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Hina is a form of the Austronesian word for “matriarch” and its cognates are found in Taiwan, throughout South East Asia and across Polynesia in the forms Ina, Sina, Tina and Hina. In addition to the usual meaning of “Mother”, Polynesian mythology Hina is the name of several different goddesses. Hina was associated with phases of the moon under the names Hinatea (Fair Hina) and Hinauri (Dark Hina). The moon is also known by the name Mahina. Initially Hinatea (Fair Hina) was married to a man named Irawaru. During a fishing trip Irawaru antagonized Maui who had failed to catch any large fish. In revenge Maui assaulted Irawaru when they returned to shore, pushing his brother-in-law under the keel of their boat, breaking his back and other bones. Irawaru was turned into a dog (kuri) one breed of which was known as Irawaru.

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When Shiro was ten-years-old, he lost his right arm in a boating accident. It happened three miles or so off shore. He was alone in the little motorboat he and his dad used for fishing in the waters off Agate Beach. Normally he wouldn’t have been foolish enough to be there on his own, since even as a child Shiro had an overinflated sense of responsibility, but he wasn’t feeling particularly responsible that day.

That was the day they’d buried his dad.

The funeral had been that morning, the skies above the cemetery as gray as Shiro’s mood. He was in the front row of course, which meant there was nothing to hide behind. His mom sat stoically beside him, blinking tears she refused to let fall. There were a lot of people there as well. It seemed as if the entire town came out to pay their respects, along with about five-hundred relatives Shiro barely knew beyond the occasional Christmas card.

When it was over, Shiro’s mom made him shake the reverend’s hand and thank him for the lovely service, though how adults could find any aspect of death “lovely” was beyond him.

They’d walked back to the long row of parked cars in silence, his mother barely looking at him, as if one look at his stricken face would break her resolve. She was trying to be strong for him, but somehow it just made him feel all the more guilty about not being able to keep his own emotions in check.

As soon as they’d returned home, Shiro had slipped away, feeling stifled by the house full of chatting strangers. It was nothing to them, he’d suddenly realized. The following day they would pick up their lives exactly where they’d left off. It hardly seemed fair when <em>his</em> life had changed so irrevocably.

Still dressed in his Sunday best he’d gone down to the jetty behind the house and untied the motorboat. He’d carefully guided the small craft away from the landing. Then he’d taken off, throwing the throttle wide open to speed away before anyone could notice that he was gone. He kept one hand firmly on the rudder handle, just like his dad taught him, and quickly guided the small craft further down the coast.

The further he traveled, the more his eyes seemed to fill with tears, His breath catching until he was gasping with great heaving sobs, he clawed at the tie knotted at his throat, loosening it as if it were cutting off his air supply. He wiped his runny nose on his sleeve, though he knew his mother wouldn’t approve, and turned the rudder until he was headed for open water where there would be few people on such a gray day to witness his breakdown.

“We have our memories to comfort us,” his mother had told him, and maybe for her it was some comfort, but Shiro couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that he would spend the rest of his life missing his dad instead of being with him. Memories, even good ones, were cold comfort when they were the last ones you’d ever have.

A light rain began to fall and the sea turned choppy, dark waves sloshing over the sides of the boat. Shiro barely noticed, his eyes cast unseeing at a fixed point on the horizon until something suddenly caught his eye, a luminous spot in the water. 

His brow knit as he watched it slowly gliding towards him; a lavender glow just below the choppy surface. It veered off at the last minute to glide alongside the boat, and Shiro tracked its movements with fascination. Whatever if was, it wasn’t very big. Maybe roughly his size, though most of its length seemed to be made up of a long and powerful tail.

He watched the softly glowing creature dive beneath the keel of his boat then come up along the other side, wheeling beneath the waves the way dolphins sometimes played in the wakes of boats. Perhaps that’s what it was, though Shiro had never heard of a purple bioluminescent dolphin before. He found himself smiling a little despite himself at the creature’s antics. It circled the little craft playfully, never quite breaching the surface of the churning water.

The dangerously churning water, Shiro noticed for the first time since heading out. The glowing sea creature forgotten, Shiro had looked up to find the rain smeared horizon ahead of him being quickly engulfed by looming black clouds. “Crud,” he murmured, mostly because his mom frowned on swearing.

