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14.03.2017 // I have actually almost finished my paper on Thomas Aquinas (~40 pages)!! If I then just finish my ethics paper (~20 pages - I swear not to go over 25!!!) I will have 2/3 of my phil final papers done - and no final exams so I’ll be basically done with those classes! 😊👌🏻📚📚📖 Also it is snowing a lot which is good cos it keeps me inside + working ☃🌨

As we enter through the doors of the temple, we leave behind us the distractions and confusion of the world. Inside this sacred sanctuary, we find beauty and order. There is rest for our souls and a respite from the cares of our lives.
—  Thomas S. Monson
Adults constantly raise the bar on smart children, precisely because they’re able to handle it. The children get overwhelmed by the tasks in front of them and gradually lose the sort of openness and sense of accomplishment they innately have. When they’re treated like that, children start to crawl inside a shell and keep everything inside. It takes a lot of time and effort to get them to open up again. Kids’ hearts are malleable, but once they gel it’s hard to get them back the way they were.
—  Haruki Murakami

//I notice a lot of people seem pretty upset that the King is reenacting Rapunzel’s being trapped in the tower by keeping her locked inside the Kingdom. And a lot of people are saying this overprotective father trope is unoriginal and uncreative.

Normally, I would agree with that second point. But here’s the thing- that first point is narratively the ENTIRE point. The narrative is going to force Rapunzel, to a degree, to re-live her trauma.

Does Rapunzel deserve it? No. But is a three season TV series of nothing but fluff and happiness good TV? Also no.

The show is doing this because it wants Rapunzel, and by extension the audience, to deal with the reality of what happened to her. Rapunzel is an abuse victim. Rapunzel was isolated and held captive by a woman she genuinely thought was her mother. A woman Rapunzel loved and believed was protecting her and keeping her safe. A woman who deeply hurt and betrayed Rapunzel in the end, before dying right in front of her.

The Gothel-Rapunzel relationship is extremely complex. It grows even more complicated when you add Gothel’s emotional life into the mix. Gothel did not hate Rapunzel, or even disregard her. She cared for Rapunzel in her own way…but the hair always mattered more. And it was abusive, but Rapunzel felt loved, and in a way she was, but then Gothel was lying to her, but she loved her, didn’t she?

(That was getting a little into Rapunzel’s head. But do you see my point?)

That all put together is traumatic as fuck. That Rapunzel does not have full PTSD is a testament to her amazing resilience.

But to brush that all aside and have the narrative of this show focus on other things would, frankly, be irresponsible show writing. What this series is doing is showing its audience, quite blatantly, that they are not ignoring what Rapunzel went through. In fact, they are forcing her to deal with it by making her essentially re-live it, albeit on a different scale.

This is going to force Rapunzel to talk about it (which I get the sense she hasn’t.) It’s going to force her to be honest about her own feelings. It’s going to force her not to hide from her past. And I am so here for all of this.

Now, were there other ways the show could have done this? Sure. But they are smacking you across the face with it for the purpose of making it obvious. It is a kids show, afterall, and they don’t want to be too subtle. This seems the perfect level of subtlety to me, when I think of it from a child’s perspective.

So when you complain that the King is reminding you of Gothel?

Yes. And that is exactly the point.

Fansigning w/Vernon

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imagine that you’re fan hwo loves Cernon very much and you first met him 💖 I love your acc it’s amazing 😍💖💖

Admin: Ofc💘💘. That’s a cute combo 😌. Thanks for the request hun.

Pairing: vernon x reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 707

You were waiting in line to meet Seventeen at the fan signing. There were only a few people left until you got to the first few members. They were all nice and loving, you just wished you had more time with them just to talk but you were forced on to move to the next members after a minute with each.

The last person who sat at the end of the table was Vernon, your bias. You were so happy to see him and nervous too. Out of all the members you met, you were the most excited and nervous around Vernon. You were fangirling a lot inside and tried your best to keep it in but of course a little bit of your fangirl side showed anyways. You just couldn’t help it.

