Seasons change. (Open RP)

Roger stands atop the tower overlooking Shellshock’s south quarter. His sensors showing no sign of hostile activity. “Well this is nice..” He looks back at Kedra, smiling behind his mask as her bundled up form walked towards him. She smiles in response to what he said. 

“Thank you for letting me join you.. again, Roger. It means a lot to me.” Her coat blows in the wind and she shivers, breath becoming a vapor cloud before her eyes. RJ nods and opens his helmet. “I’ll be needing some form of warmth soon, this suit is gonna end up locked in a frozen state.. it’s just metal fabric.”

Kedra giggles and pokes his chest. “Well, maybe you should make a metal coat to go over it? Because that cape isn’t much protection from the wind.”

He nods in return and then looks out. “We have movement. Ready?” Kedra crouches, her clawed toes scraping the roof. “Ready, darling." 


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This my very first rph theme and I am proud to say, I've named it after Kedra, or better known as the original marzia of rp, marzofrps. I think I'm going to name all of my themes after my lovely rph friends. Anyway, please like/reblog if you found this useful, and my inbox is open if you have any questions.

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Kedra lay, naked and shuddering, on her stomach on the tiled operating room floor. Her limbs were spread-eagled, face turned to one side, eyes squeezed tight. As Helen approached, she could hear Kedra murmuring: “Too much, too much, too much …”

Helen crouched next to the shivering girl, swallowed. “It’s OK,” she said. “The operation was a success. You’ll be OK.”

Kedra’s spasms on awakening had thrown her clean off the operating table. It was a good thing they’d removed the cortical interface cables or she could have done herself serious harm. As it was, she’d managed to kick a nurse square in the chest, dropping him, and overturn several trolleys of equipment before landing on the floor in the corner.

The surgical team stood tensely across the room, one of the surgeons supporting the injured nurse with blood-stained gloves.

Helen leant close to Kedra. “You’re out of the computer now,” she said. “Just like you wanted.”

Kedra stopped muttering. “It’s bright. It touches. It touches everywhere,” she said.

Helen chuckled flatly. “That’s flesh, Kedra,” she said. “You’ll get used to it.” Helen reached out a hand and touched Kedra lightly on the shoulder.

Kedra’s eyes shot open, white and wild, trying to focus on Helen. “What is that?” she said.

“It’s me, Kedra,” Helen said. She stroked the girl’s shoulder reassuringly. “You’re gonna be OK.”

“Keep doing that,” Kedra said. “That’s the first thing that’s worth it.”

“Let’s get you some clothes,” Helen said.