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Miscalculation (Drabble)

Kim Taehyung Spy AU! This is a drabble. (I do have a storyline behind this but I don’t know if I’m keen on writing the whole thing so here’s a little extract).

Angst x Slight gore

“Tell me where she is!” Taehyung shouted at the top of his lungs, using his baritone voice to full potential. The people around him were beat up, a mixture of blood and tears dripped down their pained expressions. He violently kicked the crouched body in front of him with no hesitation. 

“I’ll give you one more chance.” He stepped over the body and paid no attention to the man’s whimpers that cried in agony beneath him. Taehyung swiftly pulled out a knife from behind his belt and slammed it into the wooden desk that smelt of musk, barely missing his victim as his cheek bled a little from the cut of Taehyung’s bloodthirsty knife. 

He whimpered in fright at the sight of Taehyung so close to his face, his outraged stare scared him to a point he could barely keep his eyes open; let alone talk. Taehyung had no patience left in him whatsoever. He impatiently twisted the knife that was deep into the wooden table and roared loudly- forcing his victim to speak.

“I..I-I’m not completely s-sure. We..we weren’t told anything else besides-” 


Taehyung violently grasped onto the man’s hair and pulled it to make his face fully visible. He snickered, the strands of his sanity snapping- similar to the man’s hair that was tight under his fingers. The man winced in pain and was beyond terrified at Taehyung’s maniacal behaviour. 

“Tell me while I’m asking nicely.” He smiled. It looked so sincere.. that it felt threatening to a point the victim almost shat himself due to fright. He exhaled deeply due to the victim’s silence. 

“This is how it’s going to work.” Taehyung distanced himself away from the victim and walked behind the desk. 

“I’m going to count down from 10.” He said with that maniacal smile plastered across his lips. He swiftly kicked the tied-up man off the desk and watched him wince as he slammed into the ground. “And you’re going to tell me where she is… so be good. I’ll start counting…10.” Taehyung sat down on where the victim previously sat. 

“9.” The man continued to shiver in fright. There was an internal battle inside his head- should he face the wrath of Taehyung.. or his boss? 

“8.” What would happen to him if he didn’t tell the truth? 

“7.” He’d already known the answer to that question. 

“6.” He wouldn’t be alive in the hands of this murderer that was Kim Taehyung.

“5.” The man heard Taehyung’s voice get impatient by the second. Tae’s feet felt heavier as the time passed, almost stomping with each step as he circled around the desk. 

“4.. we’re getting close to your last moments.” And with that, his victim snapped.

“They took her to Japan! They flew her there because they knew you’d be coming here.” He finally spoke up. 

Taehyung crouched down and gave him a swift slap on the cheek as a symbol of thanks, the same merciless smile evident on his face. Taehyung didn’t seem to care that the man’s blood transferred onto his fingers due to the cut he obtained before from Tae’s knife.“Tell me exactly where.” 

“In Hokkaido. The famous warehouse near the Miyanomori Museum.” He spilt everything he knew. And with that, Taehyung ‘affectionately’ kicked him one last time. “Let’s work again some other time.” Taehyung laughed to himself, roping him up even more incase he escaped and swiftly left the scene with burning determination. 

La Colombe 

“Why do you always disappear?” he asked, on a morning I planned not running into anyone, with tired eyes and a weary heart I answered much to his surprise. “Because every now and then I tend to lose myself. I disappear in order to find her.” Though it was true, a part of me held back wanting to say I just needed someone to notice. That losing myself came in all sorts of consequences, and I just wanted someone else to come searching for that part of me I lost, too. And so he smiled, and asked if I wanted to eat my croissant. 

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Sexuality Crisis

Magnus had never been attracted to boys before, only girls. He could appreciate the aesthetic of them, but never before had he wanted to date one. He was as straight as a rod-always had been, and always will be.

So it wasn’t gay of him to think Alex was cute. She was cute on both her female days and male days. It wasn’t gay at all.


Or: Magnus has a crisis over whether liking Alex is gay or not and everyone else is facepalming at him.

Read it on AO3 and FanFiction

Magnus was straight.

Sure, he had that period of time where he had questioned his sexuality after learning that heterosexuality wasn’t the only one, but everyone went through that. And by the time it was over, he had decided that he was nothing other than straight. The thought of being anything else never crossed his mind again.

