I make some comics and new characters
Well I watch of Vimeo from Alberto Vazquez his short likes ramiro, sucia rata
He with a the box and she wants open box and then he chokes her. And he hold the box, so I wonder I make this comics in colors likes. I hope go shower later much time…. 0-0 so this title comics is
girl with the box

Starring Senga Amrita and Golda Keavy

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im told my name means coffee in every language, so lets hear it. Kahvi

on the website im looking on i couldnt find anything specifically for kahvi, but I found some similar ones that the website suggested? kavi is apparently from a title for a poet, meaning “wise man, sage, poet” in Sanskrit. kofi apparently means “born on friday” in akan. keavy is the anglicized form of caoimhe, which is derived from the gaelic caomh meaning “beautiful, gentle, kind”. and there were a couple others but I’m rly tired! but here’s the link if you want

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Are you still taking prompts? If you are, how about Fenris unexpectedly gets word from Verania. She's dying but has a kid now. She asks Fenris to take the kid after her death. The kids father is dead or just a deadbeat or whatever!

I am always taking prompts unless stated otherwise, though sometimes it takes me a while to fill them. LIKE THIS ONE. I’m so sorry.

I will take a moment to promo an awesome fic writer who actually wrote a series that kind of fills this prompt (sorry for spoilers on that one) that I would HIGHLY recommend checking out, both because @therealmnemo is a wonderful human and because the fics are so sweet and pure that they warm the cockles of even this bitter old heart.

But here we go, and I hope this is what you’re looking for!

Hawke walks into the drawing room to find Fenris with a bottle of wine in hand, a crumpled letter on the table. Fenris’s face is unreadable as he stares into the fireplace, his mouth a thin line.

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Aiden smilled innocently at Rosalie, shuffling over to stand behind Junim and lean against his brother, wrapping his arms around his neck in a hug. Keavy simply rolled her eyes at his childish behavior and resettled the bundle on her chest.
“I was hoping that maybe you would allow us to cross over to mirkwood for a bit of time.. Since you’re busy with these holiday things we could go on our own. It wouldnt be hard to find our way.” Keavy smilled hopefully at the woman, her eyes pleading.