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14.03.2017 // I have actually almost finished my paper on Thomas Aquinas (~40 pages)!! If I then just finish my ethics paper (~20 pages - I swear not to go over 25!!!) I will have 2/3 of my phil final papers done - and no final exams so I’ll be basically done with those classes! 😊👌🏻📚📚📖 Also it is snowing a lot which is good cos it keeps me inside + working ☃🌨

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Addiction, sexuality, detachment. He’s sort of a man of clashing forces; shaped by his past (but not defined by it), lashing out against the attitudes and sort of people that used to tear him down (which sort of suggests he still keeps a lot of negativity inside him). He’s cyclical. Breaking free, getting trapped once again. But always with the power to break himself out… at his own leisure.

This card and my previous ones (except for Jakob) will be at my table at AX 2017 as miniprints! Find me at table K31!

Dating Alex Standall would include...


Anonymous: hi, I really liked your ‘dating zach would include’ thing and I was wondering if you can do something similiar with alex :)💗



- Alex was murmuring some sort of internet-meme joke when Justin made a fool of himself in class, and no one heard it except you, which was why you bursted out laughing – causing everyone to look at you oddly.

- Alex thought this was cute though, since not many people understand his humour, sarcastic and sassy.

- One day during class, he gets picked on for a maths question, to save his embarrassment of not knowing the question, you answer it for him, so he waits outside after class for you to finish asking the teacher a homework question just to say thanks for saving his ass.

“ You really saved my life in there, me and math are clearly not a match made in heaven.”

- You offering to tutor him but he turns it down bc poor Alex is too awkward at first.

- He finally gives in, and your friendship blossoms from there.


- You catch him staring at you in class and he plays it off by ‘dropping’ his pen on the floor or faking a massive cough fit. (This is how I personally deal with awkward situations LMAO)

- Everyone being suspicious on how he was acting towards you.

“I have to cancel our study session today, I’ve got a date – well hopefully I do.”

“Who’s the lucky girl, Standall?”


- Sending each other SO MANY memes. And I mean SPAMMING LEVEL.

- Poor Alex getting teased so much when you guys became official. Mainly because the boys were not used to Alex talking to girls.

- A lot of the guys try to flirt with you to piss Alex off for fun, but their tactics don’t work on you – bc Alex is an angel and you’re so grateful to be his girlfriend.

“They’re idiots, don’t worry about them,” he says, before putting his arm around your shoulder and walking away.

- Alex needs to vent A LOT, because he keeps a lot of his emotions inside, and being the kind hearted person that you are, you’re always there to listen.

- When either of you are sad, it’s an automatic call for a cuddle session, usually on the couch, usually with pizza delivery and usually with a massive fluffy blanket.

“Wow you seem like you love that blanket more than me. Why are you snuggling it and leaving ME, it feels like the north pole over here!”

- *The type of person that says horror movies don’t scare them but starts shaking 10 minutes in.*


- You being the first person to ever see him cry, and the sight of him in such despair broke you heart.

- However, even though it’s you, he still has trouble with confiding his thoughts with you. Especially when he thought that you’d be sick and tired of what he thought, was a whiny attitude.

- You and Alex would never have fights, unless it was about him keeping things from you; him not wanting you to be upset or think badly of him, or leave him for his insecurities.

- You’d have to reinforce it to him SO MANY times, but don’t worry, he’s improving.

- You guys pull strengths from each other – in other words, he completes you and you make him feel the same. Alex doesn’t really have anyone to rely on, to trust, to love, but that changed when he met you. But this also means that he is extremely scared of losing you.

“I love you, you know that right?”

“Yes Alex, and I love you too!”

“Please don’t ever leave me, I know I’m not perfe-”


- ALWAYS asking for your opinion about EVERYTHING. Clothes. Studying. Life. Name it.

- He’s always texting you in the middle of class whenever you guys have different subjects, 99.8% of the time it’s bitching about how boring school is, or how annoying everyone is or that he’s counting down the minutes until he gets to see you.


- You getting slightly scraped when you fell to the ground trying to separate his fight with Montgomery in the carpark.

