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I hope this doesn’t come off as offensive but why do you like to have your Shep wear so much makeup? I always wonder with the war going on and already having Kaidan why she feels the need to still apply it everyday, she’s already gorgeous au natural.

Pure and simple answer?

Game mechanics mainly. She uses default Jane textures which come pre loaded with eyeshadow, lipstick and blush. I tone down the blush, change the colouring of the eyeshadow and about a day ago changed the colour of the lipstick lighter. I have not added any other makeup to her in the CC or gibbed and I think that’s what people need to get their head around because I then end up being made to feel like ass because I’m supposedly playing barbie? I opt for the textures because of the freckles, the eyebrows and what the textures do for her face, which are insanely better than what we’re given as default.

And also saying “She has Kaidan so why would she wear makeup?” is actually a bit squiffy for me as it implies that the make up was worn for other peoples enjoyment, that she wore it to ~catch kaidan~ when infact if we want to go down to headcanon gaming - she did it for herself.

And the whole “makeup when in WAR?” thing has been debated to death. Not only does it take roughly 4 minutes to put makeup on at the most, but Shepard is not just a soldier on the ground floor (And hell, even if she was, she could still wear that amount of makeup and in the actual army today that amount of makeup is classed as fine) she’s negotiating, she’s being interviewed, she’s in the public eye. She may be a soldier, she may have died, she may be a total badass, but maybe just maybe she wants to wear something that makes her feel good.

I’m not getting at you, but this really touches on something that I find really problamatic. That Shepards with no make up are praised (just had a convo about that with my girl para) like they’re these strong individuals who kick ass and are amazing, yet you put a bit of war paint on in the form of some lip colour, some eyecolour and suddenly she’s weak, stupid, only pre-occupied with her looks and might as well step out from the fight.

So there you have it. As far as I’m concerned my Shepard wears makeup because it’s okay to wear makeup, she wore makeup in ME1, she wore makeup in ME2 and she’ll wear makeup when her bloodied body is dragged up by the beam because it doesn’t change for one second how amazing she actually is.

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not my type | alright | cute | adorable | hot | sexy | LORD MERCY

You see the thing about Anders, for me, is he isn’t sexy. He’s filthy, babbling and quirks his lip more often than not. He trips over rocks on the wounded coast because he’s too busy looking behind to see what’s staring him right in the face. He coughs up sea water with a disgusting wretch when they take a swim to save time on foot, his golden locks clinging to his forehead like week old seaweed. 

But for all this, he’s gorgeous. The muscles that you don’t expect to be there, under rough robes and even tighter bandages. The scars that make him wince when you place your fingers on them, that little trail of hair just under his belly button that ventures further into his age old green trousers. The way his eyes light up with even a flicker of a smile, his soft voice last thing at night and first thing in the morning, his heart and his passion. He isn’t a neat package, wrapped up in a sexy bow, but he’s so damn alluring, so damn beautiful, that it actually hurts my head sometimes.

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So the energy created from Anders bomb and the energy created from the catalyst and destruction of the mass relays creates a tear in space time. The two universes then suddenly combine creating a dimension in which the main dragon age characters are forced to team up with the main Mass Effect characters to fix the tear in space time. As a result the mass effect squad mates spend a lot of time the da:2 companions. Who do you ship together?

Oh my god. Ok ok.

Aveline & Garrus

Because Aveline has reach and flexibility. 

Isabela & James

“Now you’ve made me blush, Pearl" 

Liara & Merrill? I think the gentle dynamic between them would be adorable.

I’m sort of making a weird noise about the cuteness of Kaidan & Bethany / Ashley & Carver. The obvious "survivor” connection there too.

My brain is starting to break. 

Steve / Fenris? Coping with loneliness, eep.

And now I’m picturing Anders after a good hot shower clad in Alliance BDU’s and oh god.

Yep my brain is definitely broken. Good work nonny.

