This is just the small fanaccount of the part how this GREASE got the fangift during Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert last 01/19/13

So I made the graphic so late, like I finished it the day of the deadline and I am feeling so sorry for my friend because she asked me to do it like…a week before. T_T Sorry Khai. She’s asking me how is she going to give it to them, and I told her to just throw it randomly on stage (preferably to Sunggyu :)) ) anyway, concert came and I thought she didn’t print the graphic but then again after Infinite’s performance she texted us (She was at the SVIP and we were at the Bronze section) and we flailed so hard, because it was WOOHYUN (her bias!) who got her gift. :D The grease even kissed it, and thought it was not for them. BUT BOY YOU ARE WRONG BECAUSE THAT WAS FOR INFINITE AND NOT JUST FOR THE FUN OF YOUR GREASE LATCHING ON THE FRAME (LOLJK BB) DJHSADJHAJKDHDASJKDJK :D/

I am so happy because that was a first time for me, to actually have one of your friend’s bias accept it personally. :D and a first time for me to actually have my graphics sent to a korean artist ;____;

We also found some fancams of it here (cr: buing baek) and see how much this man kissed and returned and got it back and flailed the framed photo was just sjahjkadhsjakhsdka greasy :))

and another one here (cr: kebinwu) on another view. <333

Thanks to you guys, and also to gayfortaeyeon who gave(?) handed(?) put(?) the frame on stage dasjdksajh thankyou! :3

I shall continue with the fanaccount but not here~ :)

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chanyor, dearellison, elimypigeon, kebinwu

;m; they all aren’t that active anymore?

chanyor-madz was also one of those early blogs that I followed. She’s really fun to do fangirling with and she’s really friendly!

dearellison-admire her love for eli C:

elimypigeon- a koalatee blog, i miss her edits ; ;

kebinwu- another early blog i followed :D justine is so cute and fun to tease HAHAhaHAHAA Her edits are really cool and woohyun is her guilty pleasure lol!

Happy Holidays!

I have this one kept in my drafts and thought of publishing it on the Christmas day itself… But I remember I probably will be away since my family will visit some relatives and such. Soooooo~ To celebrate Christmas and end this year, here is my second follow forever to thank these wonderful blogs stated below~ Teeheee~ Thanks for making me smile by filling my dash with Teen Top (but mostly with other groups lmao i know my dash is most of the time multifandom but what can i do~ i just cannot not follow you bc you guys are my fave blogs;; ), for talking to me, for being friends with me and other stuffs. I love you, guys! And I hope you’ll have a great yuletide season~

Forgive me if my graphic is so crappy lol But I tried hard doing this. (OH RLY) :3

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Hello my lovelies. It has been a bit more than a year since I started tumblr so I decided to finally do a follow forever. Bolded names are my friends (even though we don’t talk much because i’m shy orz) and italicized are my favourite blogs~ 

Well here it is ^^

# - A: 2xing  7kisses4u  27skylove  -kyungjae  awings  aeriferous  allukiss  ahhyo  awildkissmeappeared

B – G:  bleedingpetals  cheesykebin  chibird  chickabiddy  dongblebee  eundan  gayvinwoo

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 S –  T: silverhoneycat  seo-in-love  shindong-ho  s-eop  sunqhyuns  sunghyunf  sunggyu-u  sonluhan  sunieekiss   silentpea tickingseoul 

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Love you all and thank you for making my tumblr experience awesome ♥