But just because Magnus was straight didn’t mean he couldn’t appreciate the aesthetic of other guys from time to time. He wasn’t blind, he could tell whether people were attractive or not. And sometimes, those guys were pretty nice to look at for a moment or two longer than necessary. But he never once felt the desire to do anything romantic with them, because he wasn’t attracted to guys. It was as simple as that.

“See something ya like?”

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Another way of saying vulnerable, is sensitive.
Your vulnerabilities are merely sensitivities, and being sensitive to something means you notice it keenly. Weaknesses can be strengths. Use your sensitivities to an advantage. Make it your strong point. Temper and train it to obey.
—  B. E. Barnes
Keenveins 2015 Fan Fic Masterpost

I thought it would be fun to compile all the fics I wrote this year into one big post. This year is almost over, and you all have made it so much fun! I love being able to share my fics with all of you! Fics with porn in them will be labled as such! 

Don’t Look Back (Keep Your Eyes On Me)

Arin/Everyone: My ultimate bottom Arin fic. Arin has an arrangement where he gets fucked by every Grump except for Dan. Soon, he realizes that he wants Dan too, and that maybe Dan wants him back. Much angst and sex occurs. This was my FIRST GG fic and is my longest, and also still my favorite. (PORN OMG)

Made From All The Wrong Stuff

Dan/Arin: Arin drinks during the charity stream and all he can think to do is call Dan whose in a different state, too far away. (Porn)


Dan/Arin: An AU where GG never happened and instead Arin is an animator and a big fan of NSP. He and Ross meet Dan at a convention and Arin might have a crush on Dan. (Porn)

Sea Salt

Arin/Dan: Arin takes Dan to the beach in an effort to help Dan get over his fear of the ocean. (Fluff)

No Control

Holly/Ross/Barry: Ross has a crush on Barry, might act on it and thinks he’s ruined everything. Holly saves the day. A.K.A Holly and Ross seduce Barry. (Porn)


Dan/Arin: Dan is curious about how to finger himself thanks to Arin, Arin is more than happy to give him a hand. (Porn)

Take What We Want (When We Need) 

Ross/Everyone: Ross is involved in a circle jerk orchestrated by his dom Brian. (Porn)


Barry/Ross: Barry has a big dick and Ross is a size queen who wants that dick bad. A sequel to the first Size Queen Ross fic! (Porn)

Keenveins Collection

Multiple Pairings: A collection of my tumblr prompts including the aforementioned Size Queen Ross. (Multi)

Different Colors

Brian/Ross: Brian wants to try role reversal and bottoms for Ross. (Porn)

Saving All My Summers (For You)

Arin/Dan: Arin and Dan are neighbors who grow up together, as teenagers those feelings start to evolve. My first chaptered fic! (Angst)

 Everything I Need (I Get From You)

Dan/Arin: A Christmas fic where Arin and Dan are dating but spending the holiday apart due to not being ‘out’ to Dan’s family yet. (fluff)

Let It Move Right Through You 

Dan/Arin/Suzy: Dan, Arin, and Suzy are in a poly-amorous relationship. Dan comes home from traveling to some naughty plans that Suzy and Arin have thought up. My last fic of 2015! (porn)

I posted my first GG fic back in June. I remember being so nervous about it, but you all have been so lovely and wonderful to me you really don’t know what it means to me to have people appreciate my work the way you do! 

I tried to post something every month as a personal goal for myself and I managed to pull it off! I wrote 13 fics for the fandom this year not counting the smaller things. It’s been a lot of fun! Hopefully 2016 brings many more opportunities for fic! 

random lore tidbits that arent really revelant to my story theyre just there:

-theres a rare gene among shadow dragons that occasionally causes a dragon to be born without eyes, and is more common among the darkest parts of the tangled wood like the foxfire bramble wheres theres almost no light (inspired by blind cave fish)

-shadow dragons are known for their love of trickery and such, so its common culture for shadow dragons to not use their real names, and instead take a nickname. theres a belief among them that ones given name holds power, and so to trust someone with your given name is considered an initmate act, and dragons will only call each other their given names in the privacy of their own homes away from prying ears that could use their names against them

-also on names, due to brutal nature of their culture and lack of familial love, serthis are not given names at birth but rather choose their own, primarily descriptive words like “cunning” or “aptitude” in the hopes that they can grow to embody such qualities and aid their survival

