keeley cuteness!


Keeley Rebecca Hazell is an English glamour model, and actress, who was born in south London, England. She appeared in popular magazines like FHM, an features highly in ‘most sexy’ opinion polls. Her 2007 calendar sold 30,000 copies in its first few days of release. She is also the face of the Formula One & MotorStorm video games for the Sony PlayStation. An she has also appeared in advertising posters for PETA, who aim to stop animals being unnecessarily killed for mere fashion vanity. After taking acting lessons she pursued a career in Tv, an had 12 screen credits by 2014.



“People love the animals. There is one scene in this series where I had to take a puppy off young Gerry and for the rest of the scene I’m holding it. There was a discussion because the director said, “Nobody’s going to listen to anything you’re saying,” and I knew that! Even with the other cast, if there’s a scene and someone else is holding a cute puppy, or hedgehog, or any animal, no one is looking at you. This show is not about the actors; we’re way down the list, and that’s quite good!”

“It is difficult, but it’s always funny. In this series we have an episode where it rains endlessly, so Gerry wants to bring the animals into the house because he thinks they look depressed. So we have the donkey and the pelicans in the house, hedgehogs, the dog, goats and a chicken… When you read it in the script, you think, ‘That’s going to look fantastic’ but filming it isn’t easy– ten hours later we’re still filming! Then I was filming a scene with lots of dialogue and my hands were on the table. A chicken decided to come over and just sit on my hands! You just have to carry on and act like you are used to having chickens sitting on your hands while you’re talking to people!”

“I liked the hedgehog. That was really cute and very sweet. I’ve never really seen a hedgehog up close like that before. The pelicans are beautiful, too. Last year they were babies but they’re fully-grown now. They are called Peli-can and Peli-can’t! I have more to do with them this time– at one point I had to take one for a walk on a lead. I also have a one-way conversation with the seagull called Steven Seagal plus we have magpies who have a starring role, canaries and a falcon.”

“You’re not supposed to work with children and animals, but after this experience I don’t really want to work with anybody but children and animals!”

— Keeley Hawes