The skies chose that exact moment to open up.

Shivering, Shiro gripped the rudder handle, his teeth chattering as icy sheets of rain beat down on his head. His tiny boat began bouncing unsteadily atop the churning waves. He’d been struggling to maneuver the bucking craft through the aggressively cresting water and back toward the shore when the rogue wave hit, crashing into him from behind and sweeping him into the water.

Immediately his body seized up from the cold, his arms and legs barely able to move as he’d fought against the undertow that was trying to drag him further down into the depths. A second wave hit him sending him tumbling head over heels into the propeller of the boat. The spinning blades cut deep into his face and chest and sheared his right arm off just above the elbow.

He’d screamed, his lungs filling with water, before something abruptly grabbed him around the waist and propelled him straight back up to the surface. Shiro gasped, choking on blood and sea water as his head hit the stormy air.

The last thing he saw before crumbling blackness robbed him of sight was the frightened face of a boy perhaps a year or two younger than him. His hair was long and dark, framing elfin features of pale lavender and delicately pointed ears. His wide eyes were an unlikely shade of violet that seemed to shift to indigo then back to violet again, and his skin was softly glowing with bioluminescence.

Six days later, Shiro woke up in a hospital bed, his mother asleep in a chair by his side. His face was completely numb and his chest felt tight. There was a breathing tube inserted into the notch at his throat, maybe it had something to do with the fact that he couldn’t breathe through his nose at all.

A tentative touch with his left hand told him why, it was completely packed with gauze. For some reason he couldn’t move his right hand at all. It was hard with the breathing tube, but he managed to shift his head slightly to the right to find his arm was gone, swathed in a tangle of thick white bandages that ended several inches above where his elbow used to be.

He must have made some sort of sound then, a groan of dismay, because his mother was suddenly awake and running her fingers through his hair. He’d whimpered, sloppy tears sliding down his cheeks as she’d murmured soothing words to him, telling him that everything was going to be okay. He was going to be okay.

The surgeon had already been in to see him. The robotic replacement for his arm would be just as functional as the real thing. He’d barely even notice the difference. Shiro had closed his eyes then, embarrassed by his own stupidity. He wished he could wipe the tears from his eyes instead of having to rely on his mom to do it for him.

He wished his dad was there.

Apparently he’d been found laying on the shore near the tide pools of Agate beach. His wounds had been tended with seaweed poultices and the tie he’d been wearing had been used as a tourniquet to staunch the flow of blood from his severed arm.

As for the accident itself, Shiro had no recollection of it, something the doctor later told him was common in traumatic injury cases. The identity of his rescuer remained a mystery as well. Shiro never could remember exactly what happened that day, which was frustrating, because somehow he just knew that he’d forgotten something important.

the dark mission - chapter 14: proposal

The next morning Emma woke before Killian. She decided to walk up on deck. She needed fresh air, she need to clear her mind. She quietly got dressed and climbed up the ladder, trying to make no sound to wake Killian.

When she closed the hatch, a cool breeze surrounded her. She inhaled the cool air, smiling. She slowly turned around, facing four frightened looking men. Emma’s smile faltered. She just stood there staring at them, while they stared back.

Suddenly a harsh voice commanded the four to get back to their duties. Emma turned her head looking at Smee and Commander Haddock. The two of them came closer, smiling at her warmly.

“How are you feeling, Emma?” Commander Haddock asked in a friendly voice.

Emma tried to smile again before she answered that she was alright. Smee barked at the men again before he turned his attention to her. “I’m sorry, m'lady, the men are just a bit rattled. Nothing to worry about.” He quickly exchanged a concerned look with Commander Haddock, before he went on. “Did you sleep well? The Captain still asleep?”

Emma nodded slowly. “Yes, Killian is still sleeping, I just wanted to get some fresh air, but I think I will head back to the cabin again. I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable at all.” She turned and suddenly bumped into Killian.

“Who is making you uncomfortable?” He asked with his captain voice. She looked up, her eyes full of sadness. “No one, I make your crew uncomfortable.” She said, her voice weak. She felt horrible. The last thing she ever wanted was that someone was afraid of her. She sighed and tried to pass Killian, but he stopped her and lifted her chin.