-humanoid beastclan like serthis, maren and centaur would’ve been what we consider average human size originally, but over time they have evolved to become larger in order to try and contend with the sheer size of dragons

So tell me, what happens after the thrill fades away? When reassurance turns into an obligation, when the love that used to feel so exhilarating before suddenly felt draining? Do you allow yourself to get carried away, to lose sight, to fall out? If you think the bad isn’t worth overcoming through, then leave. Leave me be, and let me go. I would rather be free than chase after a love that will no longer chase after me.
—  Keen Malasarte, Maybe.

jesterbing  asked:

Lizzington. Splendor/spmendid.

and the next…. I honestly did mean to actually get them to this soiree, but it seemed like such a natural stopping place that I didn’t want to force the issue. 

Mid/Late/anywhere Fulcrum and Tom-free S2. 1,050 words

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divorce ; jung hoseok (part 1)

a/n: this is a series i’ll be keen to write on everyday, so look forward to this series, i’m super exciteed

also, i’m not that good with divorces and marriages, i’m not sure if the husband/wife signs it after the husband/wife does it??

genre: angst, like hardcore.

summary: having hard times with hoseok leads to something unexpected.

y/b/f/n = your best friend’s name

part 1

“i want a divorce.” you managed to choke out.

“w-what?” hoseok asked, gulping.

“i said i want a divorce.” you whisper, closing your eyes and feeling the salty tears run down your face.

“you really want it, y/n?” hoseok clenched his fists, “you want a divorce?”

“it’s because i’m sick of us fighting, hoseok.” you said a little louder, “i’m sick of you coming home drunk. i’m sick of us fighting. are you not tired of it? we fight, the next day we act like nothing happens. hoseok, i’m so incredibly sick of it, we’ve fought for so many months. i’m sick of you always thinking i’m invisible and you comparing me to other people.”

it was true.

you were sick of fighting with hoseok. 

you remember the cries, the sobs, the slaps, the shouts.

you were sick of him coming home drunk.

you were sick of him acting like you’re invisible.

you were sick of him comparing you to other people - especially girls.


“stop making promises.” you say, “stop making promises. there’s no point, you forget about them, hoseok.”


you waited for hoseok to continue, but he never.

“i’m sorry hoseok, i want to end it.”

“after a two year marriage?” hoseok said, “y/n… i still love yo-”

“stop lying.” you say, looking up at him, “i know you don’t.”

“i still do, even if you fill in the divorce p-”

“just stop, hoseok.” you say, “you’re making this harder… i want a divorce because i don’t think it’s working out anymore.”

you heard hoseok whimper as he sniffled.

“goodnight.” hoseok whispered before walking out your shared room, “i’ll take the couch tonight.”

you woke up slightly early in the morning than usual to get the divorce papers. it killed you that you were married for 2 years and you wanted to end it.

you and y/b/f/n ended up seeing each other in a café, you told her that you wanted to divorce from hoseok.

“you… really want this to end? y/n… you really have to think about this decision. it’s gonna change your life.” y/b/f/n furrows her eyebrows, “i know, there’s a space inside of you where you love hoseok still. don’t forget he’s everywhere, tv, news, billboards, everywhere.”

you take a deep breath, “i can’t continue this relationship - he’s always at work, yeah, i get he’s an idol, but he just completely puts me out the picture.”

y/b/f/n frowned, “i’m not making you change minds y/n, but if you really want a divorce then okay.”

you nod, “thanks..”

“i have to get going, i’ll see you soon.”

you exchange your goodbye’s as you both walk out of the café.

you were walking back to the apartment you shared with hoseok and thinking about what y/b/f/n said.

“i know, there’s a space inside of you where you love hoseok still. don’t forget he’s everywhere, tv, news, billboards, everywhere.”

she was so right. you’d probably burst out crying if you saw hoseok, but you wanted it and obviously he is an idol.

you reached the apartment and slide the card in, hoseok sitting on the couch, probably watching a drama.

he gave a slight smile to you as you give him one back. you went upstairs and sat on your desk, putting your head in your hands as you sighed.

you got a pen out and started to fill out for the divorce.

you held so many tears back, and you wiped them away before you went downstairs for hoseok to fill some.

“hey, hoseok?” you say shakily, “could you sign some bits?”

