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Sebastian Stan has a frankly uncanny ability to know when I’ve spent any significant amount of time focused on someone else and that’s always when he shows back up to remind me to stay Loyal

tfw both of you fall in love at first sight but no one makes the fucking first move and then there is a false suicide and one of you keeps a moustache to mourn and then there are shitloads of misunderstandings and lots of stuff happening where one of you fucking dies for real this time and seven years later you should have been married to each other by now but instead what the fuck?

Just Sully Things

When you daydream about the “Good Ol’ Days” where you had no back pain and didn’t have to go on crazy life-threatening treasure hunts with Nate like seriously Sully “died” in two of them wtf Nate keep the moustache man safe goddamnit:

When Rafe Adler is talking shit about you to your face but you realize he’s like a tiny yapping chihuahua so you can’t take him seriously:

When you’re humoring the tiny chihuahua by politely listening to him talk shit about you but then he bites you out of nowhere and you don’t know whether to scream or cry:

When you see the crazy manifesting in the tiny chihuahua’s eyes and you realize it’s too late to run and you got more than you bargained for:

When you finally get away from the crazy yet tiny chihuahua but you’re terrified that he’ll come back for revenge:

When you know for a fact that the crazy yet tiny chihuahua will come back for revenge no matter what you do so you decide to make the most of the situation and mess with him:

When you smile at the crazy yet tiny chihuahua secretly hoping that he’ll forgive and forget even though you know he won’t and you’re fucked:

When you realize you need to flee the country and change your name in order to hide from the crazy yet tiny chihuahua:


When you remember you left the stove on at home and you’re on the opposite side of the Atlantic Ocean:

When you’re in school and you really have to sneeze but everyone around you is taking a test so you try to hold it in by making the face:

Signs When Pissed off

No problem telling you off & gives non stop dirty looks: Scorpio, Taurus, Leo

Will physically fight you: Libra, Aries, Cancer

Keeps their emotions to themselves until they explode: Gemini, Capricorn, Aquarius

Gets so mad that they cry: Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius

10 real struggles when you have Alopecia Areata

I haven’t written anything for a really long time, quite frankly because lately it seems to come out like it’s penned by a teenage emo-kid with too much eyeliner and choppy side bangs that resembled what your barbie’s hair would look like when you decided she needed a trim when you were seven.

But alas, tonight I’m more like my usual self—and back to feeling comfortable joking about hair loss. It’s important to learn to laugh at yourselves, ladies and gents, because others will respect you for it. It takes a lot of balls (or lady balls) to be able to take the piss out of your patchy mess of hair, or your tragic eyebrow that’s riding solo on your face.

So, without further ado, I present 10 real struggles when you have Alopecia Areata. (And people, don’t forget to laugh about it)

1.   Not having hair where you want it, but hairy as f*** everywhere else. Girl, today I’m feeling like you don’t need the hair on your scalp.  But i’ll let you keep the moustache, armpit and pubic hair. Thanks immune system, you asshole.

2.   When your head gets really itchy under your wig in public. Which usually results in yolo-ing and shoving a whole hand (sometimes even both) under it to have a super aggressive scratch. It’s worth the horrified stares—no amount of patting, slapping or knocking was going to be satisfactory. It had to be done.

3.   Casually having one eyebrow. Yeah, just the one. Making morning makeup a nightmare. Starting off trying to match the shape of your existing one while making it look as realistic as possible, then having to draw over the existing one to make it look less realistic to match the fake one. But you don’t have to worry too much, ‘cause every other girl and their dog has them drawn on twice as thick and dark as yours.

4.   Spending hours drawing on your eyebrows, only to accidentally rub one of them off later on. Pullovers are pure evil, they leave you with tail-less eyebrows or sometimes none at all. It becomes habit to glance at your reflection regularly just to make sure they’re both still there, and always carrying a pencil in case of a brow emergency.

5.   Water going straight into your eyes and f***ing your shit up in the shower because you have no eyelashes. Yes, that’s right. It’s like holding a hose in front of your face so that the water goes directly into your eyeballs. Unbelievable.

6.   Synthetic hair from your wig getting stuck in your eyes because again, you have no eyelashes. Seriously though, eyelashes are like the little Spartans of your eyes. 

7.   The one day you decide to wear a headscarf, turban or beanie, you get asked how your chemotherapy is going. Oh yeah, it’s going absolutely fabulously, thanks. 

8.   When people tell you how lucky you are for wearing wigs because you can change your hairstyles all the time, and they look perfect. Really? You would take a bowl cut and humidity frizz in a heartbeat if you could. And sex hair, god you miss that.

