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Rising Signs

Rising sign is the cusp of your first house. It sets the tone for the rest of your houses, as well as adds a gloss coating to the individual birth chart as a whole. In essence, Rising sign is the tip of the glacier for the whole person. It’s what the person may show as a default for meeting new people. It also may show what people assume about the native at first glance.

Aries Risings gives the air of Independence. They may have fast, quick movements. They may take risks and be the doers. The first in line, type of ambition. May get scars from reckless adventures. Give the vibe of being brave, and standing up for themselves. True to who they are as a person, and genuine in what they want for themselves. Mars rulership gives them the passion for them to go out and achieve their desires.

Taurus Risings tends to be grounding. Venus gifts them with a natural taste for beauty, fashion, or admiration of the arts in relation to body. Artistic with self in the world. May lean towards natural care or food products. May have an apparent appreciation for music or nature. Possible slow but mindful movements. Can be calming, and give off a “chill” vibe. Doey features, gaze and/or eyes that reflect the natural simplistic depth of the world.

Gemini Risings give off a bubbly vibe. They often have an awkwardly adorable charm. Can be considered ditzy. Can be talkative or a gossip, expressive with hands. May experiment with appearance, such as styles or hair color. May want to appear knowledgable, or just be social. Mercury expands on the need to communicate, especially verbally. Wispy and hard to pin down.

Cancer Risings appears to be almost disconnected. Cancer is very guarded, and can be withdrawn. Intuition is strong. Despite being gaurded, they tend to be emotionally driven, however their true intentions are known to few as they can be very private. The moon here gives them a moonlight glow in their presence, that’s subtle but noticable. Soft features, often leaning feminine in mannerisms.

Leo Risings are the epitome of displaying loud and proud. They tend to be as large as life and light up the room. The sun ruler here makes the person have a glowing-or glaring- presence. They may soak up attention and praise, even subconsciously demand it. They have an air about them that glows and attracts attention, and may appear to have confidence even if it’s not actually present.

Virgo Risings tends to be quiet and observant, paying attention to small details often overlooked by most people. They tend to be critical about their appearance and how the present themselves to the world, usually having a keen idea of how their presence affects other people. Can be shy and withdrawn when first meeting people. Mercury adds a sophistication with language, and a possible anxiety that develops from an overly critical preception of self in relation to the world.

Libra Rising give off a charming and socially sauve vibe. Venus aims to please, particularly Libra blends in any social setting, often refusing to cause any disruption. They tend to mirror what they think people want and aspire to be on friendly terms with everyone involved, regardless of personal feelings. Polite, values manners, and respects unspoken social rules.

Scorpio Risings tend to stand in the back ground and observe. Even the more outgoing ones are observant, constantly reading the vibe of the environment. They are aware of the social undercurrents and want to act strategically. Intense inner vibes that spill into their interactions, intensity is often reflected in gaze and/or eyes. Can be serious but is almost always suspicious of others motives. Pluto here is intense, and people either are drawn to them or repulsed.

Sagittarius Risings display such a carefree vibe, they’re like a breath of freedom. Unmatched in their ability to show off nonchalance in others opinions and be authentically themselves. Jupiter gives them the ability to befriend almost anybody, and without being aware of it they have a light cheery vibe that expands across the room

Capricorn Risings are very serious and almost standoffish. They are not the most social immediately as they carry a weight around them. Serious Outlook and dry humor. Saturn restricts them so they’re not as out going, can accidentally give negative first impressions without meaning to. May come off as a workaholic, or generally tired.

Aquarius Risings is also friendly but in a more detached way. Unconventional and quirky, uncaring if strangers think their wierd but can secretly be self conscious. Uranus gives them a restless energy in crowds and may have an odd mix of being social while being independent. Co-ruler Saturn also can give them a resting bitch face, similar to Capricorn.

Pisces Risings gives off a soft and dreamy vibe. They seem ethernel in this world and can give the feeling of being from a fantasy realm. Can give off the impression of being shy and withdrawn, and dealing with secret fantasies. Neptune gives a glamour effect, in which Pisces may act as a canvas for other people’s personal ambitions.

prongswhatthefuck2  asked:

What are some good tips for getting started with writing a book? I have a concept but i can't put it into place.

Getting Started with Your Story

There’s no one way to start writing a book. For some people, it’s enough to just jump in and start writing to see where the story takes them. If you’re not too keen on that idea, then here is one process (as in, not the only process) that might help you move beyond your concept. 

  • Concept ≠ Plot

Many writers mistake concept for plot, but they’re actually two very different things. A world where everyone grows up with superpowers is a concept; the plot is what you decide to write about within that concept - the specific characters and what happens to those characters; who your antagonist is and what conflict arises when that antagonist goes after what they want. All of these things contribute to your plot. 

So first, define what it is you actually have at this particular point. Do you just have a concept? If so, you’ll need to take the necessary steps to develop that concept into a plot. 

  • Concept >>> Plot

If you’ve decided that all you really have is a concept, then how do you take it and turn it into a plot? You brainstorm. All brainstorming really amounts to is expanding your ideas. All you’re doing is asking questions about the concept and delving deep into the answers. 

The most simplistic way to start this process, especially if you’re struggling, is to ask one of two questions (or both, if applicable). These two questions: What could go wrong? What could go right?

Going back to my example about a world where everyone grows up with superpowers. If I were to ask the question “what could go wrong,” I’d end up with a whole list of possibilities. 

  • The powers suddenly disappear
  • People start abusing their powers
  • Someone figures out how to steal powers
  • A hierarchy of strong vs. weak powers develops, creating superiority/inferiority dynamics
  • Someone is born without a superpower

There are many more possibilities I didn’t even think of here, but any one (or more) of these could become a plot. Choose one that sounds interesting, and then ask yourself “and then what?” 

Say I choose: Someone figures out how to steal powers. Then what does that person do? Do they recruit people to do the dirty work for them? Do they work alone? Do they hoard these powers and barter them for other goods? Do they attempt to enslave people? Do they attempt to take control of institutions? What do they do?

Your goal is to take your ideas and turn them into actions taken by characters. People doing things. And each piece you add will usually lead into another. If you went with the idea that this character is stealing powers and essentially selling them for other goods, you’d have to ask yourself follow-up questions. First, who are they selling to? Why would anyone buy a new superpower if they already have one? What uses would they have for additional ones? What is the key demographic that this person is trying to reach? Secondly, what are they selling them in exchange for? Money? Favors? Souls? What is this character getting in return?

Now that you’ve examined potential actions that the character takes, you’ve also exposed potential new characters. 

  • People they’re stealing from
  • People they’re bargaining with
  • People that try to police these crimes
  • People that try to copy this character’s process

At the beginning of this section, I talked about using “what could go right” as another optional jumping off point. This is a good path to follow if your concept is already really negative. For a concept where someone is killing people for some pointed reason, you might ask “what could go right” and explore ideas where the killer is caught and brought to justice. 

The point of all this is to think about change as a means of taking your idea from concept to plot. A concept is static - it doesn’t move, evolve, or change. By developing a plot, you’re forcing the concept to be challenged in some way. If you think about it that way, you’ll be able to formulate conflicts, and the people that orchestrate and fight against those conflicts. 

On that note, I think we’re ready to move onto the third piece of my graphic above. 

  • Plot = Character Actions and Consequences

At this point, you have sketches for characters. You’ve got this nameless, faceless person that is stealing the powers, and all these other nameless, faceless people that I listed above. In essence, we have character concepts. And just like we turned our initial concept into a plot, we have to turn these character concepts into actual characters. 

The basics are the easiest way to start. You figure out their name, their gender identity, their age, their appearance, some brief backstory and personality traits. I personally prefer the simplest questionnaire that I put together back in the early days because it hits on the poignant pieces of a character without overwhelming you with 100s of questions. 

Now that you’ve given your character concepts names and faces and potential behaviors, you start to consider how one character’s view of the world inspires them to take certain actions, and you then think about how those actions affect your entire story. 

