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lovely ; songs i listen to when i’m so full of love that i feel like i could burst.

1. cherry wine - hozier // 2. nothing - lewis watson // 3. you - keaton henson // 4. only love - ben howard // 5. holocene- bon iver // 6. slow dancing in a burning room - john mayer // 7. bones - ben howard // 8. work song - hozier // 9. sweetheart, what have you done to us? - keaton henson // 10. stay - lewis watson // 11. from afar - vance joy // 12. first day of my life - bright eyes // 13. we all die trying to get it right - vance joy // 14. latch (acoustic) - sam smith // 15. cough syrup - young the giant // 16. for emma - bon iver // 17. we found each other in the dark - city and colour // 18.  make it to me (stripped) - sam smith // 19. skinny love (cover) - ed sheeran // 20. let it go - james bay // 21. tenerife sea - ed sheeran // 22. your body is a wonderland - john mayer // 23. hold back the river - james bay

Nobel Prize-winning Playwright Samuel Beckett wrote the screenplay for only one film—and made his only trip to the United States to shoot it. It’s a short silent film called Film, released in 1965 and starring Buster Keaton. Film has now come out on DVD and Blu-ray, along with a documentary called Notfilm by film restorer Ross Lipman about the making of Film. Classical music critic Lloyd Schwartz admits to being a passionate admirer of both Beckett and Keaton

“In 1964, Buster Keaton was offered the most serious role of his career. Samuel Beckett was working on his only screenplay—a short film called Film depicting a character who, like a cockroach, seems terrified of being seen. Beckett calls this character “O” for being the “Object” of “E,” the “Eye” of the camera that’s obsessively following him. Beckett first wanted Chaplin but finally turned to Keaton, whose Great Stone Face and hapless but intrepid character have often been compared to Beckett. The playwright had previously asked Keaton to play the beleaguered slave Lucky in the American premiere of Waiting for Godot, but Keaton, bewildered by the script, turned him down. The new DVD also includes the memorable 1961 television version of Waiting for Godot, directed by Alan Schneider, with two great comic actors, Zero Mostel and Burgess Meredith, performing Beckett’s existential vaudeville.” 


I met Steven yesterday and it was so great laflafl

I didn’t get a whole lot of time with him because the con was really hectic so I didn’t get a chance to ask questions about S3 or anything so this post is entirely self indulgent and just so I’ll remember all the details :’)

I got the photo first which was sorta just rushed along because there were about 200 people getting photos with him and they had to do it in an hour, so I didn’t get time to really talk to him, I just said it was great to meet him, got the photo taken and he said “thank you so much” and you could kinda tell he was fatigued by the whole “taking a billion photos” thing. It was still a great moment though because ayYYYYY it was Keef!

The autograph I got a little more time with him but honestly not nearly as much as I got with Jeremy (who I met back in May and gushed about at fucking lENgth). Honestly I was sorta star struck by the whole thing (and I forgot to ask for a hug because I was sorta out of it). His face lit up when he saw it was the Voltron GN though (probably because most of the fans seeing him were TWD ones so he was probably a bit Glenned-out) and it was just like the regular autograph thing of him shaking my hand and asking what my name was. I did manage to get out that his characters are my favourites in both the walking dead and voltron (Although i left out the *one of* part for VLD because i didn’t wanna say in front of him that I loved Lance and Keith equally :’) ). He signed it and then went “thanks so much” so I assumed we were done, but then he reached out for my hand and went “I really appreciate it” and put his other hand over mine and honestly like???? this sounds like nothing but its such a big deal for me and’s gonna resonate with me for a long time, just because of how like, friendly he was and how happy he was to see a VLD fan (not that Josh Keaton would believe him aHAHAHAH i’m joking, i just found the unicorn tweet funny :’) ) But honestly I didn’t mention it as much but I really have loved him since the walking dead because obviously Glenn was my pure Korean boi, so it was so great to meet him, and actually connect with someone who I’ve been fanboying over for a few years.

ALSO NOW I’VE MET MY OTP - KLANCE - AND I’M SO SHOOK BY IT. Honestly I think I preferred meeting Jeremy a lil more? But thats more because MCM is more laidback than LFCC so I got more time to talk to him and he was so talkative even when I was initially like, too shocked to say anything (which is the mindset i was in for most of meeting Steven) - I think I got about 5 minutes with Jeremy. But Steven was honestly so friendly too and I loved meeting him, I just wish I had more time to ask him stuff and gush about Keith. Honestly though tbh his reaction to seeing that I was in the VLD fandom pretty much made my existance. Its also great to have met them both in between Season 2 and 3! I was going to meet Bex Taylor-Klaus aswell but she had to cancel due to a family emergency, so I hope she’s okay.

I met Benedict Cumberbatch too but I’ll probably make another post about that since this is my VLD-gushy post.