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Control (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

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Prompt: OKAY!! so could you do one where the reader and Seb are doing a film? they aren’t dating, but like an attraction is there and literally everyone can tell!! and he keeps shamelessly flirting with her to try and get a reaction? and could it end with smut? you’re literally like my favorite person on this earth 🙈🙈

A/N: OK, so I kind of went off prompt but..who cares, it’s smut and it’s what we’re all here for. Sebastian’s an asshole. A fucking cute asshole who needs to be taught a lesson. This is the result of my delirious sexual frustration at not getting laid. Or having a Sebastian in my life. Thanks to the anon who requested this prompt.

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I've seen so many gifs of Dan headbumping people to show affection, I am now convinced he is half a cat xD he's fro would be good at hiding tiny ears

AHH. That’s so cute!! I love that Dan nuzzles to show affection. Imagine if he did have cat-like tendencies he’d like curl into Barry’s lap at home and Barry would pet his head. 

During Grump sessions if Dan can sense Arin is stressed he’ll nuzzle into Arin’s neck and make these soft purring noises and Arin will snuggle with him. 

If Brian and Dan are traveling Dan will lie himself draped over Brian’s broad back and sleep skin-to-skin. 

Suzy would like finger comb his hair and rub at his ears and Dan practically melts. 

Ross always gives Dan, like, tuna and treats and stuff and Dan will respond by hugging Ross and giving him little eskimo kisses. 

Slow Burn || one

Summary: He was just supposed to be one of those clients. But then he gives you a night you’ll never forget.

A/N: AU where a certain establishment caters to the carnal needs of boy idols to minimize scandals, among others. And you’re a prostitute there.

Genre: Smut, Angst, Dom!Taehyung, Orgasm Denial

Pairing: Taehyung X Reader

Part: 1 of 3 || two || three

Music: Shangri-La by Vixx (I wrote this smut listening to this song on repeat. Check the MV out, it’s so aesthetically pleasing and the song is lit and sexy as hell).

Words: 6,941

Chapter 1: Playing with Fire

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@huxloween - Day 23 - Circus ~

          ♦♢ ♦♢ ♦♢ ♦♢

Their shows are world-class. They’re masters of their field. Their world is rich with color and they live, breathe, and b l e e d showmanship, decadence, extravagance.

Hux is flawless on any tightrope. He can unicycle across it, walk on his hands, dance across it, whatever. Kylo swears he knows the secret to it. ‘Of course he can. There’s an invisible rod stuck so far up his ass that he couldn’t possibly fuck up his precision, even if he wanted to.‘

Kylo can tame any animal. It doesn’t even matter, Kylo will stare into the eyes of the fiercest creature and be best friends with it in 2 minutes flat. Hux likes to say that it’s because ‘wild recognizes wild’. ’You’re one of them,’ Hux tells Ren constantly, with barely concealed derision. ’Of course they’re nice to you.’

All derision aside, they do make a spectacular union when they come together for an aerial display, whether its flying via trapeze, or seduction suspended from the peak of the Big Top in jewel-toned ribbons, but they compete for popularity and the spotlight more viciously than anyone knows. Hux swears he will be the next Ringleader to replace Snoke and Kylo isn’t about to let him just take that title. Kylo remains a threat; he eats and breathes fire, and thoroughly captivates his audience with an allure of dark, dangerous charm. He owns two panthers that he loves as if they were his own children–Kyber and Krystal are breathtaking to watch with Kylo directing them. Even Hux stands transfixed to watch Kylo’s grandeur sometimes, though he’s seen hundreds of Kylo’s acts, night after night.

When the lights go out and the crowds disperse, and the scent of sparks and sweet confections hang heavy in the air, they tend to fall prey to the temptations of their own private dance, ready to exhaust the adrenaline of the stage on one another. Powered by the highs of electric atmosphere and deafening applause, together they’re a masterpiece not meant for the public eye. Kylo is certain Hux could make a fortune as a solo contortionist, if the performance beneath the sheets is anything to go by, and he loves the fire of Hux’s hair gripped in his fists or twining round his fingers far more fervently than any flame he commands on a stage. All the while, Hux grows addicted to how it feels to tame every square inch of the wildest force he knows.
The industry is their playground, but ironically their best grandstanding is done in the dark. ~


I can finally show what I’ve been working on for the past 5 months! Here is Keens house from initial concept to final model! The Concept Drawing in the middle was done by Eun Beal Cho but the rest is me! Check out the first two episodes here

18. “It’s ok to cry...” (Max)

Max has been down all day long and you have no clue what to do to. He wouldn’t talk to you no matter how much you pressed him on. He just would ignore you and tell you that he was fine. You didn’t believe him but whatever. You gave up halfway down the road, knowing that your approach wasn’t going to get any answer from him. You have no idea what triggered him to be so sad and it broke your heart to see him sulking, avoiding any contact. Not even your cat could cheer him up—and he was keen on cats usually. But today, seems like all off his boats sank in the ocean and his eyes weren’t light up in excitement, which was normal for Max. His face was ashen, his hair disheveled, avoided the sun and sat in his room, doing whatever. He didn’t even bother to take a shower and he barely ate something for breakfast.

