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La Colombe 

“Why do you always disappear?” he asked, on a morning I planned not running into anyone, with tired eyes and a weary heart I answered much to his surprise. “Because every now and then I tend to lose myself. I disappear in order to find her.” Though it was true, a part of me held back wanting to say I just needed someone to notice. That losing myself came in all sorts of consequences, and I just wanted someone else to come searching for that part of me I lost, too. And so he smiled, and asked if I wanted to eat my croissant. 

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Sexuality Crisis

Magnus had never been attracted to boys before, only girls. He could appreciate the aesthetic of them, but never before had he wanted to date one. He was as straight as a rod-always had been, and always will be.

So it wasn’t gay of him to think Alex was cute. She was cute on both her female days and male days. It wasn’t gay at all.


Or: Magnus has a crisis over whether liking Alex is gay or not and everyone else is facepalming at him.

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Magnus was straight.

Sure, he had that period of time where he had questioned his sexuality after learning that heterosexuality wasn’t the only one, but everyone went through that. And by the time it was over, he had decided that he was nothing other than straight. The thought of being anything else never crossed his mind again.

But just because Magnus was straight didn’t mean he couldn’t appreciate the aesthetic of other guys from time to time. He wasn’t blind, he could tell whether people were attractive or not. And sometimes, those guys were pretty nice to look at for a moment or two longer than necessary. But he never once felt the desire to do anything romantic with them, because he wasn’t attracted to guys. It was as simple as that.

“See something ya like?”

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Hair dye

“Jesus Christ, Alex, what the heck happened?”

Alex groaned, running her hand through her now electric blue hair, peeking up at Magnus through a couple of stray strands. “I don’t know. Some complete idiot put dye in my shampoo or whatever. So now I have electric blue hair and not green. Something is terribly wrong, and I hate it. I don’t feel like myself.”

She paused for a moment. “Where did they even get hair dye from? I didn’t think hair dye was available in Valhalla.”

Magnus looked thoughtful. “Beats me. I have no idea.”

Alex groaned and hid under the bedsheets. “I can’t let anyone see me like this. You’re an exception, since you very rudely barged into my room when I didn’t answer.”

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Spitfire || Patrick Hockstetter

I wrote this in celebration of gaining 500 followers! Thank you for everyone who has followed me so far! If you wish, feel free to send in prompts or requests. I apologize for any grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors. I might continue this if you want!

Warnings: Nothing severe, Patrick not taking rejection as an answer. 

The citizens of Derry, Maine—[Name]’s new home—has deemed her family bizarre. But [Name] thought Derry was an odd place too, and it lingered with a stench of rotten meat and sulfur. Some about this small town in New England was revolting, and it was evident. Sometimes, it was the way parents treated the children, or perhaps the children themselves.

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Someone asked for some Chirrut POV from A Single Monk in Good Standing Must be in Want of a Bro, so I did something (approx. 600 words):

“It’s done,” Janos says, quiet but urgent. “It’s done, he’s noticed.”

Contrary to what some elders might say, Chirrut is capable of tact and caution. Right now he displays those skills excellently, for he limits his reply to an equally quiet, “Where is he? How is he?”

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anonymous asked:

egobang, first kiss

Dan/Arin: Egobang 

Maybe it’s strange that after five or so years of knowing Arin that their first kiss happens now. Hell, it’s kinda strange that they are having a first kiss or any kiss at all. So much has changed in the time that Dan’s known Arin, so much about their lives, about himself, about the other man. Nothing really ever stays quite the same as where you began and Dan is okay with it. He’s okay with aging and maturing and growing as a person, as long as it means he can keep growing alongside of Arin.

Arin smiles at him from across the space on the couch. He’s got his gunnar glasses on, his hair pulled back in a semi-loose ponytail. He looks just the slightest bit older, almost undetectable, but Dan can see the spots where maybe Arin is a little soft, where the hints of laugh lines are beginning to form, he doesn’t point them out because he doesn’t need to. Arin is Arin no matter what he looks like, the shell could change but the insides would stay the same.

They’re playing the new Zelda game and it’s a bit of a marvel to Dan to see how far the game series he’s loved since childhood has grown and changed. Dan makes a joke and Arin laughs, true and big, the kind where he clutches his stomach and the controller falls lax against his thigh. Dan’s been witness to Arin laughing this way close to one hundred times if not more by now, but it still draws this bubbling feeling out of him, makes his guts twist with fondness, with a sense of giddiness that he doesn’t get with anyone else.

Dan starts laughing too, the feeling in the room contagious. He winds up slumped sideways, forehead against Arin’s shoulder as they giggle together like children. When their laughter slows and Dan looks up, their faces are close and he can smell Arin’s cologne, mixed with the hint of his sweat and it should be gross but mostly it’s comforting.

