, they didn’t really think that they would keep him around.

Then, the great silence follows. Peter doesn’t really dare to come close to the strange aliens, and the Ravagers don’t really dare to interact with the child – either because they don’t know how to handle a little Terran, or because they would only want to treat him badly and then they would find themselves with an arrow through some important parts of their bodies. It’s a game of cat and mouse, and Peter only ever comes closer for food, to ask something very quietly or accept a new load of work they drop on him.

And then it just… happens. Peter is there, and it’s a bit like he always was. Suddenly there is a boy following them like a puppy, eager and hopping and with eyes wide like plates to take in everything around him. Questions leaving his lips as fast as the rapid fire of a blaster. Greedy little hands grasping for new things to keep them close and inspect them from all sides.

There is music blasting from a Walkman or from their ship’s speakers until they almost beg the boy to switch to another song (or Yondu yells to “pick a fuckin’ ‘nother, Quill!”). There is laughter echoing through the former rather quiet Eclector on normal days, and hoots and cheers on the best days. There is groan and moans of a bored child until either someone breaks and goes to entertain the little Terran, or Yondu grasps him and puts him down in the captain’s seat where Peter can play “Fly the ship” with loud “Nyooom” sounds.

There are missions going horribly wrong because they can’t quite figure out how to include a child in a Ravager’s work at first. And Peter messes up, or they mess up, and then it’s a huge freaking mess with screams and yells and whistles until they are out of there and gasp for air in between yelling blames at each other and simultaneously laughing their ass off over their own stupidity, and Peter looking between them until he starts laughing himself.

There is worry and confusion over Terran’s and their customs – because apparently little Terran children can get sick easily and it looks like they are dying, only for it to be a simple “flu”, whatever that is. But then again, the same little Terran can fall and break a limb and be okay, and it’s confusing the heck out of all of them, even Yondu and Kraglin, the latter being almost Terran after all.

Both cases end up with Peter lying in a bed, not allowed to move from there, and Ravagers sticking at least their head in the room to check up on the kid. Or, rather, spending hours next to his sickbed to make sure that he’s going to stay okay.

Suddenly there is Peter clinging to Tullk’s leg as he walks, hanging over Kraglin’s shoulder to see him work, falling asleep on Oblo’s lap to the man’s silent delight, annoying the hell out of Horuz or dancing along next to Yondu’s big steps when they walk through the hallways.


Nobody can really tell who first slips up and calls Peter “their Terran.”


It becomes a habit, one they don’t really think about.

Tullk says it with a laugh when Peter manages to pickpocket an officer – an officer of all the people – and returns with a triumphant grin and his pockets full of handcuffs, a new blaster and some money. “Our lil’ Terran is a natural thief!”

Oblo mutters it when he’s carving a new toy for Peter, one that looks like those “raccoons” Peter has tried to describe to him. When someone asks him what that shape is supposed to be, the man mutters without looking up from his work, “Our lil’ thief said they shoulda look like this.”

Kraglin calls it over his shoulder when they leave a wrecked bar full of headhunters that Yondu’s dealt with himself, because they were looking for the money Ego has put on his spawn’s head, “Shouldn’t mess with our Terran, shouldn’t have.”

And Yondu says it, the words slipping as they re-enter the ship, little Peter curled up next to Horuz, the man okay with it as long as the child is sleeping and not annoying him. Horuz looks up when Yondu storms into the room – the headhunter’s claim and threat that they would find Peter still fresh in the Centaurian’s mind.

Yondu’s burning gaze lands on Peter – safe, safe, still here – and some of the tension seeps out from him. He still glowers at Horuz and gives a short order, “Keep an eye on ‘im. Nobody comes close to our Terran, ya got that?!”

They can’t pinpoint when it happens. But somewhere along the way, Peter becomes theirs, becomes crew.

And hell to those who try to take him from them again.

Surprise Two

Edward Nygma x Reader

Warnings: Language some violence. Very sucky writing that’s never edited.

Even though you promised Eddie you would take it easy, you still cleaned around the apartment and started on dinner. Besides, you were a little over a month pregnant it wasn’t like you were too big to do anything. Eddie’s reaction made you forget all about Ed. All your thoughts were devoted to the child and who it would look like more.

