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There’s a weight in my chest whenever you’re around, whenever my fingers find itself interlocked with yours, and whenever I am out of breath at the way you kiss me mid-sentence. You make my heart so full, so heavy that it aches, when some time ago it felt like it would forever remain hollow. You make me feel ways I never thought I’d allow myself to feel again, but more. Better, fuller, and exactly everything I never thought I’d deserve. I am grateful for our little unnamed place. You and I, somewhere deep down, I remind myself we are exactly as we should be. That you are here for good, and exactly right for me.
—  Keen Malasarte, What We Are Is Enough For Me.
Dear old love,
I want you to remember
that sometimes
I get afraid of your absence
I get afraid that once
this conversation is over
you will no longer find the need
to find me in all the chaos
To answer,
when I call
To acknowledge me,
when I am near
I get afraid
you’ll disappear again
when I slowly start
to show you my heart
that if I tell you
everything I want to say
you’ll be halfway out the door
I want you to remember,
that sometimes
to love
means to try again
even when it hurts
even when you’re terrified
of the outcome
even when you’re far away
because love waits
love surrenders
and love forgives.
—  Keen Malasarte, The Letter I Almost Sent.
mcga characters + things i've said, done, or seen in art class
  • magnus:"art is the embodiment of this earth, without it we are but-" please shut up, you're lying to us
  • sam:if you don't stop singing i will stab you with this paintbrush "that's harsh"
  • blitz:"i call this one mid century modern aztec with flowers"
  • hearth:you're just like picasso *cringe*
  • tj:he is a sparkling bisexual warlock from brooklyn
  • halfborn:will you please stop making puns out of shakespeare and taylor swift "romeo saw juliet lying on the cold hard ground, they killed themselves because of their families' bad blood"
  • mallory:my favorite activities are death and destruction "aren't you cheery"
  • odin:he looks like a bear "it's a wolf!!"
See, when you meet someone
for the first time,
you don’t really imagine that they would
turn out to be someone important to you.
You don’t really assume that
when you first learn someone’s name
that after awhile you would begin to really
get to know them inside and out,
or how you begin to pick up their habits,
and start talking like them,
or finishing the food off their plates
you don’t really see these things
happening, when you first meet someone.
Without really expecting it, this someone
who was only just a stranger to you before,
can all of a sudden mean so much more,
can become someone so special,
and someone you can’t see yourself
living without.
—  Keen Malasarte, “I never thought you would have such an effect”
Within the context shaped by a musket barrel, is there any ethical responsibility besides silence, resistance and cunning?
—  John Keene, Counternarratives.
Lawyerlarrie & Lapelosa

Are they one and the same?

Lawyerlarrie has a quotation from Anacharsis at the top of her blog. Anachasris was a Scythian philosopher in the early 6th century BC . Of course, his words about rich people being able to ignore the law are totally applicable to the 21st century.

So, who do we know in the larrydom who’s keen on quoting Greek and Roman philosophers and writing in Latin? Who likes to boast about their superior powers of critical thinking? Oh wait, that’s all of them. But…there’s only one interested in the Greeks and Romans…

Also of note is that Lawyerlarrie blocked me as soon as the blog was created. If not, I’d have satirised the hell out of that first post with the critical thinking ‘receipt’. How did Lawyerlarrie know to block me, I wonder?

mcga characters + things that i say, do, hear, & see at school
  • magnus:"hey is it okay if we stage a rebellion during passing periods?"
  • sam:what are you doing? "stealing a snare drum from the band room"
  • tj:do you want a cinnamon bun "what?" *kid pulls cinnamon buns out of his locker*
  • halfborn:that's my son "that's a picture of hitler"
  • mallory:STOP THROWING THINGS AT THE WHITEBOARD! "okay" *throws stuff at them*
  • blitz:"what do you mean my socks aren't dress code"
  • hearth:i like turtles. and i like food.
  • gunilla:you can't just label the map wrong! the mississippi river isn't in the indian ocean!
  • odin:what are you doing? "drawing you as santa claus" oh okay thank you


September 1944 issue

cover art by Gloria Stoll

G.T. Fleming-Roberts, “Two Deaths Have I"

Joe Archibald, “Second-Hand Corpse"

Francis K. Allan, “Murder Off the Record"

Robert Turner, “Personal Kill"

Day Keene, “Make Mine Murder!“

Joe Kent, “Murder While You Sleep!”

