92. Keenyah Gets Fat (Cycle 4)

The Top Model house is undoubtedly stressful, so it’s no surprise when a girl turns to eating to cope. Such is the case with Keenyah, and as a consequence, she gains 12 pounds during the competition. 

Obviously, that’s a no-no for models, and the judging panel lectures her for it with Tyra gives an impassioned speech about nutrition and the modeling world. The only bearable part is when Janice interrupts to point out Tyra’s own nutritional woes. “I saw you eating those burgers… she eats those ribs!” Kiss her fat ass, Janice! (Just kidding, love you.)  

So what’s funny about Keenyah putting on some pounds? Don’t worry, I’m not here to make a series of fat jokes at Keenyah’s expense. Why would I have to, when ANTM does that for me? Let’s look at the three photo shoots Keenyah participates in after gaining weight:

1. Seven Deadly Sins - Each girl is one of the seven deadly sins; Keenyah feasts in a coffin as gluttony.

2. Animal Safari - Each girl is assigned an animal to portray,; Keenyah is stuck being the elephant.

3. Nature Shoot - Each model had to use objects from nature to dress themselves; Keenyah must use sticks to cover her belly region.

Despite her girth (which is not anywhere near as bad as the show will have you believe), Keenyah still makes her way to the final episode. And when Tyra recaps who the final three contestants are, she says nice things about Kahlen and Naima, but then throws in some extra puns when describing Keenyah: “Keenyah was confident and hungry for success… Will Keenyah’s appetite for victory convince the judges that she can look the part of a top model?” Really, Tyra? Why not just call her fatty-fatty-fatty? 

DON’T Be Quiet, Tiffany: A Conversation with Cycle 4′s Tiffany (Pt. 2)

Read Part 1 here.

ANTMFunny: Were you ever contacted to be on the All-Star cycle?

Tiffany: Never. Ever. Never.

ANTMFunny: I can’t imagine you would have wanted to be on it anyway…

Tiffany: Are you fucking serious? I would have been on that so fast. I wanted a chance to really model. I just hate that my kids had to see me go out like that. I could really give a freak what anybody else thinks, it’s about what my kids see and I don’t want them to see mommy losing like that. So of course, any opportunity I would have got to be on another reality show – still to this day – I would be on it. They could call me right now and I would be on it!

I think I didn’t get that chance because I’m a wildcard. People don’t like to deal with me cuz they can’t control me. I’m learning how to ease up to a certain extent but I just got to do what I believe in.

ANTMFunny: Do you think in All-Stars you would have tried to play along better?

Tiffany: How did I not play along the first time?

ANTMFunny: Well…

Tiffany: I’m listening.

ANTMFunny: I feel like a lot of the girls realize the show’s basically a joke, but they’re like, “I’m going for the $100,000 at the end.” Like, I interviewed a guy from the last cycle, and he knew they were making a fool of him but he played along because he knew he might win a big check at the end.

Tiffany: Right. Well, now I would [play along.] The Tiffany that I am now… I don’t even know who the hell that girl was! But I’m glad it happened cuz it changed me in so many ways. Not financially, no, but I learned a lot from watching myself.

To tell you the truth, I have so many different emotions that every single year I feel different about it. One minute I’ll feel like I learned a lot from it, and one minute I feel like it ruined my life. I would like to give you this great answer, but I still really don’t know.

ANTMFunny: I think that’s totally fair. So I’ve got to tell you – I live in Los Angeles where most movies and TV shows are filmed. I don’t care about doing most Hollywood things, but you better believe I went to Barney’s Beanery so I could get a drink where that stank ho poured beer on your weave.

Tiffany: [laughs]

ANTMFunny: You got a bad reputation from that incident, but I still don’t see how any of that was even your fault.

Tiffany: I thought that was all fake to be honest with you! Like, why were we there in the first place? They give us this whole speech beforehand about how if we get in trouble, they can’t do anything for us and they can’t bail us out of jail. Something about it just didn’t feel real. It wasn’t until someone threw a bottle that I was like, “Oh, maybe this is actually happening.”

But yeah, that was all a blur. To be honest, I’ve been in how many fights in how many bars, I didn’t even remember that one happened until I read it on the website the other day. I saw people still comment about that bitch pouring beer on my weave.