A little before Eddie came home you decided to take a relaxing bath. Sinatra must have lulled you to sleep because next thing you knew you were being woken by a hand on your shoulder. “Hey, Eddie,” you yawned.

“Guess again little slut,” your eyes snapped up, meeting Ed’s angry ones, his hands closed around your throat, “What you pulled at the GCPD was completely unacceptable.”

You struggled against Ed hand making water splash onto the tile. He brought your head forward, hitting it against the porcelain of the tub. “You think you’re something special,” he said pulling you up by your hair, “You’re nothing better than my own personal cumdump. What makes you think I would want to have such a little bitch around.”

Hot, angry tears ran down your face. Ed was rough, yeah, but mostly just in the bedroom. This was the first time he ever did anything of the sort. You clawed your nails across his face, he pushed you back down, “What the fuck are you doing?”

“What do you think you’re doing?” He glared at you, “You said you were on the pill. Lying fuck.”

“There’s still a chance for it to fail you goddamned idiot.”

You stood up, careful not to turn your back on the man. Grabbing the towel you started to leave the bathroom. As you entered the bedroom you hear the mirror shatter. This couldn’t be allowed. Staying wasn’t an option. There was no where to go, but you weren’t staying here. After pulling on some clothes you started to pack your suitcase.

“You think you’re leaving, YN?” Ed chuckled, leaning against the doorframe.

“Get the hell away from me. You don’t want it. I’m keeping my child.”

Your fist balled against your sides, when you felt him press against yourself. “What are you going to do? You want to hit me. Don’t you?” He turned you around to face him, “Go for it little bitch.”

You aimed a knee for his crotch which brought him down pretty quickly. “You’re a fucking bastard Ed. All that talk about being better than your father when you’re and abusive prick just like him,” you hit his jaw, bringing irony to your words. It was easy to see how much you fucked up, you needed to knock him out in order to get away from the psychopath.

“You’re dead.” Ed lunged at you, his fist meeting your face. It quickly turned into an all out brawl and it didn’t end until a bat met the side of his head.

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Im really appreciating this trend of mothers not posting photos of their kids or not showing their babies faces in photos.
An old HS classmate of mine had a baby like 2 years ago & i wasnt aware (due to a lack of FB for the past 4) that she had even had a kid because there were no photos of him & very few mentions of even a child in the house on fb.
She told me the father has little to do with the child (go figure😒) & she faced a lot of adversity from both sides of the family during pregnancy.
Now that the baby’s here, everyone wants to come and go about his welfare, upbringing, life, etc., being included in his moments, fickle about sending money or what they think the baby should have and she has had enough.
Besides her folks, a few close friends, me & the father, no one else has seen the kid up close unless they are just spotted around town at the local deli or gun shop. There are ZERO photos of him online & apparently she’s become very quiet & reclusive (mind u this was my captain of the cheer squad, bubbly actress, rachel from glee attention whore of a friend in HS who i loved dearly).
Apparently its become like a sighting game for a few nosey ppl in our town. Rumors gotten to me that someone tried snapping her at a local little league game holding the toddler and she smooth cussed them out and threatened legal action and all that jazz.
I was worried maybe this was a severe reaction to the father being a piece of shit & she was ashamed of the babe or post partum. But she told me that yes she suffered from PP but that has little to do with it and more of the fact that she’s being spiteful in the best way she knew how by not allowing ppl to be apart of this child’s life that aint have nothing positive to do with him at conception and in the womb.
Its driving ppl in my old HS circles wild that she’s not “publicly acknowledging” her son, and she’s just sitting back grinning at this point, cause she’s already planning to move out of houston in 2 years when he starts school.
It’s going to be interesting when someone decides to make that “callout” post on FB about parenting and she posts her address to meet her outside like we used to in HS

Mafia: Exo reaction to you wanting an abortion


He was pissed and angry. You tried to calm him down but he had no plans in doing so and for once saw you less human then him. After he heard your plan he made sure to keep a good eye on you and made sure to always follow you to the hospital and keep a look out for sharp objects.

