kee wah bakery

Paris Baguette grand opening in Cupertino

can someone just beat me over the head with a chainsaw or something. I’m going to cry. This is so depressing. I would totally have signed up to work there. I could probably walk to work. Totally unheard of where I live now…where I’m surrounded by FARMS. 

You guys don’t understand. PB is like my dream. I love it. Even if I didn’t go there often. My parents didn’t go there a lot because it’s so expensive but…it’s so pretty…the cakes, pastries, breads, buns. kee wah cannot compete. I’m sorry.

akldjflkdj I could go on and on about PB. Funny things is, I never went to PB when I visited Korea. I went to other bakeries so maybe that’s why it never hit me? But when I came back from the trip I was like HOLY CRAP I DIDN’T GO TO PB WHUT WHUT WHUT. My grandma bought us yummy stuff from there though.

IT’S OK. I’LL BE SEEING IT IN PERSON SOON. meehehehe I’m excited

ALSO I haven’t been studying as hard as I should be. Finals are coming up. It’s like I have a mini junioritis. After AP testing I’m like. done. I’m done. no more. It’s pretty bad…