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I’m thinking: Why I love you so much? I’m sure I don’t know ever. And I don’t know ever? Why a person so love a person? I am writing this but you don’t read never. I watch 1989 ‘’ Secret’’ Seasons. It was a SECRET. I’m following a girl in IG. She met to you in 1989 SS. Oh my got!! Are you belive it? I don’t belive it. I already I never meet to you or taking a photo. But  you always know me next to you.Because WE NEVER GO OUT OF THE STYLE. I hope this: You’re good now . And I hope one day I meet to you.


taylorswift       taylorswift taylorswift

Dear swifties:

Here’s a recopilation of my husband & I work for creating our posters, could you please help these new romantics make it to TS1989 Miami?!!

Last 3 days contest! Please @taylorswift @taylornationonline  @keds  @kedsmx @1989costumes @ all-too-well-13 @voguetaylor @kevinfromtaylornationlove

help me re blogging this post so more likes can be achieved !!

It’s my wildest dream to see Tay Tay at Miami’s concert !!

Just like and comment this Instagram picture:

A swiftie thanks from the bottom of my heart!!



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