- When he saw the cut on your elbow, he could have thrown Mr Porter into Montgomery’s Jeep and try to beat the shit out of Monte but he didn’t want to leave you hurt and by yourself.

- As much as you love Alex, he is incredibly stubborn and will refuse to believe that he is ever wrong, until you start ignoring him and that’s when it finally makes sense to him.

- Forehead kisses bc even though you’ve been dating for a while, the bOY IS STILL AWKWARD AF SOMETIMES so he just goes for the forehead, he finds it affectionate and adorable. (Plus he wants to smell your hair bc it’s always a nice flowery scent)- weird but very true

- Resting his head on your shoulder, or lying on your lap, explaining to you his dilemma of dorky things.

“ I don’t know whether I should read the Harry Potter series again, or watch the movies AND THEN read the books!” He says frustratedly.

“Why should it matter, goodness you’re such a geek!”

“I’m a cute one though.”

“I’d have to agree on that.”


FEEL FREE TO REQUEST ME ABOUT ANYTHING: I can do any character in 13 Reasons Why!

Note: Yes, the main message of 13 Reasons Why was to raise awareness for mental illness, peer pressure, rape and suicide, and how it can affect the lives of not only the victim, but those around them. 

If you ever need to talk, feel free to message me, or if not, talk to someone – an adult/parents/friends. :)

As we enter through the doors of the temple, we leave behind us the distractions and confusion of the world. Inside this sacred sanctuary, we find beauty and order. There is rest for our souls and a respite from the cares of our lives.
—  Thomas S. Monson

I’ve been looking at this photo and thinking of the moments surrounding it
and I’m in tears.

This trip was special and I want my heart to feel that warm again. The ache is most real.

Someone please tell me how I can live and create for the rest of my life and be able to support myself financially. I’m miserable here and I hurt all the time floating from one mundane task to the next.

I don’t care about struggle because what’s a life without it?

I want to fucking see an elephant and I want to cry into my morning coffee in England somewhere

and I want to kiss my boyfriend on a foreign seashore

and I want to keep waking up in the middle of plains after not showering for three days and watch the sun rise


flowerapplejacks  asked:

This is in regard to your Garnet ask about Room for Ruby: What made Garnet so afraid of Blue Diamond's return, to the point of letting Greg get kidnapped, to now just shrugging and laughing off Navy making off with the Homeworld ship? Is it because one threat was immediate and the other is more unknown?

I think it works on two levels. The first level is the threat level, and the second is the personal experience.

Something that I hinted at in this post, I feel that there’s always been a double standard when regarding threats from Homeworld. For instance, Lapis was never seen as a threat until she actually started flinging people around and taking up the entire ocean. As Pearl said, “I had no idea the gem in that mirror had so much power.” And after that, the gems exhausted themselves looking for her at the bottom of the ocean; both things were not easy feats. 

Similarly, the Diamonds are known threats, and Garnet and Pearl started panicking when mention of them was made. Peridot, during her time as an unknown gem, was treated with as much suspicion in Warp Tour, but Peridot, as she grew more desperate and “dorkier,” was shrugged off as well. 

Recall Friend Ship, when they managed to snag only her foot, and Garnet also told Steven to let her go. It’s a very different attitude from that of the Garnet who relentlessly pursued all leads to her at first. To the Crystal Gems Rubies are “low level” threats by virtue of their being Rubies. And as I mention in the linked post, it’s the very same boxing-in that they accuse Homeworld of unfairly doing. And that’s precisely how the Rubies, and Navy in this episode, were able to pull the rug out from under their feet.

I’d say the second factor would be experience. Garnet and Pearl are terrified of the Diamonds. They’re terrified of anything resembling the war. It has hurt them and traumatised them deeply. Hearing that Blue Diamond was back would have dredged up a lot of feelings they were purposely keeping inside. As such they tend to overestimate what the Diamonds are capable of. Recall that they believe the Diamonds are monolithic emotionless beings, when we’ve seen quite clearly it’s not the case.