You kept smiling big and your words were lost when he asked you “Hey angel, what’s your name?” He said it so sweetly with an adorable smile on his face as he looked at your for an answer while he tapped the pen in his hand.

Your hands were shaking and you almost forgot your name for a second. He looked down, noticing your shaky hands and chuckled a bit.

He takes your hands into his after he out the pen down.

He caressed your hands with his thumbs and looked back up to you. “Don’t be nervous.” He tells me softly and if looks could kill, you’d be dead by now.

You felt your heart melt after hearing him say that to you. You still couldn’t get your words out so you nodded instead.

Vernon held one of your hands while he let go of the other to hold the pen to write again. “So what’s your name babe?” He asked.

You were still shocked that he was holding your hand. You kept looking at your hand that Vernon was holding while you finally answered him. “Y/N.” You say almost in a whisper but he still heard and grinned.

“You have a really pretty name Y/N..I like it.”

“Thanks..” You said while still trying to control yourself.

He still continued your caress your hand, making you calm down a bit. He was blushing, happy that you were a little nervous and so cute around him.

You talked with him about your favourite songs and parts where he rapped. You got him to rap for you too which was amazing, seeing him rap right in front of you.

He continued the conversation with you since he wanted you to stay with you just a little longer. It wasn’t a bother surprisingly to him since he really like interacting with his fans, especially you.

The bodyguards were busy holding back a bunch of fans while S. Could was holding up the line by talking to one of the fans too long since that fan was very talkative. But that was also a good thing since it gave you more time with your bias.

You fell in love with him even more at every second you had with him and I guess he kind of feel for you a little too. You were probably the best and one of the luckiest fans that day. To Vernon, you definitely made yourself seem special to him that day too.

“Your headband is cute.” He commented on it.

“Aw thanks. You wanna’ wear it?” You asked, giggling and he laughed when he said yes.

You took it off for him to wear and he did a few ageyo faces for you.

“Vernon!” The bodyguard called over the screaming fans for him to move on to the next fan, seeing that he spent so much time with you.

You were sad to leave him but you knew you had to go.

“Can I keep this?” He asked and of course you were happy he asked. You said yes.

Both of you said that you loved each other (in a idol-fan support sort of way) before you had to go. You went back to your seat and when you waited for the rest of the fans to finish meeting Seventeen, you could see Vernon stare at you and you blushed hard. It was a memorable day for you.



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(no romantic relationships) Lance gets a space flu or something. He feels weak so he tries to eat his food goo but ends up getting a bad stomach ache. He is burping lots in the lion while training and is very nauseous. They finally go back inside after struggling lots to keep his food down. He then ends up vomiting with Hunk helping him. Rlly descriptive and hopefully a lot longer and more detailed than I made it look. I would love!

Ooh, this is good! However, I’m not an emeto person, and I don’t think that I could do this fic justice. So, to the masses it goes, and hopefully someone much better at emeto than me will pick it up!!

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Dear admin, do you think that since Noctis doesn't show a lot of emotions, that he keeps them all bottled up inside like Iggy? And it sort of just comes out.. During, you know, the do? ;))

Aw hey babe, the name admin is a bit weird to me, you can actually call me Swan!

Well yes ofc! He’s like a secret slut for dick, so he gets excited and super into it right before and during sex. Kind of like birthday presents. There’s nothing quite as exciting as unwrapping a gift. 😏

My girlfriend and I just lined our plant window with aluminum foil to maximize sunlight! We have to keep them inside because it rains a lot here. What do you think? And any tips on keeping succulents and such growing healthy in city window conditions? Thanks!


Cute!! I love the idea of a plant nook. Just be careful, because the wrinkles in aluminum foil can reflect light too much in one spot, and scorch your plants! Make sure the foil is dull-side up and completely flat… mounting it on a piece of cardboard or foam core helps.