9.   Your scalp hair not completely growing back, but not completely falling out either. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, JUST MAKE UP YOUR MIND.

10.   Having Alopecia Areata. Enough said.

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Baby Hans is the best Hans! (Though he's perfect anyway!)

don’t encourage him.


‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through tumblr
Not a creature was stirring, or gave a murmur
The tumblrites’ dashboards were opened with care
In hopes of the memes that soon would be there

Sherlock fandom are nestled snug in their beds,
Visions of new episodes dance in their heads.
And some as they doze this question they have asked:
‘Will John really keep that ridiculous moustache?’

The Potterites suddenly make such a clatter
That the internet rise to see what is the matter.
For they have been promised a visual feast
Of where you might find some fantastical beasts.

On the eighteenth of December awakened the force
Who’s that in the Falcon: Han Solo of course.
And to our wondering eyes there came a great glee,
For Finn, Rey and Poe: our new OT3.

 Segundus and Honeyfoot; John Childermass
All dabble in magic, and Napoleonic sass
Madness and pineapples and secretive spells
From both Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell.

Now Hawkeye! Now Falcon! Now Bucky and Cap!
vs Iron Man, Rhodey; Black Panther and Nat!
And watching them all is the mighty god Thor,
Despairing so much for this new Civil War.

Battle of the Five Armies: EE was released
And the Tolkien Saga it seems has now ceased.
(Though some do still argue it sure would be brilliant,
To see a film version of the Silmarillion.)

Jon Snow has been stabbed; and with cries and with moans,
Ended a new season of the Game of Thrones
Cry the fans (with an ardour no-one might mistook)
‘for the love of God, Martin: give us a new book!’.

 Affleck and Cavill; hardcore DC fans
Await with delight ‘Superman v Batman’.
Son of Krypton or Gotham: they’re both rather brave
But we know Wonder Woman’s our ultimate fave.

Musketeer fans scan Twitter with ardent hope,
For a season three date from our Jessica Pope.
Will Aramis return? Will they keep the tradition
of d’Arts going shirtless whilst on a mission?

And some amongst us, our souls we did barter,
For a series renewal for Agent Carter.
Now the high-heeled heroine is off to LA,
Where we know, once again, she will carry the day.

 Doctor Who’s forgot Clara, and Gallifrey’s lost
But the Timelord keeps trav’ling no matter the cost
On this Christmas Day he’ll be where he belongs:
The side of his ass-kicking wife, River Song.

He springs to his Tardis; to the doors gives a whistle,
And away it does fly like the down of a thistle.
But we hear him exclaim, ere he flies out of sight,

One-Shot(s) Man

Continuation of “Reversal,” an AU where Genos is the 25 y.o. Hero alongside his reluctant Disciple, 19 y.o. Saitama (Saitama is still overpowered but Genos has absolutely no idea).

9 Punch: 180 (or Saitama doesn’t know how to deal with his self-proclaimed Sensei who nearly gets himself killed on a weekly basis. [Badly. He deals with it badly.])

(for @lilmissagro and anon and sorry for this being LONG overdue OTL)


It wasn’t like Saitama minded. It was kind of nice having someone around all the time. Even if he did want Saitama to call him ’Sensei‘— and like hell that was happening. Plus, he was nice to him, they mostly split the chores (Genos seemed to have been equipped with all sorts of gadgets for housework), and he actually did teach him some things that might’ve taken Saitama much longer than he’d like to admit to figure out. He just wished the guy would let him help every once in a while. And for him to quit nagging him to calling him ’Sensei.’ The last part especially, since Genos does it in his sleep

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  • Mary: Oh no, you're--
  • Sherlock: Oh yes.
  • Mary: Oh my god--
  • Sherlock: Not quite.
  • Mary: You died. You jumped off a roof.
  • Sherlock: No.
  • Mary: You're dead.
  • Sherlock: No, I'm quite sure. I checked. Excuse me. {he starts to wipe off the moustache} Does, ah, does yours rub off too?
  • Mary: Oh my god. Oh my god. Do you have any idea what you've done?
  • Sherlock: Okay, John, I'm suddenly realizing I owe you some sort of an apology.
  • Mary: Okay, John, just keep...
  • John: Two years. {he tries to compose himself} Two years. I thought... I thought... you were dead. Hm. And you let me grieve. Hm? How could you do that? How?
  • Sherlock: Wait, before you do anything that you might regret, one question. Just let me ask one question. Are you really going to keep that? {referring to moustache}
  • Mary:
  • Sherlock:
  • John:
  • John's Moustache: I came out to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now.