“Love, you are not making anyone here feel uncomfortable. Right Mr. Smee?” He looked at his first mate, who again exchanged a quick look with the second mate.

“Well, to be honest…” he started, making Emma flinch and Killian angry.

“So be honest, Smee. What’s going on?”

Before Smee or Commander Haddock were able to answer Killian’s question, Emma turned, looking at the three man, with tears streaming down her cheeks. Killian’s heart broke and broke even more when Emma started to speak with a weak voice.

“They are afraid of me. Afraid of my magic. Afraid of what I am capable of. They think I am dangerous. Maybe they think I am some kind of witch. Don’t they?” She started with a whisper but yelled the last two words at Haddock and Smee.

The two of them looked at Killian before they nodded. Emma’s knees buckled, she hunched up on the floor, crying, trying to process what she saw and heard just a minute before. Killian knelt next to her, but she pushed him away, not willing to let him in at the moment.

Killian sighed but respected her wish. He kissed her temple and got up again. He ushered his mates towards the other side of the ship, talking about what’s going on and what they could do to help Emma and ease the whole situation.

Emma was in their cabin most of the time, she didn’t want to upset the crew more than necessary. Killian offered her his company but she refused and told him she wanted to write a letter to her parents and take nap.

Killian ordered all men on deck. He didn’t want to yell at them, too much had happen the last days. He only wanted to talk to them, talk about the last days, talk about their loss and about Emma and her abilities.

“Is she a witch?” One sailor asked Killian carefully. Another one growled that it was bad luck having a woman on board, even worse when the woman had magic.

“She is practicing dark magic” a naval officer suddenly said, clearly afraid but also angry. “Only a powerful witch or wizard can rip out other ones hearts. She could kill us all in a minute. I will not stay on this ship a minute longer than necessary.”

“But she healed us. That was light magic I can tell. I felt the warmth of her magic flowing through my veins. It was unbelievable and I can assure you that there wasn’t anything dark about it. I trust Captain Jones and I trust his mistress.” One of Killian’s former pirates stood next to Killian, his hand raised high, his voice full of honesty and loyalty.

“Aye” four pirates agreed.

“But what if the princess bewitched the captain? Maybe he has no heart anymore and is under her command? What if this was her plan from the beginning? Maybe this is a suicidal mission after all?” A naval sailor said afraid, looking around as if he was afraid of finding Emma standing next to him.

“Aye” three men agreed.

“Bloody hell” Killian started, looking over his men. “I can assure you I still have my heart and I can assure you Emma did not bewitch me or curse me. Emma is the Saviour, the product of True Love. She was born with light magic. Magic to defeat the evil.” He sighed and turned his head, eyeing the hatch. “Emma’s powers are connected with her emotions. After Eli’s loss she was full of anger and rage. I do understand that you might be afraid…” His men snarled not liking the allegation of being weak or frightened. “…but” Killian continued calmly, “Emma is not a threat. I assure you she is no danger.”

Suddenly the men started to talk with each other nervously. Lieutenant Ivory got up. “I say we dump her at the next port. We don’t want her on board anymore. We are still on a king’s mission but we never agreed to be put it such danger.”

“I am no danger” Emma suddenly said, looking at Lieutenant Ivory. “It is no secret that I have magic, some of you knew I have magic. Lieutenant Chase, you watched me when I was practicing my water spells back in the castle. Once you congratulated me when I finally was able to stop a wave keel over a small boat. That’s a very handy spell, isn’t it?! And you two, I’m sorry I forgot your names, but you two were always happy when I gave you the apples I invoked back in Misthaven. And you all saw before that I have magic. The night Blackbeard captured me. How the hell did you think I disappeared? That also was my magic. Or the night…” She looked at Killian, Smee and Haddock, who were shaking their heads slightly. “I understand your doubts and if you feel better I will stay in the captain’s quarters, but I won’t leave this ship or Killian.” Killian came closer and put his hooked arm around her.

“Everyone who isn’t willing to serve on this ship anymore is allowed to leave at the next port. But this decision will include the end of your naval career. Emma still is the daughter of their majesties, Queen Snow White and King David. If you don’t accept their decisions, you are no loyal subject. This is still a king’s mission and if you want to challenge his orders, you can leave.” He pulled Emma closer. He could feel her sadness, he could see her struggle. She looked so small, so vulnerable. He wished he could help her, he wished she would open up and allow him to comfort her.

