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Farewell, For Real, 2ne1 Pt. 2

In light of YG’s recent scathing remarks regarding the finality of 2ne1′s future and the release of a sudden farewell track, we thought it apt to honor what has surely been a cynosure in the world of KPOP for many years, the girl group, 2ne1. Always bursting with vivacity, unique style, and an overwhelmingly positive ‘girl power’ message present in all their songs, 2ne1 was a force to be reckoned with and their absence will certainly be felt in the industry.

Choosing these tracks, akin to choosing a favorite child, was certainly difficult. But we feel they best represent all the things that made 2ne1 special.

5. “Try to Follow Me”

This was most definitely some of the best work YG’s stylists had ever pulled off with a video concept. Who would have ever thought of pairing rockabilly aesthetics with an electro dance track? Infectiously fun, keep an eye out for Sandara chasing the other girls/stormtroopers around with a laser gun, dressed as Vader. 2ne1 probably single-handedly made creepers and Star Wars cool in the ROK.

4. “Falling in Love”

Nothing better than 2ne1 luxuriously lounging around like the sun-kissed beach goddesses that they are as reggae blasts through your speakers. Bonus points for Korean male model legends Lee Soo Hyuk and Hong Jong Hyun providing serious eye-candy for all the Blackjacks around the world!

3. “Do You Love Me?”

A laid-back, hip video that was a series of fun clips of the girls being themselves and playing with some of the coolest people in the Korean entertainment industry, letting them seemingly lip sync to the irresistible EDM track via a recording of CL’s mouth on an iphone. Very cool. Very Fun!

2. “Come Back Home”

“Come Back Home” was truly 2ne1′s most cinematic and thoughtful video, featuring a Sci-Fi storyline and amazing special effects. The most delicious visuals were during the chorus, and are some of the dopest ever featured in a music video.

1. “I’m the Best”

These ladies were not bullsh*tting when they made this grand statement! It’s impossible not to rewatch this eye-catching visual escapade again and again! Latex! Spikes! Chains! Baseball bats! Machine guns! There was so much swagger and girl power in this video, establishing this amazing girl group as the top dogs of the industry for years to come.

2ne1, you will be sorely missed!

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Song: 안녕 (GOODBYE)

Artist: 2NE1

Release date: 170121

Album: 안녕 (GOODBYE)

Record label: YG Entertainment

Wow it took korean blackjacks a lot of time to speak up about the truth behind Bom’s drug scandal. She was under stress for 2 years, everyone treated her like a criminal, she got hate comments and now that everything is over, they decide to speak up and apologize for what they have done? Good job.