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Bad backstory keavy

You ever drop out of college and work at a coffee place for a few years (and also get a gf) until this cool old lady with a holographic arm and a leather jacket that comes by all the time gives you a job at the mine she works at?



Having dealt with the annoying pigeon I ran back to the new human to share my brave accomplishment in a series of loud barks that are bound to go misunderstood, only to find a huge dog staring up at the new human expectantly. Now my first instinct was to fight - it was my human, for the time being at least - but the dog was so big and the alpha human was still looking for its sneakers and was nowhere to be found. What if the other dog attacks me and there is nobody to stop it? 

‘Uhm… excuse me,’ I started uncertainty. ‘This is my human.’ 

‘She smells nice,’ was the dog’s answer as he walked away. 

I looked after him scoffing. She, he said. How in the world could he know its sex? Humans looked all the same anyway…