WATCH London Has Fallen FULL MOVIE 2016

Release Date : 2016-01-21

Casts : Jackie Earle Haley, Melissa Leo, Alon Aboutboul, Robert Forster, Morgan Freeman, Sean O'Bryan, Aaron Eckhart, Gerard Butler, Radha Mitchell, Shivani Ghai, Charlotte Riley, Jorge Leon Martinez, Angela Bassett, Mehdi Dehbi, Colin Salmon

Rating : 5.6

Geez, Stan, the apocalypse is kinda a big deal, the kids are right, maybe you should go outside and

*remembers all the fire symbolism and death theories surrounding this flammable old man*

*remembers the finale promo art with stan’s image burning or sizzling*

*sees article where alex says that stan just wants to be the hero for once*

*recalls that there’s apparently going to be a pines family sacrifice*

On second thought, you know, you should just stay inside, Stan. I’m sure everyone else can handle this.