“I will stay” Commander Haddock suddenly said and stepped next to Emma. “Aye” Mr. Baskin and Smee said in unison, doing the same. Mr. Huffington, three naval officers including Lieutenant Chase and four former pirates followed them. More and more sailors got up and went to Emma and Killian. Emma bit her lower lip, looking at Killian. She was overwhelmed by the loyalty of the crew. She also was relieved but still sad that five men still stood across her. She closed her eyes when she heard Lieutenant Ivory’s voice again.

“We will stay too, but we are still a bit uncomfortable with the whole situation.” Smee said something Emma didn’t understand. The next moment she heard the man agree. Killian kissed Emma’s temple and looked around.

“Double ration of beef and ale tonight. Let’s honour the dead by celebrating life” Killian yelled, earning a combined “aye” from the whole crew.

The rest of the day went by in a haste. Emma stayed in the cabin or near Killian most of the time, still feeling as if all glances were on her. Killian, Commander Haddock and Smee tried their best to distract her. Especially Commander Haddock tried hard. He showed Emma how to do some sailor knots. He talked about his past life and why he wasn’t affected by Regina’s original or second curse. Emma liked listening to him. She felt calmer and accepted. The feast was something Emma had never experienced before. Everyone seemed to be happy. The deck was bathed in soft yellow, greenish light from about thirty lanterns. Three large tables were put on deck, two barrels of ale brought up. The men sang and ate, danced and played music.

Emma was wrapped in Killian’s arms, watching the whole scene with shiny eyes. When a sailor started to play a song on the harmonica, Emma started to laugh. She looked at Killian who returned her look in confusion. She looked at the sailor who shrugged smiling and continued the song. Emma nodded her head in the rhythm of the song. When the sailor was done, she clapped her hands and got up to him. She bend down and kissed his cheek. “Thank you. Sometimes it’s good to hear something from my realm. Do you know any other modern song?”

The sailor looked at Killian who only nodded in assurance. Without another word he continured. This time Killian got up and offered her his hand. “May I have the honour of this dance?”

Emma chuckled slightly but nodded. He started to whirl her around and sway with her. The crew cheered them on, clapped their hands, laughed and raised their glasses. Emma felt happy and carefree. The third song was a love song and Killian pulled Emma closer. He put his arms around her and kissed her slowly. “I love you, Emma.”

She looked up and smiled at him. “I love you too, Killian. Thank you for your patience with me.”

He beamed at her, the surrounding fading while he stared into her emerald green eyes. “Always, my love. I will be by your side, as long as you want me to be there.” He kissed her again before he tilted his head back to get a better look at her. “How do you feel, Emma? And please be honest.”

She sighed and placed her head on his chest. “Exhausted, sad and a bit off.” He kissed the top of her head and placed his chin on it.

“How about we call it a night, love?”

“But the feast…”

“…the men can still celebrate. I think they will understand when I choose your undivided attention in the cabin over this here on deck.” Emma lifted her head and smiled at him.

“Okay, let’s go.”

“Gentlemen, good night.” Killian suddenly said and took Emma’s hand, interlacing their fingers while looking around. “Smee, the ship is yours until sunrise.”

“Aye, capt'n – night mistress”, Smee said, raising his glass, exchanging knowing looks with Commander Haddock.

“Night, Captain. Emma” Commander Haddock said warmly. Emma smiled at him and turned around, walking towards the hatch. Suddenly the men started to sing a shanty. Emma started to smile even brighter. As much as she loved modern songs, she also got very fond of listening to the old shanties. Before Killian closed the hatch she heard fragments of the words the drunken sailors were singing into the night.

“enjoy the rum, get the mistress laid… let her scream in pleasure, get the mistress laid…”

Killian barked at his men, making them laugh and sing even louder. He closed the hatch and locked it. When he stepped on the hardwood floor, he turned and wanted to apologise for his men, but Emma had other intentions. She crashed her lips into his, pressing her body against him and him against the ladder.

