The Internet is vast and proved fruitful today with the arrival of a zine from fellow tumblr-er, K.E. Bleier. Not only was this little package illed out with a reappropriated map of St. Louis, it was also held together by a hand made sticker. Photos include free climbing, makin’ bacon, kittens, beach time, and all around adventurous fun shit. Big ups to Bleier. Expect some love in the mail soon. If anyone else wants to trade hit me up.

The Very NIGHTED Guide to the End of the World by K. E. Bleier

so shit didn’t hit the fan at midnight… but some of us are still holding our breath that this apocalypse really is now. i let my drunk upstairs roommate cut my hair the other night and it’s pretty unfortunate. i’m thinking goodbye, cruel world. just kidding, sorta. 

but let’s say the mayans were right. i think it all had to do with some solstice or planetary allignment. we’re all in different area codes, so i won’t even try to figure out what time that would be. say the world is gonna end tho. nick and i were throwing back and forth earlier what the most nighted way to go out would be? i just bought three large pizzas with food stamps, so i’d say i’m doing pretty well thus far. i was gonna resist the urge to get country (recently i learned of the term ‘hoodbilly’, thought that was disgustingly great) on this one and mention that 90’s radio hit where kenny chesney or whoever’s dad is dying and the whole song is about doing shit before you were dead or whatever, but i just couldn’t resist. as far as i know, it’s called 'live like you were dyin,’ so what about 'live like you were nighted’? too bad i can’t buy peach champagne with these food stamps or you know what i’d be getting into right about now.

nick threw out there 'write your name somewhere big’, i gotta agree. reminded me of the huge barry mcgee thing on that museum in berkeley. nothing like a 15 foot spray of 'TWIST’ on the side of some proper ass building to get your attention. i didn’t make it into his exhibit this summer, but definitely stopped the car i was in to take a photo of that, i think it had enough of an effect on me. everyone go do that. the world’s ending anyway, right? hope it doesn’t happen like that movie 'melancholia.’ but i do wish i could pull off apocalyptic depression like kirsten dunst.

everyone get off twitter, (unless you’re AIGHTY, then i expect an all caps play by play), tell your mama you love her, and tell my ex boyfriend he’s an asshole. have a very nighted end of the world, y'all!