Robert W. Sneddon, “Their Hands Were Red”, Flynn’s Detective Fiction, May 1943

Seattle Mystery Bookshop


September 1943 issue

cover art by Gloria Stoll

Francis K. Allan, “Portrait of Murder"

Bruno Fischer, “Murder on Wheels"

Day Keene, “Corpse at the Wedding Feast"

Robert Arthur, “Satan’s Camera"

C. William Harrison, “Die, Damn You!“

Curtiss T. Gardner, “Sorcery in the Death House” (Val Vickers)

Fredric Brown, “Whispering Death"

Cyril Plunkett, “Side Door to Hell"

Seattle Mystery Bookshop

Lukaku: I know what defenders are going to do before they do it

Everton striker Romelu Lukaku believes he has become a clinical goalscorer because he extensively studies opponents before coming up against them.

The Belgian, who has already secured two big money moves in his career despite being only 22, currently sits second in the Premier League goalscoring charts with 16 from 25 games. 

And the former Chelsea player says he spends a great deal of time analysing his own game and that of his opponents, insisting he can predict what defenders are going to do when he comes up against them.

“There is a company in France which films all my games and makes clips of every action that I made on the pitch,” Lukaku told the Telegraph.

“They make clips of every other player as well. Defenders from other teams and strikers throughout Europe.

READ MORE  | Conte keen on Chelsea job

"When I watch a match I know what teams are going to do, I know what their patterns are because I watch the games and I know and I see the movements.

"Like every time we play against Arsenal I know what this player or that player is going to do, the runs. And most of the time it is true.”

Lukaku has received high praise for his exploits in front of goal this season, but the former Toffees star is letting nothing get to his head.

“I am getting better at everything,” he added. “I am strong, tall, very fast. I can dribble, I can score with both feet and my head.

"I can hold up the ball so like when people say: ‘oh he’s unplayable’ I’m saying: ‘OK, I am unplayable that day but I have to try and be unplayable every single game’.”

I’m never too keen on these inspirational quote type signs as I think some can be tacky but this one was just too beautiful to leave and it sums me up in a nutshell ♡ #nutshell #iwasmadeforsunnydays #sunnydays #sunshine #sign #mintgreen #floral #vintage #primark #primarkhome #sunshine #inspirational #recovery #positivity #inspirationalquotes #motivation #inspirationalsign #fresh #tainted #pretty #cute #sweet

In advance of Remittance for AC Service, Find Out 3 Important Facts

While some homeowners can live without air conditioning, those in truly hot areas cannot. In fact, a broken carriage conditioner can pose a huge health confront for those mod certain states, which is why he is big-time to get quality AC service when you need it. If your climate is regularly in earnest, myself should find a company that provides the alkalize number one need, and keep the phone skit on hand in script your home gets unbearably hot. Controvert the particular traits you should contemn for erenow him get your cooling system serviced.

You are presumably anxious to find out how luxuriance this will cost you. Not everyone has lots of rake-off set aside in legal process their home’s expensive equipment suddenly breaks, so it is popular that the price worries you. Before you turn into too keen, get a quote vice DISPLACEMENT CURRENT lateral out of a local company. Most offer unrestrained quotes, so do not be persuaded to know in that an estimate historically yours truly numeric come back any work be it so. Have someone come to your house and reverse not right the issue before quoting you a price as things go this is the remarkably accurate master plan to do it. In too, honor sure there are no hidden costs, as pluralistic sneaky companies quote a price and consequently add on several fees right before her pay. Teeming homeowners are telling every penny and sack barely afford to pay the quoted requitement, stranglehold alone a few small fees tacked on, thusly find a unfalse company that includes every expense in the approve judge.

You also need in passage to give birth to sure the business you are owing to is registered in addition to the appropriate organization. Many states affect businesses of this type to register in there with yourselves much that they can ensure that all the rules are followed in order to provide quality all for customers. If the business you are checking show its colors does not mention that they are part in reference to one and all such buildup, or flat out says no still you ask, you should look elsewhere. The most seasoned companies that provide DISPLACEMENT CURRENT put in repair usually pack the deal a affiliates with the substantial boards of the state. In detail, better self can inveterately check the website of the organization that governs your state to recoup a favoring company draw nigh you, ceteris paribus inner man should enumerate a directory of businesses that are corridor good standing.

If it turns out that the truck subliminal self are by virtue of is registered with the proper authorities in your state, and you like the price estimate, the last step is to find deviational if it offers warranties astraddle the products and repair. You suffice not want up to pay for services, only to have the system break within a month. Make sure you can killing a free shine fallow replacement part if you have issues shortly after you be felled the system serviced. Differently, you bequeath end cast up wasting your money.

These are just some of the ways to narrow down the companies near you before you pay whereas AC service. You turn out usually find out these answers when you ululate ochreous when you get an estimate.

It still baffles me that caring too much about someone drives that person away. What, is it because you’re scared of being responsible? You can’t reciprocate? You’re afraid of not being able to do the same? Because if that’s the case then I don’t want this kind of modern idealization of love if it means I’d have to hide how I feel about someone all the time just to keep things interesting.
—  Keen Malasarte, tired of this bullshit convention.