We already kind of talked about the motives of the power thief in our example, but definitely delve deep here. On the surface, this character seems bad - stealing from people and then selling what they steal. But depending on what it is they’re getting in return, could we not argue that this character is a supernatural Robin Hood? Maybe instead of selling, they’re giving, and maybe the characters they’re stealing powers from are people that abuse and misuse their powers. Character motives can take a plot and turn it on its head, forcing you to reconceptualize everything. And that’s okay! That’s part of the process.

But separate from that idea, if we have a character concept of someone whose powers were stolen, and after developing their basic backstory, we discover that person’s name is Rose, and she has an especially close relationship with her brother. So when her powers are stolen, how does this affect her life? Was she using her powers to keep her brother alive and protected? What she using them to keep a roof over their heads? Was she using them as part of her job, as a means of providing? What happens to her life when her powers are stolen? And what will Rose do about it? Whatever Rose does will impact the story. If she does nothing to get her powers back, how does she solve her problems and does that make for a good story? If she does decide to act, then you’ve moved onto a new plot point to dive deeper into.

My point is, character concepts come from plots, but characters themselves often create plot, as their decisions and mistakes and successes create new outcomes. So if I could modify my original flow chart:

Before you develop something, you conceptualize it. You have a concept, then you make it a plot. You have concepts for characters, then you make them characters. And those characters end up driving your plot, to the point that this happens:

Plot inspires character. Character inspires plot. And it just keeps going around and around and around. Breaking it down into these pieces helps organize the process, but developing a story is rarely this neat and tidy. You’ll get ideas that don’t make sense, ideas that aren’t cohesive, characters you don’t need, characters that piss you off, problems you can’t solve, or plot points you’ve committed to that you no longer like…it will be messy. But it’s your mess, and the more you work on developing your own process, the more it’ll make sense to you. And it’ll become easier to know how to go about fixing it when something’s not right. 

Have fun with this process! It’s supposed to be fun. When the pieces start to become clearer, you’re able to put them together in a rough outline. And once you have a rough outline, you can start writing, and really see it take shape. 


Livestreaming//Finn Wolfhard x reader

Fuck so this is my first ever imagine here and I apologize if it’s shitty yikessss. 

Thank you for 200 followers by the way! This is my gift from me, to all of you. 

Warnings: None lol, just pure fluff

You and Finn have been best friends for almost two years now. You guys first met on the set of Stranger Things and since then you have been inseparable. You guys got a long so well that sometimes people mistake you two as a couple. You and Finn are aware of the fans shipping you two and you honestly didn’t mind because well, you like Finn. I mean, what’s not to like about him anyway? He’s sweet, caring, and kind. What more could you want?

Millie was the first one to notice that you liked Finn. You didn’t know how because you made sure to not be obvious about it. Millie was great at reading people, she considered it as one of her talents. She always pushed you to tell Finn about your feelings for him because she believes that Finn felt the same way. You didn’t believe that though, it was crazy. How could Finn Wolfhard like you? It was just too wild so you constantly brushed that idea away whenever it came up.

After promoting season two of Stranger Things, you and the rest of the cast were given a break. Finn invited you to spend the break with him in Vancouver to which you happily accepted. 

“Can you get your foot off of my face? Gosh you dick.” You said jokingly as you pushed Finn’s foot away from you face. You guys were laying opposite from each other on Finn’s bed, just hanging out and talking about random things. 

“You’re so rude.” Finn replied as he continued to place his foot on your face. 

“Says the person constantly placing their foot on my face.” You rolled your eyes playfully as you continued to push Finn’s foot away.

“Hey I know,” Finn suddenly bolts up and sits down, “We should do a livestream! We can sing together and answer questions!” Finn smiled as he proposed his idea to you. 

“I’m okay with livestreaming, but can we not sing? I don’t even sing well.” You said you continue to lay down on Finn’s bed. Finn loves the way you sing, he’s been trying to get you to sing with an audience, but you weren’t so keen to the idea. That doesn’t stop him from suggesting it every once in awhile though. 

“Oh come on, Y/N! You sing great, I wouldn’t be constantly bothering you to sing if you weren’t good!” Your best friend said as he shook your leg, “Come on pleaaasssseee?” 

“Fine, just one song though.” You say as you sit up. 

Finn smiled so widely which caused you to smile too, his smile was contagious. 

“That’s enough for me.” Finn got out of his bed to go get his guitar. You grabbed your phone which was placed on Finn’s night stand and opened Instagram. In a few minutes, Finn was back with his guitar. He then sits beside you and you give him your phone. Finn quickly switches out of your account to his account and he then starts the livestream. Viewers rolled in the stream in no time. He then places your phone on his nightstand so he didn’t have to hold it during the stream. 

“Hey guys so, Y/N and I decided to livestream because we’re bored and guess whattttt.” Finn said and comments saying “What” started pouring in. “Y/N and I are going to be taking song requests so go ahead and request!”

“Uhm requests? I thought we agreed on doing only one song?” 

“Sorry nope, change of plans Y/N, we’re singing our heart out today.” Finn said with a teasing wink which made you roll your eyes. 

“Why are you like this? You’re so annoying.” You said while jokingly pushing Finn away from you.

“You love me though.”

“No I hate you.”

You both didn’t notice but every time you spoke to each other, the closer you sat together. With every word spoken, you and Finn scoot closer to each other.


milliebobbybrown: you guys are so cute!!!!

wyattoleff: “we’re just friends!12!!!21212!1″ 

jackdgrazer: just date already smh

You and Finn leaned in closer to your phone’s screen and read everyone’s comments. 

ahoeforstrangerthings: okay but every time they talk, they scoot closer to each other fuck THIS IS THE TYPE OF CONTENT LIVE FOR

You and Finn both read the same comment and quickly scooted away from each other. You tried to play it cool, but you were slowly losing it. Your hands were getting clammy and your heartbeat was slowly rising. Finn on the other hand was blushing crazy.

“OKKKKAYYY, so a lot of people requested for Girl Crush by Little Big Town so we’ll do that.” Finn said while getting his guitar ready, you quickly look at him and saw that his face was red. You cleared your throat and started singing as soon as Finn strummed the first chord to the song. Finn would harmonize with you every now and then.

dontfuckpennywise: funny how Finn chose to do this song ;)

sophialillis: you guys sing so good together damn sOMEOEN GIVE THEM A RECORD DEAL

A few minutes later, you and Finn finished singing the song. Everyone was cheering in the comments which made you smile. 

“Alright that’s enough songs for today, I told Y/N we’d only do one song. Don’t worry though, I’m going to try and convince her to do more song covers in the future.” Finn teased as he turned his face towards you to give you a smirk. 

“That won’t happen sir, not on my watch.” You reply while smiling at Finn. You two kind of stared at each other’s eyes for a few seconds. There was this electrifying feeling coursing through the both of you, but you didn’t know why you felt that way. 

uncle_jezzy: electricity


(YourShipName)isreal: JOE APPROVES

Finn looks through the comments again and sees Joe Keery’s comment, he turns red as he mouths the word ‘electricity.’ You choked on your saliva as you read Joe’s comment, but you played it cool by acting as if you were just coughing.

“Okay we’ll take questions now, go crazy but not too crazy with the comments you guys.” You say as you looked at your phone screen searching for good questions.

gatenm123: i miss you guys!! when are you guys planning on visiting me? :DDDD

“We miss you too and we’re planning on visiting you for sure, Gaten. We just don’t know when yet. We’ll let you know.” Finn said and you nodded in agreement. 

cuddlesand(YourShipName): are you guys dating? ;)

“NOPE! JUST FRIENDS!” You and Finn said simultaneously as you came across the question from @//cuddlesand(YourShipName). You found it quite interesting how the both of you replied at the same time at the same comment, but decided to dismiss it. Surely it was just a coincidence, right?

