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Autumn Headcanons

• Every Autumn without fail, Dustin always prepares and serves his signature hot chocolates.
Ever since he was small, he and his mother would make his dad a hot chocolate, when he was ill. Dustin got so good at making the tastiest, smoothest hot chocolates, that his dad named them, ‘Dustin’s signature hot chocolates’, and ever since, he has been making them for his friends too, every Autumn, without fail.
As soon as it starts getting colder, and the nights turn darker, he wastes no time in getting ‘his ingredients’ out, and making the boys, ‘his signature drink’.

The boys absolutely love Dustin’s hot chocolates, and get excited whenever the leaves start falling, because they know it won’t be long before Dustin starts making them his delicious drink, to sip around the D&D table, or when the boys are all doing homework together, after school, or on a chilly Sunday afternoon.
Dustin always gives extra marshmallows, sprinkles and squirty cream to Will, because Will loves his hot chocolates the most, and always asks for seconds, and practically begs him to make them as soon as possible, as soon as the first leaf falls.

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ID #89586

Name: Mary
Age: 17
Country: Russia

There are so many things to say when someone asks us to tell about ourselves. Well, I will touch on the main topics.
I’m a girl who will be 18 in October. I’ve finished school this year and I’ll study at university since September where I will study English and German. As you can note, I like learning languages, also my native one - Russian. I’d like to study Japanese in the future because I’m fond of this country and of what is connected with it. It doesn’t mean I’m not interested in other countries. Conversely, I’d like to travel on different ones, feel their spirits, broaden my outlook, see more in this world, communicate with local inhabits, know more about its culture, mindset.
I’m also keen on literature, photography, fashion, music, psychology, educational video connected with space, the same psychology, palmistry, interesting facts, reflections. I like to learn new things. By the way, earlier I was interested in youth subcultures, such as goth, emo, so I can support the conversation on this topic.
I don’t currently watch serials as it was before. I watched the Brazilian TV serial Clone for the last time. It went into the piggy bank of my favorite ones. I like such serials as ICarly, Drake and Josh, Victorious, The Elephant princess, Charmed. Although I watched them long ago, they left a pleasant impression.
I’m indifferent to the films. I would not say that I’m crazy about movies and watch every novelty, but I’m not averse to watching an exciting movie. Basically, I like melodramas and dramas, horror, fantasy. I also like cartoons!
All in all, I’m friendly, shy, sensitive. So, that was the information that I wanted to share at first.
Why am I looking for a pen pal? I feel alone lately. I want to find a pen pal for an extended period of time. I don’t want my interlocutor to be inert in our conversation, I except our communication will be saturated and deep, interesting both me and my collocutor. You can talk me about your thoughts, experience, discuss some topics, share some pictures, stuff, music and etc. And if you learn Russian, I’ll be glad to help you with this process. I’ll be happy if my attempt to find a pen pal is successful. Don’t be afraid to write me.

Preferences: 17-25. I don’t care about your gender, country, sexual orientation and etc.