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au where odin died instead of frigga?

a better u tbh. okay so

  1. Frigga is much less with the “WE WILL FIGHT TO THE LAST MAN ON ASGARD” thing and much more with the “let’s take the fight to fucking malekith and burn his ass to the ground for murdering my husband (oh yeah and save the world) so she probably walks right in on Thor making his plans with his friends and is like “okay son before you go committing treason let me tell you a thing” and this renders that whole illegal escape thing moot so there’s that
  2. Loki gets the news about Odin being dead and is totally like “haha whatever I hated that guy anyway good riddance good job me on steering that beast right to him, two dads down well did Loki” but then as he sits in his cell and stews for a while he starts to be like “shit but…this means I never got to prove him wrong about me. that sucks. I wanted to Show Him goddammit I should’ve been the one to kill him probably” and then a little more time passes and he’s like “fuck Odin’s dead??? like really dead?? nah not possible he’s probably playing a trick on me to see what I’ll do haha I’m not going to fall for it” and then a little longer and it’s like “…shit, Odin’s dead” and that’s when he falls apart because his daddy is dead and that is not what he wanted which Loki (being Loki) did not realize until literally right then.
  3. Frigga gets mega-involved in the planning thing and is like “what the hell, Thor, what do you mean you’re just going to smash the Aether with your hammer do you think that’s going to work” and Thor is like “well I didn’t have any other ideas” and Frigga is like “what about putting it back in the box it came from, huh?” and Thor is like “we-ell that would be ideal but for that we’d need a very powerful mage and you’re the Queen of Asgard now and - oh mother you are not” and Frigga is like “yes, yes I am”
  4. FAMILY REUNION!!! down in the cell block and Loki pretends to be all gloating and awful and Thor is like “don’t pull this shit with me” and Frigga just stands there with her arms crossed until Loki drops the act and there are tears. and probably hugs. this is my AU I can do what I want
  5. So uh then there is epic Jane+Thor+Loki team up and I cannot decide how this one ends because a part of me is like “if you actually kill Loki that would make a really good narratively satisfying arc” but the other part of me is like “noooooo not my baby *clutches protectively*” but either way Frigga is alive and Queen of Asgard and nobody commits any treason and Loki does not end up on the throne of Asgard pretending to be his father at the end. 

I am a master of plot. Hire me to write Thor 3 Marvel, there will be 1000% more tears and family arguments, 1000% less drawn out fight scenes, and Frigga will be back from the dead without any explanation because fridging women is dumb.

hard to keep the rainclouds out, 2134 words, jane foster/thor (+loki in absentia), post thor 2, warnings for some discussion of suicide ehhhh idk what I’m doing but I’ve wanted to write this fic for a while

Thor did not talk about Loki much.

No, that was an understatement. Thor didn’t talk about Loki at all. It was one of those big, quiet,empty spaces between them that just didn’t get crossed, and Jane knew it was there and knew she should do something about it but didn’t know how, exactly. Especially not when a stupid part of her felt guilty, sometimes.

And what would she even say, anyway? She didn’t know anything about Loki except what he’d done to Erik and New York, except the gleam in his eye when he’d smiled at her and the way he’d watched her on Svartalfheim. Hungry and furious and searching in a way that made Jane think of bugs pinned to velvet.

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Mildly sad headcanon: if anyone on Asgard had actually asked Loki what happened after he fell from the Bifrost, he might have told them about Thanos. After "your birthright was to die" and "no I won't kill you, I'll put you in solitary for 4,000 years and ban the one person who loves you and wants to visit you," though? Not a chance.

oh man are you ready for feelings because I have feelings (so many feelings about that goddamn scene, apparently, I won’t stop talking about it maybe) 

ugh so yeah basically I think there’s a lot going on, I’ve talked before about Loki walking in expecting to be executed so he’s being flippant and nasty on purpose, lashing out what he expects is one last time, baiting both Odin and Frigga, and a lot of it is playacting - because being vulnerable and scared is the last thing he wants to show (to anyone, but especially to Odin, in front of whom Loki has never wanted to look weak, and especially not now). But at the same time there’s a part of Loki that is…testing. Seeing how they (mostly Odin) will react, seeing how they will treat him - disappointment, hatred, total rejection (love? impossible, but there’s a part of Loki that still wants it, that he would deny forever). 

