keds life

Once when I was ten, my parents sent me to France in an exchange program with like 20 other kids and a couple of teachers. While we were there, the teachers took the group to a large amusement park and told us to stick together so of course it took me approximately 15 minutes to get lost.

So, as a lost 10 year old American with a 15 word French vocabulary, I located the closest official looking area with park workers, and said every French word I knew in an attempt to communicate that I was lost. They were surely charmed by my cat library bakery please thank you where is the toilet, and they took me aside into a large tent.

Inside of this tent, they dressed me up as the Bard from the popular Asterix comics (also the theme of the park), took my picture, put me into a parade group, and told me in English to travel with the parade and look for my group.

So, I did. I traveled around the amusement park with a parade of comic book characters, got my picture taken a bunch of times with various park goers, and eventually ended up back at the tent without seeing my group. However, one of the teachers was waiting at the tent when I returned.

The park workers had put me into the parade to keep me safe/keep track of me (because clearly I was good at wandering away) while they located my teachers.


A few days ago, I was trying to get a photo of my cat, Aislynn, who had cuddled up beside me in bed (so I could send the photo to my mom, as Aislynn had been her father’s cat before he passed away).

It was evening when I took the photos, and there were no lights on in the room, just the camera flash. The photo on the left was taken a few seconds before the photo on the right. It was just my phone’s camera, and there was nothing on the lens, nothing unusual in the room.

But you know how cats do that thing, where they appear to be watching something you can’t see? Whatever that transparent thing is in the first photo, I didn’t see it, but Aislynn sure did.