keelin godsey

AMAZING LGBT*IQ Role Models for LGBT*IQ Teens

After thinking about the G2G thing for a while longer I thought about all of the GOOD role models that we already have in the community so I thought I’d make a list (a very short non inclusive list). 

Megan Rapinoe (USWNT)- is an amazing soccer player who came out of the closet just before the London 2012 Olympics, dragging her girlfriend with her. She proved in the Olympics that the removal of the mental stress that accompanies living in the closet can impact your performance- in London she was UNSTOPPABLE, something she contributes largely to coming out. 

Blake Skjellerup and Matthew Mitcham (NZ Speed Skater and Aus Diver)- two males who are at the top of their sports who have both come out and who both wholeheartedly support LGBT*IQ youth and their journeys. Both speak about their issues in high school and Matthew speaks candidly about his battle with self harm and depression. 

Kye Allums and Keelin Godsey- ftm transgendered athletes who are taking sport by storm. Keelin narrowly missed out on the USA Track and Field Team for the London 2012 Olympics (competing as a woman because he is ineligible to compete as a man according to Olympic bylaws) and Kye was instrumental in getting the NCAA bylaws changed to be more inclusive of trans* athletes. AMAZING men sticking up for what they believe in! 

There are dozens more athletes who could be included in this list including at least a dozen more women’s soccer players. I just wanted to quickly show that there are already good role models out there, even just in sport (one of the oldest and most homophobic institutions especially among men), for LGBT*IQ teens. G2G is not going to give me a better role model to look up to than anyone of the aforementioned names already provides. 

Now could someone please add to this list?