“I’m so cold what the hell? Can you change the temperature of thermostat please?” You asked Finn as you rubbed your hands on your arms in an attempt to warm yourself up.

“The thermostat is all the way downstairs, that’s a lot of work. Here just-” Finn turns around and tugs on his bed’s comforter, “Here.” Finn covers the both of you with his comforter which helped with the temperature situation. 


“Yeah, better. Thank you, Finnie.” 

“Stop that.” You laughed as Finn rolled his eyes as a joke, he secretly loved when you called him Finnie.

The fans freaked out, both of you were sure that there will be edits of you two all over the internet after the livestream and you didn’t mind at all.

thestrangestofthings: are you guys sure that you’re just friends? I mean come on!!! Look at you guys!! 

As you read @//thestrangestofthings’s comment, you couldn’t help but remember Millie’s advice: “Just tell him how you feel Y/N.” Millie’s voice echoed inside your head.

“Finn doesn’t like me like that, you guys.” You say as you effortlessly hid your disappointment, you were an actor after all.

“What if you’re wrong?” Finn suddenly blurted out while turning towards you and looking at you straight in the eyes.

The comments section exploded.

“What do you mean wrong? I… I don’t under-”

“Well, what if I do like you, Y/N? What if I told you right now that I have liked you for two years now? What if I told you that when I first met you, I immediately liked you, and not just friend like, you know… like…like.”

You stared at Finn, tears of joy threatened to spill out of you as you stared at each other. You couldn’t believe what he was saying, there was just now way.


therealcalebmclaughlin: I owe The Duffer Brothers $20 

sadiesink_: @//therealcalebmclaughlin you and the duffer brothers were betting? lollllll

You slowly processed everything that Finn just said, it was hard for you to accept it but slowly you digested the new information.

“Well Finnie, what if I told you that I too have liked you for about two years now.”

therealcalebmclaughlin: we been knew sis

noahschnapp: this is old news 

mikessweaters: LMFAO CALEB IM CKMKFGdfdf

If smiles could actually melt a person, you would be melting now. Finn was beaming at you. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He couldn’t believe that the girl he has liked for two years feels the same way. Never in Finn’s wildest dreams thought Y/N would ever feel the same way. To Finn, this whole thing felt like a dream.

beepbeeptozier: get you a man that looks at you the way Finn looks at Y/N

Finn scoots closer to you and you do the same causing the small gap between you two to disappear. You were dangerously close to each other now, but you both didn’t seem to mind. In fact, you liked how close you were. You faced each other your foreheads touching.


Finn gently places his hand on your cheek and begins to lean in. The next thing you know, you were also leaning in. 

jaedenwesley: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

milliebobbybrown: oH MY GOSH

Before you two actually kissed, your phone falls off Finn’s nightstand. You were glad that that happened. you didn’t want three thousand or more people to watch you and Finn kiss. You felt selfish for wanting to have that moment all to yourself, but you didn’t care. All that matters now is that your best friend feels the same way and that Millie was right all along. 

The kiss felt magical, all the cliche story or movie descriptions of how a kiss should feel like were actually accurate. You felt sparks everywhere and you felt like you were going to explode. The world stops for a second or two and it was just you and Finn for a little while. A few seconds later, you and Finn pull away from each other. 

“Holy shit.” said Finn while smiling from ear to ear.

“Holy shit indeed.” You reply with a giggle. You quickly pick up your phone from the floor and looked through the comments: 

gatenm123: bet you they kissed

jackdgrazer: of course they did @//gatenm123 no doubt about that ;)


sophialillis: pay up @//chosenjacobs

“Alright thanks for watching you guys! Sorry about that whole mess… yikes.” You say as your face flushed. 

“We’ll do another livestream tomorrow, we’ll sing more songs, I promise. Bye!!!” 

Before Finn ended the livestream there was one more comment:

dkharbour: no funny business after this livestream. You know what I mean.

I have some thoughts, on insect monster boyfriends, so please consider….

  • really sweet insect boyfriends who are so used to worrying about AN ENTIRE HIVE that they really want to do everything around the house. You try really hard to help, but he’s very insistent that you focus on your hobbies or work and let him do the housework. And it’s not just because he’s used to it, he genuinely LOVES doing stuff around the house. It’s kind of weird actually. You talk to him about how it’s only fair to share duties around the house and then when you try to split up chores he’s like “I can’t decide, i like doing all these things.” and you’re like????
  • Insect boyfriends who turn your entire house into a nest and it’s like silk so it’s super soft and keeps the house so much warmer. And he’s constantly worrying about you while you’re gone from the house because what if you get attacked??? or catch a cold??? WHY ARE HUMANS SO FRAGILE??? And then you finally get home and he’s all over you for like 2 hours, fretting like a mother hen and touching you with his antenna to check your vitals and mood.
  • Three bee monster boyfriends who make you lots of literally the best honey you’ve ever had and they treat you like top dog.They’re way more eager than any human to be at your beck and call. All three of them heavily devoted to you, but perhaps a little too aggressive towards other people who come in the house. They’re especially agitated by others of (your sex/gender) because they feel like they might be a threat to your authority.
  • A super cute but slightly nervous preying mantis boyfriend who really likes you but isn’t too keen on the idea of maybe getting his head bit off. You’re constantly reassuring him that humans don’t eat the heads off their mates. So of course he’s confused by certain sexual slang. Despite being skittish around you he’s pretty chill with other people, which was really confusing early on in the relationship. But he assures you he’s only nervous because he’s genuinely interested in you.
  • Centipede boyfriends with lots of arms who like to completely curl around you because they’re honestly really protective and they want to make sure nothing comes and gets you while you’re resting. At least he has hard plating but you’re all squishy and soft. He loves that though, he loves how pliable you are and sometimes when he’s bored he’ll nibble on you idly because he likes how your skin molds under his mandibles and tongue.

I love me some insect boys.

The day I apparently broke the internet! From Dallascon16

So I have come to learn that quite a lot of people have seen this photo and only about half know the amazing story behind it. So I thought I would finally tell it here on tumblr!

I had bought a mishalecki photo op ticket on the Thursday before the convention but had absolutely no clue what pose to do, until it hit me. I am a hug Misha fan, and every time I have gotten to talk to him I am usually sarcastic and try to match his wit. I also love Jared, he is like an actually giant puppy. Anyway way the whole fandom knows that Misha had bragged about how flexible he is, well I am quite flexible too. Just as flexible as Misha actually,lol! So then this pose came to mind. I knew it would crack Jared up and it would give me a chance to show off some skill. I didn’t want to many people knowing what pose I was going to do because I was afraid volunteers might not be keen on the idea or I just wanted it to be a surprise.

So I was third or so in line for the photo and Misha and Jared set the tone pretty quickly with their entrance that screamed fun and sexy. Half the people in the room knew what pose I was gonna do and the other half didn’t. When it came my turn I walked up to Jared and Misha, I had to repeat it twice but for the sake of just retyping the same things I will write once.

I stood between Jared and Misha, looking at Jared while I kept Misha in my sights. I said this, “ Hey guys so I am going to do a pose you have never done before. (They began to smile; I then gently put my hand on Misha’s chest to direct Jared’s attention) See I am more flexible than Misha is, (Jared chuckled, Misha looked curious) so I am going to do a reverse table top yoga pose and I want you two to arm wrestle on my stomach. Look as extreme as possible, got it!?” I had to repeat this twice, but both were smiling and went ok, I have a feeling they were still confused, that was until I hit the ground. I heard half the room gasp,slightly, and the other half sorta whispering. From above I heard Jared and Misha go at the same time, “OH”, they had finally understood. Jared actually signaled for Chris to do another picture because he realized they both were not ready when the photo was taken, I am so glad he did cause it turned out amazing.

