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Monster of the Deep VR—Vintage Posters

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@ara-mccoffe : Hello.. uhm.. this is for you.

you and Ccino have been the push I needed to not abandon the drawing

Thank you Sempai~

Ccino: black-nyanko.

Nightmare : @jokublog


awwwwww this is so cute!! (ノ∀`*)

glad that you didnt abandon drawing , i love ur style<3

and i got a little bonus for you (*´∀`)~♥

*Nicole has pulled a car over for speeding*

Nicole: “Wynonna, really? You were 26 over the speed limit.”

Wynonna: *Playfully* “And on what authority did you pull me over?”

Nicole: “Dude I’m a police officer and you know that.”

Wynonna: “Ok, so where is your badge? Show me.”

Nicole: *Rolls eyes* *Pulls out badge and shows Wynonna*

Wynonna: “Oh my. That appears to be a picture of my sister.”

Nicole: “Wait what?! Why is that pasted on the side of my wallet? Hang on the badge is here somewhere.” *searching pockets*

Wynonna: *Humming the Jeopardy theme song*

Nicole: *Muttering* “Dammit when did I put all these pictures of Waverly in my wallet and pockets? I swore I only had a dozen or so in there yesterday…”

Wynonna: “Yeah, maybe you shouldn’t have left your uniform laying around at the Homesteaf yesterday while you were doing whatever with Waverly.” *Holds up Nicole’s badge* “Anyway, I don’t see any proof you’re a police officer, so ta ta!”

*Winks and speeds away*


Nicole: *Calling dispatch* “I have a report of speeding on I-78 westbound.”

Dispatch: “Why aren’t you pulling that car over?”

Nicole: *Sighs* “It’s complicated.”

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