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This, to me, is one of the saddest things to ever happen on Once Upon a Time. Yes, there are maaaaany sad scenes, but this one is definitely the hardest to watch. There are no words said, but it is definitely heartbreaking. Imagine waking up and having these memories come at you: You’re partly responsible for your baby brother’s death. You’re disowned. Attempting at recreating life goes awry and not only are you without a sibling, you’re an orphan and the only person you can blame for it all is yourself. I’d honestly have much rather scene what Blue and Whale were going to talk about over more Henry and Emma. But that’s just me.

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So I saw on the Convention website that the Convention does not start until 1:30 on Saturday. Because of the studio tours. That just seems a bit late to me. Last year it started at 10 or 11 I believe. Do you think they will really be able to fit everything in they need to for that day? Do you think this may make things a bit more rushed the rest of the day?

It is late compared to last year. But I think Creation has done a lot of these conventions and has a good idea on how to space out the day. If you look the people appearing on Saturday are Colin, Jen, Gil McKinney, Elliot Knight, and Keegan Conner-Tracy. I am guessing that at least two of them will combine for a panel (if not three) so that is about 4 ½ hours max and panels would end around 6pm and then probably autographs for an hour that seems like about the same time as last year. 

They aren’t starting the main events until 1:30 but that doesn’t mean they won’t be doing registration and other things in that time. It’s likely that they will work in photo-ops and M&G before the panels and shift around any Gold patrons that have scheduling conflicts. To me that notice was likely to make sure Gold members weren’t worried about missing things because of their tour.


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