As I started to come out of the pose Jared helped me up, which was basically pulling me 3ft into the air, I am 5′2! He went, “Damn girl that was kick ass!” and gave me a high five. I told both of them thank you and started to walk away when Misha decided he was not done with me yet. Misha gently grabbed my arm and pulled me back. He leaned in so close to my face I could feel his scruff and he whispered, “ Your not more flexible than me.” As I turned to look at him he gave me the Casifer grin and winked. And to put the cherry on top of me walking away I started smiling and wagging my finger going, “No no no no no”, and the damn music stopped. Misha and Jared chuckled and I left. Later that day I showed Jared the photo, he cracked up laughing and decided to sign it, even though I already had his auto. I was like Jared stop and he went, nope I am signing this. He also signed it with AKF.

There you have it, my crazy story!

Barn Mates - One Year On

Barn Mates was first aired exactly a year ago today… and what a monumental episode it was for both Lapis and Peridot!

For those of us who were already shipping Lapidot, it was a dream come true – and for some of those who weren’t, it opened their eyes to a whole new (and now completely canonically viable) ship.

I’ve written about this episode a few times in the past, but it feels fitting to look back on it again today; for day one of Lapidot Anniversary Week!

So, without further ado…

The episode opens with Peridot wistfully speaking into her tape recorder about sharing her new home with Lapis.  Only a couple of episodes prior to this point, Peridot had made the decision to stay at the barn by herself whilst the other Crystal Gems returned to the temple. The fact that she now so enthusiastically wants to share her home with Lapis (as opposed to going back with the other Gems or staying by herself in the barn) just shows that she already has some level of admiration for Lapis.

Peridot says:

“Why don’t we watch the sun come up and figure out what we’re going to do with all this time, eh Lazuli?”

Watching the sun rise with someone is an old romantic tradition/cliché, so the fact that Peridot specifically mentions wanting to do this with Lapis certainly speaks some volumes.   And it also transpires…

…that this line was foreshadowing a scene that came later in the show – in Room For Ruby, not only are they watching the sun rise together (just as Peridot wanted to do), they’ve actually been sat together all night stargazing prior to this point, which is another activity that has obvious romantic connotations.

After Peridot has finished speaking into the tape recorder in Barn Mates, Lapis expresses her desire to live in the barn all on her own. Steven suggests that the barn be split down the middle, with each of the two Gems having their own “side”, which leads to a very interesting shot of the pair of them:

Notice how they’re effectively framing a picture that’s behind them.   This picture is of the barn’s previous owners – Greg’s aunt and uncle, who Greg described back in Space Race as follows:

“My aunt and uncle had a great love for aviation, and each other.  They cherished the years they spent together, and they held on to every belonging they ever owned.”

It’s interesting, then, that a picture of a happy couple has been placed directly in-between Lapis and Peridot in this shot.  This becomes something of a trend as the show progresses, with the picture being placed in-shot with Peridot and Lapis on occasion in a fair few other episodes, such as these:

This could well be foreshadowing a romantic relationship between Lapis and Peridot.  The fact that Greg mentions “aviation” is also something interesting to think about, considering that Lapis can fly and Peridot was the pilot of the Hand Ship back in Jailbreak.

Lapis isn’t keen on the idea of splitting the barn, telling Steven that Peridot is the problem:

“I can’t stand the thought of looking at her everyday!”

This statement is now somewhat ironic because, in the episodes since Barn Mates, Lapis almost always has her eyes on Peridot – and gives her some extremely suggestive looks, too!

Peridot and Steven both try to assure Lapis that Peridot has changed, but she doesn’t want to hear it. Steven thinks it’s “sweet” that Peridot wants Lapis to see how much she’s changed since their last encounter, and he helps her to make an apology card which has a very interesting picture drawn on the front of it:

Steven may well have the intent of getting Peridot and Lapis to be friends, but he’s drawn them looking like an actual couple here; they’re even holding hands.

Eventually, after some persuasion from Steven, Lapis joins them – and a beaming Peridot hands over the card.  This still fails to win-over an unimpressed Lapis, much to Peridot’s disdain.

“It took me over an hour to compose [the message in the card], and I was the most sincere as per Steven’s instructions!”

The fact that Peridot put so much time into her apology message gives us an indication of how highly Peridot thinks of Lapis – and how much she wants to make her feel better. She then spends some time deliberating what she could give to Lapis as a gift (upon Steven’s suggestion), and they come up with an idea…

“H-2-Oh my GOSH!” … “It’s a gift for you!  You know, ‘cause water’s your thing.”

Peridot’s mannerisms and tone of voice here are very flirtatious.  However, given Lapis’ previous traumatic experience of being trapped on the bottom of the ocean, this is another idea that falls completely flat.

And what does Peridot do?

“A pool?!  What a cloddy idea!  Of course she wouldn’t like that!”

She actually blames herself for the mistake.  This is very uncharacteristic of Peridot, who normally has a very lofty opinion of herself and her intellectual capacity – which, again, shows how highly she must think of Lapis.  She even uses the word “cloddy” to describe her own idea; with “clod” being an insult that she usually only ever levels at other people when she’s at her most angry.

She then decides to make a very grand gesture…

…and offers her most prized possession – the tape recorder – to Lapis as a gift.

She’s very flirtatious in doing so here, as well.  With a wink and a smile, she tells Lapis:

“See, the ribbon is even blue.  I got yo’ number!”

Peridot has offended all of the other Gems at some point in the past, but she’s never been seen to perform as grand a gesture as this one in order to win them over. 

Peridot is, in a lot of ways, incredibly materialistic - she has been shown on more than one occasion to hold her very few possessions really closely to her.  By Peridot’s standards, handing the tape recorder over is essentially the biggest thing she could do for someone, which is a very clear indication of her feelings towards Lapis.

This gesture is completely lost on Lapis, however, who proceeds to crush the tape recorder in her hand.

Usually in these situations, Peridot would be distraught that one of her possessions had been destroyed (see, for example, Peridot on her knees begging Amethyst not to throw away her beloved tablet in Too Short To Ride).  However, this time, she actually seems to be upset by the fact that she’s managed to upset Lapis once again, exclaiming:

“What, were you trapped in a tape recorder too?!”

Peridot is exasperated by this point, and gives a very heartfelt speech which, I believe, really gets to the root of one of the key reasons why a relationship between Lapis and Peridot just makes perfect sense:

“Look, I get it, you know?  You’re confused!  You can never go back to Homeworld.  This place doesn’t exactly feel like home yet.  You’re alone, no one could possibly know what that feels like!  Oh wait, I do!  We’re the same, except…  you don’t have to be alone.”

She and Lapis are going through the exact same thing at basically the same time; namely, being stranded on earth with no way of returning to Homeworld.  There’s literally no-one else who they could bond with over this, except for each other – it’s a common ground that they share with each other and only each other.  It’s logical and sensible storytelling, therefore, to have these two characters stick together and share the experience with each other.  It puts them on equal ground, gives them both an acute understanding of each other, and enables them to both support one another as they adjust to life on earth.

At this point in Barn Mates, however, Lapis still isn’t having any of it.  Peridot, clearly at her wits end, asks what Lapis wants from her.  Lapis angrily tells Peridot that she wants her to leave… and that’s exactly what Peridot does.  She wants Lapis to be happy so much that she’s even willing to give up her home so that Lapis can live there instead.

As she walks away, Steven reprimands Lapis for treating Peridot so badly.  As he’s talking, Lapis folds her arms and shifts on the spot, her gaze meeting the crushed tape recorder on the floor.  Everything about her body language in this scene exudes guilt.  

Peridot comes screaming back towards them moments later, however – being pursued by a Roaming Eye that she’s convinced is after her.    

The trio flee from the ship, but eventually come face-to-face with it, which causes Peridot to cower behind Steven in fear.


…Lapis steps forward, and glances back at a wide-eyed Peridot.