The Crystal Gems don’t have as negative memories associated with the Rubies, and I think it’s a factor that causes them to underestimate the Rubies as a threat.

I can’t believe I’m making a post defending Even again but welp here we go

I am so tired of seeing posts attacking Even about what may or may not have happened at Bakka, and about how he may or may not have kept things hidden from Isak.

Even is a very private character. We know this. There is a lot about himself that he keeps inside, even from the people he loves. I don’t doubt that he still hides a lot from Isak, because deep down, he is still very scared of losing him. Even deflects a lot of questions about himself away; tries to charm his way out of answering them. This doesn’t mean he’s a player. This doesn’t mean he’s a bad person. This means he’s a very scared and insecure person; more so, I think, than Isak. And yes, he’s a little more secure in himself now. Yes, he’s happy with Isak. But that doesn’t immediately mean those thoughts Even had about himself, his illness and whatever happened at Bakka, go away overnight. Or, really, in four months. That type of deeply ingrained “this person will leave me” mentality takes years to undo and actually, nearly always stays in the back of a person’s head, no matter how happy they are in their current relationship. 

Also, we don’t know whether or not Isak knows about what happened at Bakka. There’s a chance Isak does know. There’s a chance Even told him. We don’t know.

I don’t want to really talk about the whole “what if Even was with Mikael and cheated him with Sonja?? Once a cheat, always a cheat!” thing. But I will say this: surprise! Doing something bad does not make you a bad person, and situations are complicated. Cheating is horrible, yes, and Even should have broken up with Sonja before he and Isak shared their first kiss. But does that make him a terrible person?? No!! His relationship with Sonja was in tatters; we know this. We also know she was controlling. We also know she knew about his bipolar disorder and that Even most likely felt like he couldn’t leave her, seeing as she’d supported him through everything and, as I’ve said, was controlling.

In an ideal world, yes, Even would have broken up with her before him and Isak got together. But he didn’t. What he did do, though, was break up with Sonja immediately after his weekend with Isak and told her about Isak. This is not what someone who is a serial cheater would do; he didn’t string her along, play her, lie to her. He was honest. He broke things off. And yes, he briefly reconnected with her, but that was only after Isak made his comments about mentally ill people. Of course he would run back to a place of safety after hearing something like that. 

I really, really doubt Even and Mikael dated. The clip we have of the two of them at Bakka showed a friendship, to me, more than anything else. I didn’t really get a hint of anything more between the two of them, but who knows, maybe I’ll be proven wrong. There is so much we don’t know, but hating on Even over stuff we don’t know is stupid. 

I doubt that Julie would take a character who is bisexual and bipolar - two things that people consistently and wrongfully associate with ‘playing’ and ‘cheating’ - and reinforce those negative stereotypes even more.

I hope people have a little more brains than to force Even into those stereotypes too.

//I notice a lot of people seem pretty upset that the King is reenacting Rapunzel’s being trapped in the tower by keeping her locked inside the Kingdom. And a lot of people are saying this overprotective father trope is unoriginal and uncreative.

Normally, I would agree with that second point. But here’s the thing- that first point is narratively the ENTIRE point. The narrative is going to force Rapunzel, to a degree, to re-live her trauma.

Does Rapunzel deserve it? No. But is a three season TV series of nothing but fluff and happiness good TV? Also no.

The show is doing this because it wants Rapunzel, and by extension the audience, to deal with the reality of what happened to her. Rapunzel is an abuse victim. Rapunzel was isolated and held captive by a woman she genuinely thought was her mother. A woman Rapunzel loved and believed was protecting her and keeping her safe. A woman who deeply hurt and betrayed Rapunzel in the end, before dying right in front of her.

The Gothel-Rapunzel relationship is extremely complex. It grows even more complicated when you add Gothel’s emotional life into the mix. Gothel did not hate Rapunzel, or even disregard her. She cared for Rapunzel in her own way…but the hair always mattered more. And it was abusive, but Rapunzel felt loved, and in a way she was, but then Gothel was lying to her, but she loved her, didn’t she?

(That was getting a little into Rapunzel’s head. But do you see my point?)