“I am checking your hospital records from now on”

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He was caressing your stomach in adoration and said cute words such as “Can’t wait for our child to be in my actual hands” and to which you replied with “I will hand it to you dead” You did not mean it and was said in the midst of anger but he did not handle it lightly

“Hurt our child and I shall make sure to hurt others that mean more to you then your own child”

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“I will make sure to keep our child away from my ‘business’ and teach him things such as singing” He promised to you in the middle of your argument about his job. “A child that will soon be aborted cant sing” you retorted and he found about your secret plan which you accidentally let out”

“Go ahead. Be more of a monster then I am”

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He always had a light and joyful personality but soon all of that had been hidden after you had told him about your wish to abort. From then on he made sure to never leave you alone, in fear of you hurting yourself or the child.

“This is OUR child. There will be more to come so get used to this one”

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“I hope our child takes more of your looks then mine” He joked while giving you a hug in which your replied “Too bad it will be dead before you can see how it looks like” With so much disgust that for a while he was shaken.

“Dead? The only way I want my child is to be Alive and healthy. Make sure that happens or the circumstances wont be good”

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He was not dealing your words lightheartedly so he locked you in a hospital. tied. With a nurse and a nutritionist to look after you. In fear of losing his child he sacrificed some of your trust for him

“I am not risking anything. sorry”

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He loved the child even before it was born so when you let out you plans he let out his frustration and anger.

“How dare you put an innocent child in the mercy of death just because you don’t want it to be affiliated with my work. disgusting”

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He would cry in front of you and lose the last string to holding his emotions. He would try to compromise with you and was not afraid to take risks in which could end up to you hating him till death.

“Choose wisely since my actions wont be so wise”

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He lost his shit completely and started to shout and insult you. He had never been so overprotective over anything that he did not know when to stop

“Do it. Do it and see what happens”

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Arguments - Tommy Shelby

The Eden gave me so many feels! Tommy saying he never took grace made me think about a request where the reader is jealous of Lizzie working for him cause she knows of their past and then there’s some arguing that goes down when he finds out the reader is pregnant of him Sorry if it sounds confusing btw

Arguments - Tommy Shelby

“I’m not bothered by it.” You stated, focusing on scrubbing the dirt off of a plate. The lie you were trying to sell may have sounded convincing leaving your mouth but your fingers were turning red from scrubbing the plate in your hands.  

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Here Comes Goodbye - Connor McDavid

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Notes: Hola cuties! So, I was listening to some nice Rascal Flatts earlier when I remember I needed to write an angsty McDavid imagine, which voila, led to this. Hope you enjoy!!

Mentions: Steph LaChance

Warnings: Pregnancy, Angst

Requested: Yes | No

Up Next: I haven’t decided. I may put off some of the smuts but yeah.

Teaser: Stage one, confusion. Stage two, disbelief. Stage three, anger.

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How about this prompt? You know how about every bounty hunter/dark force user/shady character in the galaxy is after Obi-Wan? All of this but with an alive, overprotective Qui-Gon keeping them away from his rather clueless child xD thank you!!

Qui-Gon resisted the urge to scowl even as he crossed his arms over his chest and watched his no longer padawan smile warmly at the bounty hunter. Force! How had he not noticed this when Obi-Wan was his padawan?

His charming smile seemed to get under the skin of practically every lower then scum creature they meet through the galaxy.

So far he had to steal four drinks sent Obi-Wan’s way, dosed with suspect things. Send eight bounty hunters on their way and he didn’t even want to think about the amount of offers Obi-Wan had that he couldn’t hear. Not to mention when they were at Senate balls or with uppity royalty!

He glanced to his side to meet the gaze of a scowling thirteen year old, Anakin watching Obi-Wan closely.

“You got a view of their lips?” He asked quietly and Anakin nodded. “Good, what’s Obi-Wan saying?”

“Mostly he’s asking about the case and trying not to be obvious.” The blond offered, narrowing his eyes. “Its gotten harder to read his lips after he grew the stupid beard though.” Qui-Gon fought to grin at that and would have if the situation wasn’t so precarious.

“How can he be completely oblivious to people looking at him as if they want to eat him?” Anakin huffed, frowning ever harder. His padawan brother was dense, dense as a taun-taun!

“He’s usually so smart!”

“I do not know Anakin. I can honestly not remember him exhibiting this kind of behavior as my padawan.” Qui-Gon grumbled. Then again he had kept a close eye on Obi-Wan as his padawan, it was a bit harder when he wasn’t with the man twenty four seven though.