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So,how did you feel after Horizon? I was pretty much like OMG KAY YOU BROKE MAH HEART I NEVER WANNA LOOK AT YA AGAIN. And then he returns in ME3. And i'm like...okay,come back :3

I totally understand his view point on horizon. as far as i see it - his life doesn’t revolve around shepard, y'know? he had a life before them and he’s had a life after their death.. and he’s worked so hard, regardless of shepard, he’s put his all into his career because if he can’t do anything else he can be a good soldier and a good man. so to give that all in, just drop his whole life, to give up his very essence for someone who may or may not even be the person he loved? i don’t blame him, i don’t blame him for one second. you know he’s crumbling inside on horizon, every part of him is screaming to let it all go and be foolish and naive but that isn’t kaidan alenko. so he snaps and he gets angry because why is this happening, what logical reason is making this happen, i love you but i still hurt, i‘m stubborn and i'm sorry but i just don’t understand. his frustration at the situation manifests in anger and confusion and he lashes out, he owns it later, but he lashes out because it’s either that or cry. He loves Shepard, no amount of what happened on Horizon changes that for me, but that love has been torn and shredded with their death, when he’s been all alone in some dark apartment room and his eyes sting and his knuckles turn white because he can’t show anyone he’s grieving so much that he just wants the world to stop for just one second to catch his breath.

and personally, for me? my shepard owns that. she knows and she understands. she snaps back at him, they’re one step away from spitting at each other, you fucking died, you fucking didn’t, how dare you leave me, how dare you die without me. she doesn’t even know what she is anymore, so to taint what she remembers with new feelings mixed with death and nightmares? she’d rather walk away. she would never expect him to leave his life behind, because she never wanted to leave hers.

he’s human and he makes bad calls and his emotions are out of wack sometimes, but he’s his own person, he has to learn from his own mistakes, the world keeps turning for him - it may be miserable without someone, but it’ll still turn and he’ll still fight and that’s what i love about him and about shenko.

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Now I'm curious, why do you prefer destroy? I replayed that last part 3 times (because I didn't want refusal hahah) because I couldn't decide and I still couldn't come back to make my "oficial ending" hahah

Heh. Well..

It’s what I set out to do 5 years ago.

I don’t trust a word that came out of Starbrats mouth.

Because my Shepard had promised so many people that she would end the Reapers if it killed her and she wouldn’t go back on that promise.

Because they couldn’t be trusted, not even with a new “Leader” in the form of Shepard. Who knows what happens when Shepard jumps into that beam. Who knows what’ll happen with any of the endings. If the Reapers are gone then that is one threat removed from the barrel. 

Because re-writing human DNA on the back of one persons decision freaks me out (And I’m not even going to get into my other Synthesis issues because I’m not going to be that person.)

But I am going to state a really unpopular opinion -

People really get at people who pick Destroy because of EDI. We get guilt tripped with lines such as “But what about Joker! You’re killing EDI! You’re so selfish! I just couldn’t do that! I had to pick Synthesis so they could be together!”

Y'know what? What about my LI? What about Kaidan Alenko? The man who has been there from the start. The man who, if you pursued a relationship with him in ME1, has already had to go through losing Shepard once. That doesn’t make it any easier for him, at all. What about my Shepard? Has she not given enough of herself for every single other person she’s ever met? Don’t they both deserve happiness? Oh they’re soldiers so they should expect loss? Well so should Joker. If you don’t have a surviving LI then fine, I get the self sacrifice, but I find it increasingly frustrating that I’m supposed to give up my two favourite characters potential happiness, two characters I put sweat and tears into, because if I don’t it makes me a shitty person.

And I apologize for the rant, it isn’t directed at you at all and probably comes across as more vitriol filled than it really is. It’s just something that has really ticked me off the last year or so and never seems to go away.

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he’s easily the hottest MShep I’ve ever seen, so may I request 5000 edits of him plese? ._.

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S H A R E THEM seriously I am so in love with him ;A;

actual real life dork ben shepard tho.

but okay, i blame you all for whatever photoset i make up in a second. if someone gets grumbly with me for posting oc’s, i’m just gonna point to this post, haha.

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not my type | alright | cute | adorable | hot | sexyLORD MERCY

Kaidan Alenko is a man of many things. He’s a man of simple adorable pleasures, the way he rocks back on his heels at that first sip of terrible Normandy freeze dried coffee, like it’s gods honey and he’s been starved of the bliss for more years then he cares to count. He knows the coffee is terrible, knows that familiar grit at the back of his throat, but it’s the little things, you know? And if he exhales at the right time, the coffee isn’t all bad afterall.

But Kaidan is also a man that runs hot. His flesh scorched. Sweat pouring down the arch of his spine, his skin glistening to anyone privileged enough to see. His skin burns when it touches yours, in those fleeting nights of murmurs and palms flat against needed skin. He needs it and so do you.

But the real thing about Kaidan Alenko, is everything he isn’t aware of. The way his jaw flexes and tightens when he isn’t sure what to say, the way he counts every floor panel on the shuttle every damn time to calm his breath, the way you can’t quite get enough of the strength in those thigh muscles, the way he lets out a little awkward cough when he catches you staring at his thigh muscles. 