This scene is very important because it’s the first time we ever get to see that Lapis does actually care about Peridot, despite the pair of them getting off to a very turbulent start.  She steps up to defend the helpless Peridot from the Roaming Eye, and makes sure to specifically ask Peridot if she’s ok after the threat has been neutralised – proving that she didn’t only have Steven’s interests at heart when she took out the Roaming Eye.

What happens next needs no introduction…

Originally posted by geekylaugifs

Peridot has still, to this day, never looked at anyone else with such love.  The way that her hands are clasped to her chest makes it the typical “cartoon character looking at their love interest” pose.  That smile on her face is literally the biggest one that she’s ever given.  And Lapis’ deep blush, that she actually turns her head away from Peridot in an attempt to hide, is also a reaction from her that’s unique to this scene – and very much implies that the apparent feeling of attraction is mutual.  There appears to be some symbolism behind the sun coming out as Peridot smiles, too.  This could well be an indication that Lapis is warming up to Peridot and seeing her in a new light.  It also has a somewhat poetic quality to it, with the storm clouds (both literal and metaphorical) dissipating at this very moment.  

Originally posted by giffing-amethyst

Steven picks up on what’s going on, giggling to himself as he looks at Lapis.  It’s also very interesting that Peridot’s loving look is still lingering even after the camera angle has changed – this is no fleeting “micro expression”, it’s a very prolonged and deliberate look…

…which was the first of very, very many that the pair of them have since gone on to give each other (the above images being a small handful of examples).

All in all, Barn Mates was the start of a very beautiful relationship between these two Gems, which has well and truly endured throughout the past twelve months – and has gotten ever stronger with each episode that they’ve appeared in together.


No Pain, No Gain” 

Based on a Miraculous musing that I shared last year (that I can’t seem to find on my main blog) about Master Fu taking Nino under his wing to become the next holder of the Turtle Miraculous and awesomely enough, I’m not the only miraculer who shares this thought. The very first time I saw Master Fu, I immediately thought of Mr. Miyagi cause you have to admit, the resemblance is definitely there and since then I’ve been itching and hoping that the series would do a Karate Kid inspired episode where Nino comes to Master Fu for help.

Like maybe there’s this new schoolyard bully with the hots for Alya who starts targeting Nino specifically due to his relationship with and somewhat own romantic interest in our foxy gal; constantly challenging him to foolish fights for Alya’s love. Being the nonchalant character he is, Nino dismisses the bully’s initial advances at harrying as he wasn’t the type of guy to want to fight anyone.  

And in similar Karate Kid type of fashion, Master Fu firstly meets Nino after he saves him from being pummelled by said bully and his comrades when they suddenly cornered him after school. Following that event, Nino is forced to fight back against said bully; seeking out Fu for help, practically begging him to teach him how to fight; a request which Fu surprisingly accepts.

This is how I imagined Fu’s first encounter with Nino to be like. And after helping him the first time, Master Fu starts to acknowledge potential in Nino—a potential which inspires him to start training him to be his successor. I imagine that at first Wayzz wouldn’t be too keen with the idea of Nino one day replacing Master Fu as his new master cause I figured that, unlike Plagg, Tikki and possibly the other kwamis, Wayzz is the one who’s been with his original holder the longest; considering that Fu is over 100 years old. While the others had had to change holders over the years, Wayzz has been with Fu since the day one and is very much loyal to him.

But ultimately I imagine once he sees Nino’s good qualities, Wayzz will begin to warm up to the young lad and actually starts to care for his well being; seeing a lot of the qualities in Nino that he did in Master Fu that made him love him as his master. Plus I think this kind of scenario could be great for Nino’s own character development as a teacher-mentor relationship with Master Fu can certainly help mould him into a stronger individual and hero. Not to mention that it’ll be really touching to see Master Fu have a sort of father-son/grandfather-grandchild/close family oriented relationship with at least one of our young heroes and I think Nino would be the perfect candidate to bring out that side of him. We don’t know if Fu used to have any kids of his own. I doubt he ever did given his duty as Miraculous holder and Ancient Guardian (and even if hid have some, he probably outgrew them since he’s practically immortal). So yeah, I’d love to see that kind of bond with Fu, Nino and Wayzz in the series, if possible.  

Do I think Master Fu will choose Nino as his successor for the Turtle Miraculous? Indeed I do.

However, do I think he’ll just hand it to him on a silver platter like he did with Adrien and Marinette? HA! Hell no! I think Master Fu will go full Mr. Miyagi on Nino and make him work for his miraculous, putting him through a rigorous training regimen to build his strength and test his worth. Plus it’ll be good for comical moments when Fu unintentionally pushes poor Nino too far and has to be scolded by Wayzz for getting too excited and overdoing things with his student. Poor Turtle Sensei just wants to see his Turtle Kouhai succeed XD

Would love to see this become canon but…for now these are all just headcanons of mine. In the meantime, a squiggle meister can dream…and draw, am I right? Alrighty I’ve rambled enough on this. As always, I hope everyone enjoys this week’s newest ML squiggle art and I hope you also enjoyed my Miraculous musing (granted you actually read all of that). Feel free to share yours over on my main blog if you have any.

Until the next squiggle piece, y’know my motto, staaaay tune for more precious star kids!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

♥ More Miraculous Art by Squiggles

~LittleMissSquiggles (2017)  

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series warnings: mature themes, violence, blood and gore, murder, emotional manipulation, bullying, mental health deterioration, eventual smut and substance abuse. this chapter contains strong language. 

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Idea: A film starring Quevenzhané Wallis…

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Jacob Tremblay…

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Dafne Keen…

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Sunny Pawar…

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And Millie Bobby Brown.

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They’re the main ensemble of the film. I don’t know what the plot is but just imagine the talent.

My Favorite MLM Books

As a gay man, I really love gay books and here are some of my favorites:

  1. The Nightrunner Series by Lynn Flewelling; This is easily my favorite series I’ve ever read, and it consists of seven books and a short story collection. The story revolves around two spies, who are both bisexual (although the word does not exist in the universe in which it is set). It’s a fantasy setting that is incredibly fleshed out and, thus, feels very real. The two main characters begin as teacher and protege but, as the story progresses and they are on more equal footing, they become lovers. There is a large cast of multi-dimensional characters, a well-developed story, and lots of action and political intrigue.
  2. Bonds of Earth by G.N Chevalier; This one takes place right after WWI. The narrator is a gay man who fought in the war and was scarred by it. His life mostly revolves around sexual pleasure as a means to forget about his experiences. His uncle finds out that he’s gay and forces him to leave New York and his job in a bath house there. He becomes a gardener on an estate that houses a reclusive man, who was badly injured in the war. They do not get along to begin with, but with some coaxing from the housekeeper’s granddaughter, they are brought into each others’ orbits and are forced to work together. The narrator worked in a hospital helping wounded soldiers and he uses his experience to help the man who lives on the estate and their relationship progresses the longer they spend time together. The story is very sweet and shows the characters bettering each other.
  3. Immortal Quest by Alexandra MacKenzie; The story take place in modern-day London, but with the edition of secret immortal mages. A detective encounters a thief who claims to know the detective from the detective’s past lives. He also claims he’s an immortal mage who is 500 years-old. The mage asks for the detective’s assistance in helping him contain an evil mage who he’s accidentally released. The detective begrudgingly comes with and, slowly, recovers memories of his past lives. He’s been reincarnated many times and the mage has kept track of him through each life. He sometimes remembers his past lives and sometimes not. There is a lot of humor in this one–the mages are almost all stockbrokers, if I remember correctly, because they’re used to serving the rich and powerful, and have magic that is basically useless with modern technology. The characters are sarcastic and snarky but at the same time complement each other well.
  4. Malachite by Kirby Crow; This one takes place in a matriarchal world in a society that consists of only criminal and outcast men. (I was not so keen on the idea at first but I was convinced as I read it.) Being a society of all men, men have relationships with each other. The story is told from three men’s perspective, two of which are former gang members who were forced into their gang as children, and the other who is much younger and the son of the most powerful man in the city. The former gang members used to be lovers and together brought down the gang which they were once a part of. They have since parted ways but there are many hard feelings between them. One has worked his way up in society and is engaged to the son previously mentioned, and the other spends his days drinking and having sex and thinking about his previous lover. The character relations are really great and the world is captivating, plus there is a polyamorous relationship between three men. Also, Tris is one of my favorite characters from anything ever.
  5. The Fire’s Stone by Tanya Huff; Another fantasy novel that’s a pretty typical fantasy quest story. There are three main characters–a thief, a prince, and a wizard who happens to also be a princess. The prince and princess are betrothed but neither wants to be with the other. The three end up together by fate and go on a quest to retrieve the stone which was stolen from the prince’s kingdom and which is the only thing keeping the volcano in the city at bay. The story includes an asexual princess and two men who are attracted to men. There’s a decent amount of world-building, which I liked, and the story is very fast-paced. 
Terms and Conditons. (M)

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Requested – Yes.