That all put together is traumatic as fuck. That Rapunzel does not have full PTSD is a testament to her amazing resilience.

But to brush that all aside and have the narrative of this show focus on other things would, frankly, be irresponsible show writing. What this series is doing is showing its audience, quite blatantly, that they are not ignoring what Rapunzel went through. In fact, they are forcing her to deal with it by making her essentially re-live it, albeit on a different scale.

This is going to force Rapunzel to talk about it (which I get the sense she hasn’t.) It’s going to force her to be honest about her own feelings. It’s going to force her not to hide from her past. And I am so here for all of this.

Now, were there other ways the show could have done this? Sure. But they are smacking you across the face with it for the purpose of making it obvious. It is a kids show, afterall, and they don’t want to be too subtle. This seems the perfect level of subtlety to me, when I think of it from a child’s perspective.

So when you complain that the King is reminding you of Gothel?

Yes. And that is exactly the point.

Hey hey, you you

Hi guys! Imma say something real quick! 

I just really wanted to thank you all for, well, being you! I just recently noticed that the blog hit 300 followers last week and that’s like *insert boom sound here* mind blowing, guys! 

So, thank you. Thank you for smiling and enojying whatever is in this blog, Thank you for reading and thank you for all of your likes/reblogs/comments. 

As you know, writing is my passion, so the fact that I know many people like it it’s so heartwarming. From the bottom of my heart: thank you! 

Great things about the new job:

  • there are cookies everywhere

Bad things about the new job:

  • there are cookies everywhere

Bold What Applies to You

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I am male/ I am female/ I am neither male or female/ I am under the age of 18/ I am 18 or older/ I am straight/ I am gay or lesbian/ I am bisexual or pansexual/ I am asexual (poss. panromantic)/ I am trans/


I have two or more friends/ I have one friend/ I have no friends/ I have or have had a best friend/ I am close with my friend(s)/ I spend a lot of time with friends/ I am distant with my friends/  I have a crush on a friend/ I hate a friend/ I wish I had fewer friends/ I wish I had more friends/ I have online friends/ I have friends I’ve never met in person/ I’ve met all my friends in person/


I am single/ I am in a relationship/ I am married/ I am a virgin/ I often date/ I don’t date much/ I prefer to date extroverted people/ I prefer introverts/ I prefer to date people who are like me/ I prefer to date people who are unlike me/ I take relationships very seriously/ I date for fun/ I date for companionship/ I date for sexual gratification/ I have high standards/ I date based more on appearance/ I date based more on personality/ I date long distance/ I like blonde hair/ I like Black hair/ I like dark brown hair/ I like light brown hair/ I like red hair/ I like ginger hair/ I like dyed hair/ I don’t have a favorite hair color/ I like blue eyes/ I like green eyes/ I like brown eyes/ I like black eyes/ I like hazel eyes/ I like amber eyes/ I like violet eyes/ I like heterochromia eyes/ I don’t have a favorite eye color/ I like people who are taller than me/ I like people who are my height/ I like people who are shorter than me/ I don’t have a height preference/ Eyes are my favorite/ noses are my favorite/ smiles are my favorite/ I prefer men/ I prefer women/ I prefer neither/ I like both/


I have or have had depression/ I have cried myself to sleep/ I have or did had anxiety/I am often lonely/ I keep a lot of emotions inside/ I am scared of talking to people/ I want to talk more/ I have an eating disorder/ I have low self-esteem/ I often feel I embarrass myself/ I have been abused/ I feel people consider me dumb/ I feel like I’m not taken seriously/ I am quickly jealous/ I feel people want me to be someone or something I’m not/ I have been sexually assaulted/ I have experienced discrimination and or racism/ I feel like I’m pretending/ I’m often scared/ I feel like people only pretend to like me/ I have hurt someone before (emotionally)