She slowly started to unbutton his shirt, her hands scraping lightly over his skin, creating goosebumps all over his torso. She deepened the kiss, putting all the emotions she felt into it. She wanted to apologise for holding him on arm’s length, she wanted to feel him, to be near him – she wanted to forget.

“Emma” Killian moaned against her mouth. He had no intentions in stopping her, although he wasn’t sure why she used sex again instead of talking to him.

Emma slid down his body, prepping kisses all over his chest, his stomach before she finally knelt in front of him, watching him with stormy eyes. She opened the laces of his trousers, still locking eyes with him.

The next moment she pulled down his trousers exposing his erected cock. Emma licked her lips in anticipation. She loved pleasuring her pirate - bringing him over the edge with just her mouth and hand.

Although Killian had warned her, Emma ignored his pleas and made him come. He emptied himself into her throat, his chest rising and falling in a heavy pant. Emma sucked him clean and released him with a wet plop. She got up and kissed him hard before she stepped away. She locked eyes with him, reaching behind her, opening her gown slowly.

She swayed to non-existent music, her whole body on fire. She pulled down her dress and stepped out of it, leaving her in nothing more than her black panties. Killian growled, he drank her in with lust filled eyes. His member already throbbing with need. He took himself in hand, slowly stroking his swelling cock.

Seeing Emma like this, carefree, happy and sexy as hell made him want and love her even more. His Swan was such a beautiful lass, a stunning partner in so many ways. She was always willing to try out new things in bed and in life (she only refused to try out new or unknown dishes). Emma’s eyes fell to Killian’s cock in his hand. A big grin spread across her face.

She beckoned him over, he followed willingly. Both fell on the cod in glorious nudity. Within seconds they start to kiss and explore each other’s body as if it was the first time they saw each other naked. Killian’s hand and hook were everywhere at the same time, overwhelming Emma’s senses.

She closed her eyes, enjoying Killian’s ministrations. His mouth scraping over her skin, sucking and nibbling on her stiff nipples, his hand and hook on her backside, wandering around her breasts, between her thighs. Killian found her wet and ready for him. He kissed her again before he slid down and buried his face between her thighs, kissing and teasing her everywhere expect where she needed and wanted him most.

When he finally kissed her dripping sex, he couldn’t hold back any longer. He brought her over the edge in no time with only his tongue. He gave her a minute to recover before he dove back in, this time using his hook and fingers and tongue all at the same time. Emma climaxed a second time in an embarrassingly short time. But she didn’t care.

She panted heavily when Killian came up again. “Can you take one more, darling? I really need to be inside you now. Watching you fall apart for me twice is one of the most erotic sights ever.”

Emma pulled his face down gently, kissing him tenderly before she nodded and said the words Killian needed to hear the most at the moment. “Take me, Captain.” Killian aligned himself and entered her still slick folds in one smooth thrust. Emma cried out in pleasure, not holding back any longer.

Killian sat a fast pace but Emma enjoyed every thrust. He took her hard and fast, his hips rutting against hers in a brutal pace. Killian started to tell her how much he loved her, how much he enjoyed her company, how happy he was that she was with him and how good she felt.

Emma loved her dirty talking pirate, even more when instead of dirty talk he started to praise her and their love during their love making. No one before ever told her that much and that often how precious and beautiful she was, how much he loved her, how he needed her and how happy he was.

“Killian, I am close” Emma panted breathlessly. Killian’s found her lips once more, bringing them both over the edge at the same time. He couldn’t hold himself up any longer. He crashed her with his weight but Emma only smiled and wrapped her arms around his sweaty torso. Feeling him that close, their hearts beating in unison made her heart fill with love and pride. She was so happy being here with her sexy pirate. Although she was far away from Henry or her parents, she felt at home.

Killian’s arms were her home – he was her life, her everything. She kissed him once again before he rolled off of her and nestled himself next to her. This night they woke two times again, celebrating their affections in two slow rounds of love making.

The next week went by in a rush. From day to day Emma got more secure again. She showed up on deck more often, she smiled more often and she felt accepted again. It was an afternoon like every other on open sea when suddenly a sailor came to her and apologised to her shyly.