ANTMFunny: And did you get rid of that weave after it got blood and beer on it?

Tiffany: [sarcastic] No, I kept it and cherished it forever and ever and ever. How could I afford anything else?… No, of course I got rid of that weave, come on now.

ANTMFunny: Did the show make you go to anger management or was that something you chose to do on your own?

Tiffany: They told me I had to go. The first time I tried out for the show, the psychological test came back a little weird because I was kind of aggressive. They told me I had to cool down and go to anger management and then I could possibly come back. I feel like they asked us so many things [on the test] so they know what emotions will trigger you.

ANTMFunny: Yeah, part of the reason for those psychological tests is to know what buttons they can push to make you react. Do you think anger management helped you as a person?

Tiffany: Lately, I’ve been working on it more and keeping calm. It’s because of where I work. I work with mentally disabled adults and they’ve been… [putting it delicately] “shaping my behavior” more, so I’m trying not to react to everything.

ANTMFunny: Yeah, and I imagine that line of work though super rewarding, is also super stressful.

Tiffany: Yeah, it is, but it’s rewarding at the same time.

ANTMFunny: The Top Model nonsense is fun, but there’s also more important things going on. From your Instagram I can see that you care about things like child hunger and police brutality. Do you consider yourself an activist?

Tiffany: My Instagram is just basically what I feel. I’m not one of those people who try to please everybody, I don’t give a shit about whether I get one like. I’m not trying to be an activist or this that and the other, I’m just saying how I feel.

ANTMFunny: What are you passionate about?

Tiffany: My family is my passion, every day I live to be a better woman for them. Also, I do my part in giving back to my community. My job – just being able to give back every day to these people is a blessing to me. I’m getting ready now to start an organization for homeless.

ANTMFunny: Awesome, that’s great.

Tiffany: My best friend died two years ago and things changed for me – the things I used to live for were not important in life to me no more. I don’t club as much – there’s just certain things I’d rather do with my time. I like to feed the homeless. I like to do things that’ll get me into heaven. I always tell people, “I sold my soul so young, and I’m just trying to buy it back.”

ANTMFunny: Hahahaha.

Tiffany: I could give a fuck about shoes, I could give a fuck about clothes. My passion is trying to help my people, my black people. I’m not racist by a long shot, but we get beat up a lot. If you see where I’m from, I lose a lot of little homies, a lot of little homegirls to the streets.

ANTMFunny: If someone threw a benefit to find a cure for flesh eating bacteria, would you show up?

Tiffany: Haha, what? I don’t know… maybe?

ANTMFunny: I just wanted to bring that up because that’s one of my favorite moments.

Tiffany: I was the devil! I was the devil! I love Michelle, she was so sweet.

ANTMFunny: Yeah? I would have guessed you were genuinely annoyed by her.

Tiffany: Nooooo! That was crazy because we got along way more than people thought. I used to lay in her bed, Michelle was so cool.

ANTMFunny: I watched the clip the other day and I laughed so hard when you went to check if her face fell off.

Tiffany: I was the devil! She was fine, the girls just blew that all out of proportion.

ANTMFunny: My other favorite part of that is your grandma telling you to “read a book or something.” Since she was a fan, did she get a kick out of being a part of the show?

Tiffany: She liked being on the show to a certain extent, until Tyra yelled at me, and then she wanted to kick her ass!

ANTMFunny: How is your grandma these days?

Tiffany: She’s good, she’s good. My grandma is still my everything. She’s just always there to keep me calm. You know, I’m such a dramatic person at times and some people don’t understand me. She’s always there to pull me back from the ledge.

ANTMFunny: Speaking of being a calming force, I was impressed at what a good mentor you were to the woman who used to be a cat, Lady Kat.

Tiffany: I remember Lady Kat!

ANTMFunny: Have you had any contact with her?

Tiffany: No, I didn’t, but she was a character, she was so sweet, too. I talked to

Brandy the other day through Instagram, but only for a brief second. I don’t keep in contact with any other girls.

ANTMFunny: How about anyone immediately after the show?