Odin, meanwhile - Odin has had time to stew and he’s angry, because a) I don’t think Odin deals well with grief and he was grieving, but he turned that into anger because that was easier than feeling the guilt and sadness over Loki’s apparent death and b) Loki’s basically thrown the biggest public tantrum possible, as Odin sees it, dragged Asgard’s name into the mess, and is acting like a spoiled child and c) might actually be dangerous, because here his son is playing around with an Infinity Stone, involved with something big (because even if Odin doesn’t know it’s Thanos, he’s got to know there’s something else behind Loki, that he didn’t just trip over an army in the Void) and for all Odin knows, plotting against Asgard. He did, after all, try to kill Thor. So Odin’s angry, and he decides to do the thing he knows will hit Loki hardest - lock him down and away, isolate him, esentially send him to his room to think about what he’s done. I think that much was planned well before Loki waltzed in. 

What wasn’t planned was what Odin says to Loki when he loses his temper, when he sees Loki (as he seems) remorseless, mocking, seemingly so cavalier about all of this. And Odin bursts out with what, to him, is basically a you ungrateful little brat speech, and ups the punishment to take away the one thing he thinks might still matter to Loki - Frigga. I don’t think either of those things were calculated. I think they were angry reactions of an old man who really, really doesn’t know how to deal with his son. Because it is possible, maybe, that if there had been an extended hand in that scene, Loki might have taken it. he might not have, of course. it’s maybe even likely he wouldn’t have. but he definitely would have noticed. 

instead, what Loki hears is you should have died, I have absolute power over your life and death and have always controlled you and I am taking everything from you and locking you away to rot, basically burying him alive. and any lingering belief Loki had in Odin’s love, I think, or even his care, dies right there. and he thinks, on top of the surprised sting that you can see on his face before he spits what about Thor, “oh, well then, you can all burn for all I care” and clamps his mouth shut about Thanos for good. 

after all, no one cared when it was just him suffering. no one came to help. why should he offer them anything?

Loki’s done reaching for something he’ll never get, he tells himself. Odin’s done everything but kill him, and that’s fine. at least they’re not pretending any more.

(and then Frigga dies and Loki realizes that he still had at least one thing left to lose.)

allalpha replied to your post “what other dangling plot threads involving loki have they not…”

wait, you don’t think he was planning to fake his death?

oooh, have I not talked about this? maybe I haven’t, I know I’ve ficced about it but maybe I haven’t actually written about it. 

the short version is: no, I do not. I think Loki genuinely thought he was dying and the fact that he surprised was unexpected (bonus? possibly not so much, ask me about Loki’s passively suicidal tendencies and his feelings on his apparent inability to die :D)

the long answer is: everything about that scene suggests genuine fear and expectation of death - which makes sense, because that’s how it was originally filmed (the reveal at the end was a late edit/addition - originally Loki was going to die there. still not sure how I feel about that.). Loki is a great actor but he tends to act up: stronger than he is, more durable, more defiant, for instance in the scene with Natasha in Avengers, or the scene at the beginning of Thor 2 with Odin and Frigga. when his mask cracks and he shows vulnerability it tends to be in moments when he’s hesitating, or emotionally overwhelmed - otherwise he’s very contained or else flippant/manic. 

so the way he cracks open as he’s dying, spilling apologies and repeating phrases (I’m a fool, I’m a fool) to me rings true - Loki thinks he’s dying, thinks this is his last chance to say goodbye to Thor (”I didn’t do it for him” could be either Frigga or Thor, but I’m inclined to think Thor in that moment; Loki’s emotions about Frigga’s death and his desire for revenge are complicated, I think, by his feelings of complicity).

but for whatever reason, Loki survives, and he does what Loki does best: gets up and keeps going, taking an opportunity and running with it - in this case all the way to the throne of Asgard. I’m inclined to think that he didn’t expect that exact outcome, but he definitely went to confront Odin (and I think to gauge his reaction to Loki’s “death”) and probably somewhere in the back of his mind was an idea that it might be a possibility. 

and this is what I believe, and they can’t take it away from me, thank you and goodnight.