I have become a better person/ I have gotten out of a bad period of time/ I am confident/ I am looking forward to something/ I have enjoyed myself over the past week/ I have met a famous person/ I consider myself a kind hearted person/ I am currently feeling relaxed and comfortable/ I appreciate the little things in life/ I have nobody in my life whom I hate/ I have achieved something large this year/ I am part of a religion that brings me peace/ I have lost a lot of weight/ I have a movie/game/song which cheers me up/ I like how I look/ I laughed today/ I have good friends/ I have a loving family/ I am stronger than I was before/ I recently had a good dream


…get scared from watching horror movies/ …play a sport/ …read a lot of books/ …have allergies/ …feel shy around the opposite gender/ …feel shy around people in general/ …am a feminist/ …believe in love at first sight/ …own an instrument (is kazoo one?)/ …can draw/ …am listening to music right now/ …value romance and friendship equally/ …have sneaked out of the house/ …am outgoing/ …respect people’s comfort zones and personal space/ …am deaf/ …spend money on a daily basis/ …want to write a book/ …can ride a horse/ …put my hands over my face when I’m flattered/ …like the colors pink and yellow/ …own an xbox/ …shop at least once a week/ …have a drivers license/ …drink alcoholic beverages/ …would like a friend of the opposite gender/ …get scared by unsettling imagery and screamers/ …eat fast food at least twice a week/ …Love superhero movies/ …get attached to characters in books/movies/tv/games/ …wear glasses/

Likes and Dislikes

I like parties/ I dislike parties/ I like perfume/ I dislike perfume/ I like “so bad it’s good” movies/ I dislike “so bad it’s good movies”/ I like playing video games/ I dislike playing video games/I like chocolate/ I dislike chocolate/ I like having a busy schedule/ I dislike having a busy schedule/ I like laughing at my own jokes/ I dislike laughing at my own jokes/ I like compliments (kinda - can get flustered easily)/ I dislike compliments/ I like heavy metal music/ I dislike heavy metal music/ I like snow/ I dislike snow/ I like taking walks with someone/ I dislike taking walks with someone/ I like people who aren’t very talkative/ I dislike people who aren’t very talkative/ I like spicy food/ I dislike spicy food/ I like dogs/ I dislike dogs/ I like cats/ I dislike cats/ I like the dark/ I dislike the dark/ I like sushi/ I dislike sushi/

Irresistible [Dean Winchester x Reader] FINAL CHAPTER

Word Count: 5,410 (going out with a bang, y’all)

Warnings: Language, mentions of death, mentions of sex, feels, fluff

Irresistible Masterlist

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“So, let’s talk,” You breathe out. “Tell me. Tell me everything.”

“Y/N…” Dean’s voice comes out strained.

“I want to hear your explanation.” You sit down on the chair beside him, the seat a little sunken in from where Sam was previously sitting. “I’m… I need an explanation. I need to know, Dean.”

“I’m scared.” Dean says after a few moments of silence, a look on his face you’ve never seen before.

“Dean,” You scoot the chair closer to him, and you intertwine your fingers together. It’s a simple gesture, but it’s one that always seems to relax him. Whenever he’d come home from a ‘grueling FBI case’, holding your hand is the one thing that can get him to calm down instantly, besides sex of course. Looking back on this, you want to laugh, considering how oblivious you really were. You were comforting him for something that wasn’t even real. But, considering this is most likely the last time you’ll ever see Dean again, you can put your anger side for a few minutes and treat him like nothing happened.

“I get you’re scared. You hid this from me for a good reason, right?” Your voice is shaky. “But if don’t hear this from you, if you don’t tell me… I don’t know. Today was fucked up, Dean. I can’t…” You try to find words to say, how to describe how you’re feeling, but nothing sensible is flowing out. It’s all jumbles.

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anonymous asked:

I really want the touken talk to happen, not just because I ship them. It's also because I feel like kaneki needs someone to confined to someone who knows him so well, it's good for his system.... what do you think? Also do you think kaneki will tell her that he didn't kill arima??

I’ve been talking about that with a friend a lot recently. Kaneki needs someone in whom he can trust, in a personal way. I dare to say that not even with Hide he showed that much confidence considering that he lied to him about his ghoul nature, which is natural but still, you can see that he still keeps a lot inside whether because it’s hard for him to trust in others or because he doesn’t want to bother them with his problems.

