My new set of handmade Photoshop brushes is finally available for download on Gumroad!!! I’ve set the minimum price at $3 (although you are free to donate more!) because I worked hard on these, and I think they are worth it!

Each of these brush tip shapes was drawn with ink on paper and scanned, for brushes with a really traditional, organic feel. Each brush is intended to be used for shading and adding texture to larger areas of a painting, and is less suited to detail work (that’ll be my next set!). Each brush is also named after a type of pie, because I couldn’t think of a reason why they shouldn’t be.


  •  Recommended for Photoshop CS5 or CS6. They’ll open in earlier versions of CS, and in GIMP, but some settings may not work properly.
  • Apple Dumpling is a smaller, more compact version of Apple Pie - GET IT?????? Well, anyway, it’s the most line-suited of the set, while Pie is better for filling in big areas.
  • Turn down the Flow setting for a softer, more textured brush.
  • If you use these brushes often, credit and a link to this post or the Gumroad pages is very much appreciated. I also love seeing what people have done with my brushes, so feel free to tag anything you’ve done with #keckysbrushes.
  • Have fun!!!

Check out and download the rest of my custom brushes here!!!