“sure..” hoseok’s heart broke at the things you wrote down.

“thanks.” your lawyer made a straight face, “the papers are done.”

you nodded, along with hoseok.

“you’re free to leave or discuss.” your lawyer smiled at you two, “i’ll leave you alone, i have to quickly go by the staff room.”

you nodded as she left the room.

hoseok had red, puffy eyes, and you were the exact reflection of him.

“you want this to happen?” hoseok spoke up, as he stared at the window.

“yeah.. for our own good,” you said.

“i’ll help you pack your things. do you know where you’re going?”

“yeah.. i do. thanks for the offer.”

he nodded, “no problem. let’s go.”

you saw your lawyer across the corridor at the printer, you and hoseok waved at her before you got into the car, music only playing, but the tense silence made it awkward.

once you made it to your used-to-be-shared apartment, you began to take some boxes up your room.

“i’ll do your things at your desk.” hoseok said as he placed the boxes on your bed, getting things and placing them neatly in the cardboard box.

“thanks..” you mutter.

hoseok quickly placed a letter he wrote to you the other night at the bottom of your box. a few tears shed his eyes, you still kept a photo album for the past 5 years you’ve been together, and he did the same.

“when are you going?”

“i’m leaving tonight.” you say as you wiped a tear away.

“oh.” hoseok let out more tears, he was sure they wet the bed or landed into the box.

a few minutes later, you both were done with your bedroom. you both placed the boxes near the door, y/b/f/n hopefully picking you up at 7.

you stared at your plain bedroom, letting a few tears out.

“jagiya.. i’m cold.” hoseok’s teeth chattered as he placed his arms around your waist.

“just hug me… we’ll be warm eventually.” hoseok smiled into your shoulder.

“i love you y/n.”

“i love you too hoseokie, goodnight.”

“goodnight jagi.”

you sniffled before heading to the living room.


time really did go by quick. you thought.

“are we going to be okay with the divorce?” hoseok said, he stood in front of you with a new shirt and jeans.

“i’ll be okay… you?”

“i’ll be fine.” hoseok said, “y/n.. i’m going to miss you..”

“i will too..” you say, more tears coming out.

“just remember, i love you.” hoseok said quietly, “i don’t care if the divorce changes us.. i will love you forever.”

a knocking noise came from the door.

“goodbye.. y/n… i love you, i’ll miss you..”

“i’ll miss you and i’ll love you too, hoseok. goodbye.”

hoseok half smiled at you.

that’s when you saw him for the last time.

it has been my experience that exactly half of witches are ethereal and fey creatures who walk with clouds beneath their feet, lifting their steps up slightly higher.  and half are silly ol’ lots of wonder and laughter who enjoy pranks and jokes.

buy a jar, adorn it with elements that the witch is keen to, write a secret on a piece of paper, and give it to them.  also gives a treat, something wonderful and fun, or something precious.

witches love jars, secrets, and treats.

—  atticus
The Summer Studyblr Challenge

Now that summer is almost here and finals are nearly over, I’m taking a study break by writing up this post. So you know how over the summer, we tend to forget everything we learnt the year before? That’s the blissful part, but the scary part is when you go back to uni or school and you’ve completely forgotten how to study. So this is what I’m trying to achieve this summer. If you want to, join me in this challenge and we can motivate each other!

1. Read 5 books from reading list or for next semester. If you don’t have reading lists, then read something to do with your subject that might help you in your studies.

2. Go through last semester’s notes on subjects you will continue after summer. Obviously you can go through the others as well, if you’re that keen.

3. Write, be it a letter, a poem, a short story or a tumblr post.We all know that horrible feeling when you go back to school and somehow have forgotten how to put words on a page.

4. Plan next semester. Write a timetable, buy a planner, buy textbooks, just generally organize yourself in advance.

5. Go through the materials of last semester and decide what to keep and what to get rid of. I usually keep my summaries and important theoretical texts, but tend to get rid of the rest. You’ll run out of room soon enough if you want to keep everything. If you’re unsure about something, keep it for a few months -  if you haven’t looked at it by the end of summer, you probably never will.

Finally, remember to enjoy your summer. Once you finish school you’ll never get holidays this long again. Profit from the warm weather and spend a few months not worrying, so you can start again afresh and anew.

love, wordsandblacktea.