Keaton Imagine

Imagine: Your Boyfriend, Keaton Riding With You And Your Best Friend To Go The Mall

Your Friend: Sorry you have to sit in the back, Keaton.

Keaton: It’s okay. I’m just glad to be spending the day with my girl and her best friend.

Your Friend: *talking to you* Aw, He’s such a cutie.

You: Yeah, When he wants something. Keaton, What do you want?

Keaton: Nothing!

You: Seriously, What do you want?

Keaton: Fine. I want a new pair of shoes.

*One Direction song comes on the radio*

You: Another pair of shoes? You have too many already!

Keaton: But-

You: Fine. I’ll get you that pair of shoes if you sing and dance to this song.

*you and your friend laughing*

You: Haha, okay! You can get them!

Keaton: Yay.

You: Okay, Keaton! I said you can get the shoes. You can stop dancing now.

Keaton: I know. I just really like this song.

You: *rolls eyes*

Emblem3 Imagine

Imagine: Being Wesley And Keaton’s Sister

You: Hey guys. Can we talk?

Wes: Sure. What’s up?

Keaton: Is everything okay?

You: Yeah. Everything’s great! I just needed to tell you something. You know me and Drew have been dating for awhile, and I’m so glad you guys don’t find it weird or anything.

Wes: Of course. As long as you’re happy we’re happy. Right, Keaton?

Keaton: *grinning* Yeah.

You: I’m glad you said that because.. well, when we went out last night Drew kinda.. he proposed to me. I said yes which means we’re getting married.

Wes: What? *a little shocked and angry*

You: Wes, What’s wrong? You said as long as I’m happy, you’re happy. And I’m happy.

Wes: Yeah, but it’s just all happening so fast and I mean it’s just i don’t know, (Your Name). *trying to cool down*

You: Look, You better not let this come between your friendship with him. He’ll be here it five minutes, too. Remember, he’s still the same person. 

Wes: Yeah, but-

You: Wes!

Wes: Fine. I’ll be cool.

Keaton: Well, I’m really happy for you two. I’m sure you’ll be a great couple and raise wonderful children.

Wes: *punches Keaton in the arm*

Keaton: Ow! What? It’s true.

Drew: Hey babe! *giving you a kiss on the cheek as he enters the cafe* Did you tell them? *asking nervously*

You: Yeah.

Drew: Well?

You: *disappointed* Drew, I love you so much, but I don’t think this can-

Wes: *noticing your disappointment because of him* Drew?

Drew: Yeah?

Wes: Welcome to the fam, bro! *smiling*


Keaton: Now we can all be one happy family! Group hug?

Wes: Naw, I’ll pass.

You: Oh, Come on Wes!

Wes: Alright. Fine. *hugging you, Drew, and Keaton*