Ugh, just what the hell happened to him?!

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19th Advent Joker Imagine

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Your P.O.V.

Sometimes having a cat could be a pain in the ass. Living in Gotham city in a building’s first floor was another pain in the ass as well. I left the window open and the damn cat was gone! I came home only to realize he was gone. So I had to go outside at night to go and look for Pepper.

It was winter so it was getting really cold. Thank god I had my coat on me. I walked around the streets and decided to check the park, a place I’d imagine cats being. ‘’Pepper! Hello?’’ I called out for the damn cat and ignored the looks I received from other people. It was cold, I was tired and hungry but I had to find him. I’d probably bawl my eyes out if I never found him again!

After probably an hour of walking around I had to go back home with no success. I sighed as I stepped inside. It was actually sad. My eyes stung as I put my shoes and outwear off to hang. Then I walked further inside my apartment, disappointed that Pepper was gone. I loved that cat.

‘’What took you so long?’’ A man asked me, startling the living hell out of me. I grabbed a frying pan and stepped a few steps back, my heart jolting my throat in surprise.My eyes got used to the dim lighting and then I saw him.

Out of all people I could imagine the Gotham villain himself sat on my couch. The Joker was in my apartment! ‘’What the fuck are you doing here?’’ I growled, trying to act tough so he’d leave. But what would the odds be? I’m dead! His red lips curved into a wicked smile and that’s when I saw he was doing something with his hands. I looked down to his lap where I saw a black furball.


‘’Let him go’’ I demanded angrily, feeling protective over my cat. Then I grabbed a knife with my other hand, feeling a need to be armed. I was scared as heck, ready to fight as he just sat there, petting my cat. ‘’Oh chill girl’’ Joker rolled his eyes and sighed, like he was tired of my behaviour. My mind was running in circled as I tried to process what the fuck was going on. Why did this happen to me?

‘’Pepper come here..he’s a bad man’’ I told the car, but of course he ignored me. Pepper flicked his poofy tail and I heard him purring. ‘’See? Even the cat likes me. Lower your weapons Y/N’’ Joker smirked and looked at me. My cheeks flushed and my eyes widened. ‘’How do you know my name?’’ I tried to ask confidently, but fear was obvious in my voice. Joker put the cat on the couch and stood up, walking closer to me. He completely ignored my knife. My body froze and I tried to do something, but nothing popped into my mind.

‘’G-Go away!’’ I yelled at Joker and backed away a little bit. He looked deep into my eyes and he clenched his jaw, looking angry and it really scared me. My body started trembling a little bit and my breathing paced up. Joker grabbed the frying pan and took it out of my hand, almost too easily. His eyes hypnotized me and I just let him take it without fighting back. Before he could take my knife, I pulled my hand back.

‘’No! leave me alone! Go away Joker’’ I tried to sound harsh and angry, but I was at the verge of tears. Suddenly that angry look softened on his face and he gave me a pitying look. ‘’Oh I’m so scared! It’s to he threatened by a girl who actually can hold a knife’’ he mocked me and it made my blood boil. I pointed at him with the knife, making him step back.

All the anger came back on his face and I regretted my decision immediately. ‘’Wow..I..uh I didn’t mean to..I’m sorry’’ I whimpered and the fear came crippling back. Joker looked like he was ready to murder me. Suddenly he grabbed my wrist with lighting speed and squeezed my nerves so hard it made me drop the knife. I squelaed in pain until he let go. I pulled my hand back and kept it close to my face.
‘’Don’t try to do that again kitten or else you might end up in a bad bad position’’ He warned me darkly, putting his hand on my shoulder. Then he pushed me against the wall and towered above me, making me feel small. ‘’You see..You wouldn’t want me to pull out my belt’’ He whispered darkly, sending a shiver down my spine. Although my heart was beating hard, I couldn’t control my breath and I was trembling like I was naked in the Atlantic ocean, I found this interesting. From close he was even hotter, but it didn’t make me less scared!

‘’Why are you here?’’ I whispered, trying to stop shaking but I couldn’t. Joker’s face was so close to mine now. ‘’I saw you looking for that cat of yours..I recognized you baby’’ He purred and made me hold my breath. How the fuck? ‘’I have seen you dancing at my club oh so many times. Do you know how much I have wanted you? Hm?’’ Joker asked me with a deep and raspy voice. It made my knees weak, this time I was unsure whether it was of fear or simply the hotness in his voice.

Why was I attracted by a psychopath?!

Joker’s finger touched my jaw and he forced me to look up to him. ‘’How about we get closer? Does that sound good?’’ Joker grinned and seemed to come even closer. My awkward side tried to step in between, but I tried to hold any odd words back. It ended up with me being quiet. I just nodded to him, making a pleased smile appear on that slick face.

Joker came so close that his face was right next to mine. Then I felt his lips by my ear, his hot breath landing on my skin. ‘’Why so serious? Just relax Y/N’’ He whispered into my ear and then touched my hips with his hands. Jesus Christ. ‘’I just..I don’t want you to kill me out of the blue’’ I admitted a little shyly. Suddenly Joker chuckled.

‘’Oh why would I do that? I’m kinda keen to that cat of yours. Wouldn’t want to mess with it’s owner’’ He joked a little and looked into my eyes again. ‘’He’s a real sweetheart’’ I smiled and tried to relax. So far so good, he didn’t seem like he was here to kill me. Maybe I would get out of this alive?

But the real question is, do I want to get out of this situation with him?

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my cat keeps jumping onto the desk I put my lizard cage on and won't stop looking at him & stuff and I don't want my lizard to be stressed, any recs on how to fix this? My cat isn't doing anything just looking at him but I know it scares my beardie.

I am not to keen on cat deterrent info :O Any of my followers have some advice?

Why Do Cats Do That? (Vol.1)

Happy #Caturday Tumblr! For the next several Saturdays, we’ll be trying to help you understand what’s up with your house cat.

They’re cute, they’re lovable, and judging by the 26 billion views of over 2 million YouTube videos of them pouncing, bouncing, climbing, cramming, stalking, clawing, chattering and purring; one thing is certain: Cats are very entertaining.  These somewhat strange feline behaviors, both amusing and baffling, leave many of us asking:  Why do cats do that?

Enabled by their unique muscular structure and keen balancing abilities, cats climbed to high vantage points to survey their territory and spot prey in the wild. 

Your house cat doesn’t need these particular skills to find and hunt down dinner in her food bowl today. But instinctually, viewing the living room from the top of the bookcase, is exactly what she has evolved to do.

Curious about cats? Check in with us every Saturday for some more #catfacts! 

From the TED-Ed Lesson Why do cats act so weird? - Tony Buffington

Animation by Chintis Lundgren


Here are the explanations from the video, based on the hypothetical life of Grizmo the cat:

  • Why cats love the highest spot in the house: “Enabled by their unique muscular structure and keen balancing abilities, cats climbed to high vantage points to survey their territory and spot prey in the wild. Grizmo doesn’t need these particular skills to find and hunt down dinner in her food bowl today, but, instinctually, viewing the living room from the top of the bookcase is exactly what she’s evolved to do.”
  • Why they are always ready to attack small objects: “As wild predators, cats are opportunistic and hunt whenever prey is available. Since most cat prey are small, cats in the wild need to eat many times each day, and use a stalk-pounce-kill-eat strategy to stay fed. This is why Grizmo prefers to chase and pounce on little toys, and eats small meals over the course of the day and night.”
  • Why they peer and go into small spaces: “Small prey tend to hide in tiny spaces in their natural environments. So one explanation for Grizmo’s propensity to reach into containers and openings is that she’s compelled by the same curiosity that helped ensure the continuation of her species for millions of years before.”
  • Why cats sharpen their claws on the couch: “In the wild, cats needed sharp claws for climbing, hunting, and self-defense. Sharpening their claws on nearby surfaces kept them conditioned and ready, helped stretch their back and leg muscles, and relieved some stress, too. So it’s not that Grizmo hates your couch, chair, ottoman, pillows, curtains, and everything else you put in her environment. She’s ripping these things to shreds and keeping her claws in tip-top shape because this is exactly what her ancestors did in order to survive.”
  • Why they are always finding strange places to sleep: “As animals that were preyed upon, cats evolved to not get caught. And in the wild, the cats that were the best at avoiding predators thrived. So at your house today, Grizmo is an expert at squeezing into small spaces and seeking out and hiding in unconventional spots. It also explains why she prefers a clean and odor-free litter box; that’s less likely to give away her location to any predators that may be sniffing around nearby.”
  • Why cats purr: “Considering everything we do know about cats, it seems that one of their most predominant behaviors is still one of the most mysterious. Cats may purr for any number of reasons, such as happiness, stress, and hunger. But curiously, the frequency of their purrs — between 25 and 150 hertz — is within a range that can promote tissue regeneration. So while her purring makes Grizmo an excellent nap companion, it is also possible that her purr is healing her muscles and bones — and maybe even yours, too.”

So cats are essentially wild animals adapting to unusual domestic environments built mainly for humans. Not surprisingly, that can get a little weird along the way.