I saw that post about the Paladins and using social media while in space and it made me think of these things(I hope you don’t mind):

  • They find a planet of Moth People. Lance posts a 2 minute video of Shiro dragging Keith back to his lion. #SwearingBroganes
  • The Selfie Olympics: Space Edition
  • The Paladins get offers to cameo in the next Star Wars film when they return to Earth and there is much screaming
  • Shiro having to keep his helmet by his side during Q&A YouTube videos because occasionally things that happened at the Garrison after his “death” are mentioned and he needs something soundproof to scream in(‘WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY MADE A FLIGHT SIMULATION OF YOU GOING ON A KEBEROS RESCUE MISSION AND RETRIEVING MY DEAD BODY?’ ‘I refused to do it and punched Iverson when he tried to force me and that is how I got expelled’ ‘YOU GOT EXPELLED?’).
  • #peanutbutter4pidge is trending, as is the google search “how to send gifts to space”
  • A GoFundMe is made to fund all the legal counsel for the parents of the Paladins/families that were lied to by the Garrison
  • Colleen Holt and the other moms making plushies, shirts, and other memorabilia of the Paladins and aliens featured in the streams
  • When Keith is outed as having Galra blood multiple videos of Lance, Hunk, and Pidge doing things like leaving out boxes, playing with a laser pointer, and trying to catch Keith blep are a main topic
  • Slav making educational science videos that are easier to understand than the way science is taught in school
  • Keith: *points knife at random alien* Had It Not Been For the Laws of This Land, I Would Have Slaughtered You.
  • “Meet the Lions” A Documentary by Lance, Hunk, and Allura
  • “Be sure to like and subscribe because once we react 100,000 followers we cut off Keith’s mullet” “I am going to strangle you”
  • “So Shiro disappeared again and we thought it would be appropriate to make a counter that keeps track of how many days he’s gone this time.”

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You know how Sheith shippers always talk about pre-Keberos Sheith...? What about pre-Keberos Shance? Lance covering his desperation to get to Shiro as hero worship because Hunk and Pidge have no idea what happened between them, seeing Keith perhaps as a LOVE rival, Shiro not giving any hints that he remembers what happened between them and it KILLING Lance inside... Just think about the potential!

i love Pre-Kerberos shance there are a ton of possibilities.  

Poor Lance though, secret glances at shiro just hoping that he remembers him. Shiro knowing this and not saying anything because hes worried about what the the team would react. He knows they would be fine with him and Lance but it doesn’t stop the ideas of the team and Lances rejection from being there. 

Shiro being unsure of whether lance would want him back after all the things hes done and the things that happened with the Galra. He doesn’t want Lance to worry about him and tries to avoids the relationship but ends up worrying lance even more by doing so and making Lance think that Shiro didn’t love him as much as he thought he did.

Keith trying his best to get them back together knowing that both of them being together is the best thing for them and would help save shiro and lance from themselves. 

Keith chatting with Lance and Lance telling him that he will always be waiting for Shiro and that he would wait forever for him to come back to him, he doesnt care what Shiro has done or that hes changed he loves him for who he is and he would do anything to help him. Keith would relay this back to shiro and he would end up crying.

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Lance having a pre-keberos relationship with Shiro that no one knows about. Lance breaking down with him disappearing a 2nd time at the end of S2. Keith giving him shit for it because 'hero worship' and 'You don't even know him!'. Lance flying off the rails at Keith in return, letting everything just come out unbidden and shocking the entire crew. Just all the angst...

Holy cow can someone please make this a fic because I would read the fuck outta this. ALL THE ANGST!