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you can't convince me that at least part of the reason loki hasn't revealed to thor that he's alive is because as things stand, thor remembers a brother who died honorably in battle and maybe went to valhalla to be with frigga. it's not a /real/ picture and maybe it's sentimental of him to want thor to have it, but nonetheless.

this is totally my headcanon - or at least it’s one of the reasons, both for Thor’s sake and for Loki’s own, because he’s terrified that if Thor found out Loki survived he would only see disappointment, regret, even hatred, and he wants to remember the way Thor looked at him in those last moments, like Loki mattered, like he was loved.

and sometimes Loki wishes he was that Loki, the one who died honorably and bravely and maybe managed to reach Valhalla, wishes that were the truth and he hadn’t woken at all, because why does he keep getting up, why.

of course the other reasons also have to do with self-preservation and Loki making his own moves to do what he wants (and what he wants is in some sense to prove that he’s a better Odin and also a little bit of control even if actual rulership, I’m p sure, would be massively boring and unsatisfying for him) but at least in part it’s not wanting that disappointment, not wanting to lose the last few sentimental, foolish shreds that want Thor’s love.

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What do you think about Loki in Thor 2? I saw your response to him in the Avengers and I'm really curious.

This is a really broad question, but I guess in relation to what I was talking about in the post about the Avengers you’re probably asking about Loki’s mental space in Thor 2? (I’m serious about that “do you want me to trashblog or something” comment I swear you’re just enabling all my worst impulses.)

But anyway - I’ve talked before about how I feel like in the opening scene of Thor 2 when Loki’s facing Odin he’s very much in a (somewhat manufactured) state of “well it’s done and nothing matters anymore lol” which is what creates his general flippancy and carelessness. I think Loki expects to be executed at that point and it genuinely takes him by surprise that doesn’t happen, and it’s genuinely pretty awful to be locked away and what he perceives as being forgotten. 

From there I think he ends up both stewing in a lot of bitterness and anger that means his conversations with Frigga are unproductive and he doesn’t have a whole lot of interest in changing - he also doesn’t see any point in changing, I think, because he’s going to be stuck in this cage for the rest of forever, so why does it matter. 

But then Frigga dies and Thor comes to him for help and there’s this dizzy combination of manic energy because he’s free and also a sudden focused anger because of Frigga’s death, mingled with anger at himself and guilt because he was indirectly the cause of death for one of the few people he felt mattered, on some level. 

tl;dr, Loki’s kind of all over the place in Thor 2, but at the moment he goes after Algrim and “dies,” I think it’s a genuine act of “fuck no Frigga is dead, not Thor too” as opposed to a calculated, planned move. In Thor 2 Loki is still very much reacting as opposed to acting, and a lot of it is on a very emotional level that isn’t wholly rational. There’s still a lot of bitterness, I think, but it’s become less outwardly obvious and less…wild than in the Avengers. 

I wouldn’t necessarily say that putting Loki in a cell was a positive move, but I do think it had some positive side effects, because while there’s a certain toxicity to Loki being alone with his thoughts it also effectively removes him from being able to exacerbate his own problems.

Just the same, I’m never going to endorse “solitary confinement forever!!” as a lenient punishment as some people have, and I do think it was Odin’s reaction of anger (but still unwillingness to kill his son) as opposed to something meant to help.

the world seems not the same; 785 words, thor, post-thor 2, lise does the thing where she takes a break from her major projects to write pointless sadfic inspired while driving and also by overabundance of feelings and remembering this post

Thor hesitated a long moment before letting himself into Loki’s rooms. He half expected a sting, or perhaps to walk through the door into a different room entirely, one of the many tricks Loki had used to keep Thor out of his rooms when he was uninvited. Nothing happened, though. Thor remembered Loki saying that most spells vanished with their caster’s…

Thor swallowed hard past the lump in his throat and stepped inside. 