It’s sappy as all hell and Dan would probably never admit it – not even to Arin – but he sometimes feels like he and Arin share a connection, something chemical and deep, like his body was made to react to Arin’s in these unique ways.

“You still here?” Arin says, his voice deep and fond and his hand finds its way to Dan’s forehead, pressing there like he’s taking Dan’s temperature.

“Yeah,” Dan says, too light, much softer than he intended. He reaches out and grabs Arin’s hand, intent on pushing him away, but his body doesn’t let go when it’s supposed to and then their hands are linked warm.

Arin looks at their hands, eyes crinkling in thought before he meets Dan’s eyes again. For once, Dan has no idea what Arin’s thinking. It’s a terrifying notion.

“Dan?” Arin says, his own voice just a whisper.

“Yeah,” Dan says, though less a question and more filler, more like he has to say something though his mind is a blank slate.

“Do you ever think you could do something really, really stupid and you know it’s stupid but you still want to do it?” Arin asks, his voice quieter than before.

“Yeah,” Dan says, clearing his throat, “I know what you mean.”

“I think I’m having that moment right now.”

“You are?” Dan asks, throat tight.

Arin nods, his eyes flutter closed and he swallows loud enough for Dan to hear.

“Me too,” Dan breathes.

Then, no words need to pass through them, that connection, that familiarity working between them on every level. Dan leans in and fills the space that Arin has left him, the space that maybe has always been there, a pocket of air meant to save them, to allow them to breathe, a duel ecosystem where their lips meet in their first kiss.

It’s warm and innocent and electrifying in every sense of the word. Arin’s hand creeps to Dan’s neck and holds on, Dan hums into their kiss. He’s oddly content, everything feels right, like the world shifted into place and things are clearer now than they have ever been before. 

FP Jones x Reader- Figure it out

Thank you anon for the request! As I stated before everyone in this fic is legal age, and the reader will be older than Jug. I also made it so FP was young when he had Jug, but there was still a large gap.

Anyway I am so so sorry this was late. Aaaaah I hate that this was so late. I hope I wrote it to your standards and you like it ^^ If not please let me know and I will try to fix it. Also thank you so, so much for the well wishes you sweetheart <3 Hope you are doing well anon!

I don’t know yet if I will continue to allow age differences like this in my writing as I wasn’t too keen on writing it. I wasn’t a big fan but I did want to get this one written, as I said I would

Warnings: Age difference, swearing, implied smut

Words: 2160


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After the racist, terrorist attack in Charlottesville, I wanted to remind everyone of Kindred, a wonderful book by an amazing author, Octavia Butler. 

If you don’t know Octavia Butler, you should. A powerful sci fi book with a keen awareness of how science fiction provides a mirror to our own world’s best and worst. 

If you don’t know Kindred, then read on, because I’m going to tell you why this book is the next one you should read. It’s available in every form, including graphic novel and audio, so no excuse. Keep reading for a review on why this book is important right now. Kindred is to race what The Handmaid’s Tale is to feminism. 

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the blacklist appreciation week | day three [favorite character]

i’m sure you’re all absolutely shocked by this lol.  from the second we were introduced to liz keen, rolling out of bed late and running around in her undies, i was in love. standing in pee and fully expecting to roll in to work #fiveminuteslatewithstarbucks, she had my heart. i just love everything about her, from her kindness to her tenacity to the way she goes after what she wants.  she’s wonderful and smart and sexy and i love her.  

I don’t know why, but sometimes I still think about you. Not in a “I miss you” kind of way, but just in a “You came to mind” kind of way. And sometimes there would be questions that surface, thoughts about what my life would be like had you decided to stay that one summer I wanted to pour my whole heart for you.
—  Keen Malasarte, Doubts.
Another way of saying vulnerable, is sensitive.
Your vulnerabilities are merely sensitivities, and being sensitive to something means you notice it keenly. Weaknesses can be strengths. Use your sensitivities to an advantage. Make it your strong point. Temper and train it to obey.
—  B. E. Barnes
The Article

Pairing: Peter Parker X Reader

Requested: Yes

@nevaehsuga :  Can I request a peter parker x reader where the reader is the akward/sarcastic type and they write for the schools newspaper. And can peter be the one to take pictures for the paper? So one day the reader writes about spiderman (like who spiderman could be? Maybe they guess it’s a teenager) (or they write how amazing he is despite what others say about him) idk this idea came to me (and since I can’t write for crap) I knew you could execute this perfectly. I really love your writing sweetheart

A/N: This is probably so bad. I’m so, so, sorry for the long wait! High school is already pretty stressful and homework was keeping me from writing anything. Thank you so much for those of you who are still sticking with me, I am so sorry if this actually sucks, it is such a great request but I feel like I messed it up… Well, thanks for reading anyway!<3


You absentmindedly twirl your ballpoint pen between your fingers, listening to your fellow school newspaper committee members disagree on something stupid.