I have to point out one scene that I think can give more relevance to the touken talk and their relationship in general.

Yoshimura & Touka.

“if you are able to listen to their heart”

in the bridge she completely exposed Kaneki’s true selfish personality and even if it was harsh, everything she said about him was true. She listened to his heart and understood what he was trying to do, daring to say that she knows him better than he knows himself; the difference is that she couldn’t act in a mature way and maybe tell him those things in a different way, like Yoshimura was trying to teach her. 

But then we must consider that Touka, now, has changed a lot. She learned from Yoshimura and know she knows how to speak with someone in a rational and wise way. Everything she told to Amon was perfect, and you can see that her words had an impact on him because in the last chapter he went to see Akira, like she told him to do so. She was patient with Ayato, she knew what Tsukiyama was trying to do by wanting to get Kaneki back, she knew what Kaneki was about to do in chapter 72 and that’s why she told him I’ll see you later. She knows how to read other people’s hearts.

And then:

I don’t think Kaneki is aware that she’s there. That she has always been there, waiting for him, making a home for him. He doesn’t know how much she has changed, not completely, and at some point, in chapter 120, Kaneki opened up to her. He told her how he felt, that he wanted to protect everyone, to become stronger, that he was unsure of whether he should return to Anteiku or not… he didn’t actually lie to her until she got aggressive and then he touched his chin. He was being kinda honest, but Touka’s complicated personality ruined the moment. I feel like at some point Kaneki doesn’t have that confidence of telling her things because he’s afraid of her reaction (ESPECIALLY after the last punch). 

Hide also shared with Touka a lot of personal information about Kaneki. He told her about the play, that he’s always putting on a mask and “pretending to be someone else”, that he never “fights back” when people hurt him, I think he wanted for her to know, hoping that she could help him somehow. 

I think it’s been hinted quite enough that Touka has the ability to analyze/help others and many characters point that out to her constantly. And she learned, it’s just that Kaneki hasn’t been there to see that change, and after the punch he must think she’s still the same irascible girl from the past. This talk is extremely important for Kaneki to see that she has changed, and because I think Touka is the one who can help him fight his own demons. I’m not sure if they will talk about Arima, I’m not sure if Kaneki will dare to bring out that topic, but it’d be nice if they talk about it in the future in order to build a strong confidence. Right now I’m more interested to know why Touka hit him. But yeah, Touka knows Kaneki and she has a great advantage because of that.

Bold What Applies to You


I am male I am female I am neither male or female I am under the age of 18 I am 18 or older I am straight I am gay or lesbian I am bisexual or pansexual I am trans


I have two or more friends I have one friend I have no friends I have/had a best friend I am close with my friend(s) I spend a lot of time with friends I have a crush on a friend I hate a friend I wish I had fewer friends I wish I had more friends


I am single I am in a relationship I am married I am a virgin I often date I prefer to date extroverted people I prefer to date people who are like me I prefer to date people who are unlike me I take relationships very seriously I have high standards I date people who are overweight I date people who are skinny


I have/had depression I have cried myself to sleep I have/had anxiety I am often lonely I keep a lot of emotions inside I am scared of talking to people I want to talk more to I have an eating disorder I have low self-esteem I often feel I embarrass myself I have been abused I feel people consider me dumb or don’t take me seriously I am quickly jealous I feel people want me to be someone/something I’m not I have been sexually assaulted I have experienced discrimination/racism


I have become a better person I have gotten out of a bad period of time I am confident I am looking forward to something I have enjoyed myself over the past week I have met a famous person I consider myself a kindhearted person I am currently feeling relaxed and comfortable I appreciate the little things in life I have nobody in my life whom I hate I have achieved something large this year I am part of a religion that brings me peace I have lost a lot of weight I have a movie/game/song which cheers me up