The only thing I would worry about with succulents in a city window is air flow and prolonged dampness. looks like a lot of them are in terracotta pots, which is a huge plus because they help absorb moisture. Water only when completely dry, and make sure the soil is gritty (which it appears to be so HIGH FIVE). If you can, after watering provide them with either an open window (not if it’s cold, of course) or a fan, which will help circulate the air and also help with damp soil. Don’t blow the air directly on them… just having a fan on in the same room is fine.

I like how The Sims is basically a simulation game about a bunch of bi/pansexual dorks who live to whine like babies whenever things don’t go their way, have all these dreams they want to achieve, yet only live for a short period of time, all while wanting to get married and have lots of kids, yet can’t keep their junk inside their pants and want to hook up with everyone they find attractive, all while not trying to not set their house on fire every time they cook.

Stupidity.  That was the only viable explanation for why she stood on her asshole of an ex’s stoop, contemplating knocking on his door.  He had already made it very clear about how he felt over text, after she had begged him for an in-person meeting.  Telling someone they were going to be a father shouldn’t be done through a text message but after Cam had repeatedly refused to see her, he had forced her hand.

His response was…less than desirable.  After calling her every derogatory name in the book, though undoubtedly drunk, he told her to abort the thing and that he wanted nothing to do with it.  He had not answered any of her calls or texts since.  And Joey might have left it at that if she had decided to follow his advice, but…after a lot of deliberation, she had decided to keep the baby growing inside of her.  Despite having just finished college and being flat broke with no family to speak of, she already felt connected to it.  She had decided to keep it, and like it or not, Cam was either going to help or sign over all parental rights.  She had been on birth control, she hadn’t crawled on top of herself, and he had been the one who had refused to wear a condom.

Why she had stayed with the asshole was anyone’s guess.  They had met her freshman year of college, back when he had been sweet and before he had been poisoned by his womanizing alcoholic friends, and she had genuinely loved him once.  She thought he might have even loved her in the beginning, but she was fairly certain that had died away no more than halfway through their relationship.  The last two years had been a cycle of screaming matches, Cam throwing things, calling her obscene names, and cheating on her before Joey Gerard had finally gotten fed up and left his ass.  A few weeks later and here she was, ten weeks pregnant.

With a deep sigh that she hoped would steel her nerves and prepare her for the insults that would undoubtedly be hurled out her, Joey pounded her fist on the door.  “Cam, open up!  I know you’re in there you, sorry piece of shit, your truck is parked down the block!” she yelled, uncaring what his neighbors thought.  His reputation was not her concern.  An manilla envelope was tucked under her arm, and a pen was in her pocket, coming prepared for the impending confrontation.  “Cam!  You’re gonna sign these goddamn papers or I’m going to take you to court, I swear to God, so open the fucking door!”


The fact is… Kerice is not an easy person to love by any means

It’s going to take more then just kisses and soft moments to keep her around. The honeymoon period always comes to an end and that’s when things tend to break off with her. She’s a deeply broken person and her edges are on the inside. She keeps a lot of things under the surface. She’s a truly sad person, volatile at times even. She’s so used to trying to repair other people, make them happy that she has difficulty letting other people help her

A serious relationship with her means someone who’s also willing to call her out on her bullshit instead of sugarcoating things. She WANTS to be called out, slapped upside the head and told that she needs to get a grip. 

And generally speaking she is afraid of commitment and long term relationships (because of the latter points). She’s ugly and twisted and hurt on the side with wounds that never healed right. She’s always afraid of stepping out of place, being unable to make mistakes (let alone accept them), being scared to be angry and anything other then “happy”.

And anyone going into a relationship in the long term also has to understand that she is an alcoholic, does have self-destructive tendencies, an eating disorder and telepathy on top of all that.

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🌸- Do they keep any plants?⚫️- What kind of floors do they have?📚- Do they have lots of books?

Vandy does not keep plants inside the bedroom, but she does have a few out on the balcony just outside.

Every room in her house has wooden floors.

She has a ton of books. They’re neatly organized, and she has a regular reading stack that she keeps close to the bed, everything from fiction to flower guides. The darker stuff is carefully hidden away …