Prompt – Jungkook was out looking for a new flavor of the month and his eyes land on a certain previously taken girl.

Warning – This is a sugar daddy Jungkook scenario. 

Words – 2.3k. 


The energy was heightened as groups of individuals danced around the large ballroom held for an extravagant party. Jeon Jungkook was known to be quite a party planner when it came to his business because he always wanted to make a strong entrance plus he wanted to impress the girls that might be lucky enough to land in his bed that night.

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Blessing - Pietro Maximoff x (f)Reader x dad!Stark

Words: 1179
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x (f)Reader x dad!Stark
Featuring: Clint Barton
Warnings: lotta love, cheesy ending.
Requested by anon
Pietro goes to Dad!Tony to ask for his blessing to marry reader. Tony’s not to keen on the idea because it’s speedy, but he makes reader happy and that’s all he can ask for as a loving father. Fluff ‘n’ stuff please.
Authors Note: I’m sorry this took so long to get out, I have been very unmotivated recently. Just happy it’s finally done :)

Pietro Masterlist. Masterlist.

“Tony, I need to talk to you!” Pietro ran around the base all day, trying to find your father long enough to get him to speak. Tony kept dodging Pietro and hiding from him by saying that he had to do work all over the base.

Clint rolled his eyes when Tony ran into the kitchen. “I swear, Tony, if you do not talk toPietro he’s going to explode. Just give him a few minutes to talk. He’s your daughter’s boyfriend, what if it’s important?” Of course, Clint knew what Pietro wanted to talk about; he’s basically Pietro’s father.

And Clint wasn’t lying; it was one of the most important things that could happen. “I don’t want to talk to him; he makes me mad! And to know he is having…intercourse… with my daughter does not make it any better for me,” Tony argued.

Clint cocked his head and rolled his eyes. “Come on; they have been dating for nearly two years. Give him a break; he’s really not that bad.”

Tony slowly turned his head to look at Clint. “You know what this is about, don’t you?” Tony walked closer.

“What? No, no, what gave you any idea that I know what he wants? No, psh, no!” Clint lied as he stood up to get away from Tony.

“Clint, get your ass back here!” Tony shouted and ran after Clint, but was stopped by a gust of wind.

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bill’s mom wasn’t too keen on the idea for bill borrowing the car to take stan out on a date, but he assured that they were taking georgie to the park, and stan was just gonna help look after him! so she finally gave in and handed him the keys

stan and bill were suppose to go bird watching, but stan didn’t mind georgie coming along! they went out a lot so he was glad to spend time w his favorite sailor

when they arrive, stan tries to bond with georgie and show him all his favorite birds and the ones he’s gonna try to spot today in his field guide, but georgie is excited about all the different flowers! there’s so many shades of pinks and purples and even blues, and blue was his favorite

✿ georgie begged begged begged, almost on his knees for stan, to let him put flowers in his hair. he said they don’t stay in his and bill’s hair correctly, and he saw a curly haired girl at school do it and she looked “really pretty, i promise”. bill helped his brother beg too, and stan couldn’t say no to the denbrough boys

georgie picked the flowers and bill put them in stan’s hair, arranging them in a halo above his ears. the flowers alternated from pretty pink sweet peas to white lilys. bill vouched for georgie, and agreed that stan looked very pretty. georgie said, voice in awe, “pretty? no, bill, he’s perfect”

stan was flattered of course but he forgot all about the flowers in his hair when he branched off from the boys to continue bird watching from a greater height. when he went up hill, he bumped into his group of friends, having a make-sift lunch picnic with all the boxes of pizza they chipped in to buy together. he thought “wow, what a surprise, let me get bill and georgie real quick,” but his friends wanted him to hang around just a little longer

beverly muttered curses under her breath every time stan moved, ruining on off her sneaky off guard pictures of him with the flowers in his hair

ben was convinced that the sight of stan with flowers in his hair is what people wrote poetry about

eddie and richie had to restrain from reaching out and touching it because, “wow, when did stan’s hair look so soft?”

mike was going to speak up, let him know he had something in his hair, but beverly sent him one of the deadliest stares he’s ever received in his life, so he decided to stay quiet

the losers had stan stare off in some direction away from them in the promise that there’s definitely a blue jay over there as they all snapped pictures of him

normally they would’ve been excited to see bill and georgie, but they were sure he would ruin their fun when they saw the two walk hand in hand up the hill

bill said simply, “babe, there’s no blue jay over there,”

and stan turned to him with the cutest confused, annoyed expression, head of curls full of beautiful flowers and the sun light hit him just perfect

bill just had to grab his phone from his back pocket and join in, “it’s not a b-buh-blue jay, babe. it’s a steller’s jay. you know, that one from your book? yeah, you gotta squint though it’s real far, just keep looking,”

Headcanon time because there’s next to no info about Reyes and I’m Desperate: 

I was trawling through the ME wiki and came across a system in the Eagle Nebula called Amun. The system and the planets within are all named after figures or places in Egyptian mythology and history. There’s Anhur, Bast, Neith, Sekhmet, and Sobek. The system is mostly home to Batarians and humans. 

From 2176 to 2178, the system was the site of the Anhur Rebellions, a civil war that broke out when corrupt politicians and corporations basically relegalised slavery because Batarian legal slavery posed an economic threat. So, you got the mostly Batarian Na'hesit, who, ofc, wanted to keep slavery around, VS the rebels, who wanted to abolish slavery. 

WHICH brings me to my dude, Reyes Vidal. 

Firstly, we know that he used to be a shuttle pilot under the call sign Anubis, a god associated with, among other roles, guiding souls in Egyptian mythology. So ‘Anubis’ is interesting because I feel like that’s not really a name you’d use if you were everyday civilian transport. But it does sound like something you’d use if you were, say, a pilot in a war. Additionally, I have learnt that aviator call signs are given to military pilots in RL and can be inspired by things such as personality traits, historical figures, or the pilot’s exploits. 

Secondly, I think we can safely assume that he’s been in the business of smuggling, spying, and being a shady bastard for a while now. 

Thirdly, Reyes’ writer, Courtney Woods, has said that he’s in his late 20s. Let’s say he’s 28/29 and born in 2156 so he was about 19/20 in 2176. Basically, I’m fairly certain that he was alive back then. 

Fourthly, as not-exactly-good as he is, we know that he’s not a big fan of people with power who shit on people without power. 

Conclusion: Reyes Vidal was born in 2156 in the city of New Thebes on the planet Anhur in the Amun system of the Eagle Nebula. When he was 19, civil war broke out in the city after months of unrest between those who opposed the relegalisation of slavery and those who supported it. The fighting quickly swept across the entire system. 

A pretty good flier and not particularly keen on the idea of being enslaved, Reyes chose to join the rebels. He was given an N-503 shuttle and a weapon and told to get to it. 

Reyes wasn’t on the front lines and didn’t see much of the main fight. His job mostly involved smuggling supplies- food, medi-gel, ammo- across enemy lines, and if he could take out a few Na'hesit lackeys while he was at it, well, that was good too. 

