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Keck's Exclusives: New Glee Season Secrets!

Lea Michele and Cory Monteith are getting in top shape this summer to tackle the physically demanding stories awaiting them this fall on Glee. I caught up with the real-life couple at the 11th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball benefiting L.A.’s homeless and cosponsored by Grey Goose Vodka. 

When Glee returns to Fox on Sept. 13, Kate Hudson will have joined the cast as a hard-ass New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts dance instructor, pitting her against new student Rachel (Michele). “Dance is not Rachel’s strong point, but as a freshman it’s a requirement class she has to take,” Michele says. “It will put Rachel in a very vulnerable place, stuck with a teacher who doesn’t make it easy for her.”

When Michele admits that dancing “is definitely not my strong point, either,” Monteith jokingly pipes in that his girl will be spending her summer “enrolled in tap classes on Wednesdays and hip-hop on Thursdays.”

As for Monteith’s Finn, it sounds as though he’s headed to Army boot camp! “Finn would have to be in very good shape and get incredibly fit, meaning I would have to be incredibly fit,” says the actor. “I’m doing extra stuff this summer — CrossFit and fewer Snickers bars.”

And Kurt (Chris Colfer)? Expect him to find his way to New York City — but not as a student at NYADA, which will hold firm on its rejection. Instead, “he will find himself in an establishment where Sarah Jessica Parker is his manager of sorts, but not in a performance sense,” Colfer told me at the Critics’ Choice Television Awards.

Michele has heard that Parker’s character may be giving Rachel a makeover, which suggests a New York fashion-world story line for Kurt. Says Colfer: “Lea’s a hot girl, [but] Rachel could lose the baby-doll dresses.”

Unpopular prediction, but I think the Wedding has a good chance of being a CS one. Here's why.

Our first clue was the picture of Princess Diana that Kecks Exclusives posted on their twitter account. Kecks has since confirmed an OUAT season finale wedding, so the only part left to puzzle out is “which princess will be getting married?” Regina is a queen, and if it’s too early for a CS wedding, it’s WAY too early for an OQ wedding. A lot of people think it might be Rumbelle, but marrying Rumpelstiltskin wouldn’t make Belle a princess.

That brings me to CS. Emma IS a princess. Yes, it might be a little early in their relationship for getting hitched. But so far, Hook has proved that he would do anything for Emma, even cross worlds for her and putting aside a 300 year old revenge plot in order to be the better man. So I think Hook could be ready come season finale. I mean, he already tried TLK on her so any doubts we have about his level of commitment I’d say have been shattered.

As for Emma, she has a little farther to go. She definitely has a strong connection for Hook, but is scared of getting hurt, as evident when she begins to walk to her car after only saying goodbye to her son’s father and her parents. She is afraid Hook doesn’t care and will move on from her like Neal did with Tamara, so to spare the pain she avoids him. But he comes to HER, like he always has, showing her he’s willing to go the extra mile to break through her trust issues and be there for her.

May I point out here that Emma is the only Charming who has yet to be put under a sleeping curse? And “Wicked Is Coming”, so I wholeheartedly expect poppies to change that. If not, it’s a missed opportunity. And when Hook wakes her up come season finale, Emma will have the proof she needs that he isn’t going to abandon her like everyone else has. Cut scene to a few months later where instead of Snow and Charming on the altar, it’s their daughter and a pirate.

I wouldn’t be surprised. After all, Adam and Eddy are making their own fairytale play out in real time and paralleling it to other true love couples, using their own favorite fairytales (Emma is the daughter of Snow White, Adam’s favorite story, and Eddy has said Peter Pan is his.) A&E have said they’re going to make a show that will make them happy, and hope it will make others the same. And if this is going where I hope it is, mission accomplished.

Here comes the bride…