London Has Fallen (2016)

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Synopsis: In London for the Prime Minister’s funeral, Mike Banning discovers a plot to assassinate all the attending world leaders.

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BNHA? Wazzat? Xx

Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) is a pretty solid super hero manga with heavy influence of western comics just slathered all over the damn thing

While it suffers from some lack luster arcs and can sometimes follow a pretty predictable and tropey path it has BRILLIANT. and i mean BRILLIANT, GORGEOUS EXPRESSIVE ART



It has a HUGE cast of characters but all of them are designed in a way that makes them seperate enough from each other that you dont forget /exactly/ who they are and they all have little quirks (heh) and personality traits that rlly make em unique!!

The villains leave a little to be desired but the “true plot” is quite interesting and its intriguing enough to keep, at least me, still invested and wondering just what the hell happened to All Might (whos the best character in the entire universe this is not an exaggeration)

also did i mention the art????

TL;DR - give BNHA a shot if you want an interesting take on western hero comics from a japanese author thats incredibly passionate and genuine about the story hes spinnin with really likeable characters and art that will muscle you through even the most cringey parts (which are RARE AF)

lullaby of cautious optimism
  • lullaby of cautious optimism
  • idiopathicsmile

so stop me if you’ve heard this one, cause maybe you have heard this one
and honest, it’s absurd but someday i still think we’ll figure it out
what shit’s all about
like every single birthday, in the back of my mind still i say,
“well, this could be the year where you get tough, get smart, and learn to read maps"
—like that’s gonna happen

but maybe if i was a little less mean to myself
might have more time for everything else
and it would be win-win

hey is it kind of messed up that the times i feel the best about my country
all got nothing to do with the state of the state
no, it’s my friends and the lakes
we’re lonely or we’re unemployed, but if we stared into that void
we’d probably go mad, so there’s no shame in sometimes seeking reprieve
when that’s what you need

so maybe just take a deep breath and go for a walk
remember, if you want to talk
we drag each other back up

and there’s just no profundity in saying “we’re all fucked”, you see
in my experience, y'know, those simple answers never are right
and that’s my golden light
it’s not that i’m starry eyed, i only like the sunny side
when everyone involved can admit there’s dark in shocking amounts
and that’s why sunny counts

and maybe it’s not a question of evil or good
do what you must and then do what you should
and keep the shoreline in sight

so stop me if you’ve heard this one,
i’m thinking you have heard this one
we struggle for the words but someday i still think we’ll figure it out


*sets out soapbox & climbs up, trying not to wobble*

I’ve seen it said more times than I can count in advice columns on how to be an Indie (aka Self-Published) author - Some form of “Most Indie books are garbage/trash/worthless/etc.” before the “So make sure yours aren’t!” And it’s finally gotten to the point where I can’t take it any more. I’ve always felt it was wrong to call someone else’s art any form of “garbage" or “worthless” no matter what their skill level, and writing is no different.

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Post Type #1: My proteins won't crystallise so lab life is suffering but at least I got to use the centrifuge to mix some gin and tonic Post Type #2: FUCKIN' DNA RESEARCH THIEVES I will punch the moon and make out with the sun afterwards dammit!

…low key want a drink mixing centrifuge now

also, that sums up this blog fairly well