During the war, Eclipse mercs found slave camps on Sobek’s moon, Heqet. He, along with others, helped to move people from Heqet to rebel-controlled safe houses. Subsequently, Reyes was given the call sign Anubis, ‘a ferrier of souls’. They really like Egyptian mythology in Amun. 

When the war ended in 2178, if you weren’t a rebel leader or dead, you disappeared into obscurity. So, after a brief stint as a rebel, Reyes Vidal was left very skilled at smuggling and very low on credits and we all know what happens seven years later.

BTS Reaction - Anal play/sex

Warning: very mature themes below.


The two of you have done a lot of preparation to bring you up to this point.  Jin was keen on the idea from the moment you’d mentioned it, but although eager to give it a try he also wanted to make sure you did it right, to make the experience as pleasurable as possible for both of you.  That’d led up to him doing an awful lot of research - some of it slightly questionable - but you have to admit that it’s helped things go smoothly up until this point.  

He’s spent so much time preparing your body for what’s to come; trailing soft, loving kisses all over you, caressing you until you’re begging for his touch and only slipping his fingers inside your heat once you’re already soaking wet with anticipation.  He teases you into an orgasm with those fingers and thumb rubbing at your clitoris, smiling as he watches you come undone, and only once he’s satisfied that you’re totally ready and relaxed does he slip those slickened digits downward to graze over your other hole.  

You’re wet enough that lube probably isn’t even necessary, but Jin still takes out the tube he’d tucked under the pillow and coats his fingers in it generously before returning them between your buttocks.  

“Ready?” he asks softly, the hair that’s hanging down into his eyes obscuring some of the lust glinting in them.  You nod, biting your lip, holding your breath as you feel Jin’s pointer finger start to push inside.  “Relax, princess.”  He presses a kiss to the inside of your knee, waiting until he sees you exhale and sag before carrying on, pushing past that tight ring of muscle.  It burns a little as he does, a stilted moan falling from your lips, but once he stills, two knuckles deep, it just feels… kind of weird.  

“C-carry on,” you encourage breathlessly, realising how closely Jin’s watching your face for any signs of discomfort.  On hearing your words he starts to drag that finger back and forth, his own breaths starting to become ragged as you begin to moan, and soon enough he’s pressing in a second finger too, impatience finally starting to get the better of him.  It doesn’t feel weird anymore, it feels amazing.

“You’re doing so well, princess.”

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Is it possible to marry a particular part of someone’s body?  Because if it is then Yoongi’s tongue better get ready for a stunning, heartfelt proposal any day now.  You love that thing and the talented way in which he uses it.  Before Yoongi no one had ever made you cum with oral sex - the whole thing was always just a bit awkward, to be honest - but now?  It’s your most favourite thing ever.  You could happily forgo sex entirely just to live your life sat on Yoongi’s face, but as much as he seems to love doing it, it’d probably still be a little selfish of you to do so.

You’re just coming down from your second orgasm - or was it your third - and from the looks of it Yoongi has no intention of letting up, drawing delicate figures of eight against your clitoris despite the way your hips are twisting and squirming to get away.  

“Yoongi,” you whine, pushing gently at where his hands are fixed on your hips but to no avail, “I-ah-it’s too much…”

“Hmm?”  He continues to skim his tongue through your folds even as he lazily lifts his eyes, looking up at you past your pubic bone, “You want me to stop?”  You hesitate, biting your lip, and you can make out the very corners of his lips curling into a smirk.  “Or do you want something else?”   

You nod eagerly, expecting him to emerge from between your legs and climb on top of you, but apparently sex isn’t what Yoongi has in mind.  He sinks down further between your legs, trailing his tongue down your perineum and closing his eyes as his hands travel from your hips to grasp your buttocks, pulling them apart.  Your own eyes are wide and staring at the ceiling as he moves, your body frozen with anticipation, and although you’ve quickly figured out what it is that Yoongi’s intending to do, nothing can prepare you for the feel of his hot tongue pressing against your hole.  

“F-fuck!” you stutter as it starts to probe inside, instantly loving the way it feels.  You should have known he’d be as good at this as he is at everything else.  

“Want me to stop?” he checks again, obviously having mistaken the flexing of your hips off of the bed as an attempt to move away.

“God, no,” you gasp, reaching down to replace his hands with yours, spreading yourself open in invitation and freeing his up for much more important, pleasurable things.  He chuckles lowly, flicking his tongue against your hole again, loving the way it contracts at his touch.  

“That’s my girl.”  

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“Hobi, baby, I’m ready.”  There’s sweat beading down the side of your face that isn’t pressed into the pillow, the one that you’re holding onto as you arch your back, pushing Hobi’s long, delicate fingers inside even further.  He’s been fingering your ass for at least twenty minutes now, graduating slowly from one finger to two and then three, separating them whilst they’re inside you to stretch you open as much as he possibly can, and although initially it was a little uncomfortable it’s gotten to the point now where you just want more.  “Please,” you add, voice muffling as your turn your face into the pillow.  

He withdraws his fingers slowly, leaving you achingly empty and groaning until you feel him start to climb on top of you.  He kisses your shoulders sweetly as he places his elbows on either side of the pillow to take his weight, lying himself between your spread legs, his abs coming to rest on the swell of your buttocks as his leaking cock lies between them.  

“Are you sure?” he murmurs against your skin, lips trailing your throat now, nuzzling under your hair to nibble at your ear.  You turn your head so you can just about see his gorgeous face and just about kiss him too, soft and slow and tender, subtly moving your hips to rub his cock between the press of your bodies.  

“I’m sure,” you whisper against his mouth and you feel his length twitch with excitement, his breath quickening as he reaches down to line himself up with your soaking wet core.  He sinks in with a groan, his eyes slipping closed as he pumps himself back and forth just a handful of times before withdrawing pushing his now well-lubricated cock against your asshole.  

Inch by inch he slowly enters you, moving a little and then waiting for your breathy pleas to continue, doing this over and over again until finally he’s fully seated inside you, and you swear you hear him make a funny, broken sound as he bottoms out, his breathing even more ragged than it was before.  It’s killing him to hold back, you can tell by the way he’s clutching the pillow, his knuckles turning white, body shaking just as much as yours is too.  

“God,” he gasps as he starts to move a little, like he can’t trust himself to start thrusting properly in case he gets carried away, “It’s even tighter than your pussy.  Fuck.  You’re gonna kill me baby.”

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“You’ve no idea how long I’ve been dreaming about this, babygirl.”  

Namjoon’s been prepping you for this moment for months.  He was the one that’d suggested bringing anal play into your already fairly adventurous sex life, but when he’d seen how nervous you’d looked he’d gone on to promise that you’d take things slow - and that’s exactly what he’d done.  

He’d brought home a very slim, delicate vibrator first, and once you were comfortable with that a beginner’s set of anal beads had joined your modest collection of sex toys.  Those beads gradually increased in size until you found yourself buying a small anal plug all of your own accord, and then a bigger one and a bigger one, until you’d finally graduated to the sizeable plug resting inside you now.  Although not as nearly as long as Namjoon’s cock it matches him for girth, so you know you’ll be able to take whatever he has to give you.  

You’re on all fours, legs spread wide open and hips swaying enticingly as Namjoon kneels behind you, palming your buttocks with both hands and squeezing hard.  

“I can’t wait to see this tight little hole stretching around my cock,” he muses, almost to himself, and at his words you feel your pussy drip, a string of arousal gradually lengthening towards the bed as you moan softly, longing for him to touch you.  

“Please daddy,” you sigh needily, arching your back and biting your lip to stop yourself mewling at the feel of the plug shifting inside of you.  You’ve been wearing it all day underneath your clothes, knowing that tonight was the night, and you’re wound up so tight that you really don’t think you can wait much longer.  