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hi it is 11:30 at night and I am suddenly beset with feelings about Loki's "see you in Hel, monster" line and how Loki sees himself as a monster and the significance of him using it as an insult and yeah

ohhhh I’m so glad that you knew to come to me with these late night Loki feelings because ahhhh that entire scene kills me start to finish and that line is a big one hahahaha

because 1) the equivalency between himself and Kurse, drawing that explicitly, how much of that has to do with Loki’s feelings of culpability over Frigga’s death, he may not look like a monster in the same way but oh he knows he is on the inside and 2) Loki’s assumption that he is destined for Hel, without question, that Loki’s already been stabbed at that point and knows he’s dying and takes that moment of proximity to make sure he drags Kurse down with him

it’s triumph but it’s a bitter triumph and that line also always feels very I WILL FIGHT YOU ALL THE WAY DOWN AND INTO DEATH IF I HAVE TO and oh no

but yeah I’m pretty sure Loki finds it fitting in a lot of ways that this is how he dies, and one of those ways is because it’s the monsters killing each other and isn’t that just so poetic

now I just want to go watch that scene and cry. that sounds like a bad idea

so about that odinson roadtrip into valhalla fixit fic

Thor woke up in the middle of the night with Loki standing over him and looking powerfully displeased. “Wake up,” he said, snappishly. “I require your assistance. Regrettably.” Thor stared at him, helplessly. Loki made an impatient noise. “Yes, yes, I’m alive, can you skip the hysterics?”

Thor swallowed. “This is no dream,” he said. Loki rolled his eyes and smiled, sharp and nasty.

“Have you been dreaming about me that much, brother?”

Thor reached out and grabbed his arm. He could feel a pulse under the skin, solid flesh under his fingers, and let go, drawing back. “You’re alive,” he said, a little hoarsely.

“I thought I said to-”

Thor hauled back and punched Loki in the face.

this is going to be so much fun

so a few more thoughts from my thor 2 watch today

  • I feel like I haven’t talked about the fact that Jane wears Frigga’s armor after she dies and I have feelings about this.
  • and also how I’m totally writing at least a drabble of Sif & Frigga interaction based on that one shot during the funeral.
  • also Thor’s casual “Frigga told them to us” referring to the stories about the Dark Elves like that casual “us” aaaaaah help
  • the little twitch of Loki!Odin’s eyebrow when Thor says “Loki died with honor” I want to know what Loki’s feelings were doing there I really want to know
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Now Thor’s capes smell like big bro AND Mama’s flowers & Loki steals it & curls up in it when he’s all alone at night after pretending to be Odin all day. Thor’s going spare bc missing capes almost always meant LOKI was upset & jfc is it a SIGN

sdlkfjsldkfjffffff okay okay I surrender (maybe) and Thor is just like SERIOUSLY WHAT IS GOING ON HERE and at this point starts investigating methods to get to one of the underworlds because there must be a way somewhere

and Odin!Loki finds out (because of course he watches Thor all the time like a total stalker because reasons) and goes and is all “you cannot go gallivanting off to the land of the dead after your worthless good for nothing not-brother it is too dangerous”

and Thor is like “WELL THAT’S TOO BAD cause I’m pretty sure I’m going to do it anyway”

and Odin!Loki is like “I FORBID IT seriously Thor don’t be a dumb you’ll get yourself killed

and Thor is in a right temper at this point and is like “you can’t stop me what are you going to do banish me again I need to know what’s going on and I can take care of myself”

and Odin!Loki is getting progressively more frustrated and eventually just goes “norns Thor how did you ever survive without any sense of self preservation!!!” and wait

there is something curiously familiar about that particular tone of voice and how it doesn’t sound quite right coming from Odin