“We should write about the chess club! The big tournament is coming soon and they need all the support they can get!”

“Oh, so you’re telling me that the chess club is more important than the news of the new captain of the Academic Decathlon team?”

“How about a story on sports!”

“This is Midtown School of SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY! We don’t do freaking sports!”

“(Y/N), as our head journalist, what do you think?”

You hadn’t even realized that you had laid your head on the desk, dosing off slightly. With a jolt, you recoil back and sit up straight, feigning a look of deep concentration.

“We should write about Spider-Man.” you state matter of factly without a second thought, earning a series of groans from everyone in the room.

“He’s had enough praise! He’s old news!”

“He could be, like, a seriously weird person. We don’t need weird people here.”

“Then why are you in this room?”

“He’s boring! Iron Man is better!”

“Now, now settle down children.” you drawl, shaking your head from side to side. “Clearly, you don’t understand the significance of this particular hero. Sure, maybe he’s not the most impressive hero in the book but in a way, he is one of the most important-”

You hear a scoff from a corner of the room but you decide to ignore it, ”-because he, like us, is just a teenager.“

Another outburst erupts from your peers.


You roll your eyes, “Pfft, please. I know what boys sound like when their hormones start getting all excited.”

 Many eyes avert your gaze in embarrassment and you smirk with satisfaction.

 "Since he is a teenager, he is probably dealing with all the hardships that we are and even more for he has to be able to balance all these regular struggles with saving the world.“ you continue.

 "City.” someone coughs in an unsubtle manner.

“More like street.” someone else giggles.

“He’s accomplished more than the both of you combined.” you fire back, glaring. They avert your gaze, coughing nervously.

“He is quite phenomenal and I believe he deserves more praise. Imagine the publicity this paper and article could receive!” you say enthusiastically when you see some unconvinced (and unimpressed) looks. “Fellow students will feel a surge of motivation reading about a hero that has accomplished so much at such a young age! If Spider-Man can save the world and complete his homework, then us normal people can ace a final math exam!” 

"Please. We all know why you want to write another article about this Spider character,” a boy calls from the back and sniggers soon echoed through the room. “You have a crush on him. Pathetic. He probably doesn’t even know you exist.”

You feel your cheeks burn as giggles fill the room but you don’t let a little blush stop you.

“And the last time I checked, your photography skills don’t exist either,” you remark, a triumphant grin crawling on your face as you witnessed the boy turn livid. “I’m going to have to ask you to give me that camera now, there’s someone I have in mind that is much more deserving of this position than you.”

His mouth is gaping at you uncontrollably but it doesn’t phase you in the slightest.

“All in favour to write about our web shooting hero?”

Every hand shoots immediately into the air.


“Come on, Parker!” you whine, trying to keep up with his long paces down the hallways. “Just one photo, that’s all I’m asking! I’ll even help you! I know some places where he tends to show up… like that churro stand down that street and-”

“No!” Peter repeats, but this time you were startled for he had basically shouted. He blushes and lowers his voice when a teacher gives the two of you the stink eye. “I mean, I can’t (Y/N). I’m really sorry.”

You scoff, folding your arms across your chest in attempt to appear menacing. Peter didn’t flinch or back away. The two of you had always been like this, ever since you were kids. The Stubbornness Showdown, as the two of you liked to call it. Basically a game of who would be able to stand their ground and who would give in first. Sometimes it went on for days, cause let’s face it, you and Peter were probably the most stubborn and independent people in the world. 

All of this was normal, the two of you practically grew up together. You had so much in common and you laughed and learned together, helped each other up when the other fell down. But as you grew older your affection for Peter started to grow stronger. Besides, dating Peter sounded much more realistic than dating Spider-Man, whoever he was.

“You know what? I bet you can’t do it. You probably don’t even know how to turn on a camera.” you taunt, turning your back to him and walking away.

“It’s not that…”

“Pfft, please. Excuses, excuses.”

You mask a smile of triumph when you see Peter flush red while struggling to come up with an answer.

Although you were going to admit, he was acting strangely. You were only asking for a simple picture and you even offered to lend him a hand. It was quite a simple task, so what made him say no?

“Well, I’ll be off then-”

“…Fine, I’ll do it.”

“I’m afraid that your answer is too late, Mr. Parker. Don’t worry I’ll find someone else. Flash perhaps? I’d absolutely love to feed his ego, see how large it can grow…”

“(Y/N)!” Peter shouts, sounding exasperated but smiling all the same. “Please, let me. I’ll do it!”

