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When will captive come out?

I’m afraid I don’t have a date to give you anon :(

I’m actually not too keen on giving out dates as I’m 99.9% sure that it would be difficult for me to meet the deadline. I try to avoid giving myself a deadline as it adds an additional amount of stress for my already infinite amount of anxiety with regards to school and and life in general. And even more, I hate the thought of giving you guys hope only to have it crushed if I fail to complete it by the date I have promised. 

I will say that I’ve been making quite a bit of progress as I’ve finally overcome a bit of my writers block…so hopefully I will have part three for you guys soon!! Just a fair warning, it is getting quite long as I am hoping to reach a certain point of the story with this part so I’m really crossing my fingers that you guys won’t find it dry. 

I really am thankful for everyone’s patience <3 


We love it when we get messages from our sweet followers but one thing that isn’t so sweet is messaging us and telling me (Alysse) that you want me as your mommy. Jacob and I can see all messages, and if you come and message me begging me to be your mommy Jacob can see them and that causes him to be depressed and angry and I’m not too happy about it myself. Please understand that I am TAKEN. I am not looking for another little, I am only keen on dating one at a time, and I am very in love with my little prince and plan on staying with him forever. So please don’t message us with that type of stuff


The Blacklist Dating Game (part 2)

the lizzington just took control

Hopefully there will be some more to come that makes the other ships swoon too. @starsaremyocean and I are still working on some hilarious (well we think they’re hilarious) questions for Liz to ask!

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Pinkie or Fluttershy?

“Thank you, for one, for going easy on Trixie with the two of Twilight’s friends who didn’t start the entire mess that is my first show in Ponyville.”

She continued to smile. “If I had to choose, I guess I’d choose Fluttershy - we all know what happened when Pinkie Pie wouldn’t be quiet before… er… not that I’d.. take her mouth off again..” She shook her head. “Even for being possessed by the alicorn amulet, that was pretty rude.”

“Fluttershy is a nice pony though. Dare I say, she’s kind of cute in her own way. And again, she never gave Trixie a problem. BUT.. I’ve had more interaction with her than Pinkie Pie, so maybe there is some charm in the hyperactive party planner that I’m not seeing? Either way, I don’t think Twilight would be too keen on me dating either.”