At twenty eight his former padawan was a gorgeous sight for sore eyes,  of average height with golden copper hair that shone in the light and deep green eyes that entrance most who meet them. And Obi-Wan’s best selling point was his voice, the posh high Coruscantian falling from it like a promise wrapped in chocolate that Obi-Wan would never act on.

Which often lead to Qui-Gon interfering when those of lesser intelligence couldn’t take a damn no for an answer.

Obi-Wan seemed to be done with the bounty hunter and said stepped back, smiling to the man before turning to return to Qui-Gon and Anakin.

The bounty hunter placed a hand on Obi-Wan’s arm, tugging him back, tightening it when Obi-Wan tried to escape and Anakin and Qui-Gon traded looks. “Interfere?”

“Yes. Lets go save your dense brother padawan.” Qui-Gon sighed.

Letters to my Darling- Loki x Reader |Part nine|

This one is actually way longer than the rest, my limit for the parts has only been 400 words, but this ended up crossing that. Because there was something that had to happen and I wouldn’t dare leave it out. But anyway, enjoy. :D

Read- Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 -Part 7 - Part 8 -


Y/n follows Sif quickly, she had long let go of her wrist and Y/n was trying her best to keep in step with the Warrior. She didn’t go into depth about what Thor needed her for. If it was so important that Sif couldn’t speak of it, in fear of prying ears, Y/n didn’t dare ask.
Sooner rather than later, Y/n found herself in an unfamiliar hall. “Sif,” she calls softly, and the brunette looks over her shoulder at her. “Where are we going?”
Sif stops, glancing around, even though no one was around to hear a nail drop. She sighs, “Thor sent me to get you so you can see him." 

"What…? ”

“Come now Y/n, We only have a small window of time.”

Sif takes off again, Y/n following now in quicker steps. She could see Loki? The girl was confused, had Thor spoken to Odin? If he had, why would he listen now? After all the times he’s asked–after she’s asked– why now? He couldn’t have.

When they finally went down a hall Y/n knew all too well, Thor was standing at the entrance to the dungeons. The guards however, were both unconscious. “You both know that you will face serious consequences for this.” Y/n says once they reached him.
Thor smiles broadly, taking her hand, “Believe me Y/n, this is worth the risk. I cannot bare to see you both like this any longer.” he says. “Now go quickly, we don’t have much time before Father hears word of this. Go.”

Loki sat in the chair that resided in his cell, it was rather boring. Sitting there day in, day out, having mostly nothing to do. He had planned on going to sleep, but for some God forsaken reason, he couldn’t. The guard outside his cell was friendly enough to chat with, which wasn’t something that Loki expected. Because the guards were told not to speak a word to him under no circumstances.

This one broke rules.

Loki sighs, his hope of ever seeing Y/n again had long dwindled. He doubts it will ever happen, he hasn’t seen Thor since his return. So he hadn’t had time to send his letter to Y/n. He was growing more and more desperate, any longer, and Loki swears he is going to die.

“My lady,”

Loki looks around confused, he thought that it was Frigga again today with the books he’s requested. But what he saw was far better.
“Y/n?” He questions, getting up, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion. She couldn’t possibly be here on Odin’s word. She was smiling at him, tears shining in her eyes. “Hello my Love.”
The guard smiles, looking between the both of them, smiling. Loki’s eyes didn’t leave hers when the gold barrier came down.
“Hurry now, Y/n,” the guard says, pushing her gently forward. Loki’s heart was pounding in his ears when she came in and practically tackled him. Loki grunted with the force of her hug, but wrapped his arms around her anyway. He buries his nose in her hair, breathing in her scent for the first in a long time.
Loki laughs, tightening his hold around her waist, he didn’t waste time on kissing her. The kiss was gentle and passionate, and Loki couldn’t help but sigh into it. He rest his forehead against her own, smiling at her, “Does Odin know?” Y/n chuckles, “Of course not,”
Loki smiles, shaking his head, “It was Thor, wasn’t it?”
Y/n rests a soft hand on his cheek, “You know your brother best,” Loki chuckles, and was just about to kiss her again, but a voice stops his advances.

“Step away from him, child.”

