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It’s times like these when I wish we could just go back to the x factor days. Lately all there’s been is drama and it’s always over the littlest things. It’s unfortunate that our fandom was so much happier 2 years ago than it is now. Those were such simpler times and it’s really sad. All of our worries were just focused on who was going into the next round each week. It was never about relationships and who wore this and who wore that. Nobody cared that Arin was with Normani and Keaton was with Lauren. Or that Camila was unreasonably obsessed with One Direction. None of that mattered because we were all focused on the important things which was their happiness. It didn’t matter then so why should it matter now? Who cares who is single and who isn’t? I just think we should start focusing on the bigger picture and not the little things that we have no control over. If we started doing that I think things would get a lot better.