“Hmm, that’s odd. I recall that I was the one asking you to agree merely minutes ago-”

“Shut up.”

“Lead by example.”


“Must you insist on tagging along?” he asked, nervously pulling at the collar of his sweatshirt, his skintight red and blue suit hiding underneath.

“Dude, we’ve been hiding out here since we were five. Even if you didn’t want me here, I’d find you in a matter of seconds,” you reply, giving his shoulder a friendly nudge with your own. Peter fought the urge to lean in closer. Instead, he huffed heavily in response.

“Besides, you like my company.”

“Whatever helps you sleep at night.”

“Shut it, Parker." 

It went on like this for a while; the two of you on the lookout for the red and blue clad hero while talking about meaningless things.

"So why are you so keen on writing an article on Spider-Man?” Peter inquired suddenly, catching you slightly off guard. “A lot of people think that he’s a lame hero or simply a party trick. Are you planning to write a hate article?”

For some reason, Peter looked awfully hurt, but you brushed it off without a second thought. You also tried to ignore his warm, brown eyes but goddamnit, it was hard.

“Well, I think he’s amazing and deserves so much more credit,” you start, struggling to keep your thoughts together when Peter’s eyes bore into yours. “He’s inspiring and I feel like he has the need to prove himself and I want to help him along on his journey. I bet he’s been through a lot and I will try my best to support him, even if he doesn’t know I exist.”

You expect Peter to laugh or make fun of you but - to your surprise - he smiles. His affection for you was growing by the second. Feeling comfortable, you continue.

“I know I must sound like an obsessed fangirl, but I guess I kind of want to prove myself too. Writing this article could help change the way people think, not only about Spider-Man but maybe about me too. A lot of people in the newspaper committee question my ideas and authority, and if this paper is successful it could really boost everyone’s trust in me and perhaps the teasing will cease too.”

“Teasing?” Peter questions with a smirk, scooting in closer. “What could they possibly tease you about? You’re a hard egg to crack." 

You sigh, shaking your head. "They’re convinced I have a crush on Spider-Man, which is why they think I’m writing this article.”

“Well, do you?”

You punch his arm gently and you notice he’s blushing a light shade of pink. Why? Once again you weren’t sure but it possibly couldn’t be because of you… could it?

“Maybe… But lately, I’ve got my eye on someone more realistic.”

He chuckles and you wish that he would ask you who that someone was when he jumps to his feet. 

“Here, hold on to this. I’ll be right back,” he says, tossing his camera to you. You fumble, barely catching it. Before you can ask him where he’s going off to, he bolts off, leaving you feeling lonely and disappointed. 

Of course, he didn’t like you back in that way, how foolish of you to even hope. You scold yourself and close your eyes in humiliation.

“Whooo!” you hear a voice yell happily, and you open your eyes to see your favourite hero swinging through the air. You wouldn’t exactly call his movements graceful, however, they were agile and you simply admired him, smiling stupidly when you remember Peter’s camera in your hands.

You bring it up and furiously snap pictures, while muttering, “Damn it, Peter, you always leave before the best part.”


“Congrats on the article! Great picture too, I might add.” Peter praises you the next day by your locker in between classes. “You wrote some amazing things…”

Peter fought the urge to thank you, for everything. But you couldn’t know… not yet.

Though it was true. The paper was a huge success, the whole school loved it. Of course, you added assorted school blurbs, info and news throughout the pages, but everyone’s new favourite superhero was on the front page.

“You never came back yesterday,” you state, handing him back his camera. A wave of guilt hits Peter. Hard.

He grimaces, looking guilty. “I know and I’m sorry. I was busy.”

“Aren’t you always?” you muse, not looking at him. “You could make it up to me though.”

You regret the words as they came out of your mouth but there was no turning back now.

“Take me out on a date. What do you say?”

But he said nothing for the bell pierced the silence that had last for only 3 seconds. And now he was walking away, heading to his next class, his body movements rigid and quick. It might’ve been only three seconds, but the silence of the unanswered request felt like an eternity for you because he had hesitated. He wasn’t jumping at the opportunity. He didn’t return your feelings. He left you the other day because he didn’t want to anything to do with you

Doubts clouded your thoughts as you walked to your final classes, barely able to feel your feet moving beneath you.


You were the first one out of the school when class was dismissed, fleeing from the building without turning back. 

Chocolate and bad movies sounded great right now, you were planning your next few days of solitude in your head when you see something sparkling out of the corner of your eye.

You gasp when you register the beautiful scene in front of you.

One of the large, metal school fences was decorated in delicate spider webs, glistening in the sunlight. It was absolutely gorgeous, but what struck you the most was that the webs were spelling out a word.


And suddenly, everything clicked into place.