“Please what?” he asks, and you tell from just the tone of his voice that he’s smirking, even as he’s rising up on his knees and tapping on the end of the plug smartly.  Every time he does it it sends a shockwave of pleasure through you, everything clenching as you start to ache for him more and more.  “You want daddy’s cock in here instead, don’t you?”  You nod frantically, pushing yourself back against him until suddenly, without warning, he yanks the plug out.  

You don’t have time to feel empty because the moment the plug is gone Namjoon’s lining up the head of his cock with your gaping hole to replace it, stuffing himself inside in one sharp, hard thrust. However loudly you might have screamed when he removed the plug it’s nothing compared to the sounds you’re making now.  He slams into you over and over again, grabbing onto your hair and yanking your head back as he groans,

“Your ass is gonna be so full of daddy’s cum you’ll be leaking for a week, babygirl.”

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You’ve wanted to try anal sex for a while now, but unfortunately the first and only time you brought it up with Jimin didn’t end too well.  He just couldn’t get his head around why you would want to try something he was so convinced would hurt you, and no matter how much you disagreed or reassured, he just wouldn’t be swayed.  He wasn’t interested in that, thanks, and nothing you could say would change his mind.

You’ve been wondering to yourself lately though, whether there’s something you can do rather than say that might make him think twice, and today you’ve been presented with the perfect opportunity to give your little theory a try.  

Jimin loves mutual masturbation.  It’s a little kink of his, putting on a show for you to watch as he watches you too.  He’s so theatrical, throwing his head back, biting his pouty lips and making the lewdest of noises, lapping up every bit of praise you send his way, and today is no exception.  

“You like watching me, don’t you?” he groans, fisting his cock as he watches you sink your fingers inside yourself with dark, lustful eyes.  

“You know I do, baby,” you reply huskily, “You look so good, so gorgeous.”  He smiles, his head tilting backward with pleasure as he bites his lips and closes his eyes, giving you the perfect opportunity to-

“Jagi, what’re you doing?” Jimin’s breathless, his eyes widening when he finally picks up his head up long enough to notice that two of your hands are now occupied, not just one.  

“Taking matters into my own hands,” you purr back, lifting an eyebrow at him salaciously.  He visibly swallows,and you have to fight the urge to smirk back at him. This is going to work, you can already tell.

You start off slow, teasing both yourself and him by just rubbing at your hole, eventually using the wetness of your pussy to ease a finger inside, gasping at the foreign sensation.  

“Jimin,” you mewl, opening up your eyes to see him stroking himself even harder than before, his length twitching in his hand as he watches your finger disappear, “Don’t you wanna help me?”  He hesitates, swallowing again, his eyes flicking between your face and the movement below.  

“I-I don’t wanna hurt you…”

“Does it look like it hurts?” You start to add a second finger to the first, throwing your head back into the pillow and letting out an exaggerated moan.  “It feels so good, Jimin, please baby, I want you to feel this.”  

Mercifully Jimin caves, just like you knew he would, and seconds later you feel him crawl him way between your legs, his small fingers coming to rest against your own.  You let him take over, biting your lip to hold back a satisfied smile as he gingerly presses his finger inside, groaning at what he finds.

“Oh God, Jagi, it’s so tight.  Why didn’t we do this before?”

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“Tae, someone’s gonna see!”

“They won’t, not if you keep quiet,” he hisses into your ear before attacking your throat, kissing and biting at your tender skin as his hand slips under your skirt.  He pulls your knickers down do they hang round your ankles, your back pressed against the wall and as he smothers your body with his own, his hard erection digging into your stomach.  

You’re not sure what exactly got into him on stage to make him act this way, but whatever it was, you like it.  As soon as he’d come backstage you’d recognised the look in his eyes, the way he was tonguing the inside of his cheek as he looked you up and down before dragging you off to some secluded corner behind the scenes.  

The sound of voices only feet away makes you gasp in panic, and Tae chooses that exact moment to slip his fingers inside your pussy, groaning at the wetness he finds.  He starts to curl his fingers against your g-spot, biting on your bottom lip, and when you fail to contain a stilted moan he smirks dangerously, cocking his head to the side.  

“That’s not very quiet, is it?” He pulls his fingers from you and grabs hold of your hips. “Turn around.” He spins you, pressing your chest against the wall as he lifts up your skirt, exposing the bare globes of your buttocks to his hungry eyes, and once again he starts to finger you roughly.  

You’re just about managing to hold your sounds in despite the way he’s pressing himself into you with every thrust of his fingers, muffling yourself by putting your arm across your mouth, but when Taehyung’s hand suddenly moves elsewhere you yelp, your eyes widening as you look back at him over your shoulder in shock.  

“You wanted to try this, didn’t you?” he smirks, amused by your scandalised expression.

“Yes… b-but, not here, Tae, at home!”  He just continues to grin, licking his lips as he continues to press at your asshole with his slippery fingers.

“No time like the present.”  He shoves you against the wall again, covering your mouth with his free hand as he pushes a first finger inside.  “You like that, don’t you, dirty girl?”  he growls into your ear as he pistons that finger back and forth and all you can do is spills out muffled cries into his hand, arching your back to seek out more.  You’d never thought it would ever feel this good, not ever.  

A second finger joins the first and then he’s scissoring them, stretching you open roughly until he finally unzips his fly, satisfied that you’re ready.  A rustling of material tells you he’s pulled his cock out from his stage outfit, and when he gathers the wetness that’s practically dripping from you you know he’s using it to slicken up his length, ready to slip it inside you.

Tae pushes on your lower back, forcing you to bend and lift your ass up whilst his hand remains held tightly around your mouth, and then he’s pushing inside you with his throbbing length, slow and steady, until he’s all the way inside and panting hard.

“I can’t believe you’re letting me fuck you like this, right here.  You’re such a little slut.”  

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“Like this, babe?”

“Yeah, that’s good, that’s good.”  You’re on top of Jungkook, leant forward so your chest is on his chest, your hands stroking through his hair as you slowly slide yourself back and forth on his solid length.  He’s slipping his index fingers in and out of your ass in time with your movements, just like you asked him to, and it feels so, so good.  You’re so full, and as you start to quicken the pace of your hips it just starts to get better.  

He’s looking up at you worshipfully with those soft, doe eyes of his, his bottom lip caught between his teeth as he watches you ride him, flexing his hips to push up into you at the same time.  When you crash your mouth against his he’s only too eager to kiss you back, moaning quietly as you tug gently on his hair.  

“More, Kookie baby, please,” you mumble against his lips, and although it’s a stretch for him somehow he manages to push in a second finger alongside the first, almost cumming on the spot when he realises he can feel his own cock inside you through your internal walls, can feel the ridge of the head slipping in and out as you move on the pads of his fingers.  

“B-babe?” he says stiltedly, calling your attention, “Can I… can I put it in your ass?”  Jungkook mostly looks wrecked, wet strands of hair clinging to his forehead, but when he makes that hesitant, stuttered request you see a flicker of embarrassment in his face.  You immediately kiss it away, using that little bit of time to decide, and when you pull away you’ve already come to the conclusion that there’s nothing you’d like more, even if the thought of it does make you a little nervous.  You and Jungkook have done all your other first together - you might as well do this one too.  

Smiling reassuring you slowly lift yourself off of his fingers and his cock, holding it at the base whilst you reposition your hips so that the swollen head is nudging at your other hole instead.  Slowly, ever so slowly, you start to let your weight go, sinking onto him at a pace that’s agonising.  It burns, you can’t pretend it doesn’t, but as much as it hurts you can’t help but love it at the same time, watching the way Jungkook’s face is screwed up in pleasure, his head tossed back on the pillow as he feels you clench around him.  Once he’s finally sheathed inside you you’re out of breath, panting, running your hands over his sweaty abs to keep yourself steady, and just as you’re about to start moving Jungkook grabs your hips to keep you still.

“Babe, don’t, not yet.  It feels too good; I’m gonna cum if you move.”  

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