Loki keeps an arm wrapped around the girl’s waist, moving her to stand beside him. And sure enough, Odin was standing outside. His features remained calm, but Loki can see through many things. And faux emotions was one of them; Odin was furious.
“All-Father, please.” Y/n pleaded quietly, and Loki held Odin’s steely gaze. “I knew eventually you would have found your way here, whether or not you had the aid of others.”
Loki’s grip on Y/n’s waist only tightened. This was the only time, that Loki actually feared Odin’s power. He didn’t know the consequences that could be met because of what Y/n did. And he was sure he didn’t want to find out.
“I suggest, you prepare yourself.” Odin says suddenly looking at Loki, and it left the lovers confused. “Prepare for what?” Loki asks, keeping a brave face.

“Your execution.”

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Serpent’s Girl~Prologue

AN: I HAD AN IDEA FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A WHILE. I guess this can be in celebration of 300 followers. ALSO: I changed a major thing about the plot and I hate doing that, but I like this idea, so here it is. 

Summary: Your basically the Serpent’s adopted child and they keep you away from any possible danger. That is until the night of July 11th.

Pairing: Eventual Jughead x reader

Word Count: 1188

Warnings: Death, blood, murder, death, tears, death. Seriously. Death.

Other Parts: Part 1-Part 2-Part 3


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I wasn’t a killer. I wasn’t a criminal. I wasn’t one to break the law. But I was also no longer innocent. I was now a criminal, guilty of murder and other crimes linked to murder. It was never supposed to end up like this. I was supposed to remain the “Serpent’s girl”, as I was referred to at school. I was like their child that they checked up on and took care of, I was not supposed to have anything to do with their crimes. In fact, they made sure to keep me out of all that.

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Okay so it's the 10 year time skip, except everyone is safe and happy and alive. How would the boys be as dads?

OH HOORAY does………..does ignis still have to be blind pl ease let Safe and Happy  mean Not Blind

Noctis: He’s a bit of an awkward dad, but well-meaning in everything he does. He never imagined parenting would be such a daunting task, and his respect for his father nearly doubles. (Noctis would definitely tell them stories of how cool their grandpa was.) He does his absolute best to be the perfect father figure, making as much time for his child as possible and taking them out to go fishing and letting them ride on his shoulders. He would be extremely protective of his child and do his best to keep them away from danger. After being raised as a war prince, he would want his child to be raised in an environment free of violence and grief and live a normal life. Definitely the type to remember all of his child’s little quirks; the order they eat their food, what stuffed animals they’d like at the aquarium…

Ignis: He’d never thought much of having children, as he always figured he wouldn’t ever have the time to look out for another kid other than Noct. However, given enough time to adjust, he’d definitely be a very doting and responsible father. He makes sure to teach them the most proper of manners, and keep them safe, comfortable, and educated to the best of his ability. The only problem is that while he’s good at keeping them very upright, he gets a bit stuck in the “having fun” department, which is where the others would come in (in which Prompto claims he’s the “fun uncle”. Uncle Gladdy disagrees.) to help the kid loosen up. Ignis would probably brag to the others about how adorable his child is without even realizing it. 

Gladio: Above all else, Gladio would want his child to develop a good mindset and strong character at an early age, to keep their heart steady and in the right place by the time they grow up. He probably gives them lots of talks about what being a good person means, but he would definitely be a dad who encourages his child to do all sorts of new things. He’d support them wholeheartedly in whatever they invest themselves in, but he’d also be the annoying dad who yells and ends up crying at all his kid’s important events, whether it be sports or music recitals. His child is his living legacy, and there isn’t a moment he isn’t proud to be their father. He considers them the biggest blessing of his life, and god help anyone who decides to treat them wrong.

Prompto: Prompto’s always been quite good with kids, but he learns that actually raising one is different than just looking after one. He constantly worries that he’s not good enough a father figure for his lovely child, but he does his best to spend as much time with them as he can and read them bedtime stories every night (he’s the best at doing different voices for all the characters). He’d definitely document their growth with a picture every day, and soon his living space would just be filled with pictures of his child and he’d gush to the others about them and fill up several albums’ worth of his child throughout the years. Prompto would probably be the most heartbroken when his child tells them they’ve grown out of something. “But Daddy thinks you’re never too old for photos!”