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Requested by fan-art-fan

Kecleon is a bit of an unusual chameleon. Chameleon’s in our world change color in response to temperature, light, their current mood, to display aggression, or as a mating signal. Kecleon does it for camouflage.

Regardless of the motivation, Chameleons are still super cool. The chameleon’s skin is just several translucent layers of cells called chromatophores. The different layers are typically different colors. Chameleons can control which/how much of each pigment is dominant. Brown melanin (same thing that gives humans our skin color), blue guanine (as in, DNA guanine), yellow xanthaphores, and red erythrophores are found in typical chameleons. Every other color is just a mix of these: for example, blue and yellow make green.

Normally, the pigments are locked away in tiny vesicles, so that they are not visible. But, when an appropriate signal comes, the color is released and allowed to spread out, changing the color of the skin. On a microscopic level, it looks like this:

Kecleon’s belly can’t change color because it does not contain these chromatophores

Kecleon’s skin contains complex cells called chromatophores. Chromatophores will trap/release certain pigments, to change the color of Kecleon’s skin as appropriate.

The Devon Scope is probably some sort of thermal camera, letting you see Kecleon despite it blending in with its surroundings. Once it’s discovered, Kecleon is startled, which changes its color back to green in a process more similar to our chameleons, which change color based on mood.