…get scared from watching horror movies …play a sport …read a lot of books …have allergies …feel shy around the opposite gender …am a feminist …believe in love at first sight own an instrument …can draw …am listening to music right now …value romance and friendship equally …have sneaked out of the house …am outgoing …respect people’s comfort zones and personal space …am deaf …spend money on a daily basis …want to write a book …can ride a horse …am asexual …put my hands over my face when I’m flattered …like the colors pink and yellow …own an xbox …shop at least once a week …have a drivers license …drink alcoholic beverages …would like a friend of the opposite gender …get scared by unsettling imagery and screamers …eat fast food at least twice a week

Likes and Dislikes

I like parties I dislike parties I like perfume I dislike perfume I like “so bad it’s good” movies I dislike “so bad it’s good movies” I like playing video games I dislike playing video games I dislike chocolate I like having a busy schedule I dislike having a busy schedule I like laughing at my own jokes I dislike laughing at my own jokes I like compliments I dislike compliments I like heavy metal music I dislike heavy metal music I like snow I dislike snow I like taking walks with someone I dislike taking walks with someone I like people who aren’t very talkative I dislike people who aren’t very talkative

anonymous asked:

How does sugar daddy!thomas handle you crying (like if someone else made you cry or you just feel sad about how you look etc.) oooor on the rare occasion if he cries how do you handle it?? (Sorry for the long ask)

you crying

  • in general, he gets nervous
    • you don’t cry very often so he’s trying to be careful.
  • if you go right to him when you cry, he’ll pull you to his chest
    • you can cry as long as you need to. he’s there for you
  • if you’re the type to play it off and insist everything’s fine, he’s gonna know something is wrong.
    • he’s going to press you a little. please don’t get offended, he just wants to help
    • thomas knows your body language well enough to know you’re not okay
    • he’ll stop you and be like “baby, tell me what’s wrong” 
    • if you don’t want to talk, it’s okay. he’s gonna hug you so you know he’s there for you
    • if you do talk, even better. it’s good to know that you trust him enough with whatever it is.

if someone makes you cry

  • he’s ready to kill
    • you saw how he flipped out about martha coming after you so you know he’s very protective of you
    • you’re naturally very protective of each other, but he’s especially protective of you
  • he’s gonna ask for a name
    • he’ll try to convince you to tell him or at least point the person out to him but if you don’t want to, it’s okay
    • if you do tell him, be prepared to hold him back
    • take his hand if you don’t want him to do anything–he’ll get the hint
  • he’s gonna ask everyone in your circle about what happened
    • and by “everyone in your circle” he means peggy
    • peggy will spill anything you don’t
    • you want to be mad at the both of them for going behind your back but yelling at them is useless
      • they’re not bothered by it
    • they actually admit to it
    • peggy’s like “yeah, i told thomas that martha was sending you those messages” or “of course i told thomas about what happened at the bar last night”
    • thomas is like “yeah i called peggy. you were really upset”
  • he just cares about you too much

if he cries

  • it’s a very bad day when you see him crying
    • you’re terrified–your thomas doesn’t cry
  • even then, he’s very private about it
  • he’ll insist everything is fine and try to get you to leave him alone but his eyes give it away
    • they’re shiny and tinged with red
    • don’t let him push you away…he needs you
  • you just hug him
    • the sad thing is, you can feel him slowly breaks down
    • he’s not a loud crier; he’s very quiet about it
    • you know because you can feel his tears slip onto your clothes
    • it breaks your heart but you just hold him tight
  • he might not want to talk–don’t be offended
    • he just doesn’t want to burden you with something like this. 
    • encourage him to talk anyway. he’s been keeping a lot of stuff inside. 
  • if you can, ask james if he knows anything about it
    • if he doesn’t then that’s how you know it’s serious
    • thomas and james talk about everything so if his best friend doesn’t even know what’s wrong, it tells you something isn’t right
    • but again, if he doesn’t want to talk, don’t force him
    • he’ll tell you when he’s ready
  • hug and kiss him
    • he needs that validation and that reminder that you love him
    • just stay with him for the night and make sure he’s okay
    • he’s going to be really quiet…he’s tired
    • love on him a little more and he’ll be okay in the end
    • usually by the next morning, he’s back to his regular self