Emma was stunned, she never expected such a noble gesture from a former pirate. After she dismissed the sailor, she went to the railing and watched the open water. Suddenly a whale appeared in the distance making Emma’s smile even broader. She watched the giant coming up and disappearing again under water. Emma knew whales never appeared alone. She was still watching the school of whales when Commander Haddock appeared next to her. “Beautiful” he said and Emma turned her head irritated. “The pod of whales” he clarified his statement. Emma nodded quietly, looking back to where the whales still swam.

“Do you often see whales?” Emma asked curiously never leaving her eyes from the giant sea creatures.

“No, whales can mostly be seen here in the north. There are so many sea creatures out there. Kraken, Sea Serpents, Megalodons, Mermaids, Merlions and others so these harmless creatures are kind of rare.

Emma turned her head. Her eyes went wide, she never thought about all these creatures living in the sea. A shiver ran down her spine. Commander Haddock saw her worry and laid his hand on hers on the railing. "Don’t worry, Emma, these creatures won’t attack us as long as we leave them alone. And we have no intentions in disturbing any of them.”

Emma nodded again feeling not much better. The next moment two strong hands hugged her from behind. Emma smiled, leaning against Killian and relaxing in an instant. Commander Haddock hastily pulled his hand back before Emma placed her hands on Killian’s.

“How are you, my love?” Killian asked, kissing Emma’s cheek lovingly.

“Good. Commander Haddock told me about whales being rare in this realm and  about other sea creatures I’ve never heard of before.”

“Aye, love, you don’t know much about the creatures of this or any other realm than yours.” He kissed her again placing his chin on her shoulder, watching the sea with her in silence. Commander Haddock left them alone, walking to the helm. “You know he likes you a lot” Killian suddenly said, not changing position.

“Who?” Emma asked pointing at the school of whales which reappeared a bit further away.

“Commander Haddock” Killian simply said. There was no anger or any other emotion – it was a simple statement.

Emma on the other hand stiffened. She turned her head looking at Killian’s second mate who was talking to Smee at the helm. Now after Killian mentioned that fact, she had to reconsider that he probably was right. Although Commander Haddock was about ten years older than Emma (or maybe he wasn’t). Emma wasn’t so sure about who was actually younger or older than herself. There were sailors like Killian who were over a hundred years old although they looked like her age. Emma doubted that a single man on board was actually as old as he looked.

“Do you think that could be a problem?” She finally asked turning in Killian’s arms to be able to look at him directly.

“No. Commander Haddock is one of the most loyal people on board. He would never give in temptation. I also think you can trust him completely. If there is a moment you cannot come to me, he should be your second choice.”

Emma frowned not happy about the direction this conversation went. “Killian… I don’t think there will ever be a time I cannot come to you…”

“Maybe not, my love, but if there is, you can trust him, Emma. You know he is a righteous man.”

Emma nodded, still unsure why Killian started this conversation.

“Atterton apologized to me.” Emma suddenly said, waiting for Killian’s reaction.

“He apologized?” Killian asked surprised, looking around to find the man, but Emma cupped his face, pulling his attention back to her.

“Yes he did. He was honest and I can tell you he didn’t do it because he is afraid of you. He apologized because of me. I really think your crew is starting to accept me completely. I want you again to teach me to be a part of the crew. Please, Killian.”

A grin formed on Killian’s face. “Aye, Emma. I always said you make a hell of a pirate. Let’s go teach you.”

Emma kissed his lips and followed him to the helm. The next days he, Smee, Commander Haddock and Mr. Baskin started to teach her how to behave, how to work and what to do on a ship. They got up early and fell into bed late at night. Emma was exhausted but in a good way. She finally had a task again. Lingering on the ship was fun, but after nearly half a year she was kind of tired just being a passenger.

Of course everyone was very lenient with her. There were moments she lost her temper because of a vanity, but Killian also caught her by trying to do a knot for the thousandth time, sitting at his desk or in a corner of the deck, not to disturb anyone. Sometimes a crew member helped Emma fulfilling a task which made her huff in annoyance. His stubborn princess. He loved her so much. He was so proud of her.

The next day they will be reaching a small port and Killian decided to surprise Emma with a dinner for two in one of the fancier restaurants. She was working so hard – she earned this. When he entered their cabin whistling, he saw Emma  sitting in front of the cod on the floor crying. In an instant, Killian locked the hatch and hurried to her side.

