They say if a crush lasts more than 4 months you’re in love.
So what happens when I have been infatuated with you for 36th months?
Have I fallen in love with you 9 times? Or have I just wasted 3 years, 36 months, 156 weeks, 1092 days craving you? 

Michael Imagine #6: Keek

Hey, Everybody! I’ve just finished my part of recording for the day, so I’m just laying here on my bed.” Michael began his keek as he gently placed his head on his pillow. “I’ve tried calling my girlfriend, but she hasn’t responded! I know it’s around four in the morning where she is, but I miss her, and I need to talk to her! Everybody needs to blow up her phone by tweeting her and sending her messages on Instagram. Basically just blow up her social media. Well, I’ll talk to you later. BYE!”

When I woke up, I had thousands of tweets and DMs on all of my social media platforms. After I watched Michael’s keek, I noticed #WakeUp[Y/N] was trending.

I sent a quick text to Michael. Hey, darling! I’m sorry I wasn’t awake when you were trying to call me. It’s amazing what you can accomplish on social media with one little video. I’ve received thousands of tweets. It’s going to take me hours to go through all of them! Haha, I love you, Mikey. Call me when you get a chance.