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  • Roman: Roses are red, that much is true, but violets are purple, not fucking blue.
  • Virgil: I have been waiting for this all my life
  • Logan: They are indeed purple,but one thing you've missed: the concept of "purple" didn't always exist. Some cultures lack names for a color, you see. Hence good old Homer, and his "wine-dark sea." A usage so quaint, a phrasing so old, for verses of romance is sheer fucking gold. So roses are red. Violets once were called blue. I'm hugely pedantic; but what else is new?
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Thank you Troian and Keegan for seven amazing years of Spoby. All the smiles, tears, angst, sexiness, happiness and heartbreak. We couldn’t ask for anyone better to portray these characters. You both are so incredibly talented and your connection on and off screen is what makes Spoby so enjoyable. Spoby will be missed and they will always be each other’s safe place to land. Thank you.

Pretty Little Liars Teen Choice Awards Winning Categories

Pretty Little Liars won for choice TV Drama

Ian Harding won for choice TV Actor Drama

Lucy Hale won for choice TV Actress Drama

Ashley Benson won for choice Summer TV Star Female

Tyler Blackburn won for choice Summer TV Star Male

Sasha Pieterse won for choice TV Female Breakout Star

Keegan Allen won for most supportive and amazing cast member


Here a few tidbits/spoilers that I’ve found on Twitter and by talking to people who went to the Ravens Con event in the UK this weekend:

  • A fan asked Keegan if he played Wren (who he initially auditioned for) would Wren and Spencer be together and he asked Marlene and got back to the fan later on stating that they would because of Keegan and Troian’s amazing chemistry.
  • Spoby will have some classic scenes in the Christmas episode based on the movie ‘Rear Window’. 
  • Keegan stated that he couldn’t say much about Spoby because he isn’t allowed but what he could say was that they have a lot of good stuff coming up but if everything was romantic all the time, viewers would get bored so they will face some challenges. (Something along those lines.) 
  • Keegan said that Tammin has the cutest baby in the world. 
  • A fan asked which cast member Keegan would like to have more scenes with and he said Lucy.
  • A fan said they enjoyed Toby and Emily’s friendship and asked if they’d see more of it and he said there’s snippets of it and he loves working with Shay.
  • Keegan does know who A is and he said we’ll be really shocked but it will also make sense.
  • Keegan shared some parts of his book with fans. Someone pointed out how great his pictures of Ashley are, indicating she’s in his book.