“Love, what happened? Are you hurt?” The concern in Killian’s voice made Emma look up. She shook her head fleeing in his arms. Snuggling up against his chest. She didn’t sob anymore, but Killian could feel her tears on his camisole. He stroked her hair, holding her close, telling her soothing words although he had no idea what was going on.

After what felt like an eternity, Emma finally stopped crying. Killian felt her getting heavier. He felt her chest rise and fall in a calm rhythm. He heard her slight snoring. He couldn’t help himself but smile. He was relieved that she still found peace in his arms. He got up still holding Emma. He laid her on the cod, undressed her boots and tucked her in gently.

After undressing himself, he joined her on the cod, pulling her into his arms, holding her close. Emma snuggled closer automatically. “I love you” she whispered before she fell asleep again.

The next morning Killian woke up being cold. He reached out but Emma’s side of the cod was empty. He rubbed his eyes and got up too, looking around but Emma wasn’t in the cabin. He got dressed and went on deck. “Land ahoy, Captain” Smee welcomed him, nodding in the direction they were sailing. Killian nodded and looked around searching for Emma.

“Emma is at the stowage with Basking and Huff. They want to teach her which supplies are important and where to get them. She really is determined learning everything as fast as possible.” Commander Haddock walked over to them, looking at Killian directly.

“Aye, that she is. I will have dinner with her tonight. The men have a pass but have to be back at dawn. We will leave as soon as possible tomorrow morning.”

“Aye sir.”

Killian went towards the stowage to find Emma who was too busy to even kiss him hello. His heart swelled with pride, seeing his beautiful princess, his saviour being that eager to learn everything about his passion, his life – being on a ship. He couldn’t wait going out with her tonight although he needed to know why she was crying yesterday night before.


„You look bloody fantastic, love" Killian looked at his girlfriend in awe. He hadn’t seen much of her the whole day, she being too busy to even notice his presence. He not even around much. Most men already were off the ship, enjoying their evening at some tavern. Lieutenant Ivory and Mr. Baskin stayed behind voluntarily.

Emma wore a wonderful green gown, it was beautiful and hugged her curves perfectly, without showing too much or being too royal.

Killian wore his typical Captain outfit, his blood red vest, his dark coat, tight black leather trousers (Emma was so fond of),a neat white shirt.

Emma could see that he wore more eyeliner than usual, highlighting his cerulean eyes in a way Emma has never seen before.

She loved her pirate. He was sexy as hell, well-toned, a gentleman and all hers. She loved watching him. Him being in his role as the captain the sexiest side of him (she discovered that a while ago) – he was so confident and manly. She really needed to hold herself back from throwing herself at him constantly.

“Are you ready, love?” Killian pulled her out of her thoughts. He watched her with bright eyes, smiling and offering his hand. Emma beamed at him and kissed him without warning. Killian was surprised but after a second he relaxed and kissed her back fiercely.

Both panted heavily when they broke the kiss. “What was that for?” Killian asked while resting his forehead against hers.

“Do I always need a reason to kiss my very handsome boyfriend?” Emma asked  smiling. She tugged her arm under his while strolling along the roads. There were several men passing them. Some offering goods, others begging for some money. Killian pulled Emma closer. He didn’t want to lose her nor her to be touched or insulted.

Half an hour later they arrived at a small restaurant. It looked different to the ones Emma had seen so far. A young girl appeared and led them to a table in the back. She lightened a candle on their table, making Emma chuckle slightly.

“What’s so funny, love?” Killian reached for her hand and entwined their fingers.

“Nothing. It’s just… this place seems to be so… I don’t know… modern?” She smiled at Killian, taking in the surroundings. She squeezed his hand happily. “It’s beautiful. Thank you for bringing me here.”

Killian smiled and stroked the back of her hand with his thumb. “Just the best for you, Emma.” He closed the distance between them and kissed her softly. “I love you.”

Emma closed her eyes briefly. “I love you too, Killian.”

They ordered their foods like in a modern restaurant only without having a menu. The blonde girl which seated them before came over and told them what they were serving tonight. They could choose from two soups, three different main courses and three different desserts. They also could chose from seven different whines, three ales besides water and water with fruit addendums.

Emma ordered a lemon water and was surprised how delicious it tasted. She knew it must cost a fortune, but Killian insisted in ordering whatever her heart desired. The food was delicious too. Emma was a bit daintily. She wasn’t very fond of the food in this realm, was happy that the cook back in the castle had also been a cook back in Storybrooke and was able to adapt some modern dishes to the low standards of this realm.

They ate in silence, Killian sometimes asking if she was content and if the food was good. When Killian ordered dessert Emma and he fell into a light conversation. He tried to focus on her words but his thoughts drifted off every time he stared into her deep green eyes.

“Killian are you even listening?” Emma suddenly asked bringing him back once again. He smiled apologetic and took a deep breath. The moment he started to speak the waitress cut him off.

She put a plate with a variation of chocolates on the table, smiling at Killian what made Emma a bit jealous. When she was gone, Killian saw the look Emma shot at her.

“Darling, you don’t need to be jealous” he started chuckling.

“I am not…” she started but when she saw Killian’s warm and loving look she stopped herself. “Maybe I am but can you even blame me? You are Captain Hook, devilish handsome, fearless, known across all realms.”

He smiled even wider. “And I am all yours.” Emma tilted her head, reaching over the table to grab his hand.

“Yeah” she answered and Killian was not sure if he heard a spot of sadness in her voice. Suddenly he pulled back his hand, scratching behind his ear and taking a deep breath. He beckoned the violinist over and whispered something in his ear. The old man shook his head but he held up his hand and walked away. Killian watched him, a big smile appearing on his face when the man nodded and came back with a younger man.

Emma watched the three irritated. “Killian?” He got up and the younger violinist started to play. Emma’s breath faltered, her eyes widened. Killian walked to her and got down on one knee. “Killian” she whispered, her eyes filling up with tears. The sound of “can’t help falling in love” filled her ears, her surroundings faded, only the image of Killian kneeling in front of her, looking into her eyes, holding one of her hands, clear.

A single tear slid down her face making Killian smile even wider. He took another deep breath, looking into her eyes directly.

“Emma, I love you. I’ve loved you since the first moment I laid eyes on you. I fell even more when we kissed in Neverland. I don’t think we ever were a predestined love story – we always fought for our love.” He let go of her hand for a minute to wipe away some tears off her cheek, making Emma smile. “I once told you I will win your heart because you want me. We went through so much. You went to hell for me, we saved each other so often and Emma, there is one thing I want you to be certain of: that I will always, always be by your side. I want to wake up and see you right next to me. I want to kiss you a thousand times each day. I want you to be mine forever and always. Most of all I want to grow old with you. You deserve the very best, someone who will back you up without limits, let you grow without borders, and love you without end. Emma Swan, will you let me be the one? Will you marry me?”

Emma nodded hastily, wrapping her arms around his neck, kissing him senseless. He wasn’t even able to slip the ring on her finger. He held her close, responded to her kiss. None of them aware of the happy faces beaming at them, the raised glasses, the yells of approval. When they finally broke their kiss, he took Emma’s hand and slipped the shining white diamond ring on her finger.

“I love you, Killian” she said happily, pressing her lips against his again. Killian sat back on his stool still holding her hand. “I love you too, Emma. So much. How about we head back to the Jolly?”

Emma nodded again. She put the last piece of chocolate in her mouth, sucking her fingers clean, never leaving eye contact with her fiancé. Killian paid and left several gold coins for the violinist and the waitress before they left the restaurant.

On their way back, Emma put her arms around his waist, pressing herself closer to him. “How about we go to the local tavern to celebrate with the crew?” Emma’s request startled Killian, he raised his eyebrows looking at her.

“You didn’t even answer my question, love. So what shall we celebrate?”

Emma smacked his arm and stopped. “Of course I will marry you. I am yours and yours only.” They kissed again and went on.

“You sure you don’t want to celebrate on our own on the Jolly? We can celebrate with them tomorrow, or any other day?” Killian wiggled his eyebrows until Emma nodded.

“Alright, let’s head home.” She leaned against him, kissing his cheek. Killian’s chest filled with pride and even with more happiness. It was the first time Emma dedicated the Jolly as their home. Something he could get fond of. He didn’t even think about asking Emma why she had been crying the night before anymore.

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