kebab koobideh


((mun is in Ecuador right now, as you’ve noticed from my absence! But here’s something mildly relevant to post here on ask-Iran! In a tiny town in Ecuador called Vilcabamba, there’s a Persian restaurant here run by a kinda hippie-ish Persian man from Tehran! (I originally thought he was from kermanshah bc of all the post cards of Sassanid relics in kermanshah all over the place haha) Iran’s diaspora spreads far!

It’s an interesting space, there’s old Persian music playing in the place and there are only Persian carpets to act as tables, where you eat the “sofreh” [spread (of food)]. There’s a faravahar painted on the wall with the Zoroastrian doctrine of “good thoughts, good words, good actions” in Persian script!

while I miss good ol’ Iranian non-vegetarian kebabs and koobideh, the saffron rice and spicy chai here are delicious! I was definitely surprised when my friend found the place.))