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I know right I was in denial I am going to write fix it fic I am going to write fix it fic ten different ways so help me god I am going to write Loki and Thor going on a road trip into Valhalla to get her back I am serious about this guys

I AM NEVER GOING TO BE OKAY AGAIN??? I JUST!!!!! that was the moment where I just broke because ugh I can’t I can’t I can’t and just yes Loki choosing what Thor’s last view of him potentially ever would be and that was what he chose and I just 

leave me here to literally die I’m not even kidding okay I haven’t even started here just wait for the headcanon explosion that’s going to come out of this just wait fuuuuCKKKK

so on second watch through the line that stuck out to me for some reason was the “possibly” when Thor asks if Loki is mad and I don’t know how I can articulate my thoughts without sounding like an actual absurdity, but it ties in with the manic energy he has throughout after he’s been freed and it just makes me wonder what kind of mental place Loki has been in even before Frigga’s death

also just noticing how obsessed Loki still is with Odin and Odin’s approval and Odin’s reaction and seriously a big part of Loki is still looking for Odin to acknowledge/approve/notice/something and it just hurts me obscurely because Loki Frigga loves you, Thor loves you, stop obsessing about how your fucked up father figure is at the very least emotionally constipated

also the “your birthright was to die!” line was much stronger this time because I remember seeing conversation about it on my dash and I am just hella creeped out by all the implications of “your life only exists because of my mercy, The Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh” sort of rhetoric of “I could have snuffed you out at any time and been within my rights” and how often has Loki himself thought this, probably a lot

“if I am for the axe, then for mercy’s sake, swing it” indeed

so many thor 2 emotions

I know that casualdorkpatrol and I are friends because immediately after watching Thor 2 one of the first things she said was “so all of the Jane and Loki friendship” and I was like “I KNOW RIGHT” and basically why does the world not give me weird Jane and Loki friendship all over the place do I have to do everything myself

(totally going to find a way to write at least one conversation between them during the timeline of Thor 2 somehow somehow I just want the thiiiiiiing)

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road to nowhere?

hahahahah okay. “Road to Nowhere” is the post-Thor 2 fic fix it where Thor and Loki go on a roadtrip to Valhalla to get Frigga back and no I’m not kidding that’s basically exactly what it is. And also a lot of Thor being (understandably) pissed at Loki for letting him think he was dead (again) and Loki being his generally lovely self and Not Mentioning the fact that he spent the last interval pretending to be Odin, just by the way. 

(I’m currently divided on whether he let Odin out of wherever he was keeping him before taking off or just kind of vanished and is letting Asgard freak out about how Odin just disappeared and no one knows where he is??? We’ll see where I get on that.)

At this point it is basically brotherly-bonding roadtrip times with abundant snark. 

And apparently there was going to be some “world where emotions” if I can ever figure out what the fuck that was even supposed to mean. 

My favorite part of this one is the part where Loki shows up in the middle of the night all “THOR IT TURNS OUT I NEED YOUR HELP, UNFORTUNATELY” and after Thor affirms that this is in fact real and Loki is in fact alive he just goes ahead and punches Loki in the face. 

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DID YOU SEE THAT ONE OF THE THOR 2 DELETED SCENES IS GOING TO BE THOR AND FRIGGA DISCUSSING LOKI? I AM EXCITE. There are some other scenes I was hoping would be on there too but unfortunately it looks like we won't get those. ALSO WE ONLY HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL FEB 25TH

DUDE I DID NOT SEE THIS AND FUUUUUCK. does want that does want all of the Thor and Frigga interaction and the Frigga and Thor discussing Loki and sdlkfjsldkfj (though of course if it doesn’t suit my headcanon I can ignore the shit out of it, that’s the nice thing about deleted scenes)

february 25th I’m writing that one down

between all the comics starting in february and now the thor 2 dvd maybe february will be a good month for once! :D