Keaton Imagine

Imagine: Your Boyfriend, Keaton Riding With You And Your Best Friend To Go The Mall

Your Friend: Sorry you have to sit in the back, Keaton.

Keaton: It’s okay. I’m just glad to be spending the day with my girl and her best friend.

Your Friend: *talking to you* Aw, He’s such a cutie.

You: Yeah, When he wants something. Keaton, What do you want?

Keaton: Nothing!

You: Seriously, What do you want?

Keaton: Fine. I want a new pair of shoes.

*One Direction song comes on the radio*

You: Another pair of shoes? You have too many already!

Keaton: But-

You: Fine. I’ll get you that pair of shoes if you sing and dance to this song.

*you and your friend laughing*

You: Haha, okay! You can get them!

Keaton: Yay.

You: Okay, Keaton! I said you can get the shoes. You can stop dancing now.

Keaton: I know. I just really like this song.

You: *rolls eyes*

Emblem3 Imagine

Imagine: Being Wesley And Keaton’s Sister

You: Hey guys. Can we talk?

Wes: Sure. What’s up?

Keaton: Is everything okay?

You: Yeah. Everything’s great! I just needed to tell you something. You know me and Drew have been dating for awhile, and I’m so glad you guys don’t find it weird or anything.

Wes: Of course. As long as you’re happy we’re happy. Right, Keaton?

Keaton: *grinning* Yeah.

You: I’m glad you said that because.. well, when we went out last night Drew kinda.. he proposed to me. I said yes which means we’re getting married.

Wes: What? *a little shocked and angry*

You: Wes, What’s wrong? You said as long as I’m happy, you’re happy. And I’m happy.

Wes: Yeah, but it’s just all happening so fast and I mean it’s just i don’t know, (Your Name). *trying to cool down*

You: Look, You better not let this come between your friendship with him. He’ll be here it five minutes, too. Remember, he’s still the same person. 

Wes: Yeah, but-

You: Wes!

Wes: Fine. I’ll be cool.

Keaton: Well, I’m really happy for you two. I’m sure you’ll be a great couple and raise wonderful children.

Wes: *punches Keaton in the arm*

Keaton: Ow! What? It’s true.

Drew: Hey babe! *giving you a kiss on the cheek as he enters the cafe* Did you tell them? *asking nervously*

You: Yeah.

Drew: Well?

You: *disappointed* Drew, I love you so much, but I don’t think this can-

Wes: *noticing your disappointment because of him* Drew?

Drew: Yeah?

Wes: Welcome to the fam, bro! *smiling*


Keaton: Now we can all be one happy family! Group hug?

Wes: Naw, I’ll pass.

You: Oh, Come on Wes!

Wes: Alright. Fine. *hugging you, Drew, and Keaton*

Keaton Imagine

Imagine: Having To Say Goodbye To Keaton While He Leaves To Go On Tour

Keaton: Well, My brother is signaling me to hurry up. I guess this is goodbye.

You: Hey, I know this sucks, but we’ll see each other soon.

Keaton: Not soon enough. *laying his head on your shoulder*

You: *trying to lift his head up* Oh, Keat. It’s hard for me to say goodbye even though I’ll see you in a couple of weeks. Can you just do this? For me?

Keaton: Well, I guess I can do it for you.

You: Great! Now I want you to-

Wes: Keaton! Leggo!

You: Aw! Bye baby!

Keaton: Bye (Your Name).

*after you leave the airport*

Wes: *sighs* Hey, dude. Look, It’s not forever. I promise you’ll see her soon. You’re taking this harder than it needs to be. Just think about it. When she comes back, You two can have all the sex you want.

Wes: Okay? Now, Give me a hug so we can get outta here.

Drew: Are you two clump nuggets done? Our flight leaves in one minute!