Tiffany: Yeah, me and Keenyah hung out here a couple times and I talked to Toccara a couple times. And Eva maybe once or twice. But I kind of dropped it after that.

ANTMFunny: Do you drink alcohol these days?

Tiffany: Yes, sometimes…

ANTMFunny: I ask because on the show you said you don’t normally drink because it makes you act like a fool.

Tiffany: I said that?

ANTMFunny: You said that before they showed you throwing up in that restaurant. I could only dream of vomiting in a restaurant that fancy.

Tiffany: [sarcastically] Oh, lucky me… Okay, we can talk about it, I don’t give a shit. The thing is I was used to drinking liquor – I wasn’t used to drinking wine. I figured, okay, I’m not going to drink hard, so I’ll drink wine, not knowing that that shit tastes really sweet but it still really messes you up. I drank like one glass and didn’t feel anything so I had another one. By the third one, I was a little loopy, and then I drunk a fourth and it was bad. I didn’t even know freaking wine does that to you! But I learned that night.

ANTMFunny: I think most of us are lucky that we weren’t on reality television when we were 21 or we’d all have moments like that.

Tiffany: When I was throwing up, I’m like, “Oh god, my grandma’s gonna kill me.” I knew that they were going to show that, but I prayed that they wouldn’t.

ANTMFunny: Okay, that’s about all of my questions. Do you have any lingering dirt about the show or anything else you want to say about the experience?

Tiffany: Not really… I just think Tyra’s a bitch for not trying to do more. I’m not saying that she owes us anything cuz we’re grown as hell and we need to figure out stuff for ourselves, but I just felt like there was no compassion. How can you bring all these girls here and they tell you all these stories about themselves and then it’s just like… nothing? But you know, everyone’s different.

ANTMFunny: Well thank you, Tiffany. Tyra told you to “take responsibility for yourself” – and even though it probably had nothing to do with Tyra, you definitely have taken responsibility for yourself, it seems like you’re on a great path. Thanks so much for your time.

Tiffany: Thank you.

(This interview has been condensed and edited.)

ANTM Cycle 4 - The Deadly Sins Shoot

My favourite shoot of Cycle 4 of America’s Next Top Model was the Deadly Sins Shoot, in which the girls had to pose inside a six foot grave, whilst portraying the 7 deadly sins. 


Naima portrayed Envy in the shoot. Her face evokes feelings of longing and jealousy. Her eyes connect well with the camera and they almost have a look of desperation. I really like her body positioning, but I feel the hand covering her breasts could be more delicate, or to the other extreme of twisted and contorted. Also, i feel the composition of the shot could have been improved by the sheet crossing her body more, not necessarily covering her, but filling the frame more. 


Kahlen portrayed Wrath. Sadly, Kahlen found out a few days before this shoot that her friend from school had unfortunately passed away. However, her sadness helped to produce a powerful photograph, as she pulled all of her emotions into a dominating, angry expression. Her contorted hands show how the anger has spread through her entire body, making the emotions more believable. I highly commend her for going through with the shoot at such a terrible time for her.


Brittany portrayed Sloth. I love the wardrobe for her shoot, the socks and arm warmers with the glamourous dress and tights. I feel that it would have been a better shot is she relaxed her body more. She hasn’t really evoked sloth or laziness, however, I feel it was a hard sin to portray. 


Tatiana was portraying Greed. This photograph wasn’t well received by the judges but I actually love the way that her face is showing how she adores the money. However, i feel the shot would have been more passionate if she had sort of rubbed the money across her body. 


Michelle portrayed pride. I feel that Michelle has tried to hard and overdone it in this photograph. The facial expression is more actressy, rather than modely. Also, she has lost her neck, which has decreased the length of the shot. I feel the picture would have been better if she had a more superior look.


Christina portrayed Lust. I absolutely love this photograph of Christina! Her facial expression is evoking pure sex and passion. I feel she could have touched her body more and maybe bitten her lips or something. But I wouldn’t want her to become too slutty. 


Keenyah portrayed Gluttony. I don’t like this photograph, but I may be biased as I don’t like Keenyah at all. She could have pushed a lot more with this photograph, by holding the food, rubbing on herself, immersing herself in the feelings of gluttony.