Merry early Christmas! I know I already did a follow forever a while back, but another one seemed necessary for the holiday season. I’ve had this blog for I think a bit more than two months now, and it’s been wonderful. I started off with a rough beginning, but I’ve met wonderful people behind other blogs, and without you guys, I wouldn’t be on here 99% of the time. But I did want to give a special thanks to those who talk to me every day, making me laugh and listening to me rant. Also, thank you so much to those for following me on here. You guys are dopeskimachokeski. Anyways, here’s the list of blogs in no particular order.

E3: emblemlicious, keatonbliss/drewsley, peachykeaton, welseystrombergemblemthreefacts, merrychadwicks, sluttykeaton, chadweed, rachetwes, weskeatski, keaterpan, emblem3brofficial

Mix: emblemthree, highfivekeats, orgasmblem, keaterstromberg, royalkeaton/kwanzaakeaton, drew-chadick, jinglewesley/bangwes

obviously krstromberg, and emblem3.


Sorry if I forgot anyone! Just know I appreciate every single one of you. Thank you, i love you, and have a nice holiday yay (: