keegan conner tracy


This, to me, is one of the saddest things to ever happen on Once Upon a Time. Yes, there are maaaaany sad scenes, but this one is definitely the hardest to watch. There are no words said, but it is definitely heartbreaking. Imagine waking up and having these memories come at you: You’re partly responsible for your baby brother’s death. You’re disowned. Attempting at recreating life goes awry and not only are you without a sibling, you’re an orphan and the only person you can blame for it all is yourself. I’d honestly have much rather scene what Blue and Whale were going to talk about over more Henry and Emma. But that’s just me.


Custom Funko Storybrooke Blue Fairy

So I’m going to admit that this got made because Keegan Conner Tracy is adorable and does a ton of conventions so I know I’ll be able to get her signed sometime.  She uses the body of Claire Standish from The Breakfast Club for her body and Miss Peregrine.  I had to go pretty hard at her eye makeup because while Blue is a terrible nun she is still a nun.  She got dark brown hair and otherwise her body is a straight up paint job other than that I shaved off the edges of Claire’s short sleeve shirt a bit.


Heartland’s Alisha Newton on working with Keegan Connor Tracy