But Major, I need to make sure you’re in tip top condition.

And that little smile that tugs at the side of his mouth, telling you that he’ll give you all the proof you need later.

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why are they your favorites?

Well why not? haha.

They’re the underdogs, they’re overlooked, under cared for. they’re seen as normality and boring and unworthy of love. they aren’t “exciting”, they stumble and fall and fuck up and try to mend things with gritted teeth yet that’s never good enough. I find solace in them.

And sure, alien races do just as much. They’re flawed beautiful creatures - but that’s rejoiced over. Their little quirks and nuances are loved, whereas human squadmates? Well.. hah.

I find the old “humans are so boring!” argument tedious. I like to think humans are pretty rad even with the dawn of new races. 

And really I just have a lot of adoration and love for characters such as Ash and Miranda, Kaidan and Jacob (to name just a few) and the amount of hate they get makes me kick back even more, because that’s human nature, because humans fight, we give a shit, we’re sentimental and entirely too loving and that’s why I don’t think we’re so boring afterall.

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Ugh, your followers literally bow to your shit.

See? I think about 5 or so posts ago to Parisa I said this would happen.

Just unfollow me. Just go away and stop being so pathetic. It’s really that simple and you’re making it much harder to be quite frank.

If people want to agree with me that gives them no kudos. I’m not some fucking internet god that grants them cheaper wi-fi if they bow to the teachings of apostates. If they want to agree and get involved and speak about about something that bothers them? Awesome. If they don’t? Awesome. If they’re waiting for the next bit of Alenko or Theirin goodness? Awesome. But the fact you want to belittle them and make out they’re “bow"ing? I think you have more of an issue then them.

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A modern AU though. Kaidan Alenko and Alistair Theirin both grow up in the orphanage as best friends, before Mr. Eamon Guerrin adopts Alistair, then moves to a bigger city. So Kaidan and Alistair write letters to one another. At 17, Kaidan accidentally kills an abusive mentor and goes on the run. When he shows up at Alistair's doorstep, he doesn't know yet that he's about to meet someone who will become very important to him: Shepard, Alistair's classmate, has come over to study for finals...

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Oh my gosh! Can I ask you where you get the cat-like emoji-icon thing in your last replies from? I keep seeing it everywhere but I don't know where people get it and it is cute as heck!!!!

i just pick them up on my tumblr travels nonny, but you’re welcome to have the ones i have saved -

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Your Rose Shepard looks like such a dumb bimbo with the pouty glossy lips and the heaps of make-up. She looks like the twin of Katie Price. Her fivehead is the least of her problems.




you sad individual.

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nathaniel howe :>

not my type | alright | cute | adorable | hot | sexy | LORD MERCY

Nathaniel Howe isn’t what you expect, he’ll never be what you expect. How can he be when he isn’t what he expects of himself after stumbling into your life. His anger is just, the bite of his lip when his sentence hovers over the edge of a chasm, too far Nathaniel, too far. The revenge in his veins morphs, turns to something tangible, not threatening, something that rumbles in his chest when he looks at you for a moment longer than he should. He’s off limits, out of bounds, a twist in your gut because you want to tell him you understand, vengeance has a price and you fell foul to that yourself, that if his hand lingered a second longer on your shoulder you wouldn’t scold him for it. He unashamedly stands too close, he knows, oh he knows, but Nathaniel Howe will never be what you expect. He’s gentle, forgiving, his skin trembles underneath your fingertips and you never knew how ice cold could feel so good, especially when it craves your warmth.

(THIS TURNED INTO JUST hello my feelings on nathaniel and why he should have been a LI ok bye)

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You only ever seem to post about het pairings. Do you dislike the gay romances in DA or ME and why?

wow, what a loaded and odd question.

i don’t dislike the gay romances in any bioware game at all, but as i adore playing a female character (because i am female, because i can live out these glorious heroic lives as a hawke or a shepard that i could see myself in place of) and i, myself, am sexually attracted to males, that is the way the dice is rolled. i only post 3 romances (my Rose Shepard, my Joan Hawke and my Beth Cousland, all that romance males sure, but that’s who they fit with. i’m no poster child for bioware romances, i don’t think it should be my job to post romances i’m not actively playing) . being actively into one thing does not mean that you dislike the other, it means it’s your choice. i don’t post a wide variety of romances because this isn’t a “every romance, all bioware” showcase blog, it’s a personal blog where i